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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 424  (Vol. 9, No. 19). This edition is for the week of May 5--11, 2008.

"Iron Man"
Summer Movie Preview '08
Comic Book Confidential: Iron Man Primer
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Greco the Great Common Man - A Look at Tampa's Former Mayor
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Still Tied

Anyone still following the Presidential Primaries (and I'm amazed how many have "given up") is aware by now that Barack Obama took North Carolina by a substantial margin over Hillary Clinton in this week's Super Tuesday, but Clinton took Indiana by....a..er...much smaller margin. Like 2%. But, hey, she still won.

I've finally begun to accept that Hillary very likely doesn't have the numbers to cinch the nomination after all, nor is she likely to in the future. Barring some phenomenal upset, care of the Super Delegates or something, this thing looks more and more Obama-bound.

Retracting the Retracted Retraction
Several weeks ago I predicted that the Reverend Jeremiah Wright was going to deep-six the Obama campaign with his fiery hate speech. Later, I retracted that statement when Obama's numbers kept improving regardless. Last week, and after several more publicized instances when Rev. Wright's yap wouldn't shut soon enough, I retracted the retraction, saying I believe Obama's former pastor had indeed permanently boondoggled the campaign after all.

With the latest figures in, as much as it confuses me to say so, I'm back to Retraction #2: apparently everyone's alright with this element of Obama's incendiary past. Either that, or they find it less odious than to nod approval in Hillary Clinton's general direction.

The talk of this movie is pretty much all-consuming in and around the Crazed Fanboy compound this week. Ye Olde Editor has seen it twice and still can't get enough. It's near-$100 million opening weekend ($200M worldwide) and rave reviews have been extremely encouraging for comics fans to say nothing of the movie production arm of The Marvel Group, which means anything from them that has even approached being green-lighted is being given the go. Of course, The Incredible Hulk is opening in just a few weeks, but look for Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, and even Ant-Man by 2010!

Oh, and just for the record, Iron Man 2 -- starring Robert Downey, Jr. (part 2 of a 3-picture deal) -- is already being targeted for release April 2010.

Anyone who has seen Iron Man and wants to discuss it with us on the message board, a thread has been started, but this is only for people who've seen the movie already --- spoilers abound!!

Dragoon, the online comic series by Terence Nuzum and John Miller is getting ready to debut. Dragoon follows an organized crime family and its exploits in the early part of the 20th century. For more information about Dragoon, please visit their MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/dragooncomic.

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  • Comic Book Confidential: JLA 74

    For anybody trying to figure out when their Bush Economic Stimulus check might be arriving, mine was direct-deposited during the wee hours of Tuesday morning of this week. The last two digits of your SS # determines when it comes. "00" went out a week ago Monday and "99" gets delivered around next weekend, so you can figure that my last two digits are right about the middle -- which they are.

    Of course, that's if you originally opted for direct-deposit regarding your tax refund. Snail-mail versions go out after the middle of the month through June and possibly beyond.

    Readers' Comments

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    Nolan [12-05-2008 10:29] 
    Sorry to hear. I remember your email about the restaurants. Historic properties giving way to the wrecking ball are sad signs of our times. Thanks for writing.

    Dave Sciarretta [12-05-2008 08:36]  

    I wrote you a few years back about Aunt Hatties and Uncle Ed's restaurants. I was a manager at Uncle Ed's in St Petersburg. I was downtown this past Friday, and something pulled me towards 547 1st Street South. The building was torn down! It had sat there since 1926, and now it is destined to become a parking lot for USF.

    Dave Sciarretta
    Paul Guzzo [12-05-2008 07:28] 
    Hey Chris, Happy Birthday man. Sorry I had to miss out on Mad Dog's ... had to get some work done last night in order to get it to press by morning. Very sorry. Wish I could have made it. Hope all went well.
    Paul Guzzo [12-05-2008 05:33] 
    Not me man ... sorry to disappoint ya. I was away at a wedding and then at work all weekend.
    Professional Help [11-05-2008 20:30] 
    I feel sorry for you, Paul. Your constant attacks tell us all that you have no life and have issues.
    The Lonely Oracle Who is Home Alone [11-05-2008 10:54] 
    I feel dead inside. My constant messages are cries for help. I want a friend. Will you be my friend?
    The Oracle [10-05-2008 20:33] 
    Just because there are more of them does not make the articles better. Remember.
    Not Home Alone [10-05-2008 20:28] 
    LOL.... What are you talking about, Lonnie?
    The better articles and writers joke was funny, too.
    Lonnie Dohlem [10-05-2008 10:46]  
    To NOT HOME ALONE.Listen,if you're unhappy about the wat this Website is written,please go somplace else.Nolan Canova has better writers & Articles.To Ed Tucker,Yes I remember "THE MOVIE OF THE WEEK ON ABC.
    Not Home Alone [09-05-2008 23:40] 
    If I ever sit at home alone, I can assure you that it is by my choice. I also have more friends than you do. You know, real friends- not people pretending to be my friends in a small clique who won't hesitate to stab me in teh back when it suits them.
    I don't know where you morons get the "alone" and "lonely" crap, but it is far from the truth.
    Sitting Home Along AGAIN [09-05-2008 21:20] 
    I am the "professional" on games!!!
    Gameboy [09-05-2008 14:24] 
    Hmmmm.... Video Games..... I wonder who is the Tampa expert on that subject?
    Without investing too much additional time, it is great the GTA IV is selling so well, as it is an amazing game, but WAIT before you get it. They are still working the bugs out, and present versions have been crashing XBOX 360's and PS3's.
    The viso game industry will soon eclipse the movie industry, but it isn't because of total sales. The sell-through numbers don't have to be as high because the prices are higher for game and consoles. Could you imagine paying $35.00 to $60.00 per DVD movie? GTA IV is $60.00 per copy!
    Nolan [09-05-2008 09:37] 
    I skimmed a review that said it was the best version ever made. I guess that explains the $500 million!
    Chris M [09-05-2008 07:55]  
    did anyone notice that Grand Theft Auto IV grossed over $500 million in its first week of sales?
    ED [09-05-2008 03:29] 
    Nolan, I still remember seeing the "Movie of the Week" previews for Exo-Man and thinking it WAS Iron Man until I saw the name. It wasn't a good movie by any means but it was no worse than the two awful Captain America pilots with Reb Brown that came out around this same time. I think most of these films were legally released in the late 80's on VHS, possibly as rental only tapes, but they don't turn up often.
    Terence [08-05-2008 19:19] 
    i actually love the Dr. Strange tv movie from the 70s. i thought it was pretty faithful for the most part.
    Nolan [08-05-2008 18:15] 
    ED -- great piece on Iron Man comics! I think I may be the only one of three people in the world who remembers seeing the one-shot TV-movie Exo-Man in the late '70s (I didn't remember it was that long ago until I read your article). I argued vehemently that it was obviously based on Iron Man, but met with resistance because the characters' names were all different.

    The Dr. Strange TV movie came out around the same time, but more fans seem to remember that.

    I imagine both are available as bootlegs at Cons? Exo-Man was clunky, and you're right, it was forgettable, but to me, it was the first genuine attempt at Iron Man.
    Chris Woods [08-05-2008 15:42] 
    Iron Man was good. I enjoyed it. Better than I thought it was going to be. It's almost as good as the first two Spider-Man and X-Men films.

    Also, I can't wait to read the Dragoon comic. The art looks cool and the story of the series sounds cool as well.
    Paul Guzzo [07-05-2008 21:01] 
    Too late ... come watch one of my flag football games and you'll see it is WAY too late. I'm a psychotic A-Hole once a week for 60 minutes.
    Zane [07-05-2008 20:52] 
    LOL.... Don't get too jealous of others, Paul, in the future. You may lose your assumed coolness and become a "psychotic a..hole" or something.
    Paul Guzzo [07-05-2008 20:35] 
    And a super evil genius! I'm like Lex Luther ... with a cod piece.
    Zane [07-05-2008 20:30] 
    I meant "bald men being villians".
    Zane [07-05-2008 20:28] 
    It's good that Paul got his column in first, and it was good, but what did it have to do with film? Did he go off topic, and if so, should he get some free-form column for his off-topic articles?
    Regarding Mike Smith's review of Iron Man, it was good. I really liked the remarks about bald me being evil villans.
    Say, isn't Paul bald?
    Paul Guzzo [07-05-2008 10:43] 
    Oh that's right ... my column was in first this week! BOO-YAH!
    [31-12-1969 16:00] 
    End of Comments

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