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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 425  (Vol. 9, No. 20). This edition is for the week of May 12--18, 2008.

"The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian"
The Yellow Submarine Chronicles Part Three: All Together Now!
Favre Headed South?... Rays ... NFL vs Arlen Specter ... Kasmir Signs Extension ... Sean Taylor’s Killers Will Not Fry ... Hornets Fans Bring Eva to the Game
Book Review: The Fifth Vial by Michael Palmer
Patriot Games; Bad Reporting Style .... Hillary Wins Big Time .... .... a
Movie Notes .... Music Notes .... Passing On .... Mission Accomplished .... .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1977 Should Have Gone To... o
More Benchmarks

Quarter Million
This isn't a terribly big deal, I suppose, but I just thought I'd like to point out that earlier this week, The Crazed Fanboy/PCR homepage passed the quarter million hits mark.

Of course, I hasten to add that, site-wide, we've been in the millions for years, mostly due to Archive activity, although that's never been reflected on the hitcounter (although it is on the server). But the homepage hitcounter is the one everyone is attracted to, so I'm proud enough of the quarter-mill.

Hillary Dillary
As predicted, she took West Virginia handily in the Primary. Obama had no illusions about it, even going so far as to concede that state two days ago!

Yes, mathematically, she can't win. But she's still in the race and I'm fascinated to see where this goes now. (I keep thinking there's some kinda dirty laundry on Obama she's saving until the 11th hour).

I'm having a brutal week at work and I am exhausted, so I'll keep the homepage short for the moment until I can get some rest. And yes, the new "Dragoon" comic strip is here!

Army Tests New "Iron Man" Super Suit
Many of you may have already seen this in your local newspaper, but I wanted to share with you this news story I first read on AOL.

The army is testing a new super-soldier super-suit, that enhances the strength of its wearer by about 20 times, so far. The soldier interviewed said he lifted a 200-pound weight hundreds of times before he got bored. Not tired, but bored! The current battery pack only lasts about 30 minutes.

Click here to read the AOL story with pics.

Regular readers know how jazzed I was at seeing the recently-released Iron Man movie, and may also remember I'm a big fan of "super-soldier" stories going back decades (part of my fascination with conspiracies and black ops, etc., etc.). This new suit is more of an Exo-Skeleton type affair (shades of Exo-Man!) than an all-encompassing armor, but hey, it's getting there!

Readers' Comments

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Nolan [20-05-2008 00:44] 
I vote for more space and a working air-conditioner. The food and alcohol we can get to after the show is over. And I don't mind Ybor at all---it's more centrally-located, I think.
Neo Christ [19-05-2008 20:36] 
You need to find a place like the last one- like the coffeehouse. It was much better than the international place.
Oh, and you should find a plkace that's not in Ybor. Best of luck to the relocation.
Paul Guzzo [19-05-2008 19:57] 
hey guys, in our search for a new venue for TFR, I'd love to get some input from everyone ... what would you guys prefer - comfort or more space? We have some options for high class places with beer and wine and food, but with limited seating ... and other options with unlimited seating, but not as high class and without beer, wine and food. Thoughts?
Paul Guzzo [19-05-2008 18:06] 
Why is I get blamed for every nasty thing? haha ... whatever man. Have your attorney email me.
Indie Film Savior [19-05-2008 18:03] 
Nice fantasy, Paul. Keep making things up. Just because you spread lies and possibly delude yourself does NOT make it true.
Not only do you undermine your professional credibily by lying about professionals who you are terrified of competing with, but if you continue slandering others, you might find yourself in the position of retaining a good attorney.
Johnson [19-05-2008 11:01] 
Whoa. I just bumped my head in the shower and had a moment of clarity. Holy crap! I can't believe what an ass I've been. Man, you all must think I'm crazy! Acting like I'm an expert at everything! Acting like I have all the answers! Acting all cryptic! All I wanted was to be friends with you guys and my awkward social skills totally ruined it. I'm sorry, everyone! I can't believe no one told me what a jerk I've been. My friend, a supermod- oh, who am I kidding? It was my mom! She told me that if I'd stop overcompensating and would just be myself, people would like me more. Which reminds me of the time my friend, an actr- ok! My mom again! What was I saying? I'm sorry, I just can't get over what an ass I've been all of this time. Please forgive me. Hell knows I can't forgive myself. I can't even love myself. But I love all of you.
Johnson [19-05-2008 09:36] 
The message board has been slow, Paul. Your biased clique has been driving everyone away.
A post by the truth is by no means a victory. It is by no means a turn-around. It is disturbing and brings all of your crediblity into question that you all embrace and celebrate the return of a troublemaker who keeps his identity a secret. If that's not creepy, I don't know what is.
Paul, if you need a message board to keep you sane, you have issues. Get help.
Go ahead, Nolan. Try to ban me and try to censor anyone who posts the real truth. You people are morons.
Paul Guzzo [19-05-2008 08:51] 
Good to see The Truth back on the message board ... great post. It is great to see the message board picking up again ... I needed something to keep me sane at work! Yes, I said it, the message board keeps me sane!
matthew [18-05-2008 13:51] 
started a new thread in Your Call titled:

What concerts have you been to?

feel free to indulge yourselves.
ED [18-05-2008 11:09] 
I almost fell out of my seat and did laugh out loud. Oh and I also agree with Mike on the running time being too long. This film could have easily been cut down to two hours and audiences would have never missed it.
ED [18-05-2008 11:06] 
Also, and correct me if I am wrong here, I believe the first film established that the weapons given to the children by Father Christmas were enchanted to that would also explain their effectivness. If you watch Peter's battles closely you will see several instances of him using his smaller stature as an advantage and getting in trouble when hit head on. While I agree that there should have been at least some blood, this was only a minor detraction and the other scenes either did not appear noticable to me or were adequately explained. What did bother me though and hurt the story in my opinion were the multiple instances of a lead character having an opportunity to kill the villian and end the entire conflict and not doing so. The deaths of many Narnians were on their heads for not taking the advantage of this opportunity when they had it. At one point late in the film, someone in the audience I saw it with yelled "less talk-ee, more kill-ee" during one of these scenes!
ED [18-05-2008 11:00] 
OK, I saw Prince Caspian last night so I can comment on it now. First off, I thought it was a good film. Not as good as the first Narnia film but certainly in the ballpark and I liked the darker tone. To address Michael's observations from his review, I did not get a creepy vibe from the exchamnes between Susan and Caspian. While there is clearly an age difference between the two actors, this is not opvious until their final scene together and a joke is made to reference that. Mike is dead on about the conspicuous lack of blood. For the most part this handled with quick cutaways and unusual angles that work well but their are a few in your face scenes, like the severed head on the ground, that are too glaring to overlook. I had no problem with the "children fighting" scenes. The film actually at hints at the reasoning behind this early on when Edward duels with a dwarf. By nauture of their liniage, the children posses enhanced skills in Narnia.
Michael [17-05-2008 22:02] 
OK, last word from me here. No, I didn't complain about Harry Potter because in those films the characters are much better defined and have the assistance of adults. Also, I really don't remember any decapitations. I have not read any of the "Narnia" books, but having seen the first film I was aware of the story and how the four children are the "old kings," etc. To me the director wanted to show a spectacular battle, ala "Lord of the Rings." (note here: Andrew Adamson worked for Peter Jackson's WETA shop before he began directing) but forgot he was featuring children. I will tell you that more then one parent hurried their child out of the screening I attended due to the violence. I will also blame some of my complaints on the family friendly PG the film received, no doubt because of the Disney name. If it had been rated PG 13 I wouldn't have protested as loudly.

ED, thanks for the back up. I owe you one!
Brandon [17-05-2008 15:42] 
From Ed "I read the book years ago so I can't remember specifics but usually when this type of disparity occurs between the literary version of a story and a cinematic one, the problem lies with sloppy writing. I will check back in with a more definite opinion after I see the film."

Re Ed comment and Mike: Maybe familiarize yourself with the books. Terence is dead on and the film seems to be very true to the source material.

What seems like common place to criticize when the filmmakers make unnecessary creative liberties, Narnia did not. Especially commendable, since they could have gone for more violence and gore.

To Mike's review: Lewis's creation of a universe where powers have an equal chance for survival and that the pure goodness in these "children" catapult them to greatness and even footing with the adults was very unique, especially at the time.

I don't remember you complaining about Harry Potter - did I miss it?
Nolan [17-05-2008 06:01] 
Steve, thanks for the feedback. Despite the name of this online periodical having "pop culture" in the title, other parts of the website cover other things. We have for many moons covered cult film (pop culture, to be sure) -- and, in fact, the convention that would've been NolanCon was going to emphasize outré cult cinema and collectibles.

Will Moriaty was this website's expert/researcher on Googie architecture. Although he's not active on PCR currently, his articles are still available online if you search.
Steve Beasley [17-05-2008 01:59] 
My point is that we've started including things that aren't popular. Obscurity doesn't qualify as pop culture. Why anyone seeks out the most obscure music and movies is beyond me. Locally made films wouldn't make the cut necessarily either, however a huge part of CFB is about the support of local productions, and I'm glad it does. Having said that, I hope some of them (like the Charlie Wall bio) do become popular in time. I can't wait to see that. I'm not wanting to piss anyone off, but I just thought this needed to be said. On another note, something like the art of Ken Howard (Von Dutch) and Ed Lautner (Googie architect) is pop culture, but it's a part of pop culture that is typically ignored on these pages. I'm not bothered by that fact so much as when someone mentions an obscure film that 3 people once watched over such classics as the hotrod culture or perhaps surf rock, etc. Damn, I hope that all this makes sense. Sometimes I can ramble on, and on, and on, ad infinitu
terence [16-05-2008 22:53] 
i have to agree and disagree with steve. i dont think hHouse of Whipcord is crap but it isnt really enjoyable either. you could do far better when it comes to 70s cult films. and no niether it nor the director really are cult yet. cult and cult film is apparently just thrown around so casually that it applies to every foriegn or low budget horror movie as long it was made in a certain time frame. ridiculous.
Steve Beasley [16-05-2008 21:53] 
Odds wrote: I encourage you instead to stay put at home and rent a couple of '70s horror flicks instead; how about "House of Whipcord"? "The House by the Lake"? "Eerie Midnight Horror Show"? Off-Beat Cinema is on tonight.

What do those films have to do with either popular or culture? They were crap in the 70s and they are crap today. At least they're consistent. Obscurity and popular are diametrically opposed words. They haven't even achieved cult status.
The Watcher [16-05-2008 20:39] 
J Miller- I know how difficult it can be to review films from experience. It actually is not that difficult to do if you prepare. Might I suggest that you take notes and write the reviews from the notes?
Keep at it. It will get easier, and you have too much talent to get discouraged.
JMILLER [16-05-2008 20:11] 
Watcher - Reviewing a ten minute movie is alot harder then it sounds. I figured Nolan would cover all the basics of each film and my job would be to just chime in on what I thought. A few of the films were exceptional and I do regret not saying more.
The Watcher [16-05-2008 19:12] 
The TFR Reviews were ok. J Miller needs to write more in his reviews. He has talent and would be an awesome writer if he would write more than a few sentences in his reviews.
Chris Woods [16-05-2008 19:04] 
Just read the TFR reviews, good job to Nolan and John. Sorry I missed it this month. Eternal Love sounded really good. Clay-animation is always cool.
Chris Woods [16-05-2008 18:24] 
The Dragoon comic looks great. I can't wait until next weeks issue.

I've only seen a few Off Beat Cinemas and the times I caught it the movies weren't that great.

Nolan - Congrats on hitting the quarter million mark.

JMILLER [16-05-2008 16:13] 
Damn if they are getting all of their films off of Archive.org and the shows syndicated they must be raking it in...
terence [16-05-2008 15:26] 
so they have improved. but not by much. they cant have too much to offer in the way of good movie when all they have to show are films in public domain. The Gorilla is pretty unwatchable.
JMILLER [16-05-2008 15:23] 
Last weeks Offbeat Cinema was the classic Bucket Of Blood...Tonight they are airing The Gorilla...
Terence [16-05-2008 15:17] 
oh by the way has OffBeat Cinema finally stopped rerunning Night of The Living Dead three weeks in a row?
terence [16-05-2008 15:16] 
Nolan let me offer you some real suggestions for classic 70s cult films. forget that slop that andy is peddling. rent "Strip Nude For Your Killer, "Night of the Werewolf" and for a classic 50's pic check out the mexican horror classic "El Hombre Y El Monstruo ( The Man and the Monster)". andy will be checking these out this weekend too as im sure he hasnt seen them.
Odds [16-05-2008 11:58] 
I encourage you instead to stay put at home and rent a couple of '70s horror flicks instead; how about "House of Whipcord"? "The House by the Lake"? "Eerie Midnight Horror Show"? Off-Beat Cinema is on tonight.
Nolan [16-05-2008 11:47] 
BTW, another great week for articles, everyone! Super stuff. Keep up the great work!
Nolan [16-05-2008 11:46] 
I wasn't planning on being in a hurry to see "Narnia", but now I have to know what all the controversy is about, so I might go sooner than later. Everyone chill, please.
terence [16-05-2008 08:48] 
mike and ed are entitled to their own opinitheon but its just odd to me that they would even be expected to like narnia at all if they cant buy itno kids fighting battles. thats what narnia is all about!! as for the bloodshed. if they put bloodshed in it it wouldnt be true to the books flavor nor would kids be able to see it if its rated R. so i dont know what they want.
terence [16-05-2008 08:39] 
some people are just big cartoonish jokes.
Odds [16-05-2008 08:37] 
'Narnia', the best in Book Fair cinema.

Komputer katapults! Lightwave lyons! Teen Beat prince Caspains! 'We'll fix it in post - all of it!'

Kourtesy Walt Dizzy produkshunz - the mainstream's best fiend!

Is 'miley cyrus' in this one??!!??
Paul Guzzo [16-05-2008 08:04] 
I'm on your side on this one Terence ... I'm giddy about going to see the new Narnia film. If it was a gory blood feast, I'd be furious. It is a kids film in every sense, but it draws us in because we remember it from our childhood. If they turned it into an adult film, I'd be FURIOUS.
Terence [16-05-2008 07:50] 
Whatever Ed and Mike.Well I have read the book more recently and no there wasnt any romantic interest thing going on. i will state again and yet again no blood is described and the director has gone on record as saying he did that on purpose to visually give it that style of non bloody fantasy violence like the book. whats so hard to understand.
ED [16-05-2008 06:10] 
Mike - I haven't seen the film yet so I will reserve full judgement but I have to say I have your back on this one. It sounds to me like the cinematic trend started by films like the Spy Kids series has now seeped into a high profile picture. I read the book years ago so I can't remember specifics but usually when this type of disparity occurs between the literary version of a story and a cinematic one, the problem lies with sloppy writing. I will check back in with a more definite opinion after I see the film.
Nolan [16-05-2008 02:47] 
The Dragoon Comic has been re-done and enlarged. For some browsers it may default to the original window-fitting size on first load, but should now "zoom" (enlarge) successfully as well.
MIchael [15-05-2008 22:09] 
Never mind, I found it.

No, I haven't read the books. Kids fighting adults in the way the film depicts IS unbelievable. Am I supposed to think that a 16 year old boy fighting a grown man is believable? T, it would be like you and I going out in the backyard and duking it out. As for the "no blood" reference, you claim the director wants a child to see that war is not violent? That's rediculous. To show a child decapitate another person with a sword, and not showing the consequences, is pretty damn irresponsible. To teach a child that war/battle/violence has no lasting consequence is unexcuseable. As for the romantic aspect, I don't know the character's ages in the books, but as a viewer all I saw was a man leering after a child. FYI: there is a seven year difference in age between the actors, though it appears much greater to me in the film.
Michael [15-05-2008 21:59] 
"To Mike: Please know that Terence's views and mine are not always the same. I thought your review was fine for someone who hasn't read the books (I haven't either, nor have I seen the movie...yet). I thought giving it two stars was plenty fine. Please address Terence for the post about Narnia. "

OK, what did I miss?
Paul Guzzo [15-05-2008 21:08] 
Comic looks F'n awesome man ... 100% kick a$$.
terence [15-05-2008 20:05] 
just want to say to all the readers sorry for how small Dragoon is. there was a misunderstanding between me and Nolan and the size. it will be corrected as soon as he can get to it. anyway hope you guys follow it every week. if you like gangs and gangsters i promise that me and john have an exciting saga to present. John Miller's art has already turned out better than I even had hoped and we both promise to fufill your need for violence, profanity, and sex.
Lisa C [15-05-2008 16:00] 
To Andy: Temple of Doom is my favorite Indy movie. I have a thing for sequels. I liked Rambo better than First Blood, T2 better than the original Terminator...it's an even tie for me between Alien and Aliens.

You and I have so much to catch up on! Have you heard the latest Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears gossip? I have to tell you all about the special effects in Speed Racer (way better than those pixelated penguins you love). You should totally get the Juno soundtrack if you don't have it already. Did you hear that Angelina Jolie is having twins? OMG, we should totally go have a mani/pedi and read the latest Star Magazine...you still have a subscription, right?

Bring your dueling swords when you come to de-program me.

Odds [15-05-2008 13:20] 
Thanks for the Kotter-esque "welcome back", but that won't excuse you from the 'temple of doom' comments on the message boards. This situation is serious and likely will require de-programming.
Lisa C [15-05-2008 09:35] 
To JMiller: Nice job on the TFR write-up.

To Nolan: Of course, you did your usual nice job with the TFR write-ups. I only caught 1 1/4 films Friday night...I enjoy reading about what I missed. I welcomed Andy back on the message board, but I'll do it here too.

To Andy: Welcome back! I guess we can take your photo off the milk cartons now. :)

To Jason, Steve, Chris W & Terence: Happy birthday!!

To myself: About damn time you get your column in on time for once. Sniff! I'm so proud....
Chris M [15-05-2008 09:00] 
CAP won as i was put on a leash, most of the squabble was deleted so you cant see what this jerk was saying but i wish to not make this a big deal as Nolan has other stuff to talk about on here.
terence [15-05-2008 08:49] 
i have already told passinault not to post link advertising his website and yet he still does. what do you do with that? if he still doesnt get the rules then what can you do? just delete him.
Paul Guzzo [15-05-2008 08:42] 
*sigh* ok ... if this will end it and allow the board to go back to normal:

Ladies and gentleman, my name is Paul Guzzo. Not only did I ruin the Quiet Place, but I am a TERRIBLE human being bent on destroying the true professionals in the Tampa film community by slandering their names with lies and false accusations. I steal idea, make millions of dollars off the Tampa Film Review and fill my HUGE ego by talking during the entire event and making myself seem more important that the films. Oh yea, have never made a quality film in my life.

You should all abandon me as a friend, toss feces at me in the street, fill my gas tank with sugar, and curse at my parents for having sex in early 1975.

This review of myself is completely authorized.

Nolan, I apologize for posting this on the comments section, but hopefully now that I have admitted this, CAP can go on his way, happy that he won.
Nolan [15-05-2008 08:30] 
The only reason Zee Zee's (Passinault's) last two posts weren't deleted is so everyone can read what was "censored" and satisfy their curiosity. I hope you find some entertainment. It's useless otherwise and certainly doesn't belong on here.
Chris M [15-05-2008 08:26] 
man that sounds like someone trying to plug a website.
Zee zee lite [15-05-2008 08:16] 
I will have to go to Tampa Film Blog this weekend to read all the posts that have been censored.
Zee zee lite [15-05-2008 08:14] 
How did Paul Guzzo ruin the quiet place, and why do you keep deleting the posts that make the points that you refuse to answer? You people DO censor. and it really does look like you are hiding something.
Paul Guzzo [15-05-2008 08:06] 
Yes, brunch - You'll love it. It's not quite breakfast, it's not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end. You don't get completely what you would get at breakfast, but you get a good meal.

Ahh.... I love the Simpsons! Not as much as the well-rounded Rocky character and the chemistry he and Adrian share, but I love it.
Nolan [15-05-2008 07:58] 
Chris M. Understood, my friend, no problem. He's baiting you on purpose to get the reaction he got and we've dealt with this before. It's a lot to take the first time, I know. Be cool and keep up the good work.
Chris M [15-05-2008 07:53] 
Of course, how can you expect something better from a momma's boy, but out of respect for Nolan I will drop that squabble unless im called out, Nolan, Im sorry for what you've seen and deleted on here but he was being a jerk. I stood up for what I believe in, and thats right to me.
Nolan [15-05-2008 07:53] 
To Paul: Good stuff! Congratulations to you and Pete on winning the 2008 Adela Gonzmart Legacy Award w/accompanying brunch.

To JMiller: Please don't encourage CAP. I'm trying to keep this on relevant topics.
JMILLER [15-05-2008 07:48] 
Cap from what I can tell your website is nothing more then a bunch of links weaving through about a million other sites that have almost no content beyond the Coming Soon announcements...
paul guzzo [15-05-2008 07:48] 
Film News has been updated and it is BY FAR the biggest update EVER. Just a TOOON of film related events going on!
Nolan [15-05-2008 07:44] 
Now....PLEASE let's get back on topics at hand. Anyone who attended the TFR last Friday have any opinions on the films shown?

Anyone have any reaction to Andy's return on the Message Board?
Nolan [15-05-2008 07:42] 
OK, HOOOOOLD IT!! Enuff's enuff. Although the now-deleted exchange between Chris M and Passinault was very entertaining (and an introduction to Chris M regarding what we have to deal deal with here), I have to insist this move to the message board. I'm not mad at you guys, I understand how this can get carried away, but I had to delete the recent "spat" here because all the posts were irrelevant to what we're talking about.

To Chris M: Yep...this is the guy I was telling you about. The "CAP" that "admitted" he was "wrong", however, was NOT Passinault, but an impersonator. Sorry you wasted your sympathy on him for a second, Mr. M..... I know who it was, though, I'll talk to you about it later.
chris M [15-05-2008 07:39] 
hey, bro, you were the one saying you have better websites than this, and that your friends were actors and what-not. You obviously have something to prove to us, you need to be right in your beliefs, which is fine, thats your right, but Im just saying, dont trash our work, your the one thats needy, thats why you keep posting messages after you said you where done posting
chris m [15-05-2008 06:08] 
It takes a big man to admit when he's wrong, you sir admitted you where wrong and I commend you for that,(if your weren't being sarcastic) but this is not the place to trash Nolan's work on this site. I know Nolan and what he stands for, He's a great man trying to do great things. If you would like to show your ass then email one of us instead of putting it on front page.
CAP [15-05-2008 04:54] 
Chris and Matthew, you are both right and I am sorry. It is just that I am so lonely and starved for attention that I lash out here. I feel like a fool. I am a fool. Maybe now I will just do what I want instead of endlessly talking about.
Chris M [15-05-2008 04:41] 
And to Matt, I've figured you are a Boston-anything fan, but i must let you know, the Celtics are going down to King James!
Chris M [15-05-2008 04:27] 
CAP: if you are jealous of Nolan's stature in this business then go do something better, but dont trash Nolan or anyone else on here. All you are proving to everybody is that you want what Nolan has, and you're not going to get it.
matthew [15-05-2008 04:15] 
quote: I will be sure to post the entire post on TampaFilmBlog.Com this weekend.
For now, I have some web sites to update in order to support some more television appearances next week (as if you morons have not noticed my "imaginary" models and friends showing up on television lately promoting my sites).
You people underestimate what you are up against and are messing with the professionals who will put you out of business, where you all belong.
_________________________________________ ____________

dude, you were doing good there for a second. then had to jump in with the moron comment. and what exactly are we 'up against' other than a president who doesnt give a crap about any of us. also, i hope you're not planning on trying to up PCR out of business, because your effort with be more fruitless than a dead apple tree.

CAP, i hope you find some success in your endeavors. despite your lack of etiquette, you are obviously very passionate about what you do.
CAP [14-05-2008 23:16] 
Matthew, you only saw part of my posts. Terence censored most of them.
It is fitting that he left part of my posts up to make my argument seem weak.
I will be sure to post the entire post on TampaFilmBlog.Com this weekend.
For now, I have some web sites to update in order to support some more television appearances next week (as if you morons have not noticed my "imaginary" models and friends showing up on television lately promoting my sites).
You people underestimate what you are up against and are messing with the professionals who are now inspired to put you out of business, where you all belong.
Paul Guzzo [14-05-2008 20:39] 
Congrats on quarter million .... The site is better than ever, especially with Andy back!
matthew [14-05-2008 20:15] 
nolan censor the truth????


let me take a line by terence in calling that accusation 'totally rediculous'.

i have known nolan canova over thirty years, and in all that time i have learned three things:

1. He longs for truth and is a defender of it
2. He loathes hypocracy
3. He's as honest as the day is long

instead of trying to use space insulting one of the nicer human beings on the planet, why don't you hit the message board and try to make some kind of point. if you're banned, i'll even ask, right now, that nolan let you back on just so you can have your say. even stick around as long as your not vulgarly insulting. insulting? it happens. vulgar? not needed.

and congrats on the hit counter sir.
CAP [14-05-2008 19:23] 
Fine. If I have the time, I will go and post on the message board, but I won't be surprised if you try to censor the truth and remove my posts! You tried to censor me before by banning me, and it failed, too.
terence [14-05-2008 19:19] 
its also not for promoting films, websites, conventions, or film festival real or imaginary. this isnt the classifieds
terence [14-05-2008 19:17] 
to anyone who may have read the posts just removed it was just Passinault. anyone who has read this site long enough knows that the front page is not for arguments and back and forth banter. its about response to Nolans frontpage articles or any of the columns. thats why it was removed not to hide any "truth". message board is for debates. if you have been banned from the message board and cant go there dont bring it here. thats not what this is for.
Nolan [14-05-2008 18:40] 
BTW, did anyone else notice that Andy Lalino is back on the message board after a three-month absence??
Nolan [14-05-2008 18:30] 
To Mike: Please know that Terence's views and mine are not always the same. I thought your review was fine for someone who hasn't read the books (I haven't either, nor have I seen the movie...yet). I thought giving it two stars was plenty fine. Please address Terence for the post about Narnia.

To Steve: Thank you, sir!

To Paul: Once Terence gets home from work, I doubt CAP's comments last very long. But it was an interesting, if likely temporary, re-visit.

To Terence: I didn't have time to go through it all, my computer's acting up again. Do what you want with CAP's posts, thanks.
Paul Guzzo [14-05-2008 17:17] 
Thanx Steve ... I'm not worried about finding a new venue in Ybor. Ybor City is like a family, one that I am very proud to have be a part of for the past decade. We all look out for one another in Ybor. We'v had a few offers and will figure out which is best for the event. Now that Gene May has steppd up to the plate with a professional sound system every month for us, we have no limitations.

Sorry for the depressed message - I think most of us can agree that sometimes our careers wear us down, even if we do what we love, and those things we do for free can feel like a heavy burden.

But I love running the TFR and will do so for as long as it is needed. Of course, the dream is for it to not be needed. When we started it, there were NO regular options for local films to be shown at. Today, there are many options. And when the day comes in which there are so many options that the TFR is not needed, it's a victory. I look at the TFR as a trailblazer in Tampa, along with this webs
Indie Film Professional [14-05-2008 16:53] 
The monthly film event is coming. Details are being worked out, and a lot of progess has been made.
You may even find yourself competiting for venues with them in the coming months. Better have a damn good business plan to sell the venue on! Good luck, and may the professional win!
Hellboy [14-05-2008 16:49] 
Drugs are bad for you.
Here's to the TFR finding a new venue! Hopefully, it will be anywhere but in Ybor.
Try Channelside. They won't charge you..... much.
Steve Beasley [14-05-2008 16:44] 
It's little consolation Paul, but if I ever win the lotto, I promise you....the TFR would have a permanent venue. I would like to think that this is true for any of us Tampa film fans.
Steve Beasley [14-05-2008 16:34] 
A Quarter Million is a huge acheivement, Nolan! Congratulations!

Too bad you don't get a dollar for every "mile". ;)
A Very Tired and Over Worked Paul Guzzo [14-05-2008 15:49] 
TFR is like an F'n drug at this point ... even if I wanted to quit, I couldn't ... and trust me, when you show up to the venue with no AC and crap flooded toilets, which chases over half the audience off every month for the past three months, you want to quit.
We'll have a new venue soon .... but sometimes we wish a professional would start up a monthly fest and give us a rest.
Terence [14-05-2008 14:06] 
Mike Smith's review of Prince Caspian is totally ridiculous from a standpoint of a reviewer and a Narnia fan i cant relate. Kids fighting adults is unbelievable to you? wow then you havent read the Narnia books. chances are you wont be able to buy into any sequels. thats what Narnia is all about. they are kids who get into battle with monsters, men, armies, etc. where have you been? i cant verify the actors age differences but in the books Caspian was the same age as Susan and the rest of the Pevensies. no blood..well in the books no blood is described. the director purposely stated that he wanted to adapt that ethic into this film to make it like the books so that its sort of from a childs point of view of war and battles. i just dont think you got it all. you must not be a fan or never read the books when you were younger.
Grunion [14-05-2008 14:05] 
With the TFR losing its steam and its venue, will it survive? Can we get a commitment from the organizers to keep it going no matter the cost? We need the TFR!
Khan [14-05-2008 14:00] 
Great review on the May TFR!
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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