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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 429  (Vol. 9, No. 24). This edition is for the week of June 9--15, 2008.

"The Incredible Hulk"
33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee: The Monkees on Record, Part 3
FANGRRL Goes to the Ladies of the Night Double Feature
Lakers In Trouble .... Big Brown, Big Let Down .... Bears Release Cedric Benson .... Mr. Mexico Not Done With The Law .... Donít Implode Just Yet! .... Storm Beat Predators .... Pay Not To Play .... Donít Let Door Hit You a
Celtics Click: Lakers Sick .... .... .... e
If Nominated I Will Run, If Elected I Will Serve .... Congrats To The Kid .... A Little More Doh! .... Duh Bya .... Passing On .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1960 Should Have Gone To... f
Hot and Bothered

I'm having an indescribably hideous week, folks, so I'm forced to start with an abbreviated headline section today. Apologies, of course, and I promise to fill it out a little better once I've had some rest and time to think.

But first, some quick and rambling thoughts uttered through the veil of utter exhaustion...

Bush Regrets Being An Asshole Now
President Bush recently remarked he regrets his political legacy is turning out to be that of a warmonger. And that he could've chosen better words or phrases to communicate his plan than "Bring 'em on" and such.

The surprise is that he's so late coming out with this. He must've finally looked around at the carnage and thought, "WTF??....I look like an asshole!"

$4.00 a Gallon Gas, Nat'l Average.
Ouch. And here I thought the war is Iraq was going to, you know, put us in control of the oil. Bush must be thinking, "WTF??....I look like an asshole!"

But seriously. I'm thinking of doing a poll and asking how much will everyone pay before there's a revolution or something. $5? $10? No limit??

Sports Talk Now on the Crazed Fanboy Content Management System
Chris Munger's Sports Talk is one of the most successful launches we ever had of a new column. This week he celebrates his tenth consecutive column (congrats, Chris!) and so I fast-tracked him to the CFCMS. Keep up the good work, Mr. Munger!

That only leaves Retrorama without an automated upload system, but that is being worked on (it's kinda complicated). Secret meetings with the inner cabal of Crazed Fanboy held over the next few weeks may yield even more exciting changes for this website and e-zine. Stay tuned!

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ED [16-06-2008 13:43] 
Mike - glad you are enjoying the series and don't forget to let me know about Instant Reply. I will have to query Nolan on the DJBH concert. I would like to hear about that myself. I saw the Monkees in 86 in Gainesville and again at the Florida Theater in Jacksonville several years ago. Both concerts were enjoyable but the second one was much more of a stage show and very entertaining.
Nolan [16-06-2008 11:48] 
I just learned from a message board post by Puff Chrissy, that make-up/special effects pioner Stan Winston has died. This is a very sad day indeed. Way too young (62, I think).
Nolan [16-06-2008 08:15] 
I totally disagree with Paul! The Incredible Hulk was very, very good. Not *ultimate* necessarily, like this year's Iron Man, but waaaaaay better than the Ang Lee "Abomination" of a Hulk from years ago.

The big surprise was William Hurt as General Ross who none of us had much hopes for, turned out to be a terrificly drawn character and a great acting job. Sam Eilliot's Ross ruled the Ang Lee version, but strangely, would've been out of place here.

Edward Norton is the best Bruce Banner of them all---right out of the comic.
Odds [16-06-2008 02:43] 
Re: The screenwriter must have read a book of Hollywood Cliches prior to writing it ... I can never respect any of your opinions again. That was the WORST comic movie ever made. I am sick to my stomach it was so bad,

...wow, Paul...this and a couple of your others were quite the statements! I've not seen it, but that being said, I haven't been overly impressed with the trailer. The CGI Hulk, of course, looked like a letdown, as did The Abomination. Going to give Marvel the benefit of the doubt, however eventually give it a look.
Paul Guzzo [15-06-2008 20:15] 
Exactly ... I usually don't mind cliches in blockbusters, but this was ridiculous.
Terence [15-06-2008 19:25] 
Paul you liked Transformers. talk about bad cliches .what more needs to be said haha.
Paul Guzzo [15-06-2008 19:23] 
The screenwriter must have read a book of Hollywood Cliches prior to writing it ... I can never respect any of your opinions again. That was the WORST comic movie ever made. I am sick to my stomach it was so bad,
Terence [15-06-2008 19:04] 
i thought the Hulk was really good. not sure what film Paul saw but it cant be the same one. at least Guzzo, you didnt like Indy 4
JMILLER [15-06-2008 18:07] 
Paul bashing a summer movie and me praising it...Its like I am in bizarro world...
Paul Guzzo [15-06-2008 17:27] 
Wow ... Incredible Hulk was incredibly TERRIBLE! Any time there was no action, the scenes and dialogue were so terrible you had to roll your eyes. Just awful .... AWFUL! I'm actually angry over how bad it is ...
Steve [15-06-2008 16:52] 
What's with all the whining on CFB these days? Everyone tattling on everyone else. Nolan isn't your damned babysitter, he's supposed to be dealing with grown men and women. Okay, not everyone's being a baby, but even with a few, it's still too many.

Grow the 'F' up, goddamit...before I go back home and start breaking legs! ;)
matthew [15-06-2008 11:40] 
happy fathers day to all you PCR dads out there.

crazed fanboy dads too.

oh, what the hey. all you dads.

Michael [15-06-2008 10:31] 
ED, am enjoying like hell your bits on The Monkees. Thanks for the tips on the albums I'm missing. I'm pretty sure Nolan and Matt attended the "Dolenz,Jones,Boyce and Hart" concert at Big Daddys (wasn't that the bar at the corner of Britton Plaza) in the mid-1970s. Perhaps they could share their thoughts. I saw them during their 1986 tour and was impressed with the show. Wish I could have caught them with Nesmith in California. I did buy their CD, "Justus" and didn't find it too horrible. Of course, how many times can you put "Circle Sky" on an album? :-) I actually enjoy hearing about concerts/groups I'll never get to see. My former neighbor had the great fortune to attend Woodstock, Altamont and the Isle of Wight concerts and an older friend of mine at work caught the Beatles here in Kansas City in 1964.
Nolan [15-06-2008 08:22] 
The only deleting was an unsolicited advertisement (re: a book about Jim Morrison; nice but it doesn't belong here) and two messages by banned posters.
Redneck [14-06-2008 17:03] 
Could somebody please pass the jelly?!
Terence [14-06-2008 14:53] 
Nolan can you please ban Andy from the comment section. or do i have to do it?
Odds [14-06-2008 13:57] 
Can you please delete Tez's post below? Thanks!
Terence [14-06-2008 13:16] 
since when did Crispin Glover become as untalanted and uncool as Boy George and Lynde? Glovers too good for that company.
Odds [14-06-2008 12:32] 
God, that would be awesome. Hey, Rip is still alive & kicking, but we'd need to find a living replacement for Lynde. I suggest Boy George (a resident of NYC?), Crispin Glover, or Stephen Geoffreys.
AA [14-06-2008 12:07] 
Nolan...Bear with Odds. This is how he copes with knowing there will never be a Rip Taylor/Paul Lynde presidential ticket.
Lonnie Dohlen [14-06-2008 07:50]  
Paul,we really need the Rain.Early this year we had a Drought.Put 2 Umbrellas in your Car when you go out.Why do I feel like someone's ...
Paul Guzzo [13-06-2008 14:35] 
Dear Lord stop the rain! This is our last night at the Bazaar ... we can't go out like this ... no one leaves their house when it rains like this!!!!!
Odds [13-06-2008 13:52] 
Re: You know you dream about a female Alan Colmes, Odds.

Now that's scarier than anything I can ever remember seeing in a '70s horror movie.
JMILLER [13-06-2008 13:48] 
I think its great that two grown men can openly flirt and role play publicly...One more step out of the closet and the Republikkklan party will parade you around in front of the camera's at their convention...
Nolan [13-06-2008 13:42] 
R.I.P Tim Russert, host of NBC's Meet The Press, dead at age 58.
Nolan [13-06-2008 13:15] 
Leave it to you two to make Andy's political confusion sexually-oriented. Wait a minute.....maybe you have something there....
AA [13-06-2008 13:06] 
How perfect that this week's CFR headline is 'Hot & Bothered'.
AA [13-06-2008 13:04] 
hahaha! You know you dream about a female Alan Colmes, Odds.

John, did you just say Andy's underoos are a masturbatory fantasy? What the...?

Odds forgot his Underoos at the house when he anxiously raced out to purchase a John McCain thong. He's an avid collector of political lingerie.

Odds [13-06-2008 12:54] 
LOL! I'll trade you Ann Coulter + Katherine Harris for Garafalo & Pelosi.
JMILLER [13-06-2008 12:26] 
Speaking of masterbatory fantasies...AA care to explain why Andy would leave his underoo's at your crib?..
Nancy Pelosi [13-06-2008 11:25] 
Oh, Odds...Step into my chamber. I have some special legislation in mind just for you.
AA [13-06-2008 11:20] 
Humor has been the lib's greatest export since Bush took office. Humor and tears. HA HA HA...BOO HOO HOO...HA HA HA...BOO HOO HOO. May Janine Garofolo and Nancy Pelosi haunt your masturbatory fantasies.
Odds [13-06-2008 10:38] 
HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! It's amazing you libs still have a sense of humor after 8 years of complete devastation.
AA [13-06-2008 08:35] 
Andy...you left your Michael Moore Underoos at my house. I'll bring them to the shoot next weekend.
Odds [13-06-2008 06:21] 
At the core of what I'm stating is that I'm really going to miss all Democrats/liberals suffocating in pure misery as W's tenure as president winds down. I really, truly mean that. The insane 'protests'...the threats to leave the country (please do!)...the seething anger...the films made about it...it's all coming to an end and I'm bummed.

What concerns me is that John McCain is going to be like having a Democrat in the White House, so can we expect more madding behavior from the Dems? God, I hope so, but I'm having doubts! Can someone please alleviate my fears?
paul guzzo [13-06-2008 05:45] 
It's not even worth the time to argue with those who are pro-George W. anymore. There is no way anyone can honestly believe he was a good president.
Odds [13-06-2008 05:01] 
Neo-Cons abandoning Bush is a Democrat fantasy. That didn't happen - trust me.
Odds [13-06-2008 05:01] 
Since when has a Republican president enjoyed sustained high approval ratings? I also recall Bush having huge approval numbers after 9/11 and when we conquored Sodamn Insane's regime in Iraq.

And however low Bush's presidential ratings are, they're stellar compared to Pelosi, Reid and co.'s abysmal congressional ratings. That batch is the absolute worst.
Nolan [13-06-2008 04:17] 
Ah, Andy. Still the torch-bearer for that 20-some-odd percent who still approve of Bush (the lowest in history). Most neo-cons abandonded his sinking ship ages ago and certainly see McCain as too moderate for their tastes. Truth to tell, it's still too close a race to call.

Odds [13-06-2008 04:01] 
Despite may of George W. Bush's incalculable accomplishments, perhaps the best thing to come out of his presidency is how he's driven all you liberals crazy with madding frustration over the course of his tenure. It's been a true delight to experience over the past 8 long years.

From the "I Hate Bush" CD's by garage bands to Robert Altman's threats to leave the country, you have indeed made yourselves grand spectacles from day 1 - hanging chads & everything. Indeed, I'm going to miss it - that is until McCain is elected.

Thanks for allowing me to reflect. It was glorious.
Michael [12-06-2008 21:44] 
Lonnie, nothing AFTER the credits, though the last scene prior to them is the pay off. If you pay attention during the opening credits you'll see references made to Nick Fury and Stark Industries.
Lonnie Dohlen [12-06-2008 19:49]  
Nolan,I can't wait until January.I thought everyone in the world loved George W. Bush.Look @ the Mess he's created.Yes I agree he is an ***hole.Boy I'm sorry I ticked you off.
B [12-06-2008 17:48] 
Odd-great Modern Lovers reference (even though the Burning Sensations version from the Repo Man Sdtrk if my favorite)

To Mike re Hulk: I dunno but there is a statement to see the Hulk in Iron Man 2
Lisa C [12-06-2008 16:26] 
This just in -- the FANGRRL column has had a correction and an update added.

Nolan, can you please hire me a fact-checker and a proofreader? Oh, and a limo to drive me to events, too (since I'm asking for stuff). And a unicorn. Thanks.

Lisa C [12-06-2008 14:31] 
Mike -- Is there a scene after the end credits of The Incredible Hulk to watch out for, like in Iron Man? (Only asking for yes/no; not details)

Chris M. -- Tampa has a six foot rule, you know. :)
Nolan [12-06-2008 09:56] 
To Puff: I was in a really bad mood Wednesday and my inner punk came out. Sorry if the language offended anybody.

To Paul: I remember that. We talked about that animation style for use on CANOVA as well. Still an option as far as I'm concerned...

To Odds: Huh?
Todd Flanders [12-06-2008 08:39] 
Ow, my freaking ears!
Odds [12-06-2008 08:37] 
Pablo Picasso was never called an assh*le.
Puff Chrissy [12-06-2008 08:33] 
The word "a-s-s-h-o-l-e" is mentioned three times in the headlines section (and funny enough, I can't type it here in the comments section). This is truly a monumental moment for PCR.
Paul Guzzo [12-06-2008 06:43] 
You should find the guy who crudely animated that comic into a short film at TFR a few years ago. I'd love to see this comic animated in that way, with the voices and everything added. It would be awesome.
Terence [11-06-2008 21:15] 
thanks paul! i figured if anyone on here would like Dragoon it would be a fellow crime/ganster enthusiast like yourself.
Paul Guzzo [11-06-2008 19:44] 
Awesome comic this week ... really. I am looking forward to next week's.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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