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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 430  (Vol. 9, No. 25). This edition is for the week of June 16--22, 2008.

"Get Smart"
33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee: The Monkees on Record, Part 4
Celtics Are Champs .... Somebody Check The Water! .... Willie Randolph Fired .... Tiger Tiger Woods Ya'll .... Partly Cloudy, No Storms .... Welcome Back To Tampa Lou! .... Let Him Go .... c
It's Good Being Green .... Happy Birthday Jaws .... .... t
Happy Birthday .... Speaking Of Important Dates .... Rhymes With Gay .... Best Films .... Passing On .... Mmmmmmmmmmmm...quisp .... Who Says We Ain't Cool? .... .... And The Oscar For 1991 Should Have Gone To... a
Movie Shake-Ups

The Incredible Hulk
ED Tucker Tampa visit
Weird Week
Nolan Exits MySpace

R.I.P. Stan Winston, Cyd Charisse
Word came in over the weekend that legendary special-effects pioneer Stan Winston died at the way-too-young-age of 62.

Winston's first notoriety came in the early '70s with creating the monster costumes for the seminal TV-movie Gargoyles. The next huge splash (as I recall) was creating the aliens in Aliens (based on the H.R. Giger designs from the orginal Alien), Terminator (and all its sequels), Predator, and the mechanical lizards for Jurassic Park. He tried his directorial chops on the under-rated Pumpkinhead, featuring a devil creature that looked very Alien-like.

I guess it's fair to say his swan song was the suit built for Iron Man.

These are but a few of dozens of examples of the man and his company's astounding work. He will be sorely missed.

Dancer Cyd Charisse just died at 86. I am familiar with some of her old movies, most notably Singin' In The Rain with Gene Kelly, The Ziegfeld Follies, and That's Entertainment, which are all terrific, but was otherwise not that big into musicals as a kid. However, she was a knock-out and obviously a legend. I'm sure Mike Smith will have more to say about this beautiful and influential dancer in this week's Rant.

The Incredible Hulk
Saw it over the weekend, loved it. It's easier to ignore the Ang Lee version now. This new Hulk, sort of an even cross between the comics version and the '70s TV version, is the one that will likeliest end up in the highly-anticipated Avengers movie sometime in 2010/11. I hope the current cast stays together---great chemistry! (You know how I am about that!)

If you've seen The Incredible Hulk and want to post some thoughts about it, please join the message board thread, already in progress.

The Tuckermonster Invasion
Retrorama writer ED Tucker will be visiting Tampa Thursday of this week (6-19-08), albeit briefly. Most of the PCR staff has work schedule conflicts, but for whoever wants to try and meet up with us, be at the Hooters on Gandy Blvd around 6:30pm.

Weird Week I'm Having
I'm not as tired, frustrated, and distracted as I was last week (thanks to all who wrote and inquired), but I am having a weird week anyway. PCR will be updated in fits and starts as I get focused and my computer decides to function.

Nolan Exits MySpace
Ladies and gentlemen, as of today (Friday), I've had enough of the barrage of bloatware/malware/spyware/adware that comes with my every login to MySpace. It's been a fun two years and three months, but I've become so increasingly afraid of a website I wound up logging into only about twice a week---and dreaded doing even that for what it might do to my computer---that I have put in for cancellation of my personal account ("Nolan").

Every time there's an "upgrade" to the MySpace website there is twice as much cyber-crap and graphics than before. The advent of "Apps" and mysterious alerts that show nothing when clicked on (red flag, that) has only increased the likelihood of getting hacked or accidentally downloading viruses.

The cancellation is in progress and may take a day or two to complete (to their credit, it takes several steps to cancel an account). Sometime over the next couple days, my default photo will disappear from your MySpace pages and presumably be replaced with an "X" or maybe just a blank space where I used to be. I didn't want to do this and have always liked the additional sense of community MySpace brought us, but I can't stand feeling obligated to login to a website that makes me so nervous. NOTE: the BLADE band memorial page on MySpace will continue until further notice, but will not be closely monitored, so please don't write to me through that. Please revert to emails and the Message Board and Readers' Comments like we've been doing otherwise.

To all those who put me at the head of their Top Friends List the whole time, I thank you. I MAY, sometime down the road, create another account, if for nothing else to check out what y'all are doing, but for right now, I need a break from it.

P.S....I've been seriously thinking for some time now about writing a Social Network program for Crazed Fanboy; similar to MySpace but without the ads and the crap. Let me know if you'd be interested in something like that.

Readers' Comments

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Brandon [23-06-2008 17:58] 
Re Thor movie:
There wouldn't be one. I can live happily as an Avengers and comics' fan WITHOUT a Thor movie. Maybe they'll get Tyler Mane to play the lead - yeah that's the ticket barf!

It's not about Asgard, it's about a really really bad idea.
J.MILLER [23-06-2008 11:03] 
George Carlin is my all time favorite entertainer...R.I.P.
Nolan [23-06-2008 08:08] 
R.I.P. George Carlin, indeed. 71 years old and still too young to leave us. He will be sorely missed.
ED [23-06-2008 05:40] 
R.I.P. - George Carlin.

Mike - I envy you with those record stores. There are none that I know of in Jacksonville any more but Lonnie did give me the card for one in Tampa I haveto check out some time.
Michael [22-06-2008 19:17] 
Thanks for the kudos, Boss. It took some time but with the wife's help I think I've got this gig figured out.

ED, great corresponding with you this week. And love the final Monkee's piece. Thanks to you I know what I need to look for now when I'm out and about. Actually, no less then three "nostalgia" record stores have opened up here recently in the KC area so I'm now armed with a list when I paruse their bins.
Nolan [21-06-2008 11:14] 
To Mike: Congratulations on getting the image upload function down! The pics in The Rant came out great and are well within "legal" PCR parameters.

Of course, the whole column is great, as always, and especially with the pictures. Well done.
Nolan [21-06-2008 07:51] 
To Will the Smiler: Has it been 10 years since the YMCA? Holy Toledo, I guess you're right.

Thank you for the kind and gentle support regarding MySpace. I will continue, or attempt to continue, to read all blogs and comments open to the public. I do want keep up a little bit and I'll miss you guys.

I believe the last email addy I have for you should still be good (the one at MSN). I will write you there soon and confirm.

To Michael: We all look forward to your return!
Michael [20-06-2008 21:05] 
Glad you enjoyed the review and the film. Speaking of Captain America, does anyone remember towards the beginning of "The Incredible Hulk" when William Hurt was filling in Tim Roth about the "project." At the time I flashed on it and then just as quickly forgot about it, but doesn't Hurt say something about "trying something on a soldier during World War II?" Perhaps a Captain America reference? Just a thought.

Sounds like everyone had a great time getting together. I promise Matt and I will one day return to our hometown and meet and greet everyone.
Will the Smiler [20-06-2008 18:39] 

My heart hurt when the galaxy of your MySpace was suddenly gone! No big X, my friend, just a gaping black hole.

Well, when you're bored, tune into my site ... it's public now for the most part. www.myspace.com/will_the _simple_poet. I think you still have my e-mail.

You know that it's soon going to be a decade since the Plaza YMCA. How fleeting this malicious mongrel, time.
Lonnie Dohlen [20-06-2008 10:28]  
To Ed,had a great time.Please let me know when u want to meet again. To Nolan,already sent Pictures from last night.
Nolan [20-06-2008 07:07] 
TO ALL:: I have cancelled my MySpace account. Please read the story about it in the headline section above.

Paul: Dragoon should be back next week. Terence and John are discussing options on publication frequency and other re-tooling to help steady the ship.

To ED: We had a great time, too! I'm glad Lisa Ciurro and Lonnie Dohlen were able to join us as well. We'll be in touch on the next opportunity to do it again.
ED [20-06-2008 06:39] 
Had a great time at Hooters last nght guys! Let's do it again before the first of July while I am still in the neighborhood.
Paul Guzzo [20-06-2008 06:30] 
No Dragoon???? Damn you all!
Steve Beasley [20-06-2008 00:03] 
Hi Brandon!

If you directed "Thor", where would you shoot it, location-wise? It is Asgard, after all.

That'll be a tough one to answer. ;-)
Derrek [19-06-2008 14:16] 
Thanks Steve.
Nolan [19-06-2008 11:53] 
This week's Retrorama was only partially received/downloaded due to a technical snafu and may be delayed this week as late as Saturday morning. Apologies, everyone, we're doing the best we can.
Nolan [19-06-2008 10:55] 
HAHA, thanks!
Paul Guzzo [19-06-2008 10:54] 
The reviews are very professional this month.
Nolan [19-06-2008 10:26] 
The TFR reviews are up! Sorry for the delay, had a few problems this week.
Terence [19-06-2008 09:19] 
heres the problem with Anne Hathaway. while she looks hot enough to play characters like agent 99 she cannot help but be cursed by her goody goody break through role in devil wears prada. that and personality wise she always has that good girl take home to your mom kinda thing going on. dont think she can ever pull off sultry or bad girl characters because of these reasons.
Lisa C [19-06-2008 09:12] 
Mike -- Nice review of Get Smart. I did not like it quite as much as you did. Steve Carell and Dwayne Johnson were great (along with many others), but I HATED Anne Hathaway as Agent 99. To me, she and Carell had zero chemistry together.
Steve Beasley [19-06-2008 01:26] 
Brandon [18-06-2008 18:36] 
We are definately getting The Avengers (or the Ultimates) Captain America film will be a WW2 film and Thor will take place in Asgard.

Brandon [18-06-2008 18:30] 
There was supposed to also be a scene with Captain America in which Banner travels north, giving up on a cure and intends to kill himself. It may leak to the internet, otherwise, we'll have get the special delux DVd
Paul Guzzo [18-06-2008 15:19] 
This is highly unprofessional.
JMILLER [18-06-2008 14:05] 
Fans of Dragoon...Because of unforciable bumps in the road this weeks strip may have to be postponed until next week...Thanks for sticking with us we promise not to disappoint!
JMILLER [18-06-2008 14:01] 
Ed...I completely agree...The ending with Tony Starks made me feel like a kid again...
ED [18-06-2008 13:45] 
Saw the new Hulk yesterday. I thought it was much better than the first one but not as good as Iron Man. It has one gaping plot hole at the end that is annoying but otherwise it is very good. Much better casting, story and effects than the first one. Look for lots of in jokes and references to the TV show and the comics. Between this and Iron Man I am really starting to anticipate The Avengers movie!
Terence [18-06-2008 11:23] 
Nolan asked me to tell you all that his computer isn't cooperating and TFR reviews along with other website maintenance will be up as soon as he is operational again.
End of Comments    

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