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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 431  (Vol. 9, No. 26). This edition is for the week of June 23--29, 2008.

Sundown at the Playtime
Bradshaw On Steroids .... Imus Is Crazy .... Shaq Disses Kobe, Loses Badge .... Different Kind Of Bucs In 02 .... Chad Johnson Update .... Stadium Deal Killed By Creators .... The Mullet In Tampa .... r
Carlin .... Famous Monsters Battle .... .... a
These Guys Are Good! .... Speaking Of Music .... The Greatest Now .... According To George .... .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1991 Should Have Gone To... h
Code Red

As mentioned in an earlier edition of this week's PCR, Ye Olde Editor had experienced the ultimate nightmare for someone who depends on a computer for primary communication to the world: it suddenly went dark, and I feared a catastrophic crash. Dead, kaput, a doorstop. I had suspected it was the power supply unit, which had been slowly failing over the last many weeks. With all the error messages I was getting right at the end, however, I was afraid something worse may have happened.

Well, it did turn out to be solely the power supply unit that failed and I'm grateful to the friend who patched up the old machine and got 'er going again. For now, everything is back to normal---whatever "normal" is for me! But at last I can send and receive email.

Thanks again to good friend Lauré Piper (she who took over PCR briefly in 2005 while yours truly was in the hospital) for allowing me to use her personal computer to update the "early" edition of PCR and all the writers' files for this week.

The Top Ten Box Office receipts section that appears at left which was temporarily shortened to 5 has been restored to 10.

R.I.P. George Carlin
The PCR has been way too infused with obits lately, but under the circumstances what can you do. George Carlin, a favorite and influential comedian of my generation has passed away at 71. He is usually remembered as the comic who uttered the "7 Dirty Words You Can Never Say On Television" (which also appeared on his comedy album Class Clown), and was the first host of TV's Saturday Night Live (which he says he spent the week preparing for high on cocaine, haha). I was a huge fan of Carlin's political views and his take on American life in general. (Andy Rooney's similar approach to the "did ya ever notice"-type comedy struck me as annoying---besides I always thought he ripped that bit off Carlin anyway.) George Carlin was one of a kind and will be sorely missed.

Poll Shows Americans More Religious Than Previously Thought
According to a recent comprehensive survey, 92% of Americans believe in God or a "higher power" (no real surprise there), but only slightly more than half believe their personal religion is the only way to salvation.

As to how many believe the Bible is the true Word of God, the results were surprisingly all over the map, with Evangelicals the highest (89%, I think) and Buddhists the lowest (at, like, 18%, but I don't think Buddhists count themselves as "Christian"), and most others hovering about the middle.

I'd like to comment on this further, but my computer time is up for today. Someone has started a thread on this topic on the Message Board---I'll join in when I can.

FANGRRL on Medical Leave of Absence
Our thoughts and prayers are with our friend Lisa "FANGRRL" Ciurro who wants to inform our readers that she is having to take some time off to deal with some personal medical problems. She is expected to undergo some surgery and she'll be alright, but needs some time to rest and recover. We certainly understand. Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Lisa.

Readers' Comments

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Nolan [01-07-2008 06:03] 
I actually have a couple of those Slithis Survival Kits somewhere---the paper parts anyway.
ED [01-07-2008 05:46] 
Terence - it's all good. No offense perceived or taken.

Nolan - you're killing me with the nostalgia. I would love to see Frankentsein Meets the Space Monster in ANY theater! That film is a gem. I saw Slithis at the Ocala Drive-In. That was one of those great 70's throwbacks to the 50's. Remember the Slithis Survival Kits? That film needs a DVD release.
Terence [01-07-2008 04:43] 
again i was responding to Guzzo. and everyone flies to the defensive position by saying exactly what i already said that its made for exploitation and horror films dueto the ambience. bucko? oh thats just me being me andy.
Steve beasley [01-07-2008 03:31] 
Hmm...it may have been, "Those Wacky Men in their Flying Machines". It seems like there may have been two such movies. Maybe another old movie-fan with an amazing memory can remember better.


Steve beasley [01-07-2008 03:29] 
Thanks for the great article about the Playtime, ED! I certainly miss Drive Ins. I remember the Dale Mabry Drive In, as well as the Hillsborough and the Fun-Lan. one movie that stands out in my mind is, "Those Wacky Men in their Driving Machines", or something like that. I remember it had British Comedian Terry Thomas in it.

Thanks again,

Odds [01-07-2008 00:50] 
That's why drive-in's traditionally screened exploitation films and those for the younger crowd - those movies played well in that arena and to that type of audience. Art films played better indoors and in art districts.

And what's with the "bucko" comment? Ed was politely providing an explanation and stating his case.
Nolan [30-06-2008 23:19] 
In the '60s/early '70s, the Dale Mabry Drive-In Theater (S. Dale Mabry at Gandy Blvd) in Tampa was both close to home and a great Drive-In. I remember seeing Robinson Crusoe on Mars and Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster between 1964 and 1966. Later, Fritz the Cat (my brother was underage at the time and "snuck" a peak at that one through the trees, sans audio).

The 20th Century Drive-In was where I first viewed Slithis and re-lived Andy Warhol's Frankenstein and A.W.'s Dracula, both heavily edited for violence by that time, unfortunately.

The Dale Mabry Theater was mowed down in the mid-'70s for the Crosstown Expressway and condos. Around 1980 or so, the 20th Century Theater was lost to a shopping mall.

I'm running out of room for anything more comprehensive, but those are just a few highlights. Sometimes the drive-in just worked better.
Michael [30-06-2008 21:54] 
One of my many movie jobs as a youngster was as an assistant at the Tower Drive In there in Tampa. Back then the Tower was hopping. And the Hillsborough. I remember going there with Scott G, Corey and Matt and catching "Kentucky Fried Movie," a great film to watch while sitting on the hood of a car.

T, I do agree that the drive in ambiance doesn't lend itself to that many genre's. However, on a clear night with the sound coming in stereo through your car's sound system it's still a great time.

FYI: my friend's Drive In in Baltimore was featured in John Waters' "Cecile B. Demented."
Terence [30-06-2008 20:46] 
woah slow down bucko. i was responding to Guzzo's comment about it seeming like a great place to showcase films. i think certain films work there and others dont. thats an opinion. i wasnt in the slightest refering to your comment. nor was i commenting on your article i havent read it. i will agree that $4 is a bargain. im not even sure Funland is that cheap here though. and again i would never want to see There Will Be Blood for isntance or even the new Argento film Mother of Tears in a drive in. thats just me. Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the other hand would kick ass in a drive in.
JMILLER [30-06-2008 19:52] 
I spent alot of time at the Mustang Flea Market / Drive-In out in Pinellas Park before it closed...Really cool place with a concession stand that looked as though it hadnt been updated since the 50's...Sadly the owners sold the land and now the place is littered with a Lowes and Publix...

ED [30-06-2008 14:38] 
Terence - I don't think anyone is touting drive-in theaters as the optimal venue in which to experience a film. Some people just prefer atmosphere to maximum viewing conditions. Recent advances in projection have made the drive-in screen pictures much brighter and with radio sound you are only limited by your vehicle's sound system and not the tradional tinny speaker. I saw a double feature of Get Smart and the new Hulk movie last Saturday at the drive-in for $4. The presentation was just fine for my tastes and the bang for your buck was incredible!
Terence [30-06-2008 13:55] 
drive ins are a cool nostalgia thing but as far as a great showcase for films i dont agree. they are ideal for horror but i cant imagine wanting to sit out side getting bitten by misquitos and hearing crappy sound on my car radio for say a film like Citizen Kane or A Clockwork Orange. they have a charm for horror films but not serious works.
Paul Guzzo [30-06-2008 11:55] 
I was never at a drive in until I moved down to Tampa ... not too many drive ins in good ol' Trenton! So the only one I've ever been to is the Hillsborough Ave one ... and I saw Romeo Must Die, so not a great experience for me. I kinda wish we had a drive in where I grew up ... seemed like a great play for films to be showcased in Tampa.
ED [30-06-2008 10:42] 
Mike - It's a shame if you ask me but drive-ins are a dying breed. They are going down with a fight though and I admire that. I just got a chance to check out the Silver Moon in Lakeland this past weekend and I will have to write that one up. It is very impressive.
Michael [29-06-2008 15:36] 
ED, great piece on the drive in. A very good friend of mine now runs a drive in in Baltimore that his family has kept operating for more then 50 years. When I would get off work I'd head over and help him close down. A huge operation that he truly loves doing. Here's a link if anyone wants to take a look:


I had posted a "get well" message here earlier but somehow it disappeared, so Lisa hope you're feeling better!
Chris M [29-06-2008 08:47]  
Gruden Vs. Dungy will be up ASAP!
Chris Woods [28-06-2008 16:06] 
Sorry I missed Thursday night Hooters. I was at work and don't get out until 8 or 9.

ED - I enjoyed your article on the Playtime Drive-In. I remember going to the Drive-Ins as a kid back in Upstate NY. All of the Drive-Ins now are closed up there.
Nolan [28-06-2008 08:49] 
Claude! Hello! Glad you had a good time, too. I'll be writing it up when I get the pictures, probably for next week's issue.

Lonnie: I'll be in touch.
Lonnie Dohlen [28-06-2008 08:05]  
Nolan,Ed,Lonnie here.I need to tell u something about the photos I took.2 of them ,well .....bad.
Claude DeBord [27-06-2008 12:43]  
Had a "hoot" at Hooters last night!
Nolan [27-06-2008 10:17] 
ED, yes, agreed, that was something! I haven't gotten any photos from Lonnie yet, so please don't forget to send me copies of yours when you get back to Jax.
ED [27-06-2008 07:28] 
Another awesome Hooters meeting last night guys. Lisa, get better and we will see you next time.
Lisa C [26-06-2008 08:53] 
Thanks to everyone for the get well wishes. I'll still be around on the message board when I can; I'm just taking a break from writing columns for a little while.

Nolan -- So glad to hear that you're back online!
Nolan [25-06-2008 19:00] 
I am back up and running!! Got my computer back just before work, so I'll be catching up on all website business first thing Thursday morning.
Steve Beasley [25-06-2008 18:06] 
Sorry to hear 'bout your high tech woes, Nolan. I also wish Lisa well.
She is a South Tampa Legend.

Steve in Manukau, NZ
Steve Beasley [25-06-2008 17:59] 
The George carlin death is a sad one. He was one of the few celebrities that was unapologetically politcally inoorrect.
He started that in the 1960s and, rather than reverse the politically correct engine, the nation/world is more politically correct than ever.
people laughed at his jokes, knowing he spoke the truth...yet continued to live as mass media advised them, as they still do.

Steve, downunder
Chris Woods [25-06-2008 15:12] 
Get better soon Lisa. Talk to you soon.
Odds [25-06-2008 04:11] 
All the best to Lisa. Get better soon and recover well - we know you will.
Terence [24-06-2008 20:28] 
unfortunately no Dragoon this week. sorry.
Paul Guzzo [24-06-2008 20:16] 
Good ... npw update Dragoon!!!
Terence [24-06-2008 19:54] 
dont worry Lonnie. Nolan has informed me that the problem is being taken care of.
Lonnie Dohlen [24-06-2008 09:48]  
Nolan,I saw this Website called "UBID.COM" That sells Hard Drives for $75.00,here in Bradenton.Please don't hesitate to call me.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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