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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 432  (Vol. 9, No. 27). This edition is for the week of June 30--July 6, 2008.

Saturday Morning Fever: CBS 1974
Base Balls In ‘bama .... No More Big Paydays? .... Aaron Rodgers: Cocky Or Clueless? .... Tampa Sports On The Rise .... Orlando Falls To Cleveland .... Seattle Sonics Move To Oklahoma .... Favre Saga Continues .... My Apologies a
Special Supplement: GRUDEN VS DUNGY
Shock Theater Classics!! .... Riverdays Is Upon Us!! .... Masters Of Horror Update .... h
Jake .... *756 .... Movie Notes .... Musical Honors .... Bozo .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1991 Should Have Gone To... a
Happy 4th of July!

The United States of America is 232 years old this year. And it's still a great country in spite of the government! (OK, I ripped that off Will Rogers, but the sentiment still applies today.) I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.

U.S.A., July 4, 232 yrs.
Phillip Smith, July 26, 23yrs.
Harried and Hurried
To everyone who's sent me videos or books for review recently, please be patient as last week's computer problems put me behind and this week's work schedule has me bumping into walls (filling in for an employee who went AWOL). I'm delighted to see the PCR staff really got on the ball this week; nearly everything went online Wednesday! I promise tomorrow (Thur) I will not suck so bad and I'll be able to fill out this section a little better. Which brings me to....

The Last Two Weeks At Hooters
I'm still trying to gather my thoughts and format pictures (that's a whole 'nother story) regarding our adventures over the last two weeks at our favorite watering hole! PCR staff writer ED Tucker is -- or was -- in the area training for a new job and we were able to meet up with fellow PCR scribes Lisa Ciurro and Lonnie Dohlen for animated fan talk.

The Cool Ghoul
Then, I was contacted by Claude DeBord from Akron Ohio. We met up with Claude last Thursday after he visited some family in St. Pete. Claude has a monstrously big and successful Halloween party back in Ohio and invited us to attend! Unfortunately, Akron is a wee bit past my bike pedaling range and I had to respectfully decline, however, we did talk Claude into joining us for Hooters where he scoped out his project and inspired some discussion about favorite horror hosts. Obviously, our own Dr. Paul Bearer figured prominently in this arena, but Akron is fortunate to still have a working horror host, and he goes by the name of the Cool Ghoul.

Claude left me some flyers and general info that well documents what kind of exposure he's gotten in the Akron area and surrounding communities. I found it very interesting! Most of it can generally be found on the DeBord 13th Annual Halloween Party website at http://www.killerparty13.com or his MySpace site at http://www.myspace.com/mrhalloweenparty.

Two Weeks and Two HOOTERS Escapades
He has quite a following in Akron, what with local TV, radio and newspaper coverage, not to mention a few Akron celebrities dropping by. This year, Claude is looking into expand into near-convention status by inviting some Hollywood horror stars to attend as well! We wish him the best.

Included in this week's Photo Gallery at left are four shots of the Tucker Fanboy Hooters conference from two Thursdays ago, and a couple shots with Claude DeBoard from last Thursday.

Readers' Comments

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Nolan [08-07-2008 00:08] 
I watched it, too. Andy as performer....weeiiiird. He has pledged to go into the brief behind-the-scenes in the upcoming Oddservations.
Terence [07-07-2008 21:10] 
i watched it. Andy that was frightening haha
Odds [07-07-2008 11:16] 
Okay, okay, if you want to see the PSA, here's the link (copy and paste into your browser's address bar):

Terence [06-07-2008 10:40] 
Andy- even though you are too busy watching Sex and the City you might want to get some free time and check out the newest issue of Horror Hound if you havent already. it has a two page article on Vestron Video and the VHS boom. it even has a Vestron Video checklist. im not as big a fan of vhs as the rest of you all but even I am too nerdy not to pass a checklist up!
Terence [06-07-2008 09:23] 
from what i have gathered from Nolan and Matt, Ferry seems like a jerk. but i must admit im extremely tempted to order his new title Freaky. its a illustrated horror fiction mag similiar to Tales From The Crypt. and since i have read every issue of Tales, Haunt, and Vault and i need something to appease my appetite. Creepy back issues work too i guess. p.s. Creepy magazine has been collected into a graphic novel. look for it on amazon.com.
Odds [06-07-2008 09:00] 
To Matt: I've been out of the loop for the past few years in regard to Ray Ferry and his neo-FM efforts. The last I heard about him was from the legendary court battle between he and FJA. Many of the fans regarded Ferry as kind of a "villain" within the industry. Plus, I recall there was a flare-up where Ferry wouldn't let anyone use archival FM covers for promotion. Didn't you report on that?

My question is: should fans still fans support Ferry's magazines, considering the lawsuit? I did check out Shock Theater Classics and have to say I'm impressed with at least the covers. The artwork (though keep in mind I'm looking at thumbnails on the internet) looks really good and I like the way they've reconstructed FM's typefaces.

Another weird Oddservation: Why is it we never see the "new" FM's at bookstores? I'll see Scary Monsters, Scarlett Street, etc., but no FM.
Chris M [06-07-2008 05:04]  
Thanx MIcheal and Chris for the feedback. I relish it every chance that I get.

MIcheal: after 0-26, the Bucs could go no where except for the city it was already in. I know you were happy as hell when they won that first game after 0-26. I'm only 24, so I didnt suffer through that, but I could imagine the pain when you belive in a team so strongly. I was sad to see Tony leave too, especially the way he was kicked out of One Buc Place like he was a piece of dirt. It all turned out the best for Indianapolis Colts fans, not Bucs fans. We got the short straw.

Chris W. : I am a big Dungy supporter, the charity work that Tony did in Tampa (even after he was fired) was enourmous, he still does charity work in Tampa, which is a great show of character that he is. Dungy is a great coach, and when we are talking about this in 10 more years, we will probably want to hang the Glazer Ownership. Gruden is a good coach. (GOOD). But mediocraty will be his legacy with the Bucs.

Joel D. Wynkoop [05-07-2008 15:48]  
Pete and Paul

Cool guys, Cathy spotted you in the Friday section yesterday when we were at her Mom's for the 4th. Very cool. CONGRATS!!!!! Great article, way to go!!!!

MIchael [05-07-2008 09:19] 
Thanks for the kind words everyone. The Rant is up and I plan on getting the Oscar section up later today.

ED, great write up on Saturday Mornings. Many fond memories. And, to my recollection, none of the shows had corresponding cereal commercials!

Chris, great piece on Dungy vs Gruden. I too was sad to see Dungy leave but I think it was for the best. He had two things waiting for him in Indy, Peyton Manning and offensive coordinator Tom Moore, who already had won rings helping coach the Steelers in the 1970s. Dilfer did go on to win a Super Bowl but with Baltimore, which like the Bucs was strictly a defensive team. As someone that grew up with the Bucs and endured 0-26, I'm happy they're still around!
truth teller [05-07-2008 06:28] 
Bozo died?? Does that mean Dick Chaney is President?
Chris Woods [05-07-2008 05:49] 
Terence and John: Enjoyed this issue of Dragoon. Art work and the story is great. Very interested in the story and can't wait to read the next one.

ED: Liked the article on Saturday morning cartoons. I remember seeing ads in Marvel Comics in the late 70's/early 80's for the fall cartoons. Just remembered back then ABC, NBC, CBS had some good toons until the mid 80's.

Chris M: Enjoyed the Gruden vs. Dungy article. I've always been a Dungy fan and was glad he finally won a Super Bowl with the Clots. I can't stand Gruden.

Andy: What commerical are you in? What is the PSA about?

Terence [04-07-2008 15:57] 
I used to watch Bozo as a kid because my grandparents would put it on for me expecting that most kids would like it so why not me. i have never been most kids haha bozo and the sidekick in the hobo clown makeup scared the sh@#t out of me.
Odds [04-07-2008 12:45] 
Thoroughly enjoyed your tribute to 1974 Sat. morning TV. Yes, like you I remember those great mornings very well!! For a '70s kid, there was nothing like anxiously anticipating the Sat. morning shows for the new fall season, which features plenty of sci-fi, fantasy, and cartoons.

Everyone please note that as Ed points out, the Saturday morning programming for kids - like everything else fandom - took a devastating, crippling, annihilating hit in the LATE 1980's...and nothing has been as fun or endearing since. It's such a shame when you think of just how many years - decades - have been completely wasted since then.
ED [04-07-2008 12:12] 
I remember watching the local Bozo show on channel 9 out of Orlando when I was growing up. I also used to watch the WGN version in college. My roomates and I would bet on how far a contestant was going to get on the Grand Prize game.
Lonnie Dohlen [04-07-2008 11:06]  
Larry Harmon Licensed the Character "Bozo" to TV Stations all across the Country,so he made a Bundle.My Sister remembers a BOZO on WDSM Channel 6 in Duluth,Minnesota from 1967-68.
ED [04-07-2008 10:40] 
LOL, Terrence, you are probably right about the clothes in the two Hooters pictures being the same. I have been living out of a suitecase for the past month while I have been out of town so my wardrobe isn't as varied as usual. I was wearing dress pants and a dress shirt in those photos and I have jeans on in the photos from 1991. I am pretty sure that shirt is long gone too!
Terence [04-07-2008 09:34] 
i had an interesting observation. it appears that Ed Tucker is wearing the same clothes in both Hooters night pictures. but whats even more interesting is that it appears they are in fact the same pants and shirt he is wearing way back in 1991 in the Lost Interview with Dr. Paulbearer!!
Nolan [04-07-2008 08:27] 
The Hooters photo-viewer has been updated to include two more shots (#7 and #8) sent from ED Tucker.
Paul Guzzo [04-07-2008 07:30] 
Hey, Pete and I are in Friday Extra today! I can't find the article online, so go spend 25 cents!
Nolan [04-07-2008 07:22] 
Updated: Larry Harmon wasn't actually the very first Bozo, but is the actor most identified with the role since he played Bozo for decades. His passing is a very sad one.
Nolan [04-07-2008 07:03] 
ED, yes, I just heard about Larry Harmon, aka, Bozo the Clown (the original), dead at 83. R.I.P. indeed.
Nolan [04-07-2008 06:23] 
To Question: Ironically, I'm experimenting with the gallery viewer just to avoid situations like this. There's only one default picture of ED and us standing in front of Hooters---to view the rest of the shots, you have to click on the the little buttons underneath, so I suggest you don't use them if you don't want to see them. That's the whole point.

I am expecting ED's clearer shots of the group with DeBord to arrive over the weekend. Like this week, there will be one default, the rest are viewed at the user's discretion. If you don't want to see them, skip it.

The invite to join us at Hooters went out to everybody. If you want to be in the pictures, show up next time.

To Question pt 2: No idea what you're talking about.

To Andy: Huh?
Question pt 2 [04-07-2008 05:13] 
How many of Ed hugging fellows fanboys? Lonnie, it's okay to feel uncomfortable -- really it is.
ED [04-07-2008 05:13] 
R.I.P. Larry Harmon - AKA the original Bozoa the Clown.
Odds [04-07-2008 02:37] 
...lots of shiny-teethed milk drinkers on Crazed Fanboy....
Question [03-07-2008 15:00] 
How many more pictures do we have to see of Nolan and Ed standing in front of hooters?
Lisa C [03-07-2008 14:57] 
Mike -- So sorry to hear about your teammate.

Paul -- I thought you'd lost your professionalism for a minute there with your mystery post. Thanks for not letting us all spend the weekend wondering what you were talking about.

Andy -- No details, huh? I don't think so. We have ways of making you talk. Oh, and can I have your autograph?

Nolan -- I almost spat out my milk when I read the phrase "a wee bit of Lisa..." but I was following Paul's example and not drinking milk at the time.
Terence [03-07-2008 13:58] 
"I don't want to get into details"

typical shady Lalino response. dont want to get into details. cant really say. well thats none of my business etc.

andy? the future? i knew i smelled a poser.
Odds [03-07-2008 13:07] 
I don't want to get into details, but it was a PSA (public service announcement) - see? I help the community. If you watch WUSF or Catch 47 you may see it. I happened to see it on Catch 47, luckily when my wife and my mom were watching - they got to see it too.

Just doing my part to make Tampa Bay - the Land of Tiny Dreams - a better kingdom of leisure for everybody.

Here's to the future!
Nolan [03-07-2008 12:51] 
Oh so THAT'S what Paul was referring to in his strange original post. Andy's in a commercial? About the future?

Despite it not being your script, Andy, how did this come about? (I haven't seen this thing yet.)
Odds [03-07-2008 12:07] 
Ha-ha-ha! Yes, that was me, Paul (so that's what you were referring to...). FYI, that wasn't my script.
Paul Guzzo [03-07-2008 11:53] 
I spit milk out my nose when I saw Andy on a commercial touting the present and FUTURE of Tampa ... If it was a commercial touting Tampa in 1975, it would have seemed normal. BTW ... I wasn't drinking milk. I think maybe I should see a doctor.
Odds [03-07-2008 11:33] 
I think I can sum up the Tampa Bay area in one word:

Nolan [03-07-2008 08:45] 
Mike -- So sorry to hear about the young team player. My sincere condolences.
Michael [03-07-2008 05:49] 
Great issue this week everyone. Meant to get in early but sadly one of the young ball players I coach passed away this week. Hopefully I'll be up and on line by Friday morning.

Paul Guzzo [02-07-2008 20:49] 
SO, Andy ... what do you see when YOU look at Tampa Bay?
Paul Guzzo [02-07-2008 12:27] 
Good to see the comic back. Very good again.
Nolan [02-07-2008 12:05] 

Lonnie --It's OK, man, you did what you could. I'm still working on them.
Lonnie Dohlen [02-07-2008 11:58]  
Nolan,Sorry about how the photos turned out.
ED [02-07-2008 11:55] 
Still "is" in the area at the moment Nolan. As soon as I get back to JAX this weekend I will hook you up with photos.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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