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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 433  (Vol. 9, No. 28). This edition is for the week of July 7--13, 2008.

"Hellboy II: The Golden Army"
Guest Editorial:
"Mother of Tears"
by Terence Nuzum
The Fabulous Architecture of the Tampa Bay Region: Part 7
ED Tucker vs. Spook Hill
The Revenge of Oddservations
Favre Saga Continues… .... Rays Slumping .... A-rod + Madonna = Pay Rod .... Jaguars’ Star Arrested .... Madden '09 Anticipation .... Tbc.......... .... .... a
Amity Island Closes Beaches .... .... .... m
Film Fans Rejoice .... Give Money A Chance .... Passing On .... .... .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1956 Should Have Gone To... i
The Summer So Far

Welcoming Back Old Friends
At The Movies
Regarding "Dragoon"
The Tampa Film Review Re-Location Reminder

Welcoming Back Old Friends
This is a special issue of PCR in that we're welcoming back two of our oldest and most regular columnists after lengthy absences: William Moriaty of La Floridiana, and Andy Lalino of Oddservations.

William is quite clear as to why he's been unable to post anything, but the column continues with his usual first-class ability to take us in and around Florida locales via his trademark travelog style. This week's column continues his series on the classic architecture of west-central Florida, and, as always, he's included excellent photos to help illustrate.

Andy's return is markedly different, and I'm not sure why he took this route, but we got a very well-written -- and very weird -- fictional account of a sacred pilgimmage to learn what makes a fanboy a fanboy -- a familiar topic to Andy, but not a very informative one to our readers regarding his absence. So, I guess I'll tell go ahead and tell you, Andy's been working on a movie these past few months (Brainjacked, formerly Zombotomy), and principal photography was completed just recently. See? That wasn't so hard. With that out of the way, I definitely recommend giving Oddservations a read, it'll really mess you up.

At The Movies
As of this writing (Wed, July 9), and IMHO, Iron Man is still the best movie released so far this summer, but it may not wind up being as successful box-office-wise as predicted, having dropped off the Top Tens two weeks ago. It looks like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull may wind up being the most successful, but to me, it's the worst summer movie to date. The Incredible Hulk was great, and it made good money, but is slowing down quickly. Angelina Jolie's well-received Wanted is tearing it up, although I'm shocked the so-so Get Smart and Zohan are still hanging in there, despite luke-warm reviews. The much-ballyhooed Hancock starring Will Smith, seems to be generating lackluster feedback (I haven't seen the film yet, may not), but Will Smith's presence guarantees the producers'll recoup their investment -- or will it? The eagerly-anticipated Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, officially released this Friday (July 11), looks terrific in the previews and is poised to save an otherwise disappointing post-holiday season, but, of course, nothing appears to be standing in the way of The Dark Knight becoming the summer's biggest film about a week from now.

Regarding "Dragoon"
I don't remember this being made official in PCR or merely suggested in a recent Readers' Comments post, but for all those who've been following Terence Nuzum's and John Miller's online comic series, Dragoon, the publishing schedule has been changed from weekly to bi-weekly. This was done as a temporary measure to help John transition into a new employment situation without any additional pressures. As soon as that stabilizes, the publishing schedule will likely change again.

Tampa Film Review Re-Location Reminder
For the past year or so, I've been letting Paul Guzzo do the lion's share of promoting the Tampa Film Review on these pages through his excellent Indie Film News link, while I and some of the PCR staff handle the film reviews themselves post-facto.

I'm making an exception this month to help Paul get the word out that the monthly Tampa Film Review event has moved from The International Bazaar. The TFR will now take place at the Cigar Theatre, 1704 N. 17th Street in Ybor City, which is just northeast of downtown Tampa. The next event is THIS FRIDAY (July 11th), 8:00pm--10:00pm, and, as always, is open and free to the public.

The Cigar Theater is a 10,000-square-foot facility that I'll be visiting for the first time this Friday when I attend the TFR with co-reviewer Terence Nuzum. For an up-to-date list of all films playing, please see Paul's Indie Film News or visit www.thetampafilmreview.com. To inquire about submitting your films for exhibition, please contact Paul Guzzo at paulguzzo@hotmail.com.

Readers' Comments

The Readers' Comments section for this issue of PCR is now closed. To continue to interact ,please use the Message Board or write a Letter to the Editor! The comments below are listed starting with the most recent. Thank you.

Crazed FanComments -- We Welcome Reader Feedback on any article(s) on this page.
backbiiter [14-07-2008 18:03]  
I'm reading about your computer woes. And while I've had many of my own just remember this. We existed before the evil pc was even a reality. You have the ultimate power over some stupid machine. And I find it hard to believe that is your outlet. Everyone loves you. Of course, if you need access to the outside world, I know these hookers and they would be more than......................Um, oh yeah. Hope you resolve your issues soon. Lots 'O Luv Dave
Terence [14-07-2008 13:54] 
the last Metropolis i bought was the KINO dvd. i think came out in 2002 or so. at the time that was the restored most complete version. i just wonder how much more complete this one is. originally in the very first german premiere it was like 3 hours or more. i wonder if thats this version.
Steve Beasley [14-07-2008 11:02] 
Thanks to Mike, I just learned that I have an inferior and inCOMPLETE film copy of Fritz Lang's classic 1927 "Metropolis". Ha! Who would have figured they'd find a more complete version 81 years after it's release. That has to be some sort of record! It kinda makes just having a copy of the old movie cool again...even if it isn't the "Director's Cut". ;)

In case anyone hasn't seen it, I recommend it. It starts out slow, but picks up a bit and is an amazing movie for it's time...even w/o a soundtrack.
Garrett Brown [13-07-2008 22:18]  
Thanks for all the nice comments about my movie, The Last One. It's great to get input from those of you guys who saw it I've posted it on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUXJjN7Fnm4. I had to post it in three parts because of time limits. Please pass the word along for anyone who'd like to watch it and thanks again for all the positive feedback!
Krista Grotte [13-07-2008 19:12]  
It was great seeing everyone at the Tampa Film Review. It was a great night with such fantastic films, truly a BLAST!!! I am so proud to have been a part of it. I thank everyone for their kind words on my first short ALARUM, words can't describe the feeling of knowing I have support of the Florida filmmaking community- especially with the depth of the subject for Alarum. The Last One was deep as well- Love stuff like that! Awesome job! I also dug Confessional Films' The Way You Look Tonight. Thank you to everyone- especially Rick Danford, Daryn Murphy, Andy Lalino and Joel Wynkoop- Love you guys!!!

Krista Grotte
Nolan [13-07-2008 11:14] 
To Filmbay3 at Yahoo: Thank you for stopping by and welcome aboard! This website does not currently employ any mailing lists. Please bookmark us in your Favorites and always check back for new issues towards the end of the week.

To Steve: Yes, Will's house, built in the '20s, is right out of 20th century Cracker Country.
Steve [12-07-2008 15:30] 
Well, it appears I've seen this Pam Ferdin a great many times and just never knew who she was. I checked out her website: http://www.pamferdin.com/ She was in loads of TV shows I used to watch. For some reason, she never became a household name...though it is obvious that she worked very hard at it.

Oh, and...one of the great ones has returned! Hi Will, it's great to have you back! I've definetely missed your articles on our Googie or Golden Age architecure and favorite Florida haunts, etc. CFB Publications is once again well-rounded in it's subject matter. I have been curious as to just how bad the damage to your house was...and now that I have some idea...am sure most decisions involved on this matter were/are very painful. I believe saving it is a great idea, tho it may be very expensive. I love that particular style house to...isn't is what they call a "Florida Cracker House"? They should start building them like that again.
filmbay3@yahoo.com [12-07-2008 12:26]  
subscribe me;

Odds [12-07-2008 11:31] 
For fans of local films/Pinellas Bright House cable customers, Wayne Porter's "Fashion Statement" (which played at the Saints and Sinners film festival years back), a vampire film, is currently playing on "You on Demand" (under the short film category).
Odds [12-07-2008 11:28] 
I apologize for not being able to make it out last guys - sounds like you guys had a great time with the "Alarum" screening and all. Glad "Alarum" went over so well - it's a fantastic short film and IMO a true milestone. Look for an Oddservations about Krista/"Alarum" very soon. Also looking forward to seeing "The Last One" - sounds great too.
Nolan [12-07-2008 06:09] 
Although our Pinellas constituency might think we're referring to Alarum, a very good film by Danford and Grotte (congrats to both), I believe Misters Guzzo and Miller are talking about The Last One, a disturbing claymation nightmare-inducer produced by 16-year-old Garrett Brown that had people talking for hours. The young people around here never cease to amaze me.
Paul Guzzo [12-07-2008 04:42] 
I'll agree to that ... a total diamond in the rough - an amazing film.
JMILLER [11-07-2008 22:57] 
Andy you should have made it out the TFR tonight...

Missed out on possibly the best horror short you will ever have the priveledge of viewing...
Corey [11-07-2008 14:21] 

I, of all people, would NEVER suggest that the fantastical work of Howling, American Werewolf, etc. aren't in many ways superior to the CGI-fests you mentioned. The visceral nature of many of the physical and makeup effects that you hold so dear are inarguable. However, to automatically discount or marginalize the use of such powerful tools is narrow minded, foolish, and self-limiting. Now, since know you aren't Amish, I'm pretty sure that you do embrace technologies that are outside your golden era. I would also suspect that you used modern equipment and some form of computer generated element (even if it's only box art or titles) for "Filthy". This isn't wrong! In the right hands ANY tool can be used to make something transcendent while in the wrong hands it can be misused to make crap.
Terence [11-07-2008 13:58] 
i must say Andy that im surprised one of your exceptions to the rule is a film as awful as Hellraiser 2. it is the epitome of how slasher films and horror became novelty.....by having them fight. i mean they fought in hell. thats just so corny. i think one of them died in hell!!! how can you die in hell?!!! it was a sign like Frankentsien meets the Wolfman that it had become about novelty and the next big gag and thats when you know when a series is over. Hellraiser 2? jesus andy.
Terence [11-07-2008 13:53] 
i love Hellraiser but Hellraiser 2 had a terrible script and is almost so corny and bad its unwatchable. Candyman is in my top all time favorite movies because it transcends the horror genre even its an amazing film. the script has layers upon layers of social commentary and mythological symbolism and just reading about how they really shot scenes in the ghetto even so far as hiring gang members to star in the film so theyd leave them alone is amazing. the gang members fired at one of the movie vans anyway. that film is beautifully shot with an amazing philip glass score, has virginia madison proving she can carry a movie (she is really really good in this film. it made me rethink that she was a bad actress) and with the above mentioned filming in a real ghetto makes this ballsy filmmaking that hadnt been since Herzogs 70s films. id love to hear someone say what sucked about Candyman because quite frankly i cant imagine what theyd use as an example. its that good and its from 1992 ha!
Odds [11-07-2008 13:26] 
There are SELECT exceptions to my post-'87 rule; the first that comes to mind is "Hellraiser" (1987) and "Hellbound: Hellraiser II" (1988) - two phenomenally good horror films. Actually "Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth" and the remaining sequels are good illustrations of the decline of the horror film during this time period. The Cenobite who throws the CD's was just downright stupid.

BranJo, DO NOT create a firestorm out of these SELECT EXCEPTIONS.
Terence [11-07-2008 09:46] 
i do have to agree with andy on the cgi spaceships corey. cgi has made designers lazy. but sometimes it can in the instance of creatures for instance like in Lord Of The Rings (regardless of what andy says) actually be used pretty artistically. i think there is no denying that some of the cgi in Hellboy 2 is pretty impressively designed.
Terence [11-07-2008 09:34] 
ok heres the deal andy. if you read any of my past coloumns that were written even before you were a twinkle in the crazedfanboy universe, youll notice i totally agree with you about cgi, horror films being better overall in the 70s etc. what i dont agree with is being closeminded to current art or film or music post 1987. sorry but if i did that i wouldnt be able to enjoy Candyman for instance.
Odds [11-07-2008 09:28] 
I saw the "Mother of Tears" trailer weeks ago, and it reminded me of "The Ninth Gate". Actually, I'm not at all surprised at your unenthusiastic review and have learned not to get my hopes up when it comes to the masters making new movies. Few if any of them have that '70s fire in their belly anymore.
Odds [11-07-2008 09:24] 
Nole, do I get a gold star for getting Corey to write in? Corey, I'm going through my memory banks here in an attempt to equivocate the "staying power" of CGI vs. practical effects, esp. of the '70s/early '80s era. I mean, who's going to argue that "An American Werewolf in London" and "The Howling" are superior to "Underworld", despite its immense budget and flashy FX? And "Gollum" from LOTR?!? A joke. The new "Mummy"? I'll take Karloff any day. And when's the last time you recall a memorable spaceship, despite all the whiz-bang CGI we have today? Has anyone designed a ship superior to that of TIE fighters, Star Destroyers, Marauders (from Buck Rogers IT25thC), Cylon Raiders & Vipers ('70s "Battlestar...")? Simply, the answer is a resounding "no".
Terence [11-07-2008 09:21] 
just in case it got lost in the ether i polished my Mother of Tears message board review and added it to the front page movie review. i figured andy and the rest of you Argento fans would find it of interest and may have missed it on the message board. to me this is a big deal i mean its a new Argento film and the final part of The Third Mother trilogy!!! i expected more talk about it maybe im wrong.
Paul Guzzo [10-07-2008 20:06] 
I'll be on WMNF 88.5 a little after 1 p.m. on Friday to discuss Tampa film ... check it out guys.
Brandon [10-07-2008 17:53] 

I don't know what's funnier, Andy typing "Andy sobbing" or Corey's dead on personification of "Aunt Andy"


Now another episode of AndyLand with out host, Aunt Andy
William Moriaty [10-07-2008 16:09] 
Who is this mysterious "Pictures" person, and what nefarious scheme do they have in mind for Gotham City?
William Moriaty [10-07-2008 16:08] 
Moriatyu? So much for nimble fingers!
William Moriayu [10-07-2008 16:07] 
Lisa: It's great to be back, only if for but a brief appearance! Even friends of mine who are not part of the PCR world were happy to find out! I'm fervently praying that this housing situation can have some resolve so I can live a more predictable life again...
pictures [10-07-2008 15:28] 
Please more pictures of Nolan and company standing in front of Hooters or Egg Platters
ED [10-07-2008 13:00] 
Corey - how about posting a picture of this stuff? I would like to see your collection.
Corey C. [10-07-2008 12:06] 
FYI, as I type this I am in my office. As I look around I see Aurora model kits, GI Joe's, and Mattel Toy's from my youth. As my eyes continue to wander I realize that they are next to my McFarlane Toys, and vinyl and resin model kits. Andy, I too fondly remember my formative years but I also embrace growth and change because without them we atrophy and die.
Corey C. [10-07-2008 12:05] 
Andy, Andy, Andy...
I can't help but compare your devotion to the pre-'87 era of fandom to a sweet old Auntie who can't seem to redecorate or upgrade a living space that desperately needs it. While I agree that there were MANY elements to the era that were pivotal, seminal, and just plain bitchin', I will also be the first to tell you that even a lot of the things that were done right were crap! The film, television, and toys of your sacred era, while sometimes having a lot of heart, didn't have the technical and technological resources that have come available. This includes CGI, CAD, superior physical effects, more sophisticated story telling/editing, etc. These resources in the right hands can, and do, yield terrific results. To blindly reject them is to anchor yourself against a tide that could actually raise you to a higher level.

Odds [10-07-2008 10:36] 
Re: but I still miss Dark Angel, Nowhere Man, and The X-Files.

*Andy sobbing...*
Nolan [10-07-2008 09:53] 
Re: (from Odds): I'm mystified no more...this is NOT the 1973 Nolan Canova who once saw Andy Warhol's Frankenstein.

Yes, 'Tis. The one and only. Also the one who saw the Mexican Santa Claus in 1966 and Mothra about the same time at the same theater. And you already know my record at the drive-ins...

But I'm also the Nolan who liked every TV incarnation of Star Trek except Deep Space 9 and Enterprise while never forgetting where it all started.

I won't torture you with any recollections of Ally McBeal, but I still miss Dark Angel, Nowhere Man, and The X-Files.
Odds [10-07-2008 09:42] 
Re: (from Nolan Canova): Lisa: Love your new message board avatar! Shields up , Mr. Tuvok!


I'm mystified no more...this is NOT the 1973 Nolan Canova who once saw Andy Warhol's Frankenstein.
Michael [10-07-2008 09:26] 
Puff, Paul: four letters and starts with a P...hell it could have been Pete! That's what happens when you read this stuff at night. That being said, I caught Claudia Puig's 3 star review today in USA Today and found that we basically agreed on everything only she did point out the abundance of creatures that kind of overwhelmed the story for a time. At least I'm consistent!
Lisa C [10-07-2008 09:22] 
Will -- Welcome back! Nice column.
Paul [10-07-2008 08:36] 
Michael, wasn't me who questioned your review. It was that evil doer - Puff!
ED [10-07-2008 08:08] 
Pam Ferdin was also the voice of Lucy in some the Peanuts television specials, was on the Saturday morning show Space Academy, and most importantly I am sure to Andy, was in the Toolbox Murders!
Nolan [10-07-2008 06:50] 
Lisa: Love your new message board avatar! Shields up , Mr. Tuvok!

Odds: Pam Ferdin?? HAha, WOW, you and I and maybe ED Tucker are probably the only ones who might remember who she is. For curious fans, Pam played TV daughters a lot in the '60s and '70s. Two that come to mind are Felix Unger's daughter in The Odd Couple, and Paul Lynde's daughter in The Paul Lynde Show. She might've made a Barbie commercial or two as well, but this just scratches the surface, she was everywhere. I don't remember seeing her after the '70s, though.
Nolan [10-07-2008 06:42] 
Odds: Yes, of course I'm still the same Nolan Canova who saw Andy Warhol's Frankenstein in 1973 (in 3-D!) and there's no way I'd ever trivialize my grindhouse past. We've had this argument many times, and I grant that the texture of the period is unique. Classic cult films and Grindhouse at the local theater occured at a time where conditions were very different from what they are now. I was lucky to be able to visit the local cinema or drive-in at least once a week for years. Much cheaper then. While accepting that pre-1987 horror films are very special in the way they were made then (no CGI, which doesn't lend itself to horror all that well), some of the best dramatic movies ever made have been made in the last 20 years.

Music, however, is a whole 'nother story, not that you asked.
Odds [10-07-2008 05:35] 
Though I know I'm the cause of your feelings about wanting to change your avatar, I just want to state for the record that I'm against the decision, especially if your new choice is going to be from among the world of current 'fandom'.

I implore you to keep with the '70s theme. If you feel you must lose Isis (ungh...), well, here are some alternatives:
- Pamela Ferdin
- A Switchblade Sister
- Siouxie Sioux
- Marie Osmond ('70s incarnation only)
Michael [09-07-2008 22:11] 
ED, glad you also caught the Landis thing. I once chased him into the Coke store (the soft drink, not the drug) in NYC and asked him about the whole "See You Next Wednesday" thing. Very personable, which I was not prepared for. He always had that weird aura during the "Twilight Zone" trial.
Michael [09-07-2008 22:09] 

After I put my review up I realized that I was pretty glowing in my review. If I had any reservations about the film, it was that at times there seemed to be too much going on, which kind of muddled the story. Sometimes when I write I forget to comment on things I mean to. I actually double checked my notebook and found the badly written word "jumbled" on the page. Unfortunately I have to scribble in the dark and sometimes I either can't make out what I wrote or forgot why I wrote it. Call it old age. Other then that, I thought the film was very good. Del Toro is a very visual film maker, but at times that can be a detriment. Thankfully not that much here.

Da: How can I not forget "Chevy Van" by Sammy Johns!

"Corvette Summer" was Mark Hammil's follow up to "Star Wars." He needed to fire his agent! Also, if I remember correctly, the last major film to feature Danny Bonaduce while he was still hireable!

OK, now I'm off to read Andy's column...
Terence [09-07-2008 21:02] 
"And as far as "steering the site as to what I want", well, how do you explain your recent purchase of a vintage 250 horror movie DVD compilation?"

um i have always liked that stuff. anyone who has read this site for as long as i have written on it knows that you had nothing to do with me buying that. im assuming the comment means "how could someone who watched newer movies go and buy this? obviously becuase of me, the one and only andy lalino. the one and only who brought awarness of such films to Crazed Fanboy. its not like terence bought cult or horror dvds before my columns taught him too." which of course is completely ridiculous. there are two camps on Crazed Fanboy. the ones who stay dead in the past. and the artists and filmmakers who love the past but can admit that newer stuff can be good also and that staying stuck in the past means stagnation. you cant grow as a writer, filmmaker, or artist if you dont try to reinvent stuff instead of recreating past glories.
Terence [09-07-2008 20:54] 
Andy are really trying to imply that i just started watching all this stuff and that you influenced my dvd purchases. seriously. you cant be that full of yourself can you?
Lisa C [09-07-2008 14:57] 
Odds said "And as far as "steering the site as to what I want", well, how do you explain your recent purchase of a vintage 250 horror movie DVD compilation? And what about Fangrrl renting "Silent Running" and "The Man Who Fell to Earth"? She even changed her avatar from "Firefly" to '70s icon ISIS. So, I'd say my tactics are working."

AACK! Don't drag me into this!! For the record, last night I watched the movie "Closer" (from a couple of years ago) and the night before I watched "CSI" on DVD. So I watch all kind of stuff.

Now I have to go change my icon...AACK!
Odds [09-07-2008 14:22] 
Oh, and Paul - thanks for the vote of confidence! The piece was written to get some laughs at the expense of some geek factions. Lighten up, guys!
Odds [09-07-2008 14:19] 
Geez, Tez, you're lucky I didn't go after Dr. Who fans! (Just kidding! - Puff, SamCat, don't kill me...).

Look, because CF waxes nostalgic most of the time I think it's fair to assume that it is (or can be) a "pivotal centerpiece" in the fandom wars. I mean, I could say the same for DVD Drive-In and Bad Movies.org - two other sites that I like (but CF is my fave).

And as far as "steering the site as to what I want", well, how do you explain your recent purchase of a vintage 250 horror movie DVD compilation? And what about Fangrrl renting "Silent Running" and "The Man Who Fell to Earth"? She even changed her avatar from "Firefly" to '70s icon ISIS. So, I'd say my tactics are working.

I don't know if Nolan agrees with me or not - actually I'm still trying to find out if he's the same Nolan Canova who saw "Andy Warhol's Frankenstein" in 1973, and hoping that same '60s/'70s spirit is still burning.
Puff Chrissy [09-07-2008 09:56] 
Mike: I'm confused by the review. It received 3 stars and yet there isn't one negative remark in the review; in fact, it's a glowing review. Why didn't it make 4 stars?
ED [09-07-2008 05:58] 
Saw Hellboy 2 at a screening last night and it is pretty good. They give away a lot of the good scenes in the trailers and there is one annoying flashback that should not have been done in strictly animation. Otherwise there are lots of monsters, action and a cool new character. I caught the John Landis marquee, that was a great in joke.
Paul Guzzo [09-07-2008 05:56] 
Don't listen to them Andy ... I totally respect an insane rant like that! Keep 'em coming.
Da Beaz [09-07-2008 01:23] 
Corvette Summer? That movie had one of the ugliest, yet most memorable custom movie cars of the 1970s. That was also one of Annie Potts first mainstream roles. She played a character called, "VANessa". Emphasis on the "VAN" because she drove one of those ever popular vans (I had one too!) with a big mural on the side that said VANessa. If memory still serves, she was also a hooker.

Hey, do ya remember the song,"Chevy Van" in the 70s?

Pardon me for feeling a bit nostalgic, folks.

Terence [08-07-2008 19:18] 

this is my favorite part because i can remember when we were all talking about Star Trek the 60s series and Andy couldnt seem to remember any episodes or and he was like a fish out of water. so this part is particularly interesting to me. this is why Andy is unequalified to even be the cartoon he has become.
Brandon [08-07-2008 17:40] 
I read a couple of sentences in hopes that Andy's return involved an actual column, contribution of some kind - oh well, WRONG
Terence [08-07-2008 16:18] 
to Andy: actually thats some quite entertaining fiction you wrote i must admit i was amused. bravo its easily the most ridiculous thing you have ever written. not that you care about credibility. you have at least two insulting and offensive remarks in there. one is in the opening paragraph where you lump in this site and therefore its writers with your vision and ethics. you cant speak for the site. for one thing i dont think Nolan agrees with you about fandom. you really need to stop lumping us in with your opinions. its offensive. you cannot steer this site how you want towards what you want. because what you want has nothing to do with this site! i think you forget that this site is more than just about nostalgia. dont ever forget that though.

To John Miller- this is the 2nd offensive thing about andys article. and his opinion altogether and thats that he generalizes. all anime to him is simply pokemon. i wonder how he feels about Galaxy Express 1999 and others of that era?
JMILLER [08-07-2008 14:50] 
Are all anime fans bad or just ones that like Pikachu's?
Nolan [08-07-2008 13:07] 
Ha ha, Oddservations is reeaaallly out there this week.
Paul Guzzo [08-07-2008 12:55] 
Great to see Andy and Will back ... and that's ... THE TRUTH. *cue evil music* ok, seriously, great columns and welcome back.
Puff Chrissy [08-07-2008 12:30] 
Andy, that was one of the most frightening pieces I've ever read.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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