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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 434  (Vol. 9, No. 29). This edition is for the week of July 14--20, 2008.

"The Dark Knight"
The Fabulous Architecture of the Tampa Bay Region: Part 8
DVD Review: ď'Til Death Do Us Part (Complete First Season)Ē
Presenting "Brainjacked" - New Feature Film, "Horror-Fi"
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Mmmmmmmmmm......movie .... Funny Stuff .... Of Course You Can Go Free -- Not! .... The Scariest (at Least For Now) .... Correction .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1956 Should Have Gone To... m

Buzz is certainly high regarding the latest Batman movie opening this weekend! Our own ED Tucker and Mike Smith have given glowing reviews, joining pretty much all of fandom in already proclaiming it the summer's biggest film. Our Tampa group is expecting to attend a showing this weekend.

Apologies and a mea culpa for last issue's brain fart referring to this movie as Batman Returns ("At The Movies," since corrected). That, of course, was the Tim Burton film, not Christopher Nolan's. Half-asleep, I was probably confusing it with Superman Returns.

For running so late with this week's PCR. Several of our entries had to be hand-formatted which usually doesn't happen all at once. Took much more time, but I think we're slowly coming under control now...

I know everyone's got The Dark Knight on the brain this weekend, but I wanted to say a few words about Hellboy 2: The Golden Army which was our group's movie choice last weekend. Generally speaking, we were all quite pleased. Mind you, you're basically watching a Guillermo Del Toro fantasy indulgence that just happens to star Hellboy (lots of similarities to Pan's Labyrinth, and hell, even Blade II! ) with not all that much to do with the Mike Mignola comic, but it's a decent ride.

Earlier in the week, several eagle-eyed readers caught a few...er....awkward internal conflicts regarding our mission here. I've had a pep talk with the involved parties and things should be settling down now. However, it might be a good time to remind everyone of our priorities and restate for the public what it is we're trying to do. Out of time for this week, though, I'll gather my thoughts and approach it fresh for next week's PCR.

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Paul Guzzo [20-07-2008 20:17] 
Saw Batman in IMAX tonight ... WOW! Just WOW! Holt F'n SHITE WOW!!! WOOOOOOW!!! First time my father ever went to an IMAX ... haha ... I think his brain oozed out his head. Film gets my "100% F'N Awesome" stamp of appeal. Everything, from writing to directing to acting to EVERYTHING!!!! WOW!
Confessional FIlms [20-07-2008 18:37]  
Thanks for reviewing my short trailer: "The way you look tonight." Great seeing familiar faces out there and happy to that we all have the opportunity to be little film makers :) Check out the site and just for the record the series is cooking ahrd. Investors meeting this week. Pray for us!
Michael [19-07-2008 07:11] 
Hello everyone!

I am currently in Paola, Kansas coaching in an American Legion Tournament that they threw at us last minute. Depending on how we play, the Rant will probably be delayed until Sunday. Sorry for the delay.
pictures [18-07-2008 09:28] 
Please lets have some pictures of Nolan and company going into the movie theater to watch Dark Knight.
Nolan [18-07-2008 08:35] 
To Krista: You're perfectly welcome, keep up the good work.

To everyone: In case it's escaped notice, Retrorama and Dragoon are both final and posted, sorry for the delays. Absolutely hellish week.

To GOD: I appreciate the promotion, thanks. I'll look for a raise in my next paycheck.
Krista Grotte [18-07-2008 00:09]  
I just wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation to Nolan, Terence, Chris and John for the reviews on Alarum. For my first work in which I had writing and artistic credit, I was scared to death (no damn pun intended) to read the reviews- we all know how brutal you guys can be!! Of course it is all thanks to Rick Danford and Daryn Murphy that I had this opportunity and couldn't have done anything without these motivating forces in my life! We are taking your advice and we had questions on some of the exact things you mentioned so it worked out perfectly. So grateful to you guys- WHEW!!!!!!!!!!
Krista Grotte
GOD [17-07-2008 20:42] 
I invented oxygen, which has been free for some time now...but I'm putting the changes in place so that I can charge you guys for breathing my air in the near future. If your ancestors fought for the Union, I'm charging you double....unless you have a good sense of humor. Nolan heads up my SOH Department, so if you pass his test, you pay normal rates. If you piss me off, I cut you off.
Nolan [17-07-2008 13:43] 
Thank you, Paul.
Paul Guzzo [17-07-2008 11:41] 
Great reviews this month, BTW ...
Paul Guzzo [17-07-2008 07:16] 
I invented the question mark! No matter what Dr. Evil says. it was not his father - it was me.
Terence [16-07-2008 22:33] 
Andy, you all invented "Horror-Fi"? did i seriously read that right? read on:

scroll down and you will find it has been used before.

oh heres another example right in the first paragraph.


you didnt invent anything bucko. next time write an article and not an ad for your own film on your own column.
ED [16-07-2008 16:11] 
Saw a preview screening of Dark Knight last night and it was great. You get the Joker plus the Scarecrow (briefly but still cool) and Two Face all for one money. It continues the darker tone and their are a number of nods to Frank Miller's The Dark Knight. Michael Cain is still a great Alfred. There are a few good surprises and a few obvious story advancements. Ledger is a very different sort of Joker than we have seen before. I suspect this will be the blockbuster of the season as predicted.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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