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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 436  (Vol. 9, No. 31). This edition is for the week of July 28--August 3, 2008.

"Mamma Mia"
Happy Birthday To Retrorama!
Strike: The Case For Unions
VHS Grindhouse: How to Make a Monster (1958)
FANGRRL Returns With Two Top Ten Lists & A Plea For A Piece of ED's Birthday Cake
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Space Case
Two More PCR Writers Return!
The Case of the Disappearing Ad Banners

Shelby McIntyre, Aug 9, 39 yrs.
Nolan B. Canova, Aug. 13, 53 yrs.
The Astronaut and the Aliens
This is a story I've been following and it's a fascinating tale of history, conspiracy, and one man's credibility.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, 77, Apollo astronaut, record-holder for the longest Moon walk, and PHD in Aeronautics and Astronautics, has come right out and said that he's been privy to secret information that the US government has known of---and been contacted by---alien life for decades. He said it's been covered up for over 60 years.

Speaking to Nick Margerrison of Kerrang Radio on July 23, 2008, Mitchell said, "I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we've been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomenon is real". He stated that there were several times over the years unnamed insider gov't sources confirmed alien contact and that Roswell (i.e., the legendary 1947 UFO crash) really happened.

A NASA spokesman said, "NASA does not track UFOs. NASA is not involved in any sort of cover up about alien life on this planet or anywhere in the universe. Dr Mitchell is a great American, but we do not share his opinions on this issue".

Later Mitchell said he didn't mean to implicate NASA in the cover-up, but that other unnamed Pentagon insiders confirmed his story.

Dr. Mitchell has been a guest on numerous radio shows over the years where he's expressed his interest in the paranormal and has always alluded to the possibility that aliens have visited Earth. As far as I know, this is the first time he's flat-out said there's proof-positive that it actually happened, and several times. He also said it's continuing to happen "by what I see in the newspapers". (I assume here he's referring to the recent Stephenville sightings, the Chicago O'Hare sightings, the Phoenix lights, etc.)

Question: What do we make of all this? At 77 years of age, is he coming clean now because, maybe, he figures time is short and he wants to get the story out? Is he a retired space celebrity in need of attention? (I think that's not likely since, having walked on the Moon, his place in history is already assured!) Or is it something else?

Ruling out dementia (nobody's accused him of that), and in light of his decades-long fascination with the paranormal, it could be he's taking a few odd bits of information from these "insiders" out of context and drawn his conclusions from that wacky part of the brain that made other brilliant men believe in weird stuff. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the very logical Sherlock Holmes novels, believed in fairies and mediums. Sir Isaac Newton was a big supporter of Alchemy. Thomas Edison tried to invent a telephone with which one could talk to the dead.

Of course, there's always the distinct possibility that Dr. Edgar Mitchell is not delusional, but absolutely correct that aliens have visited this planet and the government is involved in a cover-up. This would put the much-ballyhooed "Disclosure" project one more huge step toward its goal!

A Message Board thread has been started on this topic.

Merely three weeks after I welcomed back William Moriaty and Andy Lalino following their lengthy absences, I now repeat that delightful task by welcoming back Corey Castellano and Lisa Ciurro to the hallowed halls of PCR. Corey's was particularly long at 9 months, and while we're always hoping to get even more "Film Biz 101" columns, he's on the road so much, it's going to be pretty much catch-as-catch-can. Lisa's been recovering from surgery and will detail some of her experiences and observations in this issue's FANGRRL. We're very happy she's back healthy and hearty.

This stinkin' !?@%#*! economy blows. I've never seen anything like it and it's depressing.

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Lisa C [01-08-2008 22:52] 
Nolan, ED and Brandon -- Thank you very much! Wow, the lengths I'll go to in order to get a column topic, huh?? Is that dedication or is that dedication? :)

ED -- The cake was great. -- how'd you know the corner piece is my favorite? It's a good thing you thought to package the ice cream separately, 'cause it got a little melt-y. :) :)
Brandon [01-08-2008 10:58] 
Happy belated anniversary to Lisa and welcome back. I'm sure everyone looks forward to your 52nd column as much as Ed's , keep up the great work and what a great article/story/ inspiration.
Nolan [31-07-2008 10:20] 
Corey's article is indeed well done, and was intended to be educational to the general public regarding the writer's strike. It wasn't restricted to industry insiders.
Nolan [31-07-2008 07:28] 
Lisa, that is a super FANGRRL column, a truly fitting comeback piece! And, of course, a belated Happy Anniversary to FANGRRL which celebrated its one-year anniversary as a regular column last week (but ye olde editor neglected to notice...woops, sorry).
ED [31-07-2008 03:36] 
Lisa - Glad to have you back and REALLY glad everything went well and that you are doing so well. I just FED-EXed a huge hunk of cake to you from the local 24 hour Kinkos. You should have it by dinner time! :)
Lisa C [30-07-2008 20:53] 
My column is FINALLY up.

Nolan -- Sorry to take so long. My day changed drastically after we spoke this morning and it's been a busy day, plus I had to rewrite/update parts of my column. Then I had massive technical difficulties that were ALL my own fault. (Like not remembering my password and not easily finding my passwords list because I cleaned my house recently and now everything is so organized that I can't find anything.)
Odds [30-07-2008 10:56] 
Lion's Gate in 2006 released "How to Make a Monster" along with "Blood of Dracula" (by Strock also) on DVD as part of their Sam Z. Arkoff Collection.
ED [30-07-2008 10:37] 
Man, now I've got to dig out my copy of that movie and watch it again!
Brandon [30-07-2008 09:31] 
The nature area and the creasy carnival rides (I recall the red rollercoaster) were taken down during the major Lowry park renovations. I was last there in 1988-89 when the statues etc...were still there, the giant rainbow walkway etc....

I dont remember it as much of a zoo back then, especially compared to now -- Lowry Park is big time zoo now.
Odds [30-07-2008 08:30] 
In thinking back on it, I don't know 100% if Stan Winston was referencing the destruction of the AIP character masks/props, or the melting of two heads/masks made specifically for "How to Make a Monster". There are a few close-ups of two generic melting heads (one of which reveals a skull). I'd have to review the end of the movie again to see if Blaisdell's creations actually were close to the flame, but if I recall correctly from one or two wide shots, they were.
Nolan [30-07-2008 08:21] 
Great column, Andy! This week and last week. Glad to see you back on track. Keep it up.
ED [30-07-2008 08:15] 
Andy - thanks for the kind words. I expect some MAJOR inpur from you in the coming year so get cracking with suggestions and dig up some photos! I use every media at my disposal to come up with those pictures and I am always searching for more.
ED [30-07-2008 08:14] 
Andy - considering the fragile nature of latex, if those props were anywhere near open flame I suspect they were destroyed even if they didn't burn up. They most likely dried out and crumbled. I don't remember seeing this one on CF although Teenage Frankensteina and Werewolf turned up occasionally. I never saw the color footage for this or Tenage Frankenstein until the cable airings in the late 80's or early 90's. Seeing those props in color for the first time was a jaw dropper!
Odds [30-07-2008 07:40] 
"How to Make a Monster" was an elusive movie on Creature Feature, was it not? I don't recall ever seeing it featured. It was the first time I had seen it, and I did not expect the last reel to be in full color! A big highlight was definitely the Paul Blaisdell creations, and indeed according to Stan Winston, those masks/props were heavily damaged or destroyed. I'd have to say that the aliens from "Invasion of the Saucer Man" ranked as one of my faves, and I recall seeing the movie on Creature Feature.
Odds [30-07-2008 07:36] 
Thanks, and a big Happy Birthday to Retrorama! I've enjoyed every column, and really appreciate the time you take in providing us with those great images of '70s toys and TV shows (which I presume are scans from comics and magazines). I really love artwork from that era and it's always a real treat to see those old ads and such.
ED [30-07-2008 07:02] 
Andy, great piece on How to Make a Monster. I always loved that film just for the props in the background. I always wondered if they really destroyed the originals at the end or not. I guess I always sort of figured they did just to save money but I never wanted to believe it. That is a real shame.
Nolan [30-07-2008 05:26] 
Ter-- I believe I remember the fantasy characters still being in Lowry Park's "nature trail" well into the '80s, possibly early '90s, but after that, I don't know. There was a lot of remodeling going on and, unfortunately, I've never had the opportunity to go back since then.

To everyone:-- Due to a coding error by Ye Olde Editor, This Week's Movie Review of Mamma Mia was unavailable until Wednesday morning even though Mike uploaded it Tuesday night. I apologize for any inconvenience this caused.
Terence [29-07-2008 20:11] 
i always figured there was something I didnt like about How To Make A Monster all these years and now you reminded me. they gyped us on the werewolf and frankenstien. i hate when movies back then teased with stuff and then copped out. kinda like Mark of the Vampire. i love the film all the way through until the end. i just ignore it. regardless of the fact that it was a London After Midnight remake Count Mora was too damn cool to waste like that. including his origin that ended up on the cutting room floor or maybe never filmed at all.
Terence [29-07-2008 19:56] 
well Fantasia was long demolished before i was born. this would have been when my mom was little like in the 50's. they did have some pics of some of the statues that sat on each golf hole but not sure that they can be found.
ED [29-07-2008 18:17] 
Ter - well having grown up in Ocala I mainly frequented the parks around Silver Springs and then later the ones in Orlando. I will see what I can do though. Do you or your family have any pictures?
Terence [29-07-2008 16:34] 
Ed- as for suggestions about local themeparks i dont know if this counts or not but my mom and aunt seem to remember that there was a miniature golf course next to Lowry Park called Fantasia. id be interested if you covered it if you know of it.also when i was little and would frequent Lowry Park i remember these old rundown statues in the woods of snow white and other fantasy characters that must have at one time been part of like a nature trail or something. any idea about any of this?
ED [29-07-2008 16:30] 
Thanks Lisa but I hope we get some participation out of you as well! :)
Lisa C [29-07-2008 14:04] 
To ED: Happy column-versary! I'm looking forward to finding out what other people collect (it's usually a pleasant surprise).

To Corey: Welcome back! Very informative column. Good job.
Nolan [29-07-2008 13:17] 
Mr. Bowen, you can rest assured that as soon as I saw your post, chances are very high ED did, too, or very soon thereafter. Check your email box for a correspondence from him. Oh, and thanks for writing!
Michael Bowen [29-07-2008 13:14]  
I'm wondering if this note can be forwarded to Ed Tucker? I enjoyed his Ray Steckler interview and had a couple questions for him relative to research I'm doing myself. Many thanks.
Michael Bowen
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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