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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 437  (Vol. 9, No. 32). This edition is for the week of August 4--10, 2008.

"Pineapple Express"
The Chattaway -- A Florida Phenomenon!
Kiddie Matinee Memories Part 1
DVD Grindhouse: The Vampire's Coffin (1958)
Mr. Bungle: California
I'll Take 'Trivia, TV and TV Trivia' For A Thousand, Please, Alex
From Green & Gold To Green & White .... Nfl: No Fun League .... King James To Europe? .... Madden 09 Releases .... Favre Sets Another Record Without Playing .... Rays On Fire .... Fox 13 .... r
Really, This Song Sucks! .... Movie Notes .... Passing On .... Viva Las Vegas! .... Welcome Aboard .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1980 Should Have Gone To... e
Catching Up
Two New PCR Columnists!
Mission Statement Update Cancelled, but Editorial Guidelines Clarified
Readers Comments

So help me almighty gaaaawd, this will be the week I finally catch up on the Lettercol, It Came From The PO Box, and maybe even produce a World of Nolan video. I'm mad as hell at getting so far behind, but it really, really, really couldn't be helped.

Youth Nation: Two New PCR Columnists in One New Column
Long-time readers are well aware that while the PCR spends considerable ink on baby-boomer nostalgia ('cuz that era's where most of us hail from), and our senior staff of writers are the best on the planet (I sincerely believe that), I have also always been very bullish on trying to discover young talent. I encourage them to try their hand at column-writing so I can feature them here and watch them develop. Will Moriaty (La Floridiana) and I talked about this in our e-zine's infancy, and he was an early influence as far as up-and-coming filmmakers go (and obviously I followed), but I also kept an eye out in particular for burgeoning journalists-in-the-making. It hasn't always been as successful as I would've hoped, but for every few that washed out (e.g., Ashley's Hollywood, Black Dog, The Drow) I kept a few gems that stayed at least for a while (Brandon Herring, Drew Reiber, the irreplaceable Terence Nuzum, and most recently, Chris Munger).

Letters to the Editor That said, I'd like to introduce our newest columnists I'm privileged to know, two talented 17-year-olds I met through work who impressed me enough to offer them column space. Bobby Tyler and Jake Tipton ("Bob + The Band" on the Message Board) are going into their senior year in high school, and will be contributing a music review column called Music Emporium, debuting with this issue of PCR. While we are largely targeting a youthful demographic, we hope everyone will be interested in finding out what they listen to and why. They will be writing it together, pretty much head-to-head, the only column like that at this time.

While they're getting used to the weekly format (and the discipline we all know it requires) it will not necessarily be limited to new releases, but those will be featured as often as practical. (I'd love for this to become as ground-breaking as The Digital Divide, but those are pretty big shoes to fill). While they settle in on where they want to go with it, they decided to start with an album that profoundly influenced them, Mr. Bungle's California. Check it out.

Mission Statement Update Cancelled, but Editorial Guidelines Clarified
I know I promised a Mission Statement Update for a few weeks now, but I lost the inspiration and ambition to proceed with it once I realized I was doing it for the wrong reasons. It was becoming a punitive tactic to control isolated editorial anomalies that have occurred lately, but have been discussed and corrected. Lisa Ciurro helped me realize that it wasn't the mission I was concerned with so much as I was enforcing the editorial guidelines.

While the original mission statement from 2001 is kind of naive-sounding in retrospect (see "Blasts From the Past" in the Classics links section, pagetop), it is still basically what we do here, and is still valid enough to work for now, along with the necessary addition of the terms on this page's title bar, "Media Fandom and Commentary" to reflect the shift in emphasis over the years.

The BIGGEST thing that the writing staff and the public have to keep in mind:

1. Nolan's Pop Culture Review is OP-ED only. We are not obligated to promote anything. Anything sent for promotional purposes will be considered for publication if it's part of a review and not a stand-alone plug. If there are exceptions made, they are made at the editors' discretion and should not be taken as rescinding the aforementioned rules.

(Example: Many reviews published in PCR have had quotes used for promotional purposes with the permission of the reviewer, and that's fine. There is an upcoming IT CAME FROM THE PO BOX column I'm writing that will cover many books and DVDs sent to me for review recently. The reviews posted can be used in whole or in part for promotion by the artist, if desired. While I encourage this, I also ask my name stay attached. That is wholly different from simply publishing linked movie poster JPEGS on the homepage for free.)

2. We are not a link farm. If you consider us important enough to advertise on, there are ad banner rates available (see appropriate link, pagetop). Even these are considered case-by-case and can be refused.

3. Readers' Comments and the Message Board are for discussion of current pop culture topics only. All other posts will be edited for content or deleted.

I hope this has clarified any confusion. If there are any questions, write me.

Readers' Comments

The Readers' Comments section for this issue of PCR is now closed. To continue to interact, please use the Message Board or write a Letter to the Editor! The comments below are listed starting with the most recent. Thank you.

Crazed FanComments -- We Welcome Reader Feedback on any article(s) on this page.
ED [12-08-2008 05:33] 
Brandon - sorry for the mis-title, it's just too close to the other installment and easy to confiuse. No comments of mine were changed. As I said, parts of the animation looked very good to me but the human characters were the least impressive. They are not in every singel sequence though. Overall I thought the film was pretty good.
Ghost of Arguments Past [11-08-2008 21:11] 
We gonna hear what you guys bought at the con?!?!?
Chris Woods [11-08-2008 18:19] 
It's sad to hear about both Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes passing away. Both deaths are a surpise and happened way too soon. They'll be missed.
brandon [11-08-2008 15:06] 

You saw "Attack of the Clones" -- recheck that poster, I assume you mean "Clone Wars"

You liked it? The animation was "Gerry Anderson puppets"? Was this comment changed?
Terence [10-08-2008 17:56] 
long live Isaac Hayes. everyone needs to sit back and watch Wattstax in memory of this funk/soul pioneer.

To Mike- The Pumpkins are playing August 20th at Ruth Eckard Hall. i have never seen them and as they are my favorite band im not missing it. so i think after that i will have payed off my debt to Billy Corgan once and for all right? p.s. that Friday i als see Stone Temple Pilots. so its like a cheesy 90s nostalgia concert week haha im sure andy will be there.
J.MILLER [10-08-2008 13:51] 
Sad to hear that Isaac Hayes has passed as well...

I've always been a fan of his work...Everything from the soundtracks to Shaft and Truck Turner to his Chef charector on South Park...
Chris M [09-08-2008 18:24] 
R.I.P. Bernie Mac, Great Comedian! We will miss you.
ED [09-08-2008 11:44] 
I saw a preview screening of Attack of the Clones this morning. It is not bad as far as stories go and the animation is very good in certain parts but the human characters were stiff and reminded me of Gerry Anderson puppets! There is also an annoying and forced subplot with Skywalker getting saddled with a padewan (who calls him Skyguy and caused a few groans from the audience). I was told by those supposedly in the greater know that this character was thrown in for Japanese Anime fans and I could see the connection. She actually reminded me of a Japanese schoolgirl right down to the backpack! I kept expecting to see a Hello Kitty sticker on it. Between her and the cute baby Jabba the Hutt slug, you can tell they were targeting this more towards kids. Suprisingly only a few of the original actors do their character's voices but the replacements are very good. I also never realized Yoda is apparently only one foot tall!
Local Film Legend Puff Chrissy [09-08-2008 09:15] 
Shame about Mac.
Paul Guzzo [09-08-2008 08:58] 
Holy Sh*t man.
Nolan [09-08-2008 08:36] 
Comedian/actor Bernie Mac passed away this morning from complications due to pneumonia in a Chicago area hospital. He was 50. R.I.P.
Chris Woods [08-08-2008 23:07] 
Welcome Bobby and Jake. A very good debut article. Look forward to reading more. It was good meeting you guys as well.
Lisa C [08-08-2008 16:29] 
Bobby & Jake -- Welcome! Nolan's opinion is valued by many people, so his thinking so highly of both of you speaks volumes.

It can be scary sometimes to put your thoughts and opinions on display for the world to read and comment on, but the positive discussion/feedback you'll get, the things you'll learn, and the friends you'll find here will make it worth your risk. Have fun with it and remember that opinions can never be wrong. Your opinion is your opinion and everyone else can take a hike.

Bobby -- So, how much of a bribe will it take for you to adopt a pen name or go by "Bobby T" or something like that? :) :)
Lisa C [08-08-2008 16:16] 
As I did my initial quick scan of the homepage (to get the lay of the land, you know, like at a salad bar...gotta see what's available and where you should start), I had two big shocks.

First, I saw my name in the same section as "editorial guidelines" and wondered what that was about, 'cos my column was way late this week.

Next, I see the name Bobby Tyler...which is my ex-husband's name. !!

Ok, I've picked myself up off the floor and used my smelling salts, so I think I can continue.

Nolan -- I have no idea what I might have said that was useful, but I'm glad I could help. The first bit of advice is on the house, but after that I'll have to bill you.
Unbiased Local Film Champion Paul Guzzo [07-08-2008 07:44] 
Check out film news this week ... some really cool event coming up, specifically the Eurocrime Film Festival.
Nolan [07-08-2008 06:44] 
To Nicholas Rex: You have honored me more than you can know with the revelation about your college direction, thank you for letting me know. I am very glad to have been there for you in your formative years to help nurture the talent I knew was inside you. Best of luck to you in the future! And please know the door is always open for you at PCR should the ocassion arise.

Readers: Nicholas Rex by Nick King was a featured column that ran concurrently with Black Dog, The Drow, and The Ogre several years ago. I was glad to have them here to see them take off creatively at least for a little while.

To Bobby & Jake: Congratulations on a successful launch! The support you've garnered is already pretty impressive and we're all looking forward to what's in store for Music Emporium.
Terence [06-08-2008 20:37] 
p.s. Apostrophe isnt the most Zappa of Zappa albums. try checking out these three

1. Them Or Us
2. One Size Fits All
3. Waka/Jawaka

and if you are really ambitious his three disc masterpiece Lather.
Terence [06-08-2008 20:34] 
Jake- dont take it wrong i wasnt trying to discourage you. im glad someone brought a music review column back. i couldnt keep it up so im glad to hand it over haha. you guys like the Replacements and Bad Brains so i know its in good hands. i still write the Audiophiles though. it isnt a music review column its more of a music rough guide and music/band history column. so it wont be treading on you guys at all. im thinking of doing one soon on 80s underground and college rock. keep up the good work.
william moriaty [06-08-2008 18:04]  
RE: Music Emporium: You guys are good!
Nicholas Rex [06-08-2008 16:44] 
By the way Nolan, you should know that after writing for you, I am going through college right now to pursue degrees in English Literature and Creative Writing. Thank you for giving me a forum that would lead to one of the driving passions in my life.
Nicholas Rex [06-08-2008 16:42] 
Personally, I am thankful to Nolan for allowing me space on his website to put on paper the views that were harassing my mind at the time. As a young adult struggling to identify his place in the world, Nolan's open forum to discuss anything and everything that I could think of allowed me the freedom to express my thoughts in a controlled environment. Although because of my school and work schedules I am unable to post Op-Ed pieces, I am thankful for Nolan's guidance and help. Who knows, sooner or later, Nicholas Rex might take a bite out of something else and give everyone something to chew on!
Jake T [06-08-2008 16:14] 
Thanks for the feedback Terence. It's great to be writing here, even if we were a little nervous. I'll have to check out the Zappa similarity. I've only -really- listened to his album Apostrophe, and I did enjoy it, but now I've got an extra excuse to dig into his stuff. I AM a fan of all the Captain Beefheart stuff I've heard, so maybe I've got a starting point. I have to disagree on the issue of FNM ripping of RHCP. I'll let Bobby handle the response, he's REALLY into the Chili Peppers, but aside from some similarity in stage presence I don't really notice a lot of 'copying.' Then again, I'm something of a Mike Patton fanboy, so eh. He's always been a very unique light in a sea of conformity to me. I suggest you check out Peeping Tom, another side project where he really stretches his weirdness and creative oddities. I think comparatively free of Zappa influence too! Thanks again for the feedback man, hope you enjoy our next review. Maybe we will tackle Zappa!
Terence [06-08-2008 13:53] 
love the new music emporium column. its good to see a column that isnt nostalgia influenced. as cool as Eds columns are its nice to have diversity. thats what the site started as and now its back to its original incarnation. not too keen on Mr. Bungle myself. i have yet to find one original bone in Mike Pattons body. his run in Faith No More was an obvious Red Hot Chili Peppers mock or ripoff. Mr. Bungle though completely rips off Frank Zappa from the bizarre lyrics to the odd samples to their image on stage with band members dressed in little girl drag. delve into Zappa and your opinion will change of this album i garauntee you.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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