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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 439  (Vol. 9, No. 34). This edition is for the week of August 18--24, 2008.

"The Rocker"
Let's Stroll Historic Roser Park! The Fabulous Architecture of the Tampa Bay Region, Part 10
DVD Review: "Frogs"
DVD Grindhouse: "War of the Planets" (1977)
Pop Culture Potpourri
Welcome To The Trop .... Gene Upshaw .... Citrus Park Loss .... A "little" Problem .... .... .... .... e
I Hate Being Sick .... 11 Delegates Behind??? Wtf .... So Long Gene .... Cancer Test
Movie Notes .... Hypocrisy 101 .... Wrong Place, Wrong Time .... 4 Banana, 3 Banana, 2 Banana One! .... Passing On .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1980 Should Have Gone To... o
Stormy Weather
The Kids Are Alright
Recent Bigfoot Discovery a Hoax---Surprised?
Feds Say They've Solved One 9/11 Mystery
Readers Comments

We here in Tampa breathed a sigh of relief earlier in the week when it was reported that Tropical Storm Fay would wind up missing us by a country mile. In fact, we didn't even get any rain. It was breezy, but that was about it.

Originally predicted just days ago to strike Tampa as a Category One Hurricane, this is a relief indeed. And if this scenario sounds familiar....well, it should. There was another storm that followed nearly the same track as Fay three years ago. It was Tampa's would-be "Doomsday" hurricane.

Charley vs Fay
Doomsday: 2004. In 2004, Hurricane Charley, already a Cat. 3 storm in the Caribbean, exited the mountains of western Cuba heading northward on a direct line to Tampa following the same trajectory as Fay would in 2008. Charley was a well-organized storm and had developed rapidly over the warm Gulf waters. All tracking predictions (aka, the notorious "spaghetti" models) had it on course for a direct strike on Tampa, August 13 (my birthday, natch) as a Cat. 4 monster. This doomsday scenario would've caused a 14-20 foot storm surge to say nothing of the catastrophic wind damage (somewhere around 150 mph). Mandatory evacuations were ordered. A little panicked and rather depressed at losing everything, I packed up a few things and left with some friends to a safe house well north of here. Life was about to change forever. Or so we thought...

At our shelter, and only three hours away from Tampa being wiped off the face of the earth, we monitored the TV news as the storm approached. I'll never forget for the rest of my life that one Doppler animation that showed at literally the last frame, the turn to the east around Punta Gorda, about 80 miles south of Tampa. Some of us saw it the first time, others couldn't quite make it out, but I know I saw it. Charley never reached Tampa, instead it turned to pummel Port Charlotte (the population was blindsided as this was not expected) and continued northeastward toward Orlando, ironically the city to which many Tampans had evacuated. Though downgraded by this point to a Cat. 3, Charley retained its structural integrity and resulted in one of the top five most expensive natural disasters in American history.

Redux: 2008
Following a path eerily close to Charley, Tropical Storm Fay exited the mountains of western Cuba on a northeastward track that was predicted to hit Tampa directly as a Category 1 Hurricane, August 19th, four years almost to the day as Charley. All "spaghetti" models took it on or near this course. But there were several distinct differences between the two storms.

Charley was already a hurricane when it entered Cuba. Fay was a sloppily organized, but very large storm, that nevertheless took a beating from the Cuban mountains. Re-organization was expected by the time it hit the Florida Keys, and some did, but not nearly as swiftly as Charley. Despite lingering over the warm Gulf waters before and after its trip over the Keys, Fay never did develop into a hurricane. Still, it was pointing to Tampa as its next stop and some emergency preparations were put into place. As we watched the radar on TV, history repeated itself yet again with a sudden and unexpected turn eastward well south of here, this time around the San Marco Island area (even further south than Port Charlotte). It continued east, dumping huge amounts of rain over South Central Florida, finally exiting somewhere around Vero Beach and out into the Atlantic. (Vero Beach is roughly the same latitude as Tampa.) Wind damage has been minimal compared to Charley, but flooding has been catastrophic. At this writing, Fay has turned to strike Florida yet again, this time in the Jacksonville region, and is predicted to travel west toward the panhandle before exiting Florida as a downgraded Tropical Depression.

Except for some brief intensification over the Everglades, Fay was mostly a rain event. So what happened? A few theories have been forwarded such as upper-level wind shear on Fay's trip across Cuba weakening the system, and competing pressure systems around Florida not being where they were expected to be steering the storm upredictably. (I also heard a rumor that a weather satellite went down around this time, somewhat crippling the data-gathering, but this is second-hand.)

In any event, we in West Central Florida dodged the bullet again, and for that we are grateful. But they are getting too close and, unfortunately, we are only about halfway through the hurricane season. I never take calm, sunny days for granted anymore.

The Kids Are Alright
I've received a few inquiries as to what happened to my talented young'ns Bobby & Jake, after their promising debut in Music Emporium two weeks ago. Not to worry, personal stress delayed last week's column (they've since mended), Bobby's family was in the process of moving (which I didn't know), school started this week (keep in mind they're only 17), and most interesting of all, they've apparently already decided on new directions they want to take their CrazedFan Involvement (we're talking two different columns now!). We're all meeting up this weekend to discuss some quite exciting possibilites.

Recent Bigfoot "Mystery" a Hoax...Surprised?
I'm going to make this short and sweet. About a week ago, these two dufuses, car salesman Rick Dyer and his cop buddy Matt Whitton, decide to announce to the world that they'd discovered a Bigfoot carcass on the side of the road. Took pictures, posted video. Even held a press conference and said that scientific validation was around the corner, via DNA testing.

It wasn't. After an "undisclosed amount of money" changed hands (major red flag there), photographers were allowed to take pictures of the creature in its frozen casket. DNA testing found traces of possum in the creatures entrails, along with various garbage from a slaughterhouse .

HAR HAR HAR, says the two frat-boys a week later, it was ALL A JOKE, "didn't y'all know there's no such thing as Bigfoot?" The cop has since been fired and he and his buddy are possibly facing legal charges and civil action. Read the story I saw on AOL.

Serves 'em right. This "practical joke that got out of hand" excuse is lame as hell and it makes me wonder why an ex-cop decided to sh*t on paranormal believers, the general public, and the press this way and still figure he'd retain any integrity. What an a**hole.

A Message Board thread has been started on this topic

Feds Say One 9/11 Mystery Solved
Supposedly, all conspiracy theorists can now rest easy on the subject of "Building 7", that is, the building in the Twin Towers Plaza that suddenly imploded into rubble several hours after the Towers themselves were hit by airplanes. The favorite theory up to now was that it was intentionally demolished with pre-loaded explosives.

A Federal investigative team now says they've concluded after a long study that Building 7 was, in fact, destroyed by the heat of flaming debris the Towers threw off, in addition to the collapse of Floor 13 that contained a pivotal support column leading to complete structural failure. It was, they noted, the first time anything like this had been observed directly. Well, yeah. Plus, you know, Unlucky 13th Floor and all (great fodder for superstition, that).

Naturally, long-time conspiracy theorists opine that this is another government cover-up. The beat goes on, but here is the story as I read it on AOL.

A Message Board thread has been started on this topic

Readers' Comments

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Terence [25-08-2008 09:21] 
it s great to aee Will's column back! its a vital part of the site. when its not up its like a piece of the puzzle is missing.
ED [24-08-2008 05:18] 
Mike - that's great news about the Bananna Splits. Now if we could only get a DVD release of the original series - preferably in the Adventure Hour format rather than the syndicated one.
gene [23-08-2008 18:27]  
Italian Star Wars cash ins!! I have a copy of Star Crashers and Star Crashers 2 on DVD. David Hasselhoff rules.
Lisa C [23-08-2008 11:50] 
Nolan -- Um...originally, I had a third photo that I was having the most trouble with, but in looking at my column again just now, it seems that in all the back and forth of editing/uploading/etc., I accidentally omitted that photo. *gulp* So let's leave it as is and pretend that this whole comment thread doesn't exist. (And pretend that I have a IQ bigger than my shoe size.) Sorry for the trouble.

Paul -- Points off for not playing well with others! I bet you have trouble with cursive writing and staying quiet during nap time too. If you pull my hair I'm telling your mom.

Chris M -- 20 columns so far, huh? Cool. Keep up the good work.
Nolan [23-08-2008 07:54] 
Paul, Paul, Paul, that's not the way to play along! You're supposed to pretend!

Lisa, please send me the original of Sandy Allen and I'll see what I can do. Enlarging the existing small image will wreck its quality.

The pic of "Damien" is actually OK. In fact, neither pic is all that bad.
Paul Guzzo [22-08-2008 15:03] 
GOOOOD ... those small pics are SOOOOO unprofessional!
Lisa C. [22-08-2008 11:14] 
To Nolan -- Please work your techie magic and re-size the photos in my column please. Thanks!

To anyone who might read my column before Nolan fixes things -- Please pretend it looks like it's supposed to. Thanks.
Steve Beasley [21-08-2008 16:24] 
Gene Upshaw, is gone? That was blindinly fast!

I was speaking to my mother back home in Florida last week and she was telling me what Matt has just asked us to do...GET A COLONOSCOPY!.

Everyone should heed Matt's good avice.

Terence [21-08-2008 13:58] 
Ed and Lonnie-

both the best buy sci-fi volumes are really good but the first one has the best films. Giant Claw and Creature With An Atom Brain are on the Sam Katzman Collestion. also on the disc is the legendary Zombies of Mora Tau and the surperior forgotten gem The Werewolf.
ED [21-08-2008 11:43] 
Lonnie, I haven't seen those two double features you mention but I have Tarantula and Mole People on the earlier Best Buy five pack that also includes Monolith Monsters, Incredible Shrinking Man, and Monster on the Campus. Stanley has been available as part of Rhino's Horrible Horrors series with a lot of othe Crown International releases including Blood of Dracula Castle. I hope this new release will have some extras.
Andy Lalino [21-08-2008 11:41] 
I've had no time to watch any films lately Tez ... spent all last week watching So You Think You Can Dance reruns ... television shows of today are awesome! So much better than the 70s!
Lonnie Dohlen [21-08-2008 09:36]  
Ed,I just saw a Double Billing of TARANTULA/MOLE PEOPLE ,GIANT CLAW/CREATURE WITH AN ATOM BRAIN ON DVD.I also found out that STANLEY will be Released on Oct 21,2008 on DVD.
Terence [20-08-2008 15:17] 

i just watched both War of the Robots and Star Oddysey. im probably planning to do an article on italian and japanese Star Wars cash ins of the late 70s soon. im the meantime you might enjoy my quick review of those two films on the messageboard under my ongoing review project of the 250 horror films box set.
End of Comments    

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