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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 441  (Vol. 9, No. 36). This edition is for the week of September 1--7, 2008.

"Movies Of My Father"
A Sarasota Road Trip Adventure, Part One of Two: The Powel Crosley Seagate Estate
DVD Review: “Phantasm: OblIVion”
The FANGRRL Guide To Hurricane Preparedness
Dickey Being Dickey .... Chad Ocho Cinco .... College Uni's .... Daunte Culpepper Retires .... Week 1 Picks .... .... .... i
This Day In History .... .... .... h
Dad .... Gilligan .... Politics .... Passing On .... .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1980 Should Have Gone To... a
Hurricanes and Conventions
Hurricane Gustav
Sad Passings
Umm....I Guess The Kids Are Not Alright After All
Mike Smith Visits Tampa

Labor Day weekend, work schedule woes, and in one case a death in the family, have slowed down our assault on fandom assembled this week. Many of us are running roughly a day behind, I know I am, but rest assured we are working diligently to get caught up. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

Hurricane Gustav
We in Tampa are mighty grateful this storm bypassed us altogether, and are thankful the lower category storm's landfall near New Orleans resulted in only a fraction of the damage caused by Katrina three years ago. The government, having learned its bitter lesson, was much more attentive to evacuation procedures, and the levees, buttressed since Katrina, held up. Gustav turned out to be be much more of a rain event than anything and of this writing has still not totally disapaited. We're still watching Hurricane Hanna out in the Atlantic, however...

Sad Passings
Don LaFontaine, 68. "In a world where both of our cars were totally underwater..." said LaFontaine, as the "movie announcer guy" in a television commerical, spoofing his own signature tagline that opened countless movie trailers. With a husky basso profundo, LaFontaine, a voice actor, was hired as a virtual good-luck charm by Hollywood producers for 20 years to add drama to previews and coming attractions.

Jerry Reed, 71, country music star, probably best known to movie fans as Cledus in Smoky and the Bandit, and responsible for its catchy theme song, died of complications from emphysema. I enjoyed many Reed songs hits, including When You're Hot, You're Hot and Amos Moses.

Mike Smith adds more to the history of these illustrious men's careers in this week's Rant.

Its schedule modified due to Gustav, the Republican National Convention marched on. Fred Thompson's speech I heard only a part of, but he showed quite a sense of humor. I'm not a Republican, but if any of my Repub colleagues wants to write a review of the RNC, send it to me and I'll include it here.

Mike Smith Visits Tampa

Umm...I Guess The Kids Are Not Alright After All
Despite the warnings, I perservered.

Communications between me and our newest and youngest PCR members has apparently ceased. No more Music Emporium columns are expected, and development on the Youth Nation Interactive section has been discontinued.

Update, 9-5-08: Finally got an email from Jake Tipton. He wishes to express his regret that things didn't turn out as planned, but the boys' back-to-school obligations, not surprisingly, turned out to be the culprit in discouraging extra "homework" for PCR. I thanked him and Bobby for what they were able to do so far, encouraged them to keep school their first priority, and reminded him the door will always remain open for all of them here at Crazed Fanboy.

Readers' Comments

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Michael [06-09-2008 22:57] 
Thanks for the kind words guys. So many things to sort out about my dad, sure to fill next week's issue. But I will let slip here that, though my dad had a VCR and a DVD player and a Blockbuster card the only movie he owned was "JAWS." I'm sure it had something to do with me and it made me feel good when I discovered it.
matt [06-09-2008 17:21] 
yes, that was a very moving movie piece.

mike's father was always the greatest to me. even during the upcoming Toga Party episode that i neglected to mention this week.

the picture of him in last weeks rant let loose of flood of memories with him back when mike and i were joined at the hip in a more physical sense.

my only disappointment is that mike didn't share with everyone the one lone dvd found in your father's possessions.

Nolan [06-09-2008 08:54] 
Mike -- a moving retrospective in This Week's Movie Review. Well done!
J.MILLER2 [06-09-2008 07:41] 
Chris---Excellent commentary regarding the comments made by Dick Vitale...
Terence [04-09-2008 20:29] 
from what i understand Phantasm V is not going ahead at least for the time being. but definitley ask them! although when interviewed Scrimm and Bannister never seem to know much. Phantasm II had its moments but it just rehased too many similiar themes and was too polished and studio restrained. but hey that just my opinion. Coscarelli has stated that he wants to make a directors cut of Phantasm II avialable if he can. All in all even though im not a huge fan of II, Phantasm is in my top 3 favorite Horror Franchises of all time right behind Romeros Dead series and Universals Frankenstien films. i would say Argentos Three Mother trilogy but i dont consider that a franchise per se.
ED [04-09-2008 19:44] 
So Ter, are you saying you didn't even like the scenes in Phantasm II with that awesome gold sphere? I have heard conflicting rumors about Phantasm V but I intend to ask about it next month when Angus Scrimm and Mike Baldwin are in Orlando for Screamfest.
Terence [04-09-2008 18:51] 
the first Phantasm is sheer brilliance. a product of the mind altering 70s. Phantasm II was terrible. id loved to say i had found fond memories of it since i saw it at a midnight sneak way back in 88? or 89? i remeber getting a poster and a huge pin with the ball on it that said "the ball is back". but the movie itsself is jsut a shallow and tame remake of the first movie really and nothing is needed from it to watch Phantasm 3. Not to mention the guy playing Mike is terrible and acts nothing like Mike Baldwin in the first one. thank god he returned to the series. also the reason Phantasm II is so is dumbed down and linear is because execs forced Coscarelli to make it like that.Phantasm 3 was a little better but the gun toting kid is beyond lame as is the addition of female ninjas. Phantasm IV on the other hand returns to what made the first one so good. msytery. wierdness. and nightmare logic. Coscarelli is/was planning the final part but i think its now shelved for good.
Steve Beasley [04-09-2008 18:35] 

Chris Munger Sept 3, 25 yrs
Scott Gilbert, Sept 12, 47 yrs
Mike Smith, Sept 16, 48 yrs
John Miller, Sept 18, 25 yrs
John Hooper, Sept 27, 48 yrs
ED [04-09-2008 18:12] 
PC - Sounds like you and I are on the same page concerning the Phantasm films. I saw part 2 in the theater when I was in college (several times) and I loved it. It was a little more straight forward and less dream like than the other entries and that bothered some fans but I liked the progression it made in the series.
Tampa Film Legend Puff Chrissy [04-09-2008 16:58] 
Nice to see some love thrown at Phantasm. I'm a big fan of the series. While I love the original, the second movie has a special place in my heart. I must've watched that one over a dozen times when I was a kid.

As for the last movie, I thought it was a little disappointing. I'm not sure if answering questions is the way for such a bizarre series to go. The saga tends to work better when the weirdness is turned all the way up and the viewer is scratching his head with a smile on his face.
ED [04-09-2008 05:47] 
I just found out that the Star Trek: Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton was closed on September 1 after a 10 year run. That is a shame, it was an excellent attraction and always seemed to be well attended when I was there. No word yet if it will be replaced by the Barry Manilow: Experience or not.
Paul Guzzo [03-09-2008 19:20] 
Well, if I'm gonna be censored like this, I don't want the job as the music critic! I quit!
Terence [03-09-2008 19:16] 
first off they were amazing. and second off no band can sound bad at Ruth Eckard Hall. the acoustics in that place are unbelievable. it was like hearing an official soundboard recording on cd.
Paul Guzzo [03-09-2008 13:27] 
Sigh ... lost columnists ... so unprofessional.

If you want, I can write the music column. Week 1: I will report on how I heard the Smashing Pumpkins were AWFUL in Tampa.

*cue Tez' breakdown*
Nolan [03-09-2008 11:57] 
Birthday Greetings to PCR columnist Chris Munger!
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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