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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 442  (Vol. 9, No. 37). This edition is for the week of September 8--14, 2008.

"Burn After Reading"
The Fight For Sanity in Insane Times
DVD Grindhouse: "Murder Mansion" (1972)
If I Had An Idea....
DVD Review: “Psychotronica Collector’s Set”
The Star Wars Years
Bucs Drop One To The Saints .... Rays Falling From Grace? Can’t Be! .... Stick A Fork In Him .... Week 2 Nfl Picks .... .... .... .... u
Toga, Toga, Toga, Toga .... Happy Birthday Sag .... .... o
My Dad .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1997 Should Have Gone To... y
Changes and New Stuff
Readers Comments

Once again, Florida has dodged a bullet, as Hurricane Ike has changed course and is (of this writing) in the Gulf of Mexico headed for Texas. Our thoughts are with those in and around the Corpus Christi area where the Category 3 (or possibly 4) storm is expected to make landfall sometime Friday or Saturday.

UPDATE (Sat, 9-13-08): Hurricane Ike slammed into Houston (north of Corpus Christi) as a Category 3 storm in the early hours of Saturday morning. Details of the aftermath are still coming in.

In memory of those who perished September 11, 2001.

Changes and New Stuff
The Letters to the Editor feature is tentativley being reclassified as a more-or-less monthly feature due to A.) ever-crushing time constraints on Ye Olde Editor, and B.) allowing content to build up a little better between postings.

We welcome Chris Woods to the PCR writing staff, albeit on a temporary basis, as he recounts his fanboy childhood growing up in Utica, NY, through his new column Growing Up Fanboy. It will be posted monthly and is expected to run about a year. Give it a looksee!

Letters to the Editor

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matthew [16-09-2008 07:15] 
Happy Birthday Mike.

Hope it's a good one, buddy.

For Scott I had a Guiness. For you I'll watch Jaws.
matthew [16-09-2008 07:13] 
nolan was probably at pop & sons. or lums.

Terence [15-09-2008 19:07] 
they only made a proto type no actual figures were released for any kids to shoot their eyes out. thats a urban myth. you can find pictures of the proto type online im sure. its not very cool looking. all it is is the normal bob fett figure without any of the paint on it and i think the missile might be larger but thats just from memory.
Chris Woods [15-09-2008 17:48] 
Hey Mike, thanks, glad you liked the article. I enjoyed your article this week as well. It was very moving and a great read. I also liked Matt's toga story too, very good. As for the Boba Fett figure I never knew anyone who owned the one with the rocket launching. I remember seeing a picture of it in a collectors magazine. The one I got in the mail the rockect wasn't removeable and there was no mechanism on it to launch it. I hearc many different stories about the figure, that they stopped production of that one cause a kid shot his eye out with it. Not sure if that was really true, but that's one of things I heard as a kid.
Terence [15-09-2008 08:49] 
thanks matt! the toga party tale was totally worth the wait haha and where was Canova during all this madness?
ED [15-09-2008 03:41] 
Mike - the firing Boba Fett is a legend among collectors. Some claim to have had one but the only ones that have turned up are after market conversions. The one I received in the mail had a removable rocket but the mechanisim was removed and the rocket was glued in the back pack. A friend of mine claims to have received one with the mechanisim and cleaned the glue out to make it functional. The whole controversy was started when an idiot took one of the small Mattel Shogun Warriors rocket launchers, fired a missle down his throat, and choked to death on it. They did the news article as a current event in my class when it happened to teach us the dangers of such activites. Rather than viewing this as an act of natural selection, Mattel retooled all the smaller Shogun figures to fire ridiculously large looking missles and then discontinued the whole line. Other manufactures like Kenner just stopped making smaller toys that fired anything.
Michael [14-09-2008 17:05] 
Chris, great piece on "Star Wars." I hadn't read it when I offered my two cents in about the "Early Bird" package. Question: do you know if they ever did release a Boba Fett with a working launcher? I know the one I got didn't have one and I've never come across one, either in trades with friends or at conventions/toy shows. Best of luck with the series. Chapter One was excellent.
Nolan [14-09-2008 10:00] 
Michael, I've always been glad to provide this forum, keep up the great work! And speaking of Fantasy Football...

To ALL sports fans, don't forget to check out Chris Munger's NFL picks each week in Sports Talk.
Michael [14-09-2008 07:52] 
Now I must set my Fantasy Football team and take down the monster that is Matthew!
Michael [14-09-2008 07:46] 
Thanks for the birtday wishes and the kind words. I've probably saved thousands of dollars in psychiatric bills by being able to write from my heart on this website. Thanks for the opportunity buddy!

Chris Woods [14-09-2008 03:57] 
Thanks Lisa. Glad you liked the article.
Lisa C. [13-09-2008 13:54] 
EXCELLENT columns this week from everyone. Wow.

Chris W. -- Very nice debut. Congrats.

FYI to anyone in the Tampa Bay area -- Four gas stations near my house (Riverview/Valrico/Seffner area) have run out of gas. (Gave up at that point and came home.) I read online that most of the Tampa Bay area gas supply comes from Texas, so of course shipments are delayed due to the weather. It seems that Hurricane Ike has affected the Tampa Bay area after all, dammit.
Nolan [13-09-2008 05:34] 
Readers, this week's Mike's Rant topped even last week's entry regarding the memories of his father. It is one of the most moving and personal pieces he's ever written and will stick with you for a long time.

Michael, since the 16th falls on the "under construction" day of PCR this year, allow me to shout out a heart-felt "Happy Birthday" a little in advance! And many happy returns, my friend.
Michael [13-09-2008 00:22] 
It was Sears that offered the "Early Bird" pack of Star Wars Figs - 6 figures in all. You got an empty box to wrap up for under the tree and the figures arrived towards the end of February. What I find funny (and another attempt from George Lucas to milk every dollar he can from fans) was that last year Walmart sold a replica of the "Early Bird" pack, with the original packaging, etc. Of course, instead of $16.00 it was $29.99. Also, when you received your figures you were given the opportunity to pre-order a Boba Fett figure that was supposed to come with a real working rocket launcher. Between the time the Early Bird pack was offered and the figures shipped the character had gained popularity from the Holiday Special. Sadly, they didn't offer an Art Carney or Bea Arthur figure!

Happy Birthday SAG!
ED [12-09-2008 13:10] 
Chris - there was a Central Florida chain of toys stores called Toy King that lasted from the 60's through the mid 80's. I have fond memories of buying the Star Team stuff and lots of other cool toys there on clearance.
Chris Woods [12-09-2008 08:33] 
Thanks Will, glad you enjoyed the article.

ED - Yeah, that was the other one I head, Zem 21 with the green head. Just had that one and Knight of Darkness. I didn't come across Zem 21 when I was in NY last, but it's somewhere. Both are in ok condition. I remember the R2-D2 one, Zeroid, but never had that one.
Nolan [12-09-2008 06:17] 
A Happy Birthday shout-out to Scott Gilbert!
william moriaty [11-09-2008 17:52] 
Dynamite column Chris!
lonnie Dohlen [11-09-2008 16:06]  
To Andy,Thanx for the "Murder Munchikins" Feature
ED [11-09-2008 15:32] 
Chirs - Zem 21 was a green headed robot guy that was built on the Action Boy body (Ideal was great at recycling old figures). The third robot was a Zeroid reworking with a light up bibble head that was supposed to be like R2D2 only with arms. There were two versions of that, a red and blue striped one and a spaceship. These days, I have the two robots doing meanial labor for Major Matt Mason in his space station.
Lonnie Dohlen [11-09-2008 09:05]  
Nolan,I found A Audio Clip of Dick Bennick from WTOB 1380 (1958).I will try & find more.
Chris Woods [11-09-2008 08:39] 
Thanks! I'm glad you all enjoyed the article. ED, I also had another generic figure from that collection that was kind of a mock C-3PO (Zem 21), but not sure where that is. There were lots of Star Wars rip-off toys that were around back then. I remember the pre-release pack, I think they called it the early bird Star Wars figure package or something. They had it for Christmas '77 where the figures weren't even ready for the holiday and you can get them later on.
ED [10-09-2008 13:26] 
Chris - those were some great memories. Thanks for sharing them and pictures of your collection. That brought back a flood of memories. I still have that knock off figure case somewhere and the Ideal Star Team Knight of Darkness. That figure was a Captain Action body molded in black. The boots are the same as Captain Action's and his ray gun is from the Flash Gordon set. Do you remember that the demand for action figures was so great that they sold them BEFORE they actually had any? Their was a pre-release pack that you had to buy (for like $16) and then mail away for a set of four figures. I think it was Like, Lea, Chewie, and Darth Vader. What a marketing ploy!
Joel D. Wynkoop [10-09-2008 12:24]  
Hey Chris,

Cool on the by line man. GREAT job and fun to read.

Excited [10-09-2008 11:57] 
Excited about Chris Woods' new column. This website has needed someone covering fanboy merchandise. The first one was great!
ED [09-09-2008 11:52] 
Re: Letters to the Editor - Filmfax magazine was in bed with Sinister Cinema as far as their bootleg sales went to the point that they ran off most of their other video advertisers. If you remember an ad for Captain Kangaroo, Sinister would probably be a good place to check.

The Dr. Bearer tribute was from February of 1995 on the Saturday following Dick Bennick's death. It was an inadequate 30 minutes long and portions of it are currently posted on Youtube.

I don't remember the atomic bomb sign off but I do remember a weird one with a person putting toy soldiers in a box that was shot from an angle so that you didn't see the person, only their hands. I used to fall asleep trying to stay up to watch the Outer Limits and wake up when the music for that spot came on.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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