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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 443  (Vol. 9, No. 38). This edition is for the week of September 15--21, 2008.

by Nolan Canova, Terence Nuzum, and John Miller
"Lakeview Terrace"
The Yellow Submarine Chronicles Part Five: They’ll Be Rough Seas Ahead
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Turbulence Ahead
Readers Comments

Again, apologies for running so far behind this week, I know I have a LOT to catch up on. Let's start with Gulf turbulence...

The pictures coming in from the Galveston and Houston Texas areas in the wake of Hurricane Ike are jaw-dropping. For a Category 3 storm, this did a lot of damage. Of course, the areas in question took a direct hit, something comparatively -- and thankfully -- rare historically. We're talking sustained winds over 100 mph with gusts in the 130+ range. The tidal surge totally inundated the beach areas, destroying everything.

I was amused, however, to see one lone house still standing amongst the carnage near the Galveston-area coastline. It seems that when these homeowner's original dwelling was destroyed by Hurricane Rita a few years ago, they decided not to play around when rebuilding -- they hired a contractor to build a home that could withstand a Cat FIVE storm! Apparently, the contractor was legit, because from the air the home looks virtually undamaged. The owners may feel a little lonely in the near future, however, as the surrounding neighborhood has vanished (and I mean about as far as the eye can see). Well, look at the bright side -- no noisy neighbors and their "yard" now extends to the horizon.

This is such a touchy subject I've avoided saying much about it except on the message board and even then, not all that much there either. I'll try to be brief so I can make my points in short order.

I've long regarded the Bush/Kerry campaign as being the meanest, nastiest race for the presidency in my memory. To me, attacking each other's service records in an attempt to delineate who's the more patriotic by explaining who's supposed to be the most bad-ass war hero was beneath contempt. The only funny thing to come out of it was Dubya's service records disappearing for, like, two years (remember, the ones that cost Dan Rather his job at CBS) while he publicly re-imagined his frat-boy days into a new version of Top Gun. John Kerry, despite his three purple hearts, never really had a chance anyway, as he was simply not a good candidate at a good time.

The current Obama/McCain campaign, while being more typical in terms of of mud-slinging, has also taken on the air of a circus tent and freak show. This is unbelievable sh*t.

Barack Obama is an amazing success story when you think about it. He came out of nowhere and with only two years as a Senator under his belt, he sailed past Hillary Clinton, who could've become the nation's first woman president, to perhaps himself become the nation's first black president. His shadowy past cavorting with fringe elements (Rev. Wright, et.al,), a birth certificate still in dispute (is that lawsuit claiming it's a forgery still winding through the coursts?), Muslim alliances as a child and young man, and no real experience as a leader (but BIG plans) has done nothing to slow down his virtual rock-star status in the political world. His pick of Joe Biden as his VP was intended to "balance" the ticket with someone of more experience, but that choice may be ill-fated as it turns out. (For those mystified as to why Hillary wasn't chosen, ignoring the obvious personality conflicts, we don't really know but that she might've been approached but turned it down.) Obama's plans to tax only the rich (above $200K) to fund various social programs appeals to blue-collar workers. His plan to immediately withdraw troops from Iraq really only draws fire from only the most radical right-wingers who'd basically like to see us stay there forever.

I don't remember how many times John McCain has thrown his hat into the ring, but I think it goes back to the '80s. A soft-spoken man with an admirable service record (Vietnam POW), his reputed hot temper is about the only thing he was ever criticized for. Well, OK, not exactly. Right-wing extremists traditionally see his politics as too modest, almost liberal, and anything even modestly liberal in this day and age is, to a conservative, tantamount to calling one's mom a whore. Still, he's been a Seantor for decades (plenty of experience), he emerged from the recent debates unscathed (something Obama still has problems with), with only his age (72) and, up to two weeks ago, any running mate that could define an image that could go up against Obama seeming an obstacle. His plan for staying in Iraq mirrored Bush's too closely for too long which cost him possible Democratic switch-voters unimpressed with Clinton/Obama.

And then came Sarah Palin. Within 48 hours of Obama announcing Joe Biden as VP (and the dust not quite having settled on that lackluster announcement), John McCain surprised the world by going against conventional wisdom and picking the sexy young governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin to be on the ticket, which she instantly accepted. The media exploded, both pro and con. I immediately saw this as a f*ck you to the Clintons, in that if McCain is elected and does not survive office, Sarah Palin becomes the first woman president (if not the first woman elected president, but whatever). And Obama certainly couldn't attack any lack of experience. Nevertheless, the "balance" was complete for McCain to an almost surreal degree, as Palin was not only more conservative than McCain, she was a gun-totin', bible-thumpin', evangelical hellion totally at home with the right-wing wackos who'd just as soon have her bikini pictures on their swimsuit calendars as go moose-hunting. Her religious affiliations, her alleged pursuit of book-banning when she was governor, her choice to have a child with Down's Syndrome (anti-abortion), and her belief in Creationism is dead-on perfectly central to the groundswell worship of their new-found messiah, at the same time the antithesis of everything the extreme left hates and fears. The "scandals" involving her pregnant teenage daughter ("family values" shake-up), and the abuse-of-power charges revolving around "trooper-gate" (another quasi-family matter) have not done much to stem the movement. So obsessed are her enemies, they recently hacked her personal email account, which is a low blow and extremely invasive and I hope they get prison, but didn't come away with anything more revealing than family pictures and personal phone numbers. How deliciously divisive this all is.

Obama's pictures on the covers of Time, Newsweek, et.al., have been replaced with Palin's to the extent that you'd think she is the one running for president. McCain seems content to sit back and watch (which he's done from the beginning), and Joe Biden is virtually off the radar entirely.

The debates are coming up next week. Obama's weak spot has been thinking on his feet away from the teleprompters, McCain's is separating himself from Bush regarding the Iraq war, Biden's is avoiding becoming the next Dan Quayle with foot-in-mouth disease, and Palin's may be similar to Obama's, i.e., unscripted answering of questions, especially as she's still coming up to speed in something of this magnitude. This is going to be a bumpy ride. I can't wait.

Readers' Comments

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Michael [22-09-2008 20:46] 
Ah yes, the shower. Now that my memory has been refreshed I remember the girl in question had asked me to dump the contents of one of the coolers on her while she was in the tub (the ice and water, not the beer). Hey SAG, did you go to Plant? (THUNK!)

Alas, no monkeys or hookers (dead or alive) were around.
matthew [22-09-2008 16:16] 
lol. i put bucsrule. lol

that's my call name in my fantasy football leagues.

sorry. already on Fosters number 2.
bucsrule [22-09-2008 16:16] 
hey Scott, thanks for chiming in bud.

funny what you don't remember when youre cranked. it is coming back to me in bits and pieces, ala a jigsaw puzzle with pieces from varying projects.

i do now recall ricks painting of the delta and the shower thrusting endeavor. lol.

all i can say is: Ahhhh. Memories.

thanks a ton for bringing that on SAG.
Terence [22-09-2008 14:04] 
it doesn really matter what sect because Barrack was never muslim!!! thats my whole point. i thought my reason for writing it as "muslim" was apparent.
J.MILLER [22-09-2008 13:20] 
You guys keep saying "muslim"...Be more specific theres like 72 different sects of Islam...
Paul Guzzo [22-09-2008 12:27] 
We need our president to be a true professional.
Terence [22-09-2008 08:55] 
I totally want a Satanic president. could you imagine christmas would be replaced by satan day. halloween all year round!
Terence [22-09-2008 08:46] 
Obama's stepfather did not make them study religion and in fact was no more a muslim than I am a christian just becuase i was raised in a religious childhood. In Indonesia they are all "muslims" but that doesnt mean they devoutly worship or teach morals based on the religion to their children. i went to lutheran sunday school etc. but im not christian now and wouldnt say i was or owed alliances too. the poster below though brings up the best points that none of this really matters. originally though i was just curious as to what nolan meant and wasnt trying to make this comment section pro obama or anything it was more of a research question.
Puff Chrissy Showcase [22-09-2008 08:02] 
The version of the Toga Party I heard involved monkeys and dead hookers. I'd like to hear more about that.
Muslim Shmuslim [22-09-2008 06:43] 
I don't care if they're Muslim, Buddhist, or Satanic...the smartest guy in the room should be president. We don't need to have a barbecue with the guy. We need a dude with a deft computer atop his shoulders. Someone who is going to represent the country in a manner that best serves the country. The question we all need to ask is, which candidate is best for America? Not which candidate is best for me, best for my religion, or best for my taxes. We benefit if America is strong, and clearly it isn't at the moment.

This muslim/non-muslim talk is nonsense.
Brandon [22-09-2008 04:45] 
Barry's Dad wasn't around when they split up at the age of 2. He only saw his father again when he was eleven. The main focus of inspiration and the direction during his pre-teen and early teen years were his stepfather, who was Muslim.
Scott Gilbert [21-09-2008 21:51]  

Hey guys, interested to see the Toga Party related by Matt & Mike.

I have to make observation that is different from Mike & Matt's:

Matt's toga-clad, suicide dash onto Florida Avenue (and my attempt to "knock him out") occurred well after the young lady hitchhiker showed up. In fact, simultaneously as we chased Matt into the street and "put him down", she had decided to take a shower. Dragging Matt back into the house, we threw him into the shower in an attempt to "sober him up", and unfortunately, she was still in the shower at the time. I don't recall exactly what all happened afterward, but I got the idea she wasn't real happy with ANY of us after that.

Now, children, if you're all really good, we'll tell you what ultimately happened to that same party house one day after Mike and I attended a showing of "Blazing Saddles".
Michael [21-09-2008 21:08] 
T, thanks for the nice words. My dad was a reader of Jack Kerouac among others. He was also fond of the works of Kahil Gibran. In going through his writings I discovered a man I never knew but wish I had. This big, tough man was a hopeless romantic at heart in some ways. Hopefully in the future I'll be able to publish some more of his work on the site.
Terence [21-09-2008 19:20] 
Mike- loved your fathers poem. reminds me alot of the beat era writers work particularly Kerouac. were they influences on him or was he into them at all?
Terence [21-09-2008 19:17] 
thats not what ive been reading. from what i have researched his father quit praticing Islam and became an athiest right around the time he met Barracks mother.
Brandon [21-09-2008 17:57] 
There are some conflicts describing Obama's parents as Atheists, his sister's description are more agnostic. The stepfather however was a devout Muslin and Barry went to worship every Friday. While I think he's overly sensitive to the Muslim beliefs, I believe he's a devoted Christian.

Unfortunately, the church he was a member is a Black Liberation separatist Church with a strong anti-America sentiment.
Terence [21-09-2008 08:28] 
Drew Rieber went to Catholic school does that make him a christian no! its just a school. Obama sr. was a muslim but then like Barracks mother was an atheist. Barracks mother reportedly let each of her children decide what faith they wanted to be or any faith at all by giving them books of all religions from the Hindu texts to the koran to the bible. what alliances?
Nolan [21-09-2008 07:37] 
I didn't say "allegiances", I said "alliances", but even that may be a little strong. His father was Muslim, and B.O. attended Muslim grade school. Overseas, father and son are both routinely referred to as Muslim, irrespective of any atheism. I accept Barack's declaration of Christianity.
Tampa Film Legend Puff Chrissy [21-09-2008 06:46] 
J.MILLER [20-09-2008 14:26] 
Thanks Guys!

Terence [20-09-2008 13:44] 
not to attack our ye old editor but Nolan where are you getting that Obama had alliegances to Muslims? his father and mother were both Athiests at the time they were married and his grandparents were non-religious. just curious where you are getting this from.
Paul Guzzo [20-09-2008 07:56] 
Happy birthday John.
Michael [19-09-2008 21:20] 
Excellent job this week everyone. ED, love the behind the scenes stories you always seem to track down. Matt, thanks for the B-day wishes. And stop chuckling, I'm only 4 months older then you. Chris, another great week. In the past I've done some sports mentions but nothing in depth like you do. Keep it up. Andy, bring on the Schlock! Congrats to TBF on it's award. Did I forget anyone?
Terence [19-09-2008 19:18] 
happy belated b-day john.
Chris Woods [19-09-2008 15:22] 
Happy Birthday John.
Nolan [19-09-2008 06:57] 
A belated Happy Birthday shout-out to JOHN MILLER, our youngest artist and reviewer. Many happy returns, my boy!
Paul Guzzo [18-09-2008 19:34] 
BTW, for those who don't visit the message board - TFR won a Best of the Bay Award.
Lisa C. [18-09-2008 16:51] 
Oops, I got distracted and forgot to say:

Nolan, Terence and JMiller -- I enjoyed your TFR reviews. It was just like being there...well, minus changing out of my pajamas into real clothes and leaving the house and watching the movies and seeing everyone...but reading the reviews was the next best thing.

I'm especially bummed I missed the Wynkoop film.
Lisa C. [18-09-2008 16:41] 
I saw a documentary once about a little boy -- I think his name was Damien -- who was evil and who knocked his mother off a ledge with his tricycle. In the interest of public safety, 5-year-old brothers should be taken off the market too. You can never be too careful.

Paul, you still might be able to file a lawsuit against your parents for exposing you to a hazardous little brother. I'm not sure what the statute of limitations is on that. I'm planning to sue my parents for letting me skate and ride my bike without wearing a helmet and for not having child-proof Tylenol bottles in the 70s.

It's a miracle we all survived, really. Kinda chokes me up to think about it.
ED [18-09-2008 16:13] 
Paul - I bet it was all the dogs fault too! If he hadn't jumped into your brother's mouth when he wasn't looking they would both still be with us today. Dogs are just too dangerous not to be taken off the market. Join me in my new group MADD - Men Against Dumb Dogs and let's get this menace away from our children before it's too late!
Paul Guzzo [18-09-2008 13:21] 
I used to have another younger brother. Unfortunately, my parents got him a dog for Christmas one year and forgot to inform him not to put the damn thing in his mouth. Just an ugly scene ... my 5 year old brother, dead, with a puppy stuffed in his mouth. He choked to death. A real shame.

We really need to get those dogs off the market.
ED [18-09-2008 10:24] 
Ter - you would be surprised, I remember that being a big deal back when it happened. Parents were freaking out that kids would kill themselves with their toys and kids were PO'd because their toys were being made less fun all because of a few idiots.
Terence [18-09-2008 08:45] 
ED- i wasnt being all that serious. i just found the whole conversation so surreal and absurd that i just had to join in!
matthew [18-09-2008 04:39] 
quote: Some Pigs are more equal than others.

true enough.

especially in the political arena. altho, truthfully, i've run into my share of pigs in the corporate world. maybe they should pursue a career in politics!

hey, now there's an idea!!!!
ED [18-09-2008 03:36] 
Terence - I never said the Boba Fett missle firing figure was released to the public. I said I have spoken with collector's who claimed to have had one as a child and I personally know someone who claims to have salvaged one with the rocket glued in and made it to where it could fire again. Since I have never seen one of these figures first hand that is why I referred to it as a "legend". I do remember the Battlestar Galactica incident but the current events story we had in school when I was in 7th grade was for an incident involving a small Shogun Warriors figure. I never liked those small Shoguns but I immediately went out and bought the only one I could find that still had the small missles - the Gaiking (sp?) dragon ship which I still have. They reissued the Battlestar Galactica ships with the rockets molded in and just destroyed the play value of the toys. The small Shogun figures had their missles inlarged to ridiculous porportions but at least they still shot something.
Puff Chrissy Adama [18-09-2008 02:00] 
You mean to tell me a child choked on a frakking toaster?
Chris M [18-09-2008 00:45] 
Week 3 NFL Picks on.....Check me out!
Michael [17-09-2008 22:10] 
ED and Chris, thanks for the responses last week. And T, thanks for clearing things up. Did the kid choke on a Cylon?
Terence [17-09-2008 20:04] 
ok ok now thatthe comment section is up i can finally get this out of my system.

Ed and Chris- the boba fett toy w/ firing rocket was not i repeat not released to the public. and for the second time i will repeat the only ones in existence are the prototypes which are unpainted. and no no kid ever choked on a missile from a boba fett and died thereby depriving you guys of your precious figure. but one kid did die from choking on a Battlestar Galactic toy which was also manufactured by Kenner who speedily halted the production of the Boba Fett missile launching child killer figure. so there is the real story and now you guys know it and your welcome.

it's all in the pudding:

Eric Blair [17-09-2008 18:56] 
Some Pigs are more equal than others.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
End of Comments    

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