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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 446  (Vol. 9, No. 41). This edition is for the week of October 6--12, 2008.

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Halloween, New York Style
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In Memorium: Dottie Carlson

Is it me or does this seem like the lamest presidential debate season ever?

Tuesday night's debate between Barack Obama and John McCain was at least slightly more compelling than the Biden/Palin fiasco, but not by much, both major sleep-inducers.

I'll confess, hearing the first half on the radio just waking up myself (my alarm clock is set to start the radio), I initially thought McCain edged Obama in the first half of the debate. Later, when I arrived at work, that Obama dominated the second.

My constituents have given me major crap about that because it was so obvious, they said, that McCain was desperate and confused the whole time while Obama wore the night like a comfy jacket.

Well, even I could tell that McCain was coming off as a very angry old man, full of resentment towards the younger upstart. His recent pledge to fight more aggressively (read: dirtier) towards the end of the race was showing evidence here.

Briefly put, I think hearing only the audio portion may be partly why I saw McCain as speaking from experience and Obama speaking only in a future tense, not that that's necessarily a bad thing. Neither side was particularly aggressive with follow-ups, and both were moderated heavily by newscaster Tom Brokaw.

Brokaw got in some shots himself, like when he reminded Obama that there are lights placed to alert him when his response time was up, not to mention Brokaw was apparently waving his arms wildly trying to get both candidates' attention to that end. Later, when the two candidates met in center stage to shake hands, they obscured the teleprompter, so Brokaw had to ask them to move, haha.

Regardless, the pundits, with a few exceptions, have pretty much given the night -- and the race -- to Obama. Barring a revelation of a major scandal in the Obama camp (and I mean something more substantial than the Bill Ayers thing), I think we're looking at the next President of the United States.

This story came in after the PCR was "put to bed" last week (although the late-arriving Mike's Rant mentioned it on Sunday), and you've all no doubt heard the news by now, but I wanted to offcially acknowledge that O.J. Simpson was found guilty of all 12 charges in the casino-robbery/heist-kidnapping case where he tried to...er....repossess....some of his sports memorabilia. At the time of this writing, he's looking at a life sentence.

This is a guy who 13 years ago got away with murder! And yet, he's being sent up the river over a robbery charge. All he had to do is lay low, maybe move out of the country (a la Michael Jackson) and he would've been stayed an undeservingly free man. But no. I guess he figured his charmed, above-the-law existence would preclude any jury from finding him guilty of anything, so he got real careless, got busted, and is likely in jail for the rest of his life.

The sweet justice of it all.

R.I.P. Dottie Carlson
From PCR #326, July 2006: Together in Sanford, FL, in front of the home of magician Harry Wise. From left, Dottie Carlson, Harry Wise, Nolan Canova, and Charlie Carlson. Photo by Will Moriaty.
Political and environmental activist, performer, and wife of legendary Florida "Weird" writer Charlie Carlson, Dottie Diehl Carlson, sadly, has lost her battle with cancer. She was 59.

Dottie was diagnosed with lung cancer only two weeks ago, she had no symptoms whatsoever, and went into the ER for the flu and that is when her problem was discovered. It was short and quick, and needless to say, devastating. In the few days prior she had been sleeping so she did not suffer during that final period. This whole ordeal hit out of nowhere.

The Memorial Services will be at 1:30 PM on Friday, October 10th at the Oaklawn Cemetery Chapel 5000 County Rd 46A (Just off Interstate-4) in Sanford, Florida. Following the chapel service, there will have a graveside service across the street. For your information the Oaklawn office telephone is 407-322-4263. On Friday evening at 7:30 PM for those on the east coast who cannot make the above service or want to attend an additional dedication, there will be a Drumming and Candlelight Circle in New Smyrna Beach in the parking lot behind The Lotta Scents Book & Gift Shop on Canal Street.

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Local Film Legend Puff Chrissy [13-10-2008 07:49] 
ED [12-10-2008 13:11] 
Mike - that Jaws costume is the single worst example of the old "picture of what you are supposed to be on your chest" style we grew up with. I remember laughing at that one and the one of the eel from The Deep in K-Mart. I never knew they reissued it for Jaws 2.
Michael [12-10-2008 10:39] 
ED - great point. I remember that rant and it was indeed worthy of a top 10 finish. Great that you got him to inscribe it to you. One of my prized autographs came from David Huddleston who appeared in "Blazing Saddles." He told me to "Blow it out your ass, Howard!" which is a line I've used hundreds of times when I disagree with someone. He even added a P.S. - "Oh Prarie Sh**!"

Sorry to see Chris M. didn't get his NFL picks in. If I lose this week I'm sending the bookies to his house to collect.

Chris W - great piece on the costumes of the past. I still have the JAWS and JAWS 2 ones that Ben Cooper put out (though they basically are the same - just a "2" and the logo were changed on the clothing part - the shark mask is the same.)
Nolan [12-10-2008 08:55] 
PCR writer Chris Munger regrets to inform everyone that Sports Talk couldn't be updated this week due to computer/internet issues, but will resume as soon as these issues are resolved, hopefully by next week. We regret any inconvenience this causes. Oh yeah, and...

ED [12-10-2008 07:30] 
Mike - the people at the website who came up with the "F List" obviously never saw House of 1000 Corpses. If they had, Sid Haig would have been at the top of that list for his rant at a would be thief (who doesn't like fried chicken) trying to rob his store. I have a poster from the film which he inscribed with the same rant to me!
matthew [12-10-2008 05:28] 
Dottie sounds like she was really something special. I'm sorry I never got a chance to meet her.
Nolan [09-10-2008 22:50] 
To Charlie, and Charlie III: I am honored to have known Dottie Carlson and it is only fitting that, in however small way I can, try and contribute to her memory. I thank you for posting here, sirs.

To Owl Goingback: We've never met, but I hope to change that very soon. Will Moriaty's told me a lot about you. Thank you for posting, sir.

To the filmmaker who keeps trying to promote his movie at HHPS '08 and getting his comments removed: Burying the hatchet is not the issue. You did a lot of damage and I'm not the only one moderating here, you know. There are probably about three of us going to the UT showing, so you can stop now.
Charlie [09-10-2008 18:45]  
Thank you bunches, Nolan, for your memorial tribute to Dot. The front page headlines of today's newspaper referred to her as an "Environmental Lion", I thought it was an appropriate title for an environmental warrior of her degree. Not just saying it because of my loss, but people like her and our dear friend Will Moriaty really do make a difference when it comes to protecting the nature of our state. Dot will always be with us in spirit, but those of us in the physical world will be the ones to do the work saving this planet. We should all heed the warning signs if we want to continue to breath oxygen and drink water and see a live tree. As Dot would say, "We only have one earth...better take care of it."
Chris Woods [09-10-2008 18:16] 
I'm very sorry to hear about Dottie. I never met her or anyone from the Carlson family but heard a lot about Charlie.

ED - Glad you liked the article. Those costumes were pretty bad but at the time very cool. As I got older I started making my own costumes too with old clothes and monster make-up. I still bought a bunch of the rubber monster masks.
Lonnie Dohlen [09-10-2008 13:24]  
Ed,are u going to Screamfest 2008.I know where it is @Spooky empire.com.But I wasn't sure if you & your friends would be there.I thought with you busy 2 your new job.
Lisa [09-10-2008 12:14]  
Dottie Carlson can never be replaced in the work she has done. She was a true Floridian who cared about our environment from the tiniest bug to the biggest tree. Her work saving gopher tortoises is to be commended. When others were silenced with intimidation by corrupt politicians and their developer buddies, Dot was not afraid to speak out in the interest of our enviroment. She was one great lady!
Nolan [09-10-2008 12:10] 
I was very happy to spotlight Dottie Carlson's achievements while she was with us, she was an incredible spirit. Thanks to all who wrote in.
Kel Roberts [09-10-2008 06:28]  
Thank you for the memorium to Dot Carlson, she was indeed the Joan of Arc when it came to Florida's environment. Her spirit will still be out there protecting us against greedy developers who are bent on destroying the last tree in the name of money.
ED [09-10-2008 05:30] 
Chris - nice Halloween piece. I remember those cheap Ben Cooper and Collegville costumes so well! I was pretty advanced in my trick or treating by the time Star Wars rolled out but Darth Vader was one of the first costumes I created rather than buying it off the shelf. After that I pretty much did my own characters from scratch.
ED [09-10-2008 03:44] 
Screamfest 2008. Who is going? How about HHN at Universal?
matthew [08-10-2008 20:50] 
so. it's been 13 years since OJ got off?


Who of us new it was, at the end of the day, that 13 is really a LUCKY number.
Charlie C. Carlson, III [08-10-2008 14:57] 
Dorothy was the best mother any son could ever want. Everytime you look into the eyes of any form of wildlife or see nature at its best you will get a glimmer of my mother. She is Mother Nature now as she was Mother Nature incarnate. She will always be with me wherever I go. My wife, Joyce will also miss her wisdom and as my wife takes on the role of the new matriarch of the family my mother will be with Joyce every step of the way. Our two sons, Charlie Carlson, IV and Andrew Merritt Carlson will miss their grandmother but she will be watching over them every step they make throughout their lives. It is not so much a goodbye but more of a different means for my mother to keep watch over this family. We love you, Mom.
Owl Goingback [08-10-2008 13:17]  
Dottie Carlson was a very special person. She was quick with a smile and a hug, loyal to her friends and family, and fearless in a fight. She will be missed.

[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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