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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 448  (Vol. 9, No. 43). This edition is for the week of October 20--26, 2008.

"Pride and Glory"
ScreamFest '08
Trick or Treat?
It Was A No Brainer .... .... .... t
Nostra-biden .... Finally (maybe) .... Sorry Dolph .... Passing On .... .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1974 Should Have Gone To... o

Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series
Movie Ticket Give-Away
Guest Editorial: Remembering Rudy Ray Moore by John Miller
DRAGOON Finale....Sort Of.
Tucker TV and Spider-Fan Stories

World Series: GO RAYS!
10-24-08. Thursday, the Rays won over Philadelphia 4-2 in the Series' second game, which also marks the first World Series win ever for the Tampa team. Tonight, (Friday), game three in Philadelphia.

10-23-08. The Rays lost to Philadelphia 3-2 in the Series' opener. Tonight (Thursday), game TWO!

10-22-08. As I write these words, Wednesday afternoon, October 22, The Tampa Bay Rays baseball team (formerly the Devil Rays) is hours away from playing its first game in the World Series, this one against the Philadephia Phillies. This is a HUGE deal in Tampa, where the Rays never finished a season higher than fourth place in the 10 seasons prior to this one.

I'm sure our own Chris Munger will have much to say about this in this week's Sports Talk. (I imagine Mike and Matt will be chiming in as well!)

Movie Ticket Give-Away
Thanks to Lisa "FANGRRL" Ciurro, Crazed Fanboy is giving away free movie passes to a sneak preview of the Robert DiNero/Sean Penn comedy What Just Happened.

The film is playing in Tampa at the AMC Veterans 24 Theaters, Wednesday, October 29th, at 7:30pm. Due to limited seating, tickets are first-come, first served.

To procure a pass or two for you and a guest, please contact Lisa Ciurro at tampafilmfan@aol.com, so she can get these in the mail to you ASAP!

Remembering Rudy Ray Moore
by John Miller

Sometime around the summer of '06 my friend Richard, a 60's radical turned avid music buff, took notice of my interest in 70's cult cinema and asked if I'd like to borrow a copy of Dolemite starring a favorite performer of his by the name of Rudy Ray Moore. Having heard of the film mainly through references in rap songs, I accepted the offer half-heartedly believing that I had just volunteered to sit through a 90-minute Mad TV sketch.

Dolemite, as it turns out, wound up being everything I had ever dreamed of seeing in a motion picture. There were bad-ass Kung Fu kicking prostitutes, crooked preachers, foul-mouthed hustlers, and even a heroin junky by the name of Hamburger Pimp. It was heavenly bliss committed to celluloid. For two weeks straight, I watched this film back-to-back over and over. I was addicted. Like Linus and his blanket, where I went, my borrowed copy of Dolemite followed.

What I admired most about the film and Moore in particular was the "by any means necessary" approach to movie-making. Shot on location at Moore's home in Los Angeles for basically peanuts, the film was still able to incorporate everything Moore had wanted to see in a movie despite the limitations of a shoestring budget. In nearly every scene, you can see the nerdy sound guy holding a boom mic trying his hardest to avoid the camera. There were no sound stages, re-shoots or any of the other benchmarks that independent filmmakers attempt to smokescreen us with. This was guerilla filmmaking, taking it to the streets, and the man relying on nothing more than a entertaining story and the charisma of a performer light years ahead of his time.

Moore followed the success of Dolemite a year later with its sequel, The Human Tornado before moving on to other genre favorites such as The Monkey Hustle, The Devil's Son-In-Law and The Disco Godfather. Moore would later make attempts at re-inventing the beloved character of Dolemite for a newer generation with films such as 1999's Shaolin Dolemite and 2002's Return Of Dolemite.

Sadly comedian/actor/pioneering rap star Rudy Ray Moore was taken from us this past weekend, succumbing to diabetes in his Akron, Ohio nursing home. He was 81 years old.

DRAGOON Finale...Sort Of.
Calling it the end of the beginning of the story of a ficticious early 20th century mob family, Terence Nuzum's and John Miller's joint comics venture, DRAGOON, has posted its final chapter...for now. This week's installment finishes the introductory segment of this project and Terence will begin writing the next chapters of the saga over the coming weeks.

Tucker TV and Spider-Fan Stories
PCR's own ED Tucker (Retrorama) appears on a Jacksonville Newspaper website's video segment where he talks about film and video collecting. Go to http://www.jacksonville.com/community/, find "Community Videos" on the left-side nav bar, and click on the link that says "Vintage film collector". Congrats to ED!

Not only that, but the Retro'd one also appeared in his hometown newspaper, the Jacksonville Times Union, talking about movie fandom, but the spotlight is on his Giant Spider Invasion giant spider prop (first mentioned in PCR #356 from January, 2007). Go here: http://www.jacksonville.com/tu-online/stories/102408/met_347737972.shtml.

Readers' Comments

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Showcase Legend PG [28-10-2008 05:10] 
I second Acting Legend Puff ... kissing butt suddenly doesn't really make up for building websites to slam us. A creep is a creep is a creep. I dont even like my name on the same website as a man like him, hence my new name.
Tampa Acting Legend Puff Chrissy [28-10-2008 02:52] 
Count me down as someone who thinks it's a bad decision to have either of them mentioned, let alone writing, here. You're obviously more patient and tolerant a man than I.
Nolan [27-10-2008 23:14] 
I've heard a lot of good things about this year's HHPS weekend. Chris Passinault's review of Sunday's events will run later this week.

Commenting on anyone's "villain" status would require more room than I have here in Readers' Comments, but suffice it to say all involved parties know the score, and my decision to unite you two at this year's event was unpopular to say the least. Not everyone agrees that minimizing so much old bad history is a good idea, and I respect that, but neither do I believe that it is necessarily futile. So far, I haven't been disappointed.

I think it will work out in the end as long as everyone stays civil. I hope I don't see the process reverse itself.
Mark [27-10-2008 19:42] 
It was cool to have Chris come out to the screening last night. A very cool guy and not the villain that this site has made him out to be at all.

Nolan we will start to get screeners out for reviewers after AFM. Hey turth we wont be here again, right? Check the IFTA web site.
Nolan [27-10-2008 12:27] 
Lonnie, thanks, but I'm OK......I think, haha.
Lonnie Dohlen [27-10-2008 11:41]  
Nolan,I'm worried about you.
ED [27-10-2008 06:58] 
Chris - I am looking forward to your take on Screamfest.

Lisa - I agree with you on Tremors but I thought The Butterfly Effect got bogged down with the multiple time changes. The original ending was much more powerful and thought provoking than the commercial one they ultimately saddled the film with. I also disagree with you on Let's Scare Jessica to Death. It is slow moving but it has atmosphere to spare and does a good job of trying to bring a fresh take to the vampire mythos. This was a great drive-in flick back in the day.

Also thanks for the kind words on the newspaper stuff. I hope you got a chance to see the video. They did a pretty good job of making me look like less of a geek than I really am!
Terence [26-10-2008 14:08] 
Lisa- Thanks god someone besides me sees the brilliance in Candyman. its one of the most amazing films ever i think. its a horror movie and drama and a romance all at once. that whole ending where they show the mural on the wall is tear inducing.
Tampa TV Legend Puff Chrissy [26-10-2008 11:28] 
Nice article, Lisa. It's always nice to see some love given to THE DESCENT and TREMORS, as well as MAY.
Lisa C. [25-10-2008 16:25] 
ED -- Nice write up of Screamfest. Congrats on the Jax newspaper stuff! I haven't had a chance to check out the video yet, but I read the article. Good stuff. Pretty soon you'll be the one signing autographs and posing for photos with us commoners. :) Seriously, though, congratulations.
Chris Woods [24-10-2008 17:49] 
Terence and John - Very cool Dragoon this week as always. Great story and great art. Now that this chapter is closed I can go back and read them all back to back.

John - I liked your piece on Rudy Ray Moore. I haven't seen Dolemite yet, but would like to check it out.

ED - Enjoyed your article on Screamfest or Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend. My take on the event will be up next week.
Nolan [24-10-2008 00:18] 
I've covered the Halloween Horror Picture Show every year it's been going, Mark, and this year will be no exception. This year, like last year, I cannot personally attend, but Chris Passinault is going to be covering Sunday's show for us (like he did last year). Whatever C. Passinault writes about the event---and your movie---will go up as the official review.

I would appreciate it, though, if you could send a screener copy to my PO Box at your earliest convenience. I'll take a look at it when it arrives.
Mark [23-10-2008 22:29] 
Forget about the Rays...Nolan are you coming Sunday. You should be doing articles on Danford and me.
Terence [23-10-2008 19:16] 
ok about Dragoon. this is not the end of the series but sort of a season finale. Unger Dragoon's tale is not quite over. Funny thing is Unger's tale was meant as only a prologue to the tale of his son Arthur Dragoon but it seems the strip has taken a life of its own and when its all finished (prolly like in 2010 haha) it will prove more to be a entire families saga. For now though as me and John go our respective ways and delve into our own seperate other artistic projects i want to thank the readers for their patience with Dragoons eratic publishing schedule and also thank John Miller for gracing the story with his highly original style of art. Dragoon will return but for now if you havent already go into the archives and catch up on past issues ya lousy jack coves.
Lisa C [23-10-2008 15:19] 
Oops I forgot to say nice job, JMiller! What else ya got? My column's past due and I've got nuthin. I'll give you a sneak preview pass if you'll write my column for me... :)
Lisa C [23-10-2008 15:14] 
At the videostore where I worked for a few years in the late 80s/early 90s, the one copy of DOLEMITE was always checked out. ALWAYS. And then "lost" by the customer...then replaced...then always checked out...and so on. The videostore eventually gave up and quit buying new copies.
Nolan [23-10-2008 15:13] 
And yes, I absolutely agree that the Rudy Ray Moore retrospective is terrific! Well done, John, that's what we're all about.

Everybody be sure to check out this week's DRAGOON by John and Terence. It'll be the last one you see for a while!
Nolan [23-10-2008 15:10] 
Umm...'cuz he's just nutty like that? And..uh...didn't you just say "ass"?
Michael [22-10-2008 21:45] 
Nice job on Rudy Ray Moore, John. Hey, how come Terence can say "ass?" :-(
Terence [22-10-2008 19:43] 
great retrospective John. Dolemite is great. its easily up there with Sweet Sweetbacks BadAssss Song.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
End of Comments    

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