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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 449  (Vol. 9, No. 44). This edition is for the week of October 27--November 2, 2008.

Retro-Ween 2008
Kings of Leon: Only By The Night
Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend, 2008
by Chris Woods

Zombie Night at the Beach Theater: The Halloween Horror Picture Show, 2008
by John Miller

The Halloween Horror Picture Show 2008: A Different View
by C. A. Passinault
Happy Halloween .... Birthday Boy .... Great News Delivered .... Fantasy Football a
Anthony .... Chiller Theatre .... Spooky No Longer .... Bond...james Bond .... Sacred No Longer .... It Worked On Bewitched .... No No No No I Don't Sign Them No More .... Passing On .... And The Oscar For 1974 Should Have Gone To... n

Got an early start this week since I had a doctor's appointment Wednesday. That, of course, threw the publishing schedule off a bit, but, it's Halloween week and some columns showed up early, so, what the hell!

World Series
Most folks know I'm not all that much of a sports fan, but since I support all Tampa Bay teams, I have to make mention of the fact that the only World Series game in history to achieve "suspended" status came Monday night when game 5 between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Philadelphia Phillies was called on account of rain after 6 innings, with the score tied 2-2. At this writing (Tues, Oct. 28), the suspension is indefinite as more rain is predicted for tonight, but whenever this one resumes, it will pick up where it left off, with the Phillies about to bat in the bottom of the sixth. UPDATE, 10-31-08: The Rays wound up losing to Philadephia and so goes our dream. But, hey, we made it to second place which is still pretty impressive!

This Week...             
Upcoming Ghoulish Holiday Sale
Despite our beloved holiday occuring during a really crappy economic time in our history, most of us are trying to make the best of it regardless. To that end, the Retro'd one, ED Tucker, and yours truly are working feverishly to update the Creature Feature store for the holidays. Look for our revamped Dr. Paul Bearer video store, with several new titles added, over the next couple days or so!

Event Reviews
Last week, ED Tucker related his ScreamFest adventure, this week, Chris Woods weighs in on his experience at Orlando's ScreamFest Convention (since renamed Spooky Empire's Ultimate Weekend of Horrors presumably to avoid confusion with LA's Screamfest event), ED Tucker expresses his Retro-Ween memories, John Miller recalls what happened at The Halloween Horror Picture Show, and Chris Passinault also reports his encounter with the denizens from this year's HHPS! Plus, the return of the long-absent Music Emporium and the recently absent Sports Talk (hopefully)!

Readers' Comments

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J.MILLER [04-11-2008 06:18] 
Mike - This new Friday The 13th is a remake being released by Michael Bays Platinum Dunes...Rather then following the original story it skips ahead to Jason...
ED [04-11-2008 06:18] 
Mike - I have seen the same poster for Friday the 13th and it is a remake. I have seen a preview for it and it looks like a combination of the first two films in the original series with the hockey mask from part 3 thrown in. At the same theater, I also saw crates containing a new Spectral 3-D screen that apparently has to be installed for the new 3-D films coming out, including the My Bloody Valentine remake.
Tampa Organ Donor Puff Chrissy [04-11-2008 05:58] 
I knew today was going to be significant for reason. Congratulations, Terence. I'm certain you're proud of your achievement. You should print up your 1000th post and put it on your refrigerator door for all to see.
Michael [04-11-2008 05:13] 
Lisa, thank you for the kind words.

Glad everyone took notice of the EMPIRE list. Last night while leaving a screening I noticed a poster for a new "Friday the 13th" film. However, there was no roman numeral following the title so I'm curious if this will be a remake.

FYI: "Friday the 13th Part II" was written by Ron Kurz, who was a theatre manager in Baltimore before he sold his script. Small world.
Terence [04-11-2008 04:35] 
oh by the way everyone needs to go out and vote today! so if you are reading this and havent yet voted get to it!
Terence [04-11-2008 04:34] 
im not sure its an honor or a sign of having no life hahaha but i suppose it did take years to achieve it.
Nolan [03-11-2008 23:40] 
Congratulations to Terence on reaching the 1,000 posts mark on the Message Board! You join the lofty ranks of Brandon7221 and Oddservations , the only other two who've done that. In roughly 200 posts or so, I'll be catching up with you, haha!
Lisa C. [03-11-2008 06:37] 
Mike -- I'm very sorry to hear about your brother. I'm glad he was able to attend your wedding.

Matt -- I'm happy to hear that your test results were good news.

Jake and Bobby -- Welcome back!
Tampa Dance Sensation Puff Chrissy [03-11-2008 05:38] 
I'm thankful the Halloween franchise didn't end with the third part. We would have never witnessed how Michael Meyers stayed in a hermit cabin for one year between Halloweens. Seriously, they should have mentioned in passing along the way that when Halloween is over, Michael wanders into the woods to hibernate. This would've been better than the psychic links, comas and hermits they made up to keep the movies going.
ED [02-11-2008 15:37] 
Ter - you are correct that Season of the Witch wasn't marketed as a Michael Myers film. The ads didn't go out of their way to tell people it wasn't a Michael Meyers film either. Apparently a sizable portion of the movie going audience in the mid-80's didn't pay very close attention to anything beyond the words Halloween 3 and still expected it to be a Meyers film. This got the movie a lot of undeserved bad press. It would have been a lot smarter to just call the film Season of the Witch and presumably retire the Halloween franchise at that point but they didn't and this film suffered undeservedly because of it.
Terence [02-11-2008 14:17] 
by the way in case my comment was confusing i do in fact love Halloween III and Halloween 4 and of course Freddys Revenge.
Chris Woods [02-11-2008 14:12] 
I don't agree with most of Empire's list. Scream, Omen, Exorcist, Child's Play, they should of stopped at 1. But the Dead series, Dawn is a classic and is just as good as Night, and Day is good film too. Remakes to them shouldn't of happened. Friday the 13th was good up until Part 4, Elm St. was good until 4 (5 and 6 were ok though), Halloween 2 was good, and I'm a big fan of Season of the Witch, the rest were good up until 6 (the director's cut of 6 that is).
Terence [02-11-2008 14:07] 
to my knowledge Carpenter stated that if he were to do any sequels they wouldnt include Meyers but instead a different halloween theme every film. its not their fault people expect the film to be what it isnt. it was never marketed as a Meyers film.
ED [02-11-2008 12:55] 
I always liked and still like Season of the Witch. I think it stands on it's own as a creepy little 80's horror film. The big mistake was trying to market it as part of the Halloween franchise. As an avid Fangoria reader, I knew this film had nothing to do with Michael Myers long before it was released. I can't tell you how many fellow high school kids I knew who came in griping the Monday morning after this movie was released because they plunked down their money and Michael was nowere to be found. It was just crappy marketing and greedy studios that killed an otherwise enjoyable little film.
Terence [02-11-2008 11:48] 
that list is pretty moronic but they are dead on about The Exorcist, The Omen, and Scream. I like how none of you object to Nightmare On Elm Street and Halloween. i wouldnt be the same if i had not had Freddys Revenge, Dream Master, Season of the Witch, and Return of Michael Meyers in my childhood.
ED [02-11-2008 06:58] 
Empire doesn't know what the hell it is talking about with the Phantasm films. I don't think any of the sequels has met or exceeded the bar set by the first film but each one brings something worthwhile to the table. The fact that this series is directed, produced, and stars the same group of people who really care about it is what makes it continually enjoyable.
Tampa Fitness Guru Puff Chrissy [02-11-2008 06:01] 
I always said that if F13th had ended with the first one, it would have been noted as a classic because of its shock ending. With that said, I'm a huge fan of the fourth part.

As for Phantasm, I'm one of those people who can't get enough of the series.
J.MILLER [02-11-2008 05:17] 
I have to take exception to Empire Magazines "THE HORROR FILM SERIES THAT SHOULD HAVE STOPPED WITH ONE" list that appeared in this weeks Mikes Rant..

Its sacrilege to even suggest Dawn, Day or Land were not worthy sequals to Night Of The Living Dead...If they want to make a list of movies that should not have been remade then thats different...

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is one of the coolest horror flicks of the 80's...What could be better then Choptop or watching Dennis Hopper with a chainsaw in each hand going crazy on a log?
Michael [01-11-2008 22:41] 
Great issue, everyone. Belated Halloween wishes!
Nolan [01-11-2008 11:16] 
To Bob, re: "dudes and dudettes": I think you can be credited with introducing that into our lexicon!
Tampa Ghetto Superstar Paul Guzzo [01-11-2008 09:18] 
Halloween .... oh my head.... oh my HEAD!!! MAKE IT STOP HURTING!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Tampa Urban Legend Puff Chrissy [01-11-2008 05:15] 
I hope everyone had a great Halloween. We certainly partied it up over here last night.
Bob [31-10-2008 22:20] 
Everyone says dudes and dudettes these days haha
matthew [31-10-2008 18:07] 
Happy Halloween dudes and dudettes!
May it be a haunt that you never will forgets
Peter Peter Pumpkin eater, raise your glasses high
Party Hearty don't be tardy, Halloween is nigh'

Rock on!
Chris Woods [31-10-2008 15:43] 
Happy Halloween everyone!

John - Awesome article. I had a great time going there and it was a great Halloween event.
ED [31-10-2008 10:55] 
Nolan - I would love to see that guys mask collection. That's one avenue of collecting I never went down but those Don Post masks display incredible craftsmanship.
The Immortal Paul Guzzo [31-10-2008 08:58] 
J.MILLER [31-10-2008 08:31] 
Paul - Danford played a part in the event...But to what extent I am not certain...The Beach Theatre has put on these zombie nights a few times over the last year...Plus they didn't really play any movies that havn't been shown there before...With the exception of maybe Friday nights Evil Dead 2 which I sadly missed...

He may have been responsible for getting The Funeral Dazies to show...Which whoever booked should be applauded for...Other then that I am assuming his deal was on Sunday with the indie fest...

From what I could tell this event was going to happen whether Gaspirilla or HHPS were involved or not...
J.MILLER [31-10-2008 08:26] 
Thanks for the kind words guys...It means alot.

Nolan [31-10-2008 08:24] 
Paul, I keep getting confusing reports about that. CAP's upcoming review hints at a "lack of branding" on Danford's part, it seemed pretty much all Gasparilla.
Tampa God Paul Guzzo [31-10-2008 08:04] 
Two things to mention about the Horror Show - It was put together by Rick Danford and the Gasparilla Film Fest
Nolan [31-10-2008 07:51] 
To ED, re: Retro-Ween. If memory serves, some guy actually recreated that wonderful Captain Company ad for Don Post's whole-head masks as a sort of book-shelf looking thing. He had all the original masks and propped them in their "box" just like in the ad, so that if you looked at it from the front. it looked amazingly like the print ad....only it was right there in front of you in real life! The power of crazed fandom, eh? And the power of an advertisement that was as memorable as the product it was selling.
Nolan [31-10-2008 07:45] 
Absolutely. John just keeps getting better and better....

If next year's show is anything like this year's, I will NOT miss it again! Congrats to all involved.
Tampa Hero Paul Guzzo [31-10-2008 07:23] 
Good article John!
Terence [30-10-2008 21:40] 
Happy Halloween everybody!
Tampa Showcasing Showcaser Puff Chrissy [30-10-2008 04:35] 
And a Happy New Year!
Steve Beasley [29-10-2008 23:09] 
MAD MATT [29-10-2008 18:52] 
Chris Woods [29-10-2008 15:24] 
ED - I have't yet listened to the commentary on the Dracla Vs. Frankenstein DVD, but I'll check it out soon. Enjoyed your Retro-Ween article. I remember the Universal Monsters toys from Remco. They also put out some hand puppets of the monsters. I had The Mummy which also came with a little Mummy's tomb.
ED [29-10-2008 05:55] 
Chris - you need to listen to Sam Sherman's commentary on the DVD of Dracula Vs. Frankenstein. You will find that this film is the cinematic equivalent of road kill chilli! It's not something that you want to eat very often but you know you will never find that same combination of ingrediants in one pot again even if you tried!
Tampa Sex Legend Paul Guzzo [28-10-2008 19:55] 
Merry Christmas everyone!
End of Comments    

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