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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 450  (Vol. 9, No. 45). This edition is for the week of November 3--9, 2008.

"Soul Men"
Halloween Horror Nights 2008
An Attitude of Gratitude
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Obama Wins
Election Day
Evil Santa Visits The Castle
Readers Comments

...and a very old question is answered

Posted by Nolan Canova: November 5, 2008

Walter Cronkite, Nov. 4, 92 yrs.
Mason Troupe, Nov. 4, 18 yrs
Joe Davison, Nov. 14, 33 yrs.
Jake Tipton, Nov. 17, 18 yrs.
ED Tucker, Nov. 20, 42 yrs.
John Lewis, Nov. 21, 54 yrs.
Forrest J Ackerman, Nov. 24, 92 yrs.
David "The Rock" Nelson, Nov. 27, 52 yrs.
Long-time readers of this website will recall many references I've made to a question brought up in the earliest years of the post-civil rights movement: Would a black man or a white woman be the first "minority" to break the glass ceiling of Presidential election? (Interestingly, a black woman was not considered a realistic possibility in our lifetimes.)

Today, 40 years after Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech, and my peers and I discussed this topic ad nauseum in high school social studies classes, we finally have our answer.

Barack Hussein Obama, Senator from Illinois, has been elected the 44th President of the United States of America, and did so by a substantial margin over rival John McCain, the Senator from Arizona.

I consider myself lucky to have lived during a time of such social and technological revolution as we've seen since the 1960s. I've witnessed some amazing things, and there are relatively few big mysteries left unresolved. Now, one more has been laid to rest.

Congratulations, Senator Obama, and best of luck with what faces you now. You're going to need it.

Amendment 2
Well....most mysteries have been laid to rest. I've yet to divine the answer to the extreme threat that gay marriage poses for so many people, but whatever.

Florida's "Amendment 2", or the Definition of Marriage as a legal union between "One Man and One Woman", has successfully passed. I'm sure everyone can sleep more soundly knowing this is in place now.

Hmmm....now I guess I need to start a new question: regardless of gender or race, who will be the first to break another "minority" glass ceiling for President -- an openly gay candidate, or an atheist? Or...a gay atheist?

Election Day
Posted by Nolan Canova: November 4, 2008

It's 10:00am, Tuesday, November 4th, Election Day as I'm writing this. I got back from voting a couple hours ago. Due to schedule concerns, I won't be able to update this section until morning, and by that time, a new president will have been elected. I feel all giddy inside.

Went pretty well. Couldn't have asked for a more perfect morning to wait in line to cast my ballot. Overcast sky, cool, slight breeze.

Got there about 6:50am. My precinct is only a couple blocks from my house, so transportation was never an issue, I walked (I always do). The line was already wrapped partway around the building. When the polls opened at 7:00am, the line moved pretty swiftly inside. I have to suspect the record turn-out for early voting was probably responsible for easing this process somewhat.

Now that it's all said and done, though, I have to say, I'm not a fan of the new voting method being used in Hillsborough County this year. They give you two big sheets of thick paper with all the voting items on them and each item has a little oval shape next to it. With either a #2 pencil, or a small marker (whatever they give you), you color in the little ovals. YUCK. I haven't done that since high school. What a throwback!

Then you insert your ballot into what looks to all the world like a paper shredder (haha), perched atop a large garbage can that collects the paper ballots.

Right off it felt like an unreliable and fragile system. I was perfectly fine with the punch-hole system ("hanging chads" be damned), and I even took quickly to the electronic touch-screen machines (hi-tech and all). But, I believe this new system was adopted to appease those who still cringe at the memory of 2000's hanging chads (and endless recounts) and felt the succeeding electronic system was too easy to hack.

Evil Santa's Halloween Visit
Whatever. I've got an uneasy feeling that the totals will be challenged, but then again, if the predicted landslide happens, no one's going to care anyway.

So who did I vote for President? For those who know me and how left I lean (all Commie-pinko and everything, haha), it shouldn't come as a shock. I've never voted Republican and I wasn't about to start now. I considered writing in Ron Paul and even a protest vote for Ralph Nader. But, alone in the booth, I just couldn't do it.

The one item I would like to discuss is "Amendment 2", the Florida Constitutional Amendment that defines marriage as being between one man and one woman. What unadulterated horseshit. Who's idea was it to tamper with the constitution over this nonsense? Gay marriage is already illegal in Florida! What are they that afraid of? That "activist judges" are going to OK medical benefits to gay couples? What do they care!!! Do they really think for one moment that after this passes (if it passes, and it probably will) taxes are going to go down or something? No, it just gives the hypocrites and the holier-than-thou a wonderful opportunity to legalize second-class citizenry. In contempt and protest, I took great pleasure in voting "No" to this one.

Anyway, total time expended on this morning's adventure came to an hour and five minutes, counting the walk to and fro. Not bad, and a little ironic that the "early voting" episodes, which were designed to be convenient by avoiding long lines, wound up being anything but.

However, the record turn-outs are an encouraging display of Democracy in action. Now, we wait....

Readers' Comments

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Friend to Local Models Paul Guzzo [11-11-2008 07:11] 
I never understand why religious people use God as an argument against gay marriage ... from what I understand, in order for God to recognize your marriage, you must get married by a priest or minister, etc... So whether or not the state recognizes a marriage does not change the fact that God does not recognize the marriage, right? I could be wrong. I'm not too well read on the church's views of gay marriage or what defines a true marriage.
Tampa Late Night Sensation Puff Chrissy [11-11-2008 06:43] 
Re: Brandon: Puff, I'd like to politely disagree. Many I think want "marriage" and the power that goes with the word. Power of attorney, shared property, healthcare surrogate can achieve the legal equivalent with a civil union. I feel the large gay population wants the word as well.

And I agree with you. I said all of those things. I would simply argue that it amounts to a fight over the sanctity of words. A religious person believes in the sacredness of "marriage", and by allowing two people whose very nature conflicts with their beliefs to marry, then the word loses its power. I believe if gays fought for the same rights, but called it something other than marriage, some of the groups fighting them would back off.

The gay community is a new social model. It introduces new concepts, and inevitably, a new way of understanding how our society works. For gays to fight over a concept that's already outdated in the straight community, seems like stepping backwards.
Brandon [11-11-2008 05:39] 
I love that you can easily dismiss 52 million voters were brainwashed to do so. The fact the you refuse to even understand the other side, where they could be right is exactly why you are the ignorant sheep programmed to vote for the Democratic Socialist party while claiming to want a third party candidate. It's almost cute. Do you have an Obama Zombie shirt yet?
Steve [11-11-2008 00:37] 
Brandon, that's cuz they're doing as the are told. People are brainwashed from the moment they're born to believe in certain things. Some of us can see past the teachings, others however, are mired in them.

I've had the same debate with my wife. She comes from a religious family and when she says certain things, I remind her that she believes such and such because she was taught to. Of course she disputes this, claiming she can think for herself and knows these are truths. True, she can think for herself...but refuses to question her teachings.
Brandon [10-11-2008 18:21] 
Puff, I'd like to politely disagree. Many I think want "marriage" and the power that goes with the word. Power of attorney, shared property, healthcare surrogate can achieve the legal equivalent with a civil union. I feel the large gay population wants the word as well.

Beaz, the moment you want to toss aside the ridiculous stereotypes and stop pretending you understand where anyone religious is coming from, the sooner you'd contribute something valuable. The black community is rooted very strongly in the Church and those fundamentalist beliefs that include opposition to the gay lifestyle.
Paul \"The Showcase\" Guzzo [10-11-2008 12:50] 
I also bumped into a wide variety of Tampa people at AFM and AFI this year ... Mark twice, Rob Sterritt, former local actor Wolfgang Weber, and Eric Odum and others from Gasparilla, as well as a host of others people on this board don't know personally .. Although Nolan, you remember Richard, the editor from Tampa Digital - he is doing awesome, regularly editing big time Hollywood films. Good time overall ... saw a Hoffman world premiere and a Tilda Swinton tribute as well.
Chris Woods [10-11-2008 09:33] 
Hey Paul, that's cool. I haven't seen Raven wrestle in a long time. He last wrestled for TNA a few years back but lately I think he just wrestles in indie shows. That's cool he's working on a film.
Paul Guzzo [09-11-2008 21:02] 
Hey Woods, I hung out Raven in LA this week! I bumped into him at AFM. He is promoting a film he just starred in. Cool guy. Wish I had a camera.
ED [08-11-2008 09:50] 
I recently saw a science fiction documentary with Forry where he was looking long in the tooth. He stated that he plans to live to be 100 and I sure hope he makes it. He is certainly in the top 10 list of people fanboys owe the most gratitude to. Famous Monsters was a big part of my life growing up and I still love re-reading old issues.
Nolan [08-11-2008 06:46] 
Matthew -- I had heard that Forry was very ill, but I didn't know it was from complications from pneumonia. I remember his mother lived to be either 92 or 93. That might indicate he's nearing the end -- but he's also lived through a heart attack (in his 40s) and two brain surgeries (in his 80s!). I certainly hope he survives this latest health downturn as well.
matthew [08-11-2008 04:18] 
Wanted to let all fanboys know that forrest j ackerman, 91, is very ill after battling the aftermath of pneumonia. many of his longtime friends and fans (jim warren, john landis, rick baker, etc) have dropped by to see him as he struggles to recover.

the news report in england that he died is, happily, incorrect. he is, however, struggling to recover and is very weak.

please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
J.MILLER [08-11-2008 00:31] 
Ed - Cool coverage of HHN...I've skipped the last two years after attending the previous four...

The first time is always the best because you don't realize its basically the same houses year after year...

For a few years both Islands of Adventure and Universal were connected and you could stroll through either parks attractions...It really eased up line congestion...

By now I hope Universal has done away with the dreadful Twister ride/show/whatever...Its always like an hour wait to get in...Then once in your forced to listen to boring Bill Paxson chirp on as slowly as possible about how non interesting Twisters are...
Steve Beasley [07-11-2008 11:48] 
Yay for Obama!

Now, as for Amendment 2...those that voted for the ban are secretly afraid that they themselves might be gay...and what would their strictly conservative fathers think of them? OMG! My son/daughter is a flamer! How, um...satanic! Then they'll start consulting the very first book ever printed on a printing press in pursuit of how to prevent it.

Surely that book is considered "passed-it's-use-by -date", by now?

Tampa Comic Book Legend Puff Chrissy [07-11-2008 08:01] 
I think the gay community compares their strife with the civil rights movement because it's the only mainstream American example they can hold onto. But the gay community's problems are so fundamentally different, that for them to succeed, they'll need to create a different social model.

They need to move the argument away from defining words to defining what it is exactly that they want. I think they might be surprised to learn that they'd many religious groups would back off if gays would simply stay away from the "sacred" words believers cling so stubbornly to.

Gays don't want marriage. They want the idea of marriage, and especially the perks that come with it (and I don't blame them). If gays create a new vocabulary to support their ideas, then they've taken away the vocabulary for people to argue.
matthew [07-11-2008 06:07] 
Brandon, as amazing as it sounds you and I once again find ourselves in agreement.

Gay marriage advocates should have NEVER tried to align themselves with the plight that befell those seeking civil rights back in the 60's. What they SHOULD have done, from the START, is simply demand EQUAL RIGHTS.

The argument that Gay marriage would destroy the sanctity of 'Marriage' is rediculous. Heterosexuals have already done that a million times over.
Nolan [06-11-2008 22:41] 
To Brandon: Good point about lack of movements to legalize gay marriage via constitutional amendment (outside of whatever comes out of protest marches), but I think it's possible no one thought it would come to prohibition by states' constitutional amendments, a fairly recent development. At least the Federal movement is stalemated.

To Joel: Yes, many of us are going, hope to see you there. Got anything to comment on the news topics of the week?
Joel D. Wynkoop [06-11-2008 21:04]  
Hey guys, just throwing this up there in case anyone is interested. Anyone going to the TAMPA COMIC CON AND TOY CONVENTION? Best to everyone. -- Joel
Brandon [06-11-2008 17:57] 
The big problem with the "movement" is that it's been one-sided. Why hasn't there been an amendment to LEGALIZE the marriage? There have only been Bans proposed.

The one big hurdle I see is the gay community continuing to compare their strife to the civil rights movement.
Tampa Somber Soothsayer Puff Chrissy [06-11-2008 04:01] 
That's the problem, Brandon; once a movement of bigotry ends, there is always another waiting to take its place.
Brandon [05-11-2008 14:12] 
I was surprised to see that in both California and Florida, the amendments effecting gay marriage had a 70+% opposition in the black community.

Tampa Master Thespian Puff Chrissy [05-11-2008 13:58] 
Shame about Crichton. I've always enjoyed his books. Even when his book was bad, he knew how to keep me turning the pages.
Nolan [05-11-2008 11:29] 
Michael Crichton, R.I.P. The author of such works as The Andromeda Strain, Westworld, The Terminal Man, Coma, Jurassic Park, and creator of ER, Michael Crichton, has died at 66 of complications from cancer.
J.MILLER2 [05-11-2008 05:50] 
I don't think Amendment 2 passed because of bigotry...

First time voters wrapped up in Presidential politics, lack of information regarding the issue and possible confusion over the wording...

The irony is that...The same conservative black evangelicals who helped propel Obama into the White House may have contributed to this passing...
Sickened by Discrimination [05-11-2008 04:45] 
Yet Kevin Beckner, an openly gay candidate, is elected to the County Commission ... I don't get it. How does that damn amendment go through? How on a night that shows racism is dying, does such a discriminatory amendment pass?
J.MILLER2 [04-11-2008 21:51] 
Considering how high the divorce rates are in this country its a shame we can't ban strait marriage...

Terence [04-11-2008 21:35] 
thats because Florida is full of religous wack jobs who want to impose their beliefs on other people.
JakeT [04-11-2008 21:22] 
Amendment 2 passed, pretty overwhelmingly if I heard right.

Sad, sad, sad.
Posting Legend Paul Guzzo [04-11-2008 14:13] 
I brought my game to the comments section weeks ago ... get off my bandwagon. This is my world! MY WORLD!
Tampa Crime Mime Puff Chrissy [04-11-2008 12:54] 
I considered posting it on the board, Lisa, but I actually find it more enjoyable in the comments section these days. Unlike post-hogs like Terence, Nolan and the Guzzo, I'm not in it for the numbers! I'm in it for the love.
The Drop Dead Gorgeous Lisa C. [04-11-2008 12:36] 
Puff -- Great list! You are the "PC" in "PCR". You forgot to post it on the message board, though. Such a glaring oversight makes me question your drive and determination. You've gotta be in it to win it. Focus!!
Tampa Smart Shopper Puff Chrissy [04-11-2008 08:07] 
Here are some ways of increasing your post count here at PCR:

1) Respond in every thread, even those you have nothing to contribute to.

2) Never answer questions. Instead, post more questions.

3) Start numerous threads about the same subject.

4) Create a sock puppet and then become a "king" at responding to yourself.

5) Write an angry post about never returning to the message board.

6) Write a post to celebrate your return to the message board.

7) Invite people to abandoned buildings to watch movies with you.

8) Write about who is unprofessional.

9) correct everyone's grammar

And when all else fails,

10) Spam, spam, spam.
Everyone's All American Paul Guzzo [04-11-2008 07:48] 
hey guys ... there will be no new film news this week. Sorry ... going out of town for the week tonight. Will return next week.
First Poster of 2008 Lisa C. [04-11-2008 07:37] 
Re: Terence's 1,000th Message Board post. The race to 1,000 posts is on! Paul Guzzo is in the lead with a strong 980. Nolan's in the #2 spot with 797, followed closely by Samuel Catalino at 760. Next up is Puff Chrissy with 497, with JMiller2 fast approaching at 422. Meanwhile tampafilmfan is limping along at a measly 312, although she was the first one to post on the message board in 2008 and still wears her award crown whenever posting.

Game on!
Tampa Men's Bathroom Legend Paul Guzzo [04-11-2008 06:19] 
I voted for Bush again.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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