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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 452  (Vol. 9, No. 47). This edition is for the week of November 17--23, 2008.

by Nolan Canova and Chris Woods
Show Review: Renninger's Antiques Extravaganza 2008
The Uptown Theater
Duhnavan Mcnabb .... Oh Where Oh Where Has My Septic Tank Gone.... .... Forry Resurrected .... u
Who Was That Guy (or Gal)? .... The Moose .... The Winners Are .... Holiday Movies .... .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1951 Should Have Gone To... h

The Nightmare on Elm Street, 45 Years Ago

A few readers wrote me over the weekend regarding the 45th anniversary of president John F. Kennedy's assassination, which happened November 22, 1963. The anniversary was yesterday as I'm writing this, and I fully intended to post at that time. In my defense, I can tell you I spent the entire day in bed very ill and was barely on the computer at all. I'm much better now, however, and would like to comment on this bloody awful occasion.

I was in the third grade. Right about lunchtime that fateful day, Nov. 22, 1963, one of the administrators of the Catholic school I attended got on the intercom to announce that the President had been killed. We were all to assemble in church for grief counciling.

Even at that age I knew this was a pretty big deal. The "duck and cover" excercises we practiced in class during the Cuban Missle Crisis (to, you know, take cover in event of a nuclear holocaust!), were still fresh in my mind. I didn't follow the news all that much at 8 years old, but I definitely remember being a fan of Kennedy and the gravity of this situation. I also remember the conspiracy theories started virtually immediately.

I do not intend to debate here and now whether the Kennedy presidency was all it was cracked up to be, and I know there are factions on both sides who wrestle with that question constantly. Side-stepping Lee Harvey Oswald, the Warren Commission Report, "Camelot", and the Zapruder Film for the moment (and not intending to trivialize same), I simply want to reflect what happened in America afterwards regarding pop culture.

I've said it many times before, but to me, the cultural revolution of the 1960s, truly started with the Kennedy assassination, for better or for worse. With the necessary inclusion of television as a catalyst, the pop culture landscape would change irrevocably after this date, starting with the British Invasion and The Beatles. If Kennedy had lived, it may not have happened at all, or would be vastly different. Society's shock ("loss of innocence" as it were) was mollified by taking refuge in pop culture media. The WWII generation's culture seemed suddenly hopelessly obsolete as the coming-of-age Baby Boomer generation steered the ship. Suddenly, there were no taboos. There were no limits. There was no looking back.

Ironically, it is that very hope for change and a brighter tomorrow that's usually associated with Kennedy's "Camelot" administration that helped fuel the revolution. We went to the Moon in 1969 because Kennedy said it was possible and we were going to do it.

Anyone who grew up during that time shares a common memory of political turmoil (Vietnam), radical change, envelope-pushing/taboo-breaking (pop music, TV, movies), and conspiracy theories (you name it). It's like was not repeated again, nor is it likely to, at least in my lifetime.

Of course, a sitting president being martyred at a tragically young age would cement his place in history anyway, but that JFK remains to this day the standard icon for hope and change is a testament to his standing the test of time.

Updates and More

Well, things are slowly coming back under control. This week's Tampa Film Review for November has been updated and corrected. La Floridiana (a surprise, I wasn't expecting one this week, and certainly not this big!) and Retrorama are up and loaded. A few more reviews got posted to Schlockarama: Grindhouse while I was asleep (thanks guys!) and the Message Board, as always, is hoppin'.

I'm planning at least two more fairly major commentaries before year's end, and I hope that I can get to 'em in between all the chaos. One will speculate on the future of video, the other, on the Tampa Indie Film scene, and where it seems to stand now.

Hard to believe I'm already talking about the end of the year issues. Seems like only yesterday I was struggling to complete the 2008 site upgrade -- which I finally got done about the third issue into the year! -- and now we're knocking at the door of 2009.

For those of you who may be out of town next week, I'll take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. To everyone else, I'll see you next week, right here!

Let's Try That Again

OK, I'll start out by apologizing for what was most probably the lamest homepage update for a Wednesday ever, but I appreciate the comments posted for The Tampa Film Review, the only column ready in time.

Today's (Thursday's) homepage update isn't much better since I thought I'd get home from work sooner, but I wanted to put something here to let you know I'm still in the game.

If Chris Woods' Growing Up Fanboy column isn't up by the time you read this, it soon will be. FANGRRL is on a brief hiatus while Lisa Ciurro takes care of some pressing personal business, and Sports Talk is...well....I don't know exactly what it is. Writer Chris Munger has had some computer problems, but keeps reassuring me the next column is on the way. Keep your fingers crossed.

A new Retrorama and a new La Floridiana will likely be up sometime Friday!


An indescribably bad work schedule has stymied all attempts at a decent update for today, save for the Tampa Film Review for November. I will be back first thing tomorrow morning (Thur) with something more substantial. ---Nolan

Readers' Comments

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Nolan [24-11-2008 23:40] 
Ditto, Happy Birthday Forry, who turned 92 November 24th. Happy to know he made it back from his recent health scare.
Matthew [24-11-2008 16:45] 
Today is Forrest J Ackerman's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Uncle 4e
Professional Event Planner Paul Guzzo [23-11-2008 09:28] 
Hey guys, I started a thread in the message board looking for suggestions for films to show at the five year TFR anniversary in January... please visit it and give your opinion. I want to show one film from each year of the TFR.
The Unauthorized Paul Guzzo [23-11-2008 09:13] 
Will!!! Good to see you back! Great article.
Lonnie Dohlen [22-11-2008 13:12]  
Nolan,Remember what Bobby McFerrin sang 20 Years Ago-DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY.I use that every now & then when I'm having problems.
Steve Beasley [21-11-2008 21:30] 
Another fantastic piece by Will Moriaty. He included some of my favorite bands, ie, Del Shannon, Bobby Darrin, Martin Denny, Esquivel, etc. There's only one more I might have included and that's Louis Prima, but I'm sure Will is quite familiar with Prima and perhaps it just didn't fit.

I've been to Renninger's Antique Fair in Mt. Dora and ED's absotively, posolutely right! You can find most anything there, if you take your sweet time moseying up and down the aisles.
Chris Woods [21-11-2008 16:27] 
I second that. Will, excellent article. It was a very great read about the pop culture of the 1960's. I can't wait for part 2.
Terence [21-11-2008 14:56] 
my god Will you have gone and written the Sgt. Peppers of PCR articles. there is good reason why we all say you are the best writer on here.
Terence [21-11-2008 14:55] 
oh you mean like House By The Cemetary haha
JMILLER [21-11-2008 14:36] 
Ter - Those dont count...
Nolan [21-11-2008 10:50] 
TFR Review Update: "No Eros Un Sueño", by artist MonteRosa, a Spanish-language rock music video directed by David Tinoco, has been added to the reviews. It was omitted in the earlier version of this month's reviews due to an oversight and an unmarked disc. Apologies to all.
Terence [21-11-2008 08:47] 
no John im sorry The Beyond and Zombi do not fit that criteria. are we watching the same film.
Egomaniac Paul Guzzo [21-11-2008 07:51] 
Except I'm a lot less hairy ... Obama won the election. Obama won the election. Stop it. Not You! Not You! ... Obama won the election ... Don't F with me! ... Obama won the election ... Sobs. Sobs. Sobs.
Florida Folk Singer Puff Chrissy [21-11-2008 07:46] 
Congratulations on your 1,000 posts, Paul. Be sure to update your resume accordingly.

Your current tactic on the message board reminds me of Robin Williams repeatedly telling Matt Damon that "It's not your fault" from Good Will Hunting.
JMILLER [21-11-2008 05:03] 
Chris - I love this line from your review of Zombie 3...

"there’s very bad acting, the pace of the film is very slow, and the story could have been a lot better."

You just described every Fulci flick I have ever watched...
Posting Legend Paul Guzzo [20-11-2008 21:03] 
1,000 posts in the bag ... and all I did was have to remind a few cry babies that OBAMA WON THE ELECTION!!! WOOOOOOT!
Most Krystal Burgers Eater Michael [20-11-2008 18:22] 
Happy Birthday ED! Chris, great article. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a favorite movie theatre or two in his past. If you go back to PCR #50 you'll see some fond memories of the Britton filed by myself, Nolan, Mark Drinnenberg and others.
Occasional PCR Columnist Lisa C. [20-11-2008 15:31] 
I believe Chris W. is right about the music video playing after Intermingle (and before Return to Sicily). When a friend who sat next to me Friday night stepped out during the music video and came back a couple of minutes into Return to Sicily, he leaned over to me and joked "When I left, they were speaking Spanish. Now they're speaking Italian. What's up with that?"

I liked the music video, from what I remember. Nice write up of TFR, guys, as always.
Chris Woods [20-11-2008 14:58] 
Nolan - I totally forgot about the music video that played at TFR. I think it played after Intermingle, but not sure.
Chris Woods [20-11-2008 14:54] 
Thanks Terence. Glad you enjoyed the article. Now that you mention it the building does kind of have a creepy vibe, I guess it never phased me cause lot of the buildings around town at that time, and some still today have that kind of look to it. Lost of old buildings from early 20th century still stand there.
Terence [20-11-2008 13:43] 
good article chris. but im suprised that what with all the horror posters that used to freak you out there that the theatres exterior itsself didnt help add to that. it kinda has this creepy Dracula's castle look. maybe if i saw it in person i wouldnt think that though.
90210 Paul Guzzo [20-11-2008 09:15] 
I think it played before The Weekend Film Crew's was supposed to play, but I am not sure. My head is always in a million places during the event.
Nolan [20-11-2008 09:13] 
Happy Birthday Wishes go out to ED TUCKER!
Nolan [20-11-2008 08:19] 
To Paul, re: Music Video. You know what I think happened there? There was an unmarked disc in the collection you gave me Friday and I meant to see what was on it and never did, it's probably on there. I was going by your advance publicity and Chris Woods' notes as to the films and the order. The music vid was on neither list and I forgot about it myself, so sorry.

Do you remember between what movies it played?
Hot Dog Eating Runner Up Paul Guzzo [20-11-2008 07:38] 
I'd love to see the show... How can I see it?!?!?!?
31 Flavor Specialist Puff Chrissy [20-11-2008 07:02] 
The TFR review was good. I'm sort of thankful that Davison's work didn't show; I don't feel it's his best work, and actually, considering how much better he's been getting, it's a bit of a step back for him. It's made worse by the fact that he's clearly reading cue cards. Too bad. That said, it's still miles above the TV show we did 14 years ago. Yo, Joe!
Pie Eating Champion Paul Guzzo [19-11-2008 17:47] 
Good TFR reviews as always ... a quick note - Cieu did not play because the director couldn't get it finished in time. Instead, he sent the music video was played that was not reviewed. I really need to start announcing these things. Sorry ...
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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