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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 453  (Vol. 9, No. 48). This edition is for the week of November 24--30, 2008.


Winter Movie Preview

DVD Review: “The Starlost: The Complete Series”
Sports Talk Returns .... Rays Lost The Series .... Melrose Evicted From Place .... Nfc South: Best In League? .... What’s Wrong With The Pack? .... Tna Taking Off .... Thanksgiving Football .... Nfl Picks Next Week!!! p
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Passing On .... Trek Fans Be Warned .... So That's Where He Went .... So How Is Elvis Doing? .... .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1951 Should Have Gone To... a

Happy Thanksgiving
From all of us here at CrazedFanboy.com

The Return of "Sports Talk"
Thanksgiving Update
"Guess Nobody Else Noticed Channel 44's Birthday" by John Miller
Happy Thanksgiving

The Return of "Sports Talk"

After a nearly 2-month absence, and numerous setbacks related to computer/internet accessibility issues and several technical problems, Chris Munger's Sports Talk has returned! We welcome him back into the PCR fold.

Check out his latest column for more news and sports op-ed from Mr. Munger.

Thanksgiving Update

I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day. Due to Holiday commitments on my part, Retrorama was delayed until Friday. Now that Mike's Rant is up, the gang's all here!

Guess Nobody Else Noticed Channel 44's Birthday

Driving home the other day after a long night at work, I flipped on the radio to hear some radio DJ jibber-jabbering over the 40th birthday of local television station CW44. This immediately caused my ears to perk, mainly because of how odd it is for me as a lifelong resident of the Bay area to hear the letters CW placed in front of the 44.

When my family moved here in the mid-eighties, WTOG 44 was a staple of not only our home but every house in the neighborhood. An alternative to the local network entertainment, WTOG 44 was a rogue independent with a flair for the sensational. Shows like Creature Feature, Championship Wrestling From Florida and the station's parade of bizarre promotional adds no doubt influenced not only myself but every kid locally fortunate to have witnessed this jewel of a period in Tampa's pop culture history.

Somewhere around the turn of the century, I rediscovered channel 44 for a brief period when I began noticing a string of independently-produced programming take over their late night schedule. One such show was Live Prayer hosted by Bill Keller. Keller, an ex-con turned evangelist would take to the airwaves for one hour every evening at 1 a.m. to pray for anyone who wanted to call in and share their problems. Before becoming a regular guest on the Howard Stern Show, Keller was ousted from channel 44 because of complaints over the show's offensive content, in particular his remarks over Islam.

Over the last forty years, channel 44 has given us the best and the worst that television has to offer. Under spineless new management that is clearly clueless, I'd like to give the network that has worked tirelessly at becoming the status quo a gift: a set of balls. If the world survives another forty years, it is my hope that at some point between then and now channel 44 rekindles the fire in its belly that once roared with a thunder. Then maybe somebody outside of a radio station you buy advertising space from would actually notice that you just celebrated a birthday.

Happy Thanksgiving

On the face of it, it's been a crappy year. The economy has crashed and burned, 100-year-old businesses have gone bankrupt, and more banks are closing every week. There's precious little hope for a rosier 2009 where that's concerned. A new administration is in power, and despite enormous odds, there is always the small chance something may work out.

But every year brings some pleasant personal surprises to help offset the bad, and for those I am thankful.

The website continues to be my palace and my prison (in a nice way, heh heh), and the people I've been associated with here are among the finest I have ever known or ever could know. The discoveries made and talents displayed by the writers have been astonishing.

Technical things developed nicely and are still developing nicely (if somewhat slowly) for 2009.

A more thorough re-cap of 2008 will appear in the year-end issues, of course, but basically what I'm trying to say, is that with all we've had to take this year, we're all still together, banded under the sun of the Crazed Fanboy banner. And for that and more I am very grateful .... and very thankful.

I wish everyone a very happy holiday. ---Nolan B. Canova

Readers' Comments

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Futuristic Paul Guzzo [30-11-2008 19:30] 
I have watched EVERY Planet of the Apes movie this week ... Fox Movie Channel rocks!
Terence [30-11-2008 19:19] 

its funny that you should mention The Werewolf because i almost mentioned that in my review. they share the whole science angle origin of otherwise supernatural monsters. it was a way to update the mythos of werewolves and vampires i guess. besides sci-fi reigned supreme then until Hammer brought horror back. now that i think of it The Werewolf has a similiar depressing ending.
ED [30-11-2008 16:11] 
I will have to keep an eye out for that DVD. I did finally get the Sam Katzman collection for my birthday this year. So far I have only watched The Werewolf but it was great seeing that one again.
Terence [30-11-2008 14:20] 
Landres also directed the more straight foward vampire film Return of Dracula. i got both these on a double disc MGM Midnite Movies pack.
Terence [30-11-2008 14:19] 
they were without a doubt going for a anti-drug message with the film. amazing considering when it was made that they were predating horror films like Martin by using horror and a monster as a metaphor for a social ill.
Terence [30-11-2008 14:16] 
oh i know that it isnt the same as Atom Age vampire. i just meant that in the review it was a atom age version of a vampire mythos
ED [30-11-2008 13:18] 
Terence - Oh yes, that was a staple on Creature Feature (Atom Age Vampire was a different film that was also a CF regular). It was really more of a Dr. Jekyll film than a vampire one but hey, in 1957, it was all good. I even have one of the lobby cards from this one.
Terence [30-11-2008 13:07] 
Ed, Will, Mike, Matt-

check out my newest review on schlockarama. Its The Vampire from 1957 starring John Beal. i figue if anyone remembers or has seen this forgotten gem its you guys.
ED [30-11-2008 05:39] 
John - Our Big Lots have $3 movies all the time too but they have about ten times the normal quantity at the moment. For Black Friday they reduced all the DVDs to $2 so I guess they stocked up for that. It's also worth checking multiple stores since they all seem to have something different.
J.MILLER [30-11-2008 05:09] 
The Big Lots around here have been selling $3 DVD's for the last year or so. Last week I picked up the uncut version of "Leon". A few other titles they have in abundance are The Brood, Scanners, Manhunter, Foxy Brown, Blacula, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and Bubba Ho-Tep...Plus they have a gang of cheap 20 movie compelation sets...

Every few weeks they filter in new titles so its worth checking out more then once...
Petrey [29-11-2008 23:59] 
WTOG 44 reminds me of a TV Station I grew up with in Louisville, Ky. with call letters WDRB Channel 41. They were very similar except we had 'Fright Night' every Saturday Night which had a host with a light glowing up from his chin introducing the Horror/Science Fiction films.
This is where I caught many Hammer films in the 70's late at night. Strangely enough though, I didn't catch "HORROR OF DRACULA" until I saw it as a co-feature at a Drive-In with a western called "SOLDIER BLUE". Nice pair up, huh?
Michael [29-11-2008 21:53] 
Mike, I still get the occasional note from Linda Harrison and she is still making appearances. She no longer maintains her own website. I hope you took the time to read my interview with her. A very nice lady indeed.
mike [29-11-2008 21:19]  
hi does any one know how i can contack linda harrison from the movie plane of the apes there is nothing about her now she is 63 years old now so if you do but you dont thoedo you email me
Terence [29-11-2008 15:56] 
Horror of Dracula for $3!!! no is your time those of you who havent seen that Hammer classic to pick it up!
ED [29-11-2008 13:47] 
Big Lots is having a $3 sale on a ton of DVDs. I picked up Horror of Dracula, 20 Million Miles to Earth, Mysterious Island, Rollerball (the original), Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Konga, Thunderbird 6, and The Mouse on the Moon. Most of these seem to be MGM and Columbia titles but you can't beat them for $3.
ED [29-11-2008 13:15] 
Lonnie - Have the shown the one with Dr. Paul Bearer? Now that I owuld like to see again.
Lonnie Dohlen [29-11-2008 09:33]  
John & Ed,I noticed 40th Anniversary of WTOG 44.They have been running the Old "44 As Far As The Eye Can see".They ran these from 1974-78.I thought I never see this on TV again.
Terence [29-11-2008 08:35] 

Dont get me wrong the Kinks certainly had their own Wall of Sound thing going too. especially anything post 1966 when they made their best albums like Village Green. im always saddened how they dont get enough credit in the realm of studio experimentation simply because of the Beatles. same goes for Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. Brian Wilson produced all the Beach Boys records himself including the stunning Pet Sounds. The Beatles didnt. they had george martin so i dont get why the beatles themselves get the credit. its obvious that Wilson had more talent in the studio.
ED [29-11-2008 05:11] 
John - It's not hard for a lot of us to overlook the 40th anniversary of Channel 44 since the station hasn't been anything like the one we grew up with for at least a decade. I watched the station on cable channel 11 in Ocala the whole time I was growing up. A few years after Dr. Paul Bearer's passing in 95, Cox Cable jetisoned 44 in favor of independant channel 65 out of Orlando which I believe they still carry. I will never forget Creature Feature, Ultraman, Tarzan Theater, Abbot and Costello Theater, the inane 44 Kid's Club, the Sunday triple feature movies, Kung Fu, the Time Tunnel, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and all the other awesome programs they entertained me with in my youth. 44 deserves a museum dedicated to it's history, not to be swept into obscurity where it's 40th anniversary is just talk point fodder for late night DJ's.
William Moriaty [28-11-2008 20:10] 

Thank you for correcting me on this,!My typing skills showed as much accuracy below as my "Wall of Sound" skills!
William Moriaty [28-11-2008 20:08] 
Upon researching your claim below, you are absolutely correct Terence. The "Wall of Sound" was originated and composed by the same people that you credited. This can be found in Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wall_of_Sound

For years rock critics bragged about the Kinks "Wall of Sound" which I presumed was in response to songs such as "You Really Got Me" and "All Day and All of the Night". As a result I assumed for years that they were the progenitors or standard bearers of that musical genre.

Thanking for correcting me on this, I apologize to out readership for my oversight.

Great work Terence. You again demonstrate your great command of facts, particularly in the realm of rock music!
Terence [28-11-2008 08:57] 
love the article Will but you didnt include my favorite girl group The Shangri-La's. they pratically invented the tough girl chic. no Ronnettes either? and i must disagree about the Kinks inventing the "wall of sound" that was Phil Spector and perfected by Brian Wilson who you didnt credit enough here. but you did include The Seeds so how can i be too dissapointed haha
Tampa Historian Puff Chrissy [28-11-2008 07:36] 
Nice piece on WTOG, John.

When I moved to Florida in 1981, channel 44 was the first television station I discovered. They used to show the George Reeves Superman show, as well as Ultraman on Saturday mornings. A few years later, I would be splitting my time between channels 44 and 28, especially when 28 started airing Robotech in the morning, which could not compete with 44's Heathcliff cartoons.
Chris Woods [27-11-2008 15:02] 
John - Great piece on Channel 44. I never got a chance to watch 44 in it's heyday since I moved here in '95. But the channel kind of reminds me of WPIX Channel 11 out of NYC. It showed lots of cool horror films and old TV shows.

Will - Awesome follow up to your article from last week. It's a great read and cool videos. Your article sums up the mid 60's prefectly from music, culture, TV, and films. Can't wait for part 3.
Chris Woods [27-11-2008 08:25] 
I watched the trailer to Cadillac Records a couple weeks ago. It looks like a good bio pic.
Chris Woods [27-11-2008 08:22] 
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone too!
Petrey [27-11-2008 02:19] 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Terence [26-11-2008 20:34] 
check out the trailer. they even have a scene of when the Rolling Stones go to meet Muddy Waters.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYesDq2Q 1v0
Terence [26-11-2008 20:28] 
i just read Mike's winter movie preview to discover there is a movie about Chess records!!! all the musicans who made up that label are portrayed in the film. too cool. i mean a movie about Muddy Waters, Little Walter, and even Chuck Berry. need i say more. itll be hard for to find anything bad about this one.
Steve Beasley [26-11-2008 18:09] 
Actually, in every movie since "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" he's been sorta wooden, so it may not be that big of a stretch after all.
Steve Beasley [26-11-2008 17:58] 
Thanks for the reminder, Mr. Guzzo. There aren't many reminders in NZ.

Steve Beasley [26-11-2008 17:55] 
“Klaatu Barada Keano!” Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

I didn't even realize this was being remade until my boss said said he'd take us all to see it.

Quiet Place Producer Paul Guzzo [26-11-2008 17:08] 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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