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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 454  (Vol. 9, No. 49). This edition is for the week of December 1--7, 2008.

"Cadillac Records"
Time Warp Toy Box '08: Part 1
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Forrest J Ackerman Is Gone .... Nfl Legal Blues .... Nibiru .... Fantasy Football Heaven o
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From all of us here at CrazedFanboy.com

Forrest J Ackerman Dead at 92
Bettie Page Hospitalized with Pneumonia
Attention All PCR Writers: End of the Year Issues Coming Up
Josh Sullivan's Cross-Country Adventure
Brent Harvey Needs Your Super Bowl Vote
Our Wacky World News

Forrest J Ackerman, Dead at 92

This happened at the worst conceivable time for yours truly to do any justice to this man's deserving obit. I will not be able to write anything coherent until next week's issue, but I'm in debt to Matt and Mike for not only making this sad event known to me, but being able to post something right away in their columns about it.

Samuel Catalino, Dec. 5, 53 yrs.
John Petrey, Dec. 6, 45 yrs.
Jake Tipton, Dec. 14, 18 yrs.
Jesus Christ, Dec. 25, 2008 yrs
Drew Reiber, Dec. 29, 30 yrs.
I had put PCR "to bed" for the week, then put myself to bed for the precious few hours of sleep (very few) I was going to get before the weekend's always brutal work schedule. I was completely in a coma when I received a long-distance call from Maine. On the line was old friend and PCR columnist Matt Drinnenberg. After a brief exchange of greetings, he asked, "So, did you hear about Forry?" My heart skipped a beat as I considered what was about to be revealed.

Put simply, Forrest J Ackerman, co-counder of Famous Monster of Filmland Magazine and life-long inspiration to all fanboy/collectors eveywhere, was dead at the age of 92.

To say Forry was a seminal influence on my personal fandom would be an understatement. Since childhood, I'd read and collected Famous Monsters, as had most film and monster fans. He, along with Marvel Comics guru Stan Lee, formed the model for what fan publishing was all about, and in fact, the very e-zine you're reading now exists in its present form primarily because of them.

According to the radio, Forry died of heart failure late Thursday night following a recent bout with pneumonia (from which he'd apparently recovered). I will expound more thoroughly on my memories of Forrest J Ackerman, including my personal meetings and experiences with him, in next week's PCR.

Bettie Page Hospitalized With Pneumonia

One of the most iconic "pin-up girls" from the '50s and early '60s, fan favorite, Bettie Page, 85, has been hospitalized with pneumonia in LA.

Her page-boy hairstyle and sparkling smile adorned thousands of posters and print ads, and her influence continues to be felt. She has been the subject of countless articles and her image influenced many comic book artists (The Rocketeer's Dave Stevens, in particular). Rarely seen, Ms. Page has lived in seclusion for decades.

We will be monitoring this situation closely and wish Bettie Page a speedy recovery.

Attention All PCR Writers: End of the Year Issues Coming Up

As you all know -- or should know by now -- the last two weeks of the year are reserved for recollection, reflection, and, if desired, prognostication. Although your column can always be about whatever strikes your fancy any given week, a recap of the year is our usual theme. The PCR covers it for two weeks as I expect many of you will be out of town or otherwise unavailable either one or both weeks, so do what you can for your final column(s) of the year.

FYI: The upcoming PCR 2009 Homepage may not look all that drastically different (except for some fine-tuning, I've become comfortable with this style, including the newer, more blog-like front page), but the upgrades should dramatically enhance the functionality to the writers. Form will follow function regarding the individual columns: the new coding will necessitate some design modifications, but again, there shouldn't be anything that makes you wonder where you are January 1st (well, outside of a hangover from New Year's, haha).

Josh Sullivan's Cross-Country Adventure

A very dear friend I haven't seen nearly enough of this past year or so, St. Pete-based punk artist Josh Sullivan, 27, is embarking on a remarkable journey: Starting in January, he is traveling the country, staying at different people's homes for one week and writing up his adventures in a paper 'zine called Fifty-Two Friends. Presumably, the prospects for residence are culled from his massive email correspondence network, fan club, MySpace, etc.

Josh has published comics fanzines since his high school days. He has been featured frequently in local magazines and spotlighted in Creative Loafing. His ska band, Can't Do It, acquired quite a following. He was one of the first guests on Nolan Radio back in 2004.

Josh is selling off all his remaining art and wordly possessions in anticipation of this endeavor. (So I guess for one year on the road, he'll be essentially homeless). Each 'zine will be available by individual subscription, or may be purchased in advance weeks or months ahead of time.

As of this writing, I understand there are still a few open "slots" to fill in Josh's 2009 itinerary. For more info on this project, or to see if you can participate, see his website at http://www.myspace.com/fiftytwofriends.

I sincerely wish Josh the best of luck and a safe journey in the year ahead.

Brent Harvey Needs Your Super Bowl Vote

I don't usually spotlight or promote any "Vote For ME!"-in-whatever-contest type messages, as their self-serving nature normally turns me off. They can use the Message Board for that. This one, however, is a little different.

Bay-area actor Brent Harvey is one of the top local filmmaker talents and is one of those special few who is in a position to put Tampa on the "film scene" map nationally.

Here it is, plain and simple: Doritos put up a challenge to young filmmakers. Make the best 30-second Doritos commercial you can, and if it wins, they will play it during the Super Bowl. It's viewers choice, meaning the people vote for their favorite. Voting doesn't open until January 5, 2009 and continues until January 25, 2009. By rules each person gets one vote per 24 hours, which means 20 votes per person.

I previewed the two commercials Brent entered, and think they have a great chance at winning. NOTE: AOL users may have problems getting these to open in their browser (I did), but Firefox displayed them with no problem. Here they are:

Invisible Man Fence: http://crashthesuperbowl.com/#/gallery/video/1822/

Doh - Ritos: http://crashthesuperbowl.com/#/gallery/video/2100/

Check 'em out, and if you like them like I did, cast a vote for Brent on voting day. It would be a blast to see a Tampa-based film play during the Super Bowl!

Our Wacky World News

Bush Expresses Remorse
During the recent Charles Gibson interview with George W. Bush, Bush expressed his biggest regrets regarding his two-term presidency.

Predictably, the economic downturn was high in his thoughts. Harmed 401K's and massive job losses are something that severely cost him standing: he has already earned the lowest approval ratings in history.

More interestingly, his regret at acting on bad intelligence regarding the storing of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, and the subsequent invasion. When Charles Gibson asked the obvious follow-up question if he would have ordered the U.S.-led invasion if intelligence reports had accurately indicated that Saddam did not have the weapons, Bush replied: "You know, that's an interesting question. That is a do-over that I can't do. It's hard for me to speculate."

WTF...?? Hard to speculate? You'd think his advisors would've prompted him with advice ahead of time on how to answer the most obvious question he could've been asked! His reluctance to be specific will only spur more conspiracy theories that he didn't care what the intelligence had to say, he was going to invade Iraq however he could. Hope he's happy now. Oh wait, he's not.


Obama Birth Certificate Back in the News
OK, the basic conspiracy theory is that President-Elect Barack Obama was not born in the United States of America, specifically Hawaii, but in Kenya, Africa, making him ineligible for the office of President. The U.S. Constitution makes it clear that only a "natural-born citizen" (not "naturalized") may apply for president. The birth certificate displayed by the Obama camp up to now is something called a "Certificate of Live Birth", allowed by Hawaii law if the birth occurred in a foreign land, but the parents are homestead residents of Hawaii. Something like that.

Allegedly, there is evidence that Obama's mother bore him in Kenya, but waited until she returned to Hawaii before registering him. His late grandmother is on tape saying she witnessed his birth in Kenya. Obama refuses to let inquirers examine his "real" birth certificate. The list goes on and on.

The problem is what do we do if this is true? Reverse the election? Does Biden become president? Or do we change the Constitution in an emergency session? (Hey, Arnold, track that one!) According to Snopes.com (the fact-finder website), some of this has to do with interpreting what the Constitution means by "natural born" and that similar situations have come up before.

The U.S Supreme Court is due to review the case brought by Leo Donofrio Friday, December 5th. Long-time readers may remember attorney Phillip Berg's similar case was thrown out as frivolous by a lower court, but that is being appealed.



New Mental Disorder: The Truman Syndrome
The old paranoid-schizophrenic malady where a person thinks his family has been replaced by strangers---or actors---and is being tracked by secret cameras and microphones has been upgraded recently to a new catagory: "The Truman Syndrome", after the main character in the movie The Truman Show, where Truman (played by Jim Carrey) turns out to be the unwitting star of a reality show he doesn't know he's on; all his friends and family are actors, and his whole life has been televised.

One man showed up at FBI headquarters and asked to be taken off their surveillance devices and cancel the reality show he was on. Another man considered suicide because he couldn't figure out who to contact to get off the "reality show" he was on!

One of my main subjects of ongoing study is the effect pop culture has on society and vice-versa. For example, I stopped worrying long ago whether we had aliens in UFOs traversing our skies, instead focusing on why people believe in them and the accompanying gov't conspiracy to cover it all up. There's a corresponding relationship to how much and to what extent such material is covered in the media, how it's portrayed on TV and the movies, etc.

Vulnerable people, already suffering with mental/emotional problems, are very impressionable. Older reades will no doubt remember how many people thought they were possessed afer viewing The Exorcist. Nobody wanted to go swimming after JAWS (OK, count me as one of them, haha). I remember the story of one young man in the '70s committed to an asylum because he couldn't stop doing Steve Martin's "wild-and-crazy-guy" character!!

Now, none of this is intended to mean there are NO conspiracies! There certainly are. Right now I'm late for a meeting with the Illuminati over this Obama birth certificate thing.....


Readers' Comments

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Terence [07-12-2008 18:25] 
too bad about Forry I know that Nolan, Mike, Matt and Will all must have been hit hard with this. After all there wouldnt be even the term crazed fanboy without Forry. he was the first crazed fanboy. not even to mention he helped most all the major authors of sci-fi get their start.

Bettie Page- what can be said. she didnt so much define the pin-up girl so much as the dirty bad girl. the pin-up girl that wasnt socially acceptable. with the help of her photographer (the equally hot in her own right) Bunny Yeager,Betty was the coolest looking, the hottest, and the most dangerous. hopefully she wont follow Forry just yet. we cant lose both the pioneer of fandom and the pioneer of sexual taboos in the media all in the same week.
ED [07-12-2008 15:51] 
Didn't they name a hotel after her too?
Nolan [07-12-2008 13:24] 
JEEZ, another Hollywood celebrity and fanboy favorite is gone:

Beverly Garland, the B-movie actress who starred in 1950s cult hits like "Swamp Women" and "Not of This Earth" and who went on to play Fred MacMurray's TV wife on "My Three Sons," has died. She was 82.
Petrey [07-12-2008 08:01] 
Thanks for the birthday shout Nolan, This will be one (tooth) for the books!
ED [06-12-2008 13:12] 
Chris - more Time Warp Toy Box to come. I am researching some requests now so if anyone else wants to see anything specific, let me know.
Steve Beasley [06-12-2008 11:09] 
My condolences to the Forrest Ackerman family and fan base.
I'm not too sure there's any more legends from his era still around. None I can remember off-hand.

As usual, I loved Will's article. It's no wonder the man wrote a book. Tim Dorsey had better be looking over his shoulder, because this Plant City, Florida Folk Hero just may surpass him...

OJ Simpson: He's an idiot. He should have retired a sports hero and faded into the limelight.
Chris Woods [06-12-2008 09:11] 
Nolan - Awesome issue of PCR this week. Tons of great reads on the home page and also some great articles as well.

Will - A great final chapter to your three part series on the 1960's. Enjoyed this one very much. I think you summed it up best when you wrote: The transformation from the early 1960's to the late 1960's was one of the most profound series of changes in American history.

ED - Cool first part of the Toy Warp Toy Box. I liked that you mentioned the 70's G.I. Joe toys.

Matt and Mike - I liked your write ups on Forry.

Chris M - Good Sports Talk this week. It's too bad about Plaxico. I think the Giants will keep him after all of this. Like you said, remember LT.
Chris Woods [06-12-2008 06:59] 
I'm very sad to hear about the passing of Forrest Ackerman. He was a true legend, not just in the horror world but in pop culture.
Matthew [06-12-2008 06:54] 
It has just been brought to my attention that our beloved Uncle passed away on the 77th anniversary of the premiere of FRANKENSTEIN at the Mayfair Theater in New York

you KNOW he would have loved that little tidbit of obit fact.
ED [05-12-2008 18:13] 
R.I.P. Mr. Ackerman. I sincerely regret I never got to meet you but I will always be indebted to you for fostering my love of classic horror through Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. You will not be forgotten Uncle Forry.
Matthew [05-12-2008 18:10] 
Just updated my rail to include that very sad news that our beloved Uncle, Forrest J Ackerman, has passed away at the age of 92.

What a suck ass day for me.
Nolan [05-12-2008 11:33] 
This just in: O.J. Simpson sentenced to 15 YEARS!! OOoohh, yeahhh.
Me again... [05-12-2008 10:22] 
Just kidding, I'm sure he's got some very nice gams...
Steve Beasley [04-12-2008 23:40] 
Pardon me...I'm envisioning Mr. Guzzo in hot pants.

**general queasiness** RETCH!
Steve Beasley [04-12-2008 23:37] 
I have no problem with Plaxico Buress being armed while out on the town.
I do however, have a problem in that he seems to be an idiot with a gun.

How the hell did he manage to shoot himself? Has he undertaken any firearms training at all? Why was it not holstered? Was he showing off? Too many unanswered questions.

Even in the old west, (contradictory to Hollywood movies), saloon patrons were generally advised to hand over their weapons upon entering said saloon...the barkeep knowing all too well what happens when gun-toting drunks get rowdy. A fistfight is one thing...a gunfight is quite another.
Nolan [04-12-2008 17:22] 
John, thanks. Terence, good site, thanks. Paul....hot pants??
jmiller [04-12-2008 06:47] 
Nole - Great job on the homepage this week...Good stuff
Terence [03-12-2008 18:36] 
i already posted this on the message board months ago but to me this is the final word in the matter:
Free From a Stalker Paul Guzzo [03-12-2008 18:35] 
Obama won the election ... if people would just realize that all the slander in the world won't change this, we can get on to more important matters - like making it mandatory for everyone to wear hot pants! ARRRGGGHHH, the hot pants.
Steve Beasley [03-12-2008 15:10] 
Obama Birth Certificate Back in the News

I for one, don't care where he was born. I'm as American as anyone here and I wasn't born in America.

Presidential candidates born outside the United States:

Barry Goldwater was born in Arizona in 1909, and ran for the Presidency as a Republican Party candidate in 1964. Goldwater's natural born citizenship status was questioned because Arizona was a territory of the United States, and did not become a state until 1912.

George Romney, who ran for the Republican party nomination in 1968, was born in Mexico.

Lowell Weicker, the former Connecticut Senator, was born in Paris, France.

John McCain was born in 1936 in the Panama Canal Zone.
Playboy Interviewer Puff Chrissy [03-12-2008 14:19] 
Nolan [03-12-2008 13:51] 
Puff, you're obviously no longer being fooled, but keep Derrek in the dark, wouldja? His "going for the gold" scenes are a major audience favorite over here (10:00pm EST, 9:00pm Central). Well, next to, you know, the other thing he does when he thinks no one's watching...
Reality TV Sensation Puff Chrissy [03-12-2008 13:31] 
The reality show Derrek and I have been on over here is getting kind of old. We still don't know what the rules are or how to win. Even though we figured out that it's not a drinking contest, it hasn't quite stopped Derrek from "going for the gold" week after week. And no matter how much Derrek protests, I still say that we shouldn't have killed the monkey. I think the monkey was "the key".
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
End of Comments    

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