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Sir Charles Said What?
Long retired Charles Barkley was on a TNT channel T.V. show and called the Washington Wizards "dumbest team in the history of civilization", refering to the Wizards recently talking trash about their 1st round playoff opponent Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Barkely was upset that they would call out a player of Lebron James' caliber, who single-handedly took his team to the NBA Finals and to the first round of this year's playoffs.

Vick Still Playing Football.
Micheal Vick, who was convicted on federal dogfighting charges, is serving his 23-month sentence in prison and is apparently playing football for the inmates. He reportedly has a strong fanbase in prison and plays quarterback for both sides in the same game. Vick does take some hits in these games, putting his NFL career which is already in jeopardy even more on thin ice.

Patriots NFL Favorite.
Ever since September 11th, the NFL has seemed to show a sort of favoritizm to the New England Patriots to me at least. If football fans can remember "The Tuck Rule", an infamous play from Janurary 2002 (2001 AFC Playoffs), where the Raiders defense made Patriots QB Tom Brady fumble the ball to the Raiders sealing the game for Oakland, but the NFL Officials reversed the decision and propelled the Patriots to a Super Bowl Championship. Ever since, the Patriots have won 3 championships in 4 years, have appeared in the playoffs the last 7 years and most recently completed an undefeated regular season, but lost their very last one in a most honorable game played by the New York Giants the current NFL Champions. Now the NFL has released the 2008 Season Schedule and the easiest schedule goes to who? You guessed it, The New England Patriots. ESPN reviewed all the team's 2008 schedules and made a "strength of schedule" mathematical review using averages of last season's team's records, and the Patriots who went undefeated in the regular season last year receive the easiest shedule. The Pittsburgh Steelers, who lost their first playoff game at home last year will recieve the league's hardest one.

Oh No Carmello....
Carmello Anthony, who plays for the NBA's Denver Nuggets was pulled over for Driving Under the Influence this past Monday morning and received preferential treatment from the Denver Police Department, reports say. When pulled over, Anthony was transported to his hotel room at the Ritz Carlton-Denver by police as he was supposed to go to to detox and jail, and another officer drove his car to the police station parking lot when it should've been impounded. Anthony apologized later in the week.

Storm? What Storm? It's Not Even Raining!
OK, let's face it Arena Football fans, the most decorated team in AFL history is in shambles, sitting at the bottom of their division after a promising 2-0 start at 2-5. Losing the last 4 games and losing to the Arizona Rattlers this last weekend by one point 67-66 really has to have head coach Tim Marcum's blood boiling. The Tampa Bay Storm hold 5 Arena League Champioships and very seldom have a losing season under Marcum and this season has the Storm looking doormant. It'll be very hard for the Storm to get to the playoffs sitting three games under a .500 winning percentage.

This Tiger Won't Be Jumping.
Tiger Woods, considered the best golfer in the world will miss somwhere between four to six weeks of golf due to a knee injury, the same knee that's been nagging his career as of late. Tiger should be back in time for the Torrey Pines tournament, the same tournament he won after his last knee surgery.

Well, I thank you all for reading, and please check back next week for a new edition of Sports Talk.

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