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Rays Are "Devil-less", Also Bat-Less
OK, OK, so all the pre-season hype, all the charisma and all the promise of a good season for the Tampa Bay Rays pretty much died for them when they didn't show up to play the White Sox this past Sunday when Chicago spanked Tampa 6-0. No bats at all for the Rays, who are trying to convince us taxpayers in the Bay area that they need a new stadium on the waterfront because Tropicana Field is not good enough. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays have never came close to a playoff game, and are known to recycle old players who just came to Florida to retire with playing baseball on the back of their minds. Don't get me wrong, the Rays are known in the majors for having the best farm system (minor league player development ), but they just can't put together a winning team. This ball club needs to start winning before we give them a multi-million dollar stadium package that will tear up downtown St. Pete, just like the Buccaneers had to do to get Raymond James.

Danica Patrick Wins First Race
Indy Race car driver Danica Patrick, who is the only female in Indy Car racing won her first race at the Japan 300 race, making her the first female to win any Indy Car circuit racing. She also has great photos in this month's edition of Sports Illistrated.

Olympic Medal Winner Drugged With Date Rape Drug (GHB)
Olympiad Two-Time Gold Winner, Pasha Grishuk, who won gold 1994 and 1998 for her native Russia was drugged by GHB. GHB is known as "the date-rape drug", as it typically knocks the user unconscious. Grishuk who was in Santa Ana, CA for a business meeting, was eating her dinner and noticed that there was a partially fizzed off pill in her drink she recieved from the hotel lounge. Toxicology reports confirmed that it was GHB, and police are investigating but no charges have been filed thus far.

Shaun Alexander Released From Seahawks
All-Star running back Shaun Alexander was released by the Seattle Seahawks in a shocking turn of events. Alexander, who signed a 62 Million Dollar deal two years ago after their Super Bowl loss to the Steelers hasn't performed up to his standards ever since signing the contract. Though he's been hurt and defenses are preparing better for the Seahawks offense, any team that needs a running-back would be crazy not to pick him up. Alexander replaced the legendary Ricky Watters in the '01 season and has been a menace to opposing defenses ever since.

Dolphins Sign Their Draft Pick
The Miami Dolphins have signed offensive lineman Jake Long, who will be the number 1 draft pick at this year's NFL Draft. The signing comes before the draft which is this weekend but new Dolphins General Manager Bill Parcells wanted to lock this up, as he wants to build this team around the offense. The Miami Dolphins have the #1 pick in this year's draft, after a dismal 1-15 record last season.

Buccaneers Find A Way To Lose, Even When They're Not Playing.
The Bucs front office staff is inept. I said it. All Bucs fans think it. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have more money under their salary cap than any other team in the NFL, yet they've let top-notch players who looking for a new team this year through free agency go to other teams. The only player that will make a splash is RB Warrick Dunn. Players like CB Asante Samuel, WR Randy Moss, RB Micheal Turner, WR Bernard Berrian, DE Justin Smith, DE Jevon Kearse, and most recently Jared Allen were looking to find another team, and the Bucs front office let them all go to other teams setting Tampa up for another lackluster season. The Bucs made the playoffs last year, but they were in the weakest division in football, as they also lost their home playoff game (Round 1) which I wouldn't consider a successful season.

Strange Coincidence
I just wanted to throw this bit in here, but you all know that I'm a new sports writer for PCR, and as strange as it was, I ran into a young woman the other night, she wanted to tell a stranger, (Me, a rookie sports writer, un-beknownst to her), about her day. I said ok, because she obviously really wanted to tell someone. She then told me that her husband was a minor league baseball player, who just signed a multi-million dollar contract, I then asked her who it was, she says that her husband is Evan Longoria, a rookie baseball player for the Tampa Bay Rays. She was very excited about the whole ordeal, but I then noticed that she drove away in a '98 Chevy Cavalier, I don't think Longoria is married, and I don't believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that Longoria signed a mega-contract as he is a fraction of the way through is first season. The whole thing was weird to me because I write about sports, but I guess if I married a ballplayer who signed a big contract I would screaming about it, too. Wouldn't we all?

Thank you for reading, check back next week for the next edition of Sports Talk.

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