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PCR #424 †(Vol. 9, No. 19) This edition is for the week of May 5--11, 2008.

"Iron Man" †by Mike Smith
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Uniforms...Clemons...Eight Belles...New Orleans vs San Antonio....Malone's Son Drafted....Storm †by Chris Munger
Greco the Great Common Man - A Look at Tampa's Former Mayor †by Paul Guzzo
I'm A Ramblin' Guy .... The Boys In Green Are Back .... A New Horrorhead Fred †by Matt Drinnenberg
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Sports Talk

Uniforms Digressing
If you pay attention to sports, guessing you do since youíre reading this, then youíve noticed that teams are changing their uniforms constantly, which is a good thing but some teams warp backwards with their designs. For instance, the Orlando Predators of the Arena Football League, during the 2000-01 seasons had the best uniforms in football. The numbers were customized to a predator-like shape and they had some marketability to them, well over the past few years theyíve slowly changed back to what they were wearing when their franchise started, they look like high school uniforms. Also football teams in the NCAA like BYU, Virginia, U of Miami, Colorado and Indiana had great uniforms and teams in the Arena League like the Arizona Rattlers, Chicago Rush, and the Dallas Desperados had great uniforms too. All of the teams that I just mentioned all changed their uniforms to cheaper-looking type, and all of them had a cutting-edge style to them. I donít know whatís going on and why they are doing this but it sucks. The uniforms make the team up, itís the image that the rest of the world will see of your team and I just donít understand why teams would digress in their designs.

Speaking of sucks:

Roger Clemens
Clemens has done everything but confirmed his affair with country singer Mindy McCready starting when she was just 15 years old. He is staunchly denying the affair but said that heís made mistakes and heís never used steroids or the Human Growth Hormone (HGH). One thing he forgot to touch base on was how his wife was supplied and actively using HGH - who had no reason to use it - but he never did.

Eight Belles
This is where a sports writer would do the right thing and side with PETA, agreeing that the staff that took care of Eight Belles should be investigated and suspended for the actions that took place at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. Well, I donít. PETAís ignorance in the situation has only cleared a path for them to make money, and justify their donorís checks so they donít look like they're not doing anything. Eight Belles was a great horse who died honorably doing her job, just like wrestlers do, soldiers, police officers, firefighters and so on. The staff of Eight Belles are depressed about the situation as anybody and for PETA to come sticking their nose where it doesnít belong for the sake of their shareholders and getting their name in the paper is outrageous. Eight Belles was euthanized after breaking her two front ankles, finishing 2nd place.

New Orleans VS San Antonio
The New Orleans Hornets have taken a shocking 2-0 lead over the Spurs in their series. The Spurs are usually the favorite to go all the way, but the young-upstart Hornets have taken the Spurs by storm, beating them by an average of 18.5 points in the two games played.

Karl Maloneís Son Drafted
Karl Maloneís son was drafted by the Buffalo Bills at the NFL Draft in the seventh round at the defensive end position. There is some controversy around this as Karl Malone has never wanted anything to with his son, Demetrius Bell, or Bellís mother who apparently was underage at the time of the pregnancy. Karl Malone has three other children that he wasnít there for either, but one of his daughters, Cheryl Ford, plays in the WNBA. All things aside, Karl Malone is starting to look like a genuine piece of crap outside the NBA arena.

Storm Drop Another One
The Tampa Bay Storm lost to the Chicago Rush on Monday night sending them to the cellar in their division at 3-6. The game was shown nationally on ESPN, and played at the St. Pete Times Forum Arena here in Tampa, with a near sell out as the Storm were playing for their playoff aspirations which seem very distant now for last year's AFL Rookie of the year QB Brett Dietz, and team.

Thanks for reading check back next week for more Sports Talk.

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