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PCR #428 †(Vol. 9, No. 23) This edition is for the week of June 2--8, 2008.

"You Don't Mess With The Zohan" †by Mike Smith
33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee: The Monkees on Record, Part 2 †by ED Tucker
Put It Down Jerramy!... Itís Up To Us For A Stadium ... Oklahoma Sonic Sooners ... Inside The NFL on Showtime ... Lord Stanley Back In HockeyTown USA †by Chris Munger
This Week's Column Is Sponsored By The Letter K: King and Korman †by Lisa Ciurro
Congrats Obama...and Dnc .... Famous Monsters Battle Looms †by Matt Drinnenberg
Clint 1, Spike 0 .... Heinz 57 .... More From Michael Bay .... Passing On .... And The Oscar For 1972 Should Have Gone To... †by Mike Smith
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Sports Talk

Put It Down Jerramy!
Bucs tight end Jerramy Stevens was suspended by the league for two games and as many checks and will apparently play one game for free as he is also fined one more game check. The Bucs picked Stevens up after he was facing charges in Arizona for DUI and Marijuana Possession. Following in the footsteps of Ricky Williams, if Stevens keeps failing tests heíll be properly disposed of just like Williams, giving up millions and millions for sweet old Mary Jane. We could say itís not a big deal, itís just pot. But when your are doing something that you get payed millions for, and you are constant role model for young ones, you should give it up at least for a while. Ricky Williams had a very promising football career ahead of him and he threw it away for this. Now he will never be as good as he was when the window for active football players are usually 22-35. Stevens is a great addition for the Bucs, but weíll probably see another great talent on the shelf with the expiration date running out soon because of legal issues.

Itís Up To Us For A Stadium
The Raysí waterfront stadium will be up for vote, and weíll decide if the Bay area will have the best stadium in baseball. If you like, vote yes, if you donít like vote no, but donít complain about what happens if you donít vote. MLB Commish Bud Selig said that he vows to hold an all-star game in St. Pete if its built but thatís not what weíre paying $150 million in taxes for. We get a nice flying saucer looking stadium with a big stick sticking up. I say, just build it. Its going to built anyway, maybe not in St. Pete, but somewhere if the team doesnít get their stadium. What the hell, whatís one more dollar for my pack of smokes? And you know when they build the stadium you will be paying more for a ticket to watch a bunch guys stand around and scratch their nuts.

Oklahoma Sonic Sooners
Seattle could be losing their NBA franchise, as one of the part owners wants to move the team to Oklahoma City. The Sonics have a storied past in Seattle and this just goes to show you the greed in sports ownership. Seattle is not going to have their city represented in the worldís premier basketball league because of greed. Shameful. In todayís world you would think that instead of moving the same franchises around to different cities, that they would expand their brand. Just add more teams, there is plenty of money to go around, and plenty of players, plenty of cities that want sports franchises. Oklahoma is not represented in the NFL. Why? They like football there right? What about the other 21 states that donít have the privilege of having a pro sports team of any kind in their state? In Arena Football, the same three teams move to a different city each year. Let us start expanding, please.

Inside The NFL on Showtime
At the end of last seasonís Inside the NFL on HBO, I was saddened to learn that the show that I was watching was going to be the very last episode. After 31 memorable seasons on HBO, the show is moving to the Showtime channel. The show will not have the same commentators on there though, as the current ones are contracted to different broadcasting companies. At least they brought the show back, though.

Lord Stanley Back In HockeyTown USA
Late Wednesday night the Detroit Red Wings fended off the Pittsburgh Penguins in game six and won the Stanley Cup. With the Pistons losing to the Celtics, Detroit fans should rejoice and enjoy the moment, because the Lions and Tigers wonít be roaring anytime soon.

Next will be the 10th Edition of Sports Talk on PCR. Check back next week for more, thank you for reading.

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