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PCR #429 (Vol. 9, No. 24) This edition is for the week of June 9--15, 2008.

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Sports Talk

Lakers In Trouble
Watching game 2 of the NBA Finals between the Lakers and Celtics, Iíve noticed how the Lakers like to play rough. Especially when they are losing, noticing fouls the werenít called on the Lakers, the announcers for ABCís telecast seemed to have some kind weird obsession with Kobe Bryant. Saying things ďKobeís down but not outĒ when the Lakers are down by 17 points, and ďHe shot the 3 pointer knowing it was going inĒ when the ball bounced twice before going in. The ME ME attitude that Kobe walks around with is sickening, and it never works in professional sports, thereís just no place for it. In Game 3, the Lakers beat the Celtics, but are still down 2 to 1. After the Celtics beat the Lakers in game 2, getting ready to watch game 3 with my fiancť, I made a bet that the Celtics will beat the Lakers. Well the Lakers beat the Celtics and letís just say I owe her a lap dance now. This didnít turn out how I expected it too. Thanks, Boston.

Big Brown, Big Let Down
Big Brown was going for the Triple Crown in horse racing, and lost it. The other day I was discussing this with a cab driver that was really ticked off that Big Brown lost because he and thousands of others nationwide bet millions on this horse to win. He was pissed. When Big Brown lost the race, my little sister asked me ďDo they shoot it now?Ē. One thing that a lot of people are overlooking is the fact that Big Brown is just a horse. It doesnít know anything about a Triple Crown, nor does it notice the fact that millions were bet on him. It could be stupidity or common sense, but I didnít bet money on the only horse that had an injury the race.

Bears Release Cedric Benson
After Bensonís 2nd alcohol related criminal offense in 3 weeks, the Chicago Bears let their star running back Cedric Benson go, stating that his behavior will not be tolerated. This could hurt the Bears more than it hurts Benson, as Benson will go sign a contract with a playoff contending team (like Pacman Jones did), and the Bears will be without a formidable running game. Ahhh, the life of a football player.

Mr. Mexico Not Done With The Law
As soon as Michael Vick serves his 23 month term in prison, he and 3 other co-conspirators will face more charges that could send Vick back to prison, to put him well past his youthful athletic ability. Looks like that light at the end of the tunnel is just a guardís flashlight. As Vick is still a contracted player for the Atlanta Falcons, the team has moved on and made their #1 Draft Pick QB Matt Ryan the center of all of their media attention.

Donít Implode Just Yet!
Against the Texas Rangers, the Tampa Bay Rays had a fight implicating Garza as the aggressor, with one of his teammates. Youíre trying to get your employer a new stadium, you get paid a million dollars a years to scratch your nuts, you decide to take your frustrations out on a teammate. Aahh, the life of a baseball player.

Storm Beat Predators
Well if the Storm donít make the playoffs, at least they beat the Orlando Predators this season. After losing last yearís playoff game to the eventual ArenaBowl loser, (Columbus Destroyers), the Storm went into this season with high expectations behind the 07 Rookie of the Year QB Brett Dietz. That didnít shake out to well. Guess thereís always next year.

Pay Not To Play
After journeyman QB Jake Plummer was traded to the Bucs last year, he abruptly retired. When traded, the Bucs picked up his contract from the Denver Broncos, who paid Plummer $3.5 Million for a signing bonus. Well now Mr. Plummer owes the Tampa Bay Buccaneers $3.5 Million for not fulfilling his contractual terms, and heís ready to pay. So ponder this, there are millions of people (girls and guys) that would love to play professional football for any team, and then we got this schmo that would rather pay millions of dollars not to play.

Donít Let Door Hit You
That waste of roster space on the Bucsí QB depth chart thatís been doing nothing but -and say it with me- standing around scratching his nuts, quarterback Bruce Gradkowski has been released. Bruce is a great guy, but not an NFL quarterback. Iíll put money on him starting for an Arena team soon. You could say Iím being a little harsh on the guy, but Iím still waiting on the Buccaneers to give those long and grueling hours of my life that I spent watching this guy play back. Things are looking up now for Gradkowski though, as he was picked up by the St. Louis Rams.

Simms Wants Out
Plain and simple, Chris Simms wants out of Tampa. Not because of the team, the fans, or the city, but Coach Gruden is the problem. Simms had his spleen removed after an injury in the 06 season and never moved back up in the depth chart under Gruden. If the Bucs disappoint this year, then Simms would look like the genius. Beyond winning the Super Bowl in his first year, Gruden hasnít done anything either, besides lose 2 first round playoff games over the course of 6 years.

Also, I would like to tip my hat to Mr. Ken Griffey Jr, what an accomplishment 600 Homers!!!!!

Thank you for reading the 10th Edition of Sports Talk, check back next week for more!

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