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Sports Talk

Celtics Are Champs
On Tuesday night, the Celtics did it. After 22 years of a championship drought from the NBA, Boston has another world champion in their city. The Celtics made Kobe and the Lakers look like a NCAA team in Game 6 by beating them by more than 30 points. The Celts' big three showed Kobe that there really is no "I" in team by winning the title and now that the season is over the Lakers need to worry about shutting Kobe's mouth up and putting players that are actually worth half of their paychecks around him. Phil Jackson of all people should know that Kobe needs a Scottie Pippen.

Somebody Check The Water!
Ok so I have a question. What the hell is going on in Boston?? The Sox won the series, the Patriots are the best team in the NFL, and the Celtics are champs. I live in Tampa, and I can't even get an Arena Football playoff contender to root for. The best thing going around down here is Rays baseball (and even that has erie feeling to it). Boston has done well over the past 5 years in the sports world (7 if you count the Patriots start of dominance in the NFL), and when a city's sports team wins a championship, it's like a really good christmas present for it's fans, and Boston fans must really be loving life right now.

Willie Randolph Fired
New York Mets skipper Willie Randolph was fired after winning an away game in L.A.. There was talk for the past month that this was going to happen and fans were pretty much expecting it. Why did the Mets front office wait until he was completely on the other side of the country to call him and tell him that he's fired? Guess they did'nt want to spring for his plane ticket back home. This has the whole Tony Dungy firing thing all over it, when Dungy was fired I remember watching him take all of his boxes out to his car, alone, on a cold and rainy night. Both firings were handled without class by the organizations and we will see more no doubt about it.

Tiger Tiger Woods Ya'll
Tigers Woods won his 14th major at the Torrey Pines tourny in a comeback win in a sudden death round. As he would hit the ball, he would show alot of pain, some maybe for show, some maybe real, but 14 is still alot. Don't expect to see him around for a while though, he's expected to have another knee surgery will put him out 'til 2009.

Partly Cloudy, No Storms
With a so far mind-numbing season, The Storm are one game under .500 at 7-8, and pretty much out of the playoffs. Right now the Storm are the #8 team to get in behind the Cleveland Gladiators (#7) and the New Orleans VooDoo (#6) and there can only be 6 playoff teams in each conference. Usually, at the very least the team makes a playoff appearance every year, and coach Tim Marcum and the owners cannot be happy about this. See you next year I guess.

Welcome Back To Tampa Lou!
Lou Piniella's return to St. Petersburg for Rays v. Cubs series couldn't have gone worse as the Rays beat his Cubs two straight games. With winning the games the Rays hit their franchise best mark of 42 wins before the All Star break. I was skeptical when Piniella left and didn't think the Rays would be any better with him gone but the Rays have really put it together. At least we have one competitive team here in Tampa.

Let Him Go
If Chris Simms wants to go, let him go. He's not going to get any reps or playing time in Tampa, and he would be a great addition to another team (if he can throw the ball over the offensive line) teams like OAK, KC, HOU, STL, NYJ, CAR, MIA, DET, GB, MIN, CHI, and ATL don't have stable signal callers. These teams would give the Bucs fair value, the Bucs do still have needs to fulfill. Just not another QB unless it's Tom or Peyton please.

Thanks for reading Sports Talk, check back next week for more.

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