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PCR #431 (Vol. 9, No. 26) This edition is for the week of June 23--29, 2008.

"WALL-E"  by Mike Smith
Sundown at the Playtime  by ED Tucker
Bradshaw On Steroids .... Imus Is Crazy .... Shaq Disses Kobe, Loses Badge .... Different Kind Of Bucs In 02 .... Chad Johnson Update .... Stadium Deal Killed By Creators .... The Mullet In Tampa ....  by Chris Munger
Carlin .... Famous Monsters Battle .... ....  by Matt Drinnenberg
These Guys Are Good! .... Speaking Of Music .... The Greatest Now .... According To George .... .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1991 Should Have Gone To...  by Mike Smith
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Sports Talk

Bradshaw On Steroids
After Terry Bradshaw confessed to using steroids for his injuries on Dan Patrick’s ESPN Radio Show, a firestorm hit and now he’s being scrutinized for using the performance-enhancing drug. Apparently every injured player used it back then. My question is why did he even say anything about it? He had no reason to, as this is irrelevant to today’s football and could do nothing more than spark a wave of NFL steroid confessions by mediocre players that used it to compete at a pro level, and are bound to tarnish the prestige of the game by making a quick buck.

Imus Is Crazy
Watching one of Don Imus’ Radio Show broadcasts on RFD-TV “America’s Most Important Rural Network”, he made no mention of his controversial statement about Adam Jones, but he is suddenly behind Democratic Presumptive Nominee Barack Obama. After the comments that he made about the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team, and recently about Cowboys DB Adam Jones, he just keeps getting into trouble with his money maker. He’s noted for his charitable work but he needs to just retire. Every time this happens Imus has egg on his face, his broadcasting company is pressured to do something about it, and people who know him come out and swear he’s not racist. The fact is that this is going to happen again because the radio paparazzi is listening to his show like a hawk waiting for him to slip up again. Whether you like the guy or not, stick a fork in him. Better people than Imus have gone down for a lot less.

Shaq Disses Kobe, Loses Badge
In Shaq’s much publicized rap about how Kobe couldn’t win a ring without him, he apparently said some things that an Arizona Sherriff decided to strip O’Neil of his Special Deputy badge. Shaq has been a reserve officer in whatever city he plays in, and the stripping probably wouldn’t of happened if the Phoenix Suns (Shaq’s team) would’ve beaten the Lakers in the playoffs. All things aside Shaq’s little rap was funny at times but vulgar at most. Watching the video from TMZ.com, I thought is this what we pay high ticket prices for? So players can go and indulge on fame and fortune, and conduct themselves in any manner that’s deemed anything but professional?

Different Kind Of Bucs In 02
They were different. A different team than previous years, in 2002 the Buccaneers were great. (Sigh) Remembering the great times of that year like just getting an “Offensive Genius” for a coach, seeing the defense shut down every offense in it’s path, finally sticking it to Philly, and shutting down Veteran’s Stadium, that year you just knew they were going to win it all. There is one thing that bothers me though. They were wearing different number patterns than they ever have since turning the jerseys red and instantly changed them back to normal in the following 2003 season. This could be just an observation on my part, or a strange controversy, but if that’s the kind of jerseys that they wore when they won the Super Bowl, call me superstitious but those are the jerseys they should wear to be the first team in history to play in a Super Bowl in their hometown. Right?

Chad Johnson Update
“I Love Cincinnati” is what Chad Johnson said when asked if he wanted to be a part of the Cincinnati Bengals football team. After telling NFL Network that if his situation wasn’t worked out, it would be “bam, off to Tampa” he is now happy in Cincinnati and wants to a Bengal because he has no choice. We would love to have Chad here in Tampa, but the truth is that he’s not a free agent untill 2011, and by then he should be past his prime. There will be better receivers for less money by then, and we don’t need another Keyshawn Johnson problem again.

Stadium Deal Killed By Creators
After all the hoopla and campaigning for the new stadium, the Rays decided to kill the stadium proposal before it could be voted on. The Rays said they would rather wait until better economic times and the transition in local government. If this is the path the Rays are willing to take then it would be like a back-stabbing to hear that they want to move to a better stadium deal in another city considering we never got to vote on the proposal.

The Mullet In Tampa
“The Mullet” Barry Melrose was named head coach of the Lightning after the sale of the team to the creator of the movie franchise “Saw 1,2,3,4”, Oren Koules. Wayne Gretzky even said that veteran players will love to play for him, and this could be the start of something great for hockey in Tampa. Lightning ownership is making all the right moves to get us back behind the Lightning, which is something the NHL needs to do to get them out paying ESPN to show their games on television. Get the sport strong in the south as it is already popular in the northern states, and you’ll get the fans that left after the NHL Strike.

Thank you for reading this weeks Sports Talk, please check back this weekend for my Gruden vs. Dungy article.

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