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PCR #432 (Vol. 9, No. 27) This edition is for the week of June 30--July 6, 2008.

"Hancock" †by Mike Smith
Saturday Morning Fever: CBS 1974 †by ED Tucker
Base Balls In Ďbama .... No More Big Paydays? .... Aaron Rodgers: Cocky Or Clueless? .... Tampa Sports On The Rise .... Orlando Falls To Cleveland .... Seattle Sonics Move To Oklahoma .... Favre Saga Continues .... My Apologies
Special Supplement: Gruden vs Dungyby Chris Munger
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Sports Talk

Base Balls In ĎBama
Mix up one fugly teacher, eight high school baseball players, and a Florida high school sex scandal. Hey, wait, this is Alabama. Anyway, this female teacher decided to sex-up eight baseball players from a Jefferson County High School. If youíve seen this chickís mugshot, you would wonder if there is a shortage of woman in Alabama, or a shortage of hot teachers. Apparently we donít have that problem here in Tampa, but either way, this shouldíve been discovered before this woman reached a total count of eight victims. Just imagine the outrage that would ensue if this predator was a man that slept with eight female students. Thatís our society that we know and love I guess.

No More Big Paydays?
Recently, with the Miami Dolphins signing Jake Long to the biggest rookie contract ever handed out to a player thatís never stepped one foot on an NFL field of play, NFL Commish Roger Goodell wants a change in how contracts are structured for rookies and wants it done now. NFLPA (playerís union) Chairman Gene Upshaw has pretty much said, well, tough taters. This will spark up into a war, and a reason to strike when the current contract expires. The fact is Jake Long will never have to play one down in the league, and heís hit the lottery. He makes more money then multi-MVP quarterback Tom Brady. Thatís ďridiculousĒ to me, and other football fans that use common sense in everyday living (some donít). In the NFL, you are rewarded for the year you had before, and your loyalty, not because you are the number one draft pick. Not because you are the loudest, biggest, or fastest. Jake Long could go into a strip club, rape a woman, and still, he will be rich. Iím not saying heís a person of this character, but merely speaking in a hypothetical sense, but itís reality, and weíve seen it before. The day that a rookie gets paid more than our modern day Johnny Unitas (Brady), is the day something has to be done about the pay scale.

Aaron Rodgers: Cocky Or Clueless?
New Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has a job that you and I would probably never want to take. Replace a Legendary NFL Quarterback. Trying to do something thatís been tried over and over and never works out (except for Montana/Young) Rodgers has hidden his fear by showing a rough texture and told Packersí fans to ďGet on board now, or keep their mouths shutĒ. If I know one thing about Packers fans, itís that they always were and always will be on board. During their lame years before Brett Favre, Packers fans still sold out Lambeau. And they still will. But ponder this: Aaron Rodgers spent three years behind Brett Favre. If he sucks this year, heíll suck forever. I personally canít wait to see how heíll do this year because when he did get a chance last year against the Cowboys when Favre was injured he still lost the game, but brought the Packers back to a closer score. But if Rodgers doesnít get on board now and keep his mouth shut, heíll be playing behind Tony Graziani in the Arena League.

Tampa Sports On The Rise
With the Rays having their greatest season ever, the Lightning stealing ESPNís shock jock hockey commentator for another run at coaching, itís kind of weird to see Tampa all over SportsCenter and not one mention of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I know itís the off-season for football, but with more and more snowbirds moving down to Florida from the north, hockey and baseballís fan base is growing and growing fast. This is an old concept that some sports teams have yet to achieve, but if you win you will have fans. If you have fans, you have money. If you have money, you have great players. Iím glad that all the sports teams in Tampa are doing good, because every Tampa team is related to losing. Hopefully weíll turn it around and get like Boston. Is Satan accepting souls right now?

Orlando Falls To Cleveland
In the Arena Football League Wild-Card Playoffs, the Orlando Predators lost to the 1st Year Cleveland Gladiators on Monday night. Led by former Storm quarterback -something him and coach Jay Gruden and all of Jayís quarterbacks are- Shane Stafford now has a 1-7 career playoff record in Arena Football, which is something Storm Head Coach Tim Marcum probably predicted. The Orlando Predators have been in the playoffs for the past 17 years but itís been a while since theyíve won the big one and now both Florida teams are out of contention for the ArenaBowl.

Seattle Sonics Move To Oklahoma
Here we go, greed has engulfed another historical sports franchise. So much so, that the owner of the Sonics would much rather be in Oklahoma City than Seattle for some reason, guess its the rain in Seattle. Maybe in Oklahoma they might do something that they haven't done in Seattle for a long time and thats win a championship. Nevermind the fact that the geographical location of a team doesn't automatically make them a champ, but sometimes it helps. This whole thing still brings me to the question: Why Move The Same Teams Around When You Can Expand?

Favre Saga Continues
Retired. Not Retired. Retired. Not Retired. That's what it's been like for reporters covering Brett Favre's "Retirement", but now news has come out that Brett contacted Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy, and said he "still has an itch". As you can tell by my previous piece about Aaron Rodgers, the Packers have pretty much moved on. So if Favre has an itch that the Packers can't scratch than I'm sure Jon Gruden will scratch it for him if he's any kind of deesee, saavy?

My Apologies
I would like to use this piece to apologize to the PCR faithful, I advertised Gruden Vs. Dungy to come out this past weekend, but I had computer problems, as I'm still in internet stone-age with dial-up, and my puppy thought my phone wire was pretty tasty so, I guess you can put 2 and 2 together. But It's up now and I hope you like it.

Thanks for reading SportsTalk, Check back next week for more.

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