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PCR #433 (Vol. 9, No. 28) This edition is for the week of July 7--13, 2008.

"Hellboy II: The Golden Army"  by Mike Smith
Guest Editorial:
"Mother of Tears" by Terence Nuzum
The Fabulous Architecture of the Tampa Bay Region: Part 7 by William Moriaty
ED Tucker vs. Spook Hill  by ED Tucker
The Revenge of Oddservations  by Andy Lalino
Favre Saga Continues… .... Rays Slumping .... A-rod + Madonna = Pay Rod .... Jaguars’ Star Arrested .... Madden '09 Anticipation .... Tbc.......... .... .... by Chris Munger
Amity Island Closes Beaches .... .... ....  by Matt Drinnenberg
Film Fans Rejoice .... Give Money A Chance .... Passing On .... .... .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1956 Should Have Gone To...  by Mike Smith
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Sports Talk

Favre Saga Continues…
Sports Illustrated and renown sports writer/reporter Peter King told SI.com that not only does he “know for a fact” that Favre wants to play again, but the Green Bay Packers don’t want him back. This is sickening to a fan. The team has moved on with Aaron Rodgers, and apparently the Pack think that they would be better off without him. Do I need to remind them that they were one game away from the Super Bowl last year with Brett Favre? Let’s be sensible about this situation, the Packers will be in rebuilding for years if they turn Favre away, Aaron Rodgers isn’t a proven quarterback, so it’ll be years before the Packers will have any sort of a winning team. Fans in Green Bay will be outraged if the Pack have a chance to get Favre back and then they don’t want him. On the other side, if Favre doesn’t play for the Packers, he would only want to play one more year. I don’t know of any team that wants to pay Favre the millions left on his contract for one year. All in all, Favre should stay home. I’m as sad to see him retire as the next football fan, but it would just be a pickle for all parties involved in this debacle.

Rays Slumping
Heading into the All-Star break, the Rays have dropped a few games, probably due to fatigue. They have done great so far this season as the best team in baseball, and have created a baseball “bandwagon” here in Tampa that’s never been seen before in this city. With dropping some games to the Yanks and Indians, it hasn’t phased the fans though, we’re waiting to see what happens after the break.

A-Rod + Madonna = Pay Rod
OK, Alex Rodriguez is doing Madonna, Madonna is cheating on her hubbie, and Alex’s wife is going to be rich. It’s not like he cares though, Alex is no slouch when it comes to a bank account, and even if he did have to shell out half of everything, he’s still with Madonna, ching ching.

Jaguars’ Star Arrested
Jaguars star receiver Matt Jones was caught in the middle of cutting up cocaine in a car by Fayetteville, AR police. After the great season that he and the Jags had last year, this could hurt. NFL Commish Roger Goodell is known for being stern with law breakers, and a crime of this magnitude is sure to have Matt Jones off the field for a while.

Madden '09 Anticipation
The newest yearly installment of the Madden football video game is set to come out in August, and I personally can't wait. I don't know about you, but I love this game. They still have some kinks to work out on the XBox 360 platform, but overall it's the only football video game that's been able to survive over the years, well, except for NCAA Football game. Madden has revolutionized playing football on a video game, so much that when you play a football game you would usually tend to judge by the way Madden plays, and no other game has been able to catch the reality aspect better than Madden. Some developers just created "All Pro Football" and "Blitz: The League", both do not use NFL teams or players. I personally liked "Blitz: The League" because of the hits and trash-talking, plus the "create a team" dynamic was better on there than 360's Madden. But make no mistake about it, I've got mine on reserve!


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