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PCR #434 (Vol. 9, No. 29) This edition is for the week of July 14--20, 2008.

The Tampa Film Review for July by Nolan Canova, Terence Nuzum, Chris Woods, and John Miller
"The Dark Knight" †by Mike Smith
The Fabulous Architecture of the Tampa Bay Region: Part 8 by William Moriaty
DVD Review: ď'Til Death Do Us Part (Complete First Season)Ē †by ED Tucker
Presenting "Brainjacked" - New Feature Film, "Horror-Fi" †by Andy Lalino
No Football For Old Men .... Rays Letter To The League .... Donít Miss The Espys .... No Peyton In Pre-season .... Iím Rich, B#@!% .... Sports Writer Sued In Ok .... .... by Chris Munger
Mmmmmmmmmm......movie .... Funny Stuff .... Of Course You Can Go Free -- Not! .... The Scariest (at Least For Now) .... Correction .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1956 Should Have Gone To... †by Mike Smith
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Sports Talk

No Football For Old Men
Brett Favre wants out of Green Bay. Brett Favre is not wanted in the Packers organization, and was told my Packer front office personnel that if he returns he will not be the starter. Are you kidding me? You have Brett Favre, the all time touchdown king! And you are not going to use him. Iím starting to think that the Packers front office couldnít even run a team successfully on the Madden football video game. I mean, if NFL franchises are hiring idiots to run their team, then sign me up! I couldnít do any worse these guys! I like big bucks for running a team into the ground. The fact is Brett is a legend, you might not agree, but he is, and this what the NFL always does.

The way the NFL handles their players is shooting them up with cortisone shots when they get injured, then send him back on the field. Until he gets too old, he canít run with the 24-year-olds anymore, so let's force him to retire or cut him or trade him to a dormant team. If the player sucks, he sucks. But this is Brett Favre, and the Pack wonít let him go because they donít want him going into Green Bay and whipping them up in a playoff game or anything like that. Itís just bad business. Now if Favre wants to play, he has to ask the NFL for ďreinstatementĒ, then he would have to report to training camp--where he IS NOT the starter--or get fined. There is no dignity in American business anymore, itís always about the bottom line, not the person, and itís a shame. Brett Favre wants to play to win another ring, Jeff Garcia wants more money and knows heís not going to get it. Marrying a Playboy Bunny is expensive. Who would put the Bucs in a better position to win it all? Think about it. The Bucs have money this year, and if I were Jon Gruden, I would wake up at 4 in the morning and think to myself, ďWhy is Brett not in Tampa?Ē. He did coach him in Green Bay a long time ago. Itís time for the Bucs front office to get off their ass and build a winner for Ď08.

Rays Letter To The League
Dear, MLB

"We lost seven games in a row before the all-star break, but we are going to take the AL, right now we are under the radar, but thatís what we wanted all along. We are young, we are rich, and itís time for Tampa Bay to rise up."

Thatís what I would be sending to the league if I were a Rays player. It seems during this season that if the Rays lose a few games, they are suddenly not the hottest team anymore. They win 5 in a row and BAM! Theyíre the greatest thing since all-beef franks! Nevermind the history that they have overcome in just a half of a season, they should get it together after the break. Or maybe, just maybe, since they are not playing for a stadium anymore, whatís the point?

Donít Miss The Espys
This year, the Espy Awards Show will air this Sunday night at 9pm, and itís hosted by Justin Timberlake. This is the award show for all sports, and itís usually a pretty good show. Must watch for sports fans.

No Peyton In Pre-Season
Peyton Manning will not attend training camp or play in preseason games this year. Heís having knee surgery and will be inactive for 4-6 weeks. For those who are worried, heís not too injured to do a commercial though, which is something heís already dragged his brother, Eli, into.

Iím Rich, B#@!%
Vinny Lecavlier, Lightning Legend, will be in Tampa for the rest of his career. He's just signed a contract for 11 years $85 Million. This contract will pay him a lot at first, then the salary goes down as his career winds down. I cannot wait until hockey season starts up, Iím excited to see what the Lightning do this year. This could be the time for Tampa, the Rays are good, the Lightning look good, and we might have a quarterback that wears the number 4 for the Bucs.

Sports Writer Sued In OK
A writer for DarthHusker.com, a University Of Nebraska web site, a 36-year-old sports writer by the name of James W. Conradt, created a fake internet article by writing about two University Of Oklahoma quartebacks that were arrested for distribution of cocaine. Conradt made a fake article link that used trademarks by The Oklahoman, and NewsOk.com. This is a 10-Count lawsuit, and Conradt is apologizing as much as he can. So kids, the end result in this is to get your facts straight!

Thank you for reading Sports Talk, please check back next week for more!

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