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PCR #435 (Vol. 9, No. 30) This edition is for the week of July 21--27, 2008.

"Step Brothers"  by Mike Smith
Snooty Turns 60! by William Moriaty
The Yellow Submarine Chronicles Part Four: It’s All In The Mind Y’Know!  by ED Tucker
DVD Grindhouse: "The Exterminator" (1980)  by Andy Lalino
Lebron Guarantees Gold .... Bonds In Pinstripes? .... Favre Saga Continues… .... Wnba: Now Hiring Grandmas .... Say Hello To The New Stadium, Again .... Arenabowl Xxii .... .... by Chris Munger
The Fm Dilemma: Answering Andy .... .... ....  by Matt Drinnenberg
Happy Birthday .... Emperor O! .... Geeks! .... .... .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1956 Should Have Gone To...  by Mike Smith
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Sports Talk

LeBron Guarantees Gold
Star NBA player Lebron James guaranteed gold medals for the Team USA Olympic Basketball Team, and with confidence. Some say he’s arrogant by this saying, but playing for Team USA how could you expect to lose? This could be just a way to get attention to the Olympic basketball team, and it is a good way, now we know they are putting everything into it. As the media asked James’s teammates and coaches about the guarantee, the general consensus was he was right, and that’s what they are there for.

Bonds In Pinstripes?
Hank Steinbrenner has been meeting with people from the Bonds camp, and they are in heavy talks. None of this makes any sense, the Yanks don’t need a southpaw DH, I always wondered why nobody would sign Bonds, especially the teams that needed him. If Bonds signs, he will add to an All-Star roster -that’s in third place behind Tampa Bay- the Yanks think they will need more firepower for the end of the season, and hopefully, for them, the playoffs.

Favre Saga Continues…
The Favre issue that’s lingering over the Packers’ heads is getting bigger by the day, and it’s time for one side to budge. Training camp starts this weekend and the Packers have already said that Favre will not be the starter. If Favre does comeback, then the Packer’s management will have to decide if they want the so-called “development” of Aaron Rodgers to be stunned by Favre still standing on the sideline, in uniform. So far the Pack have been fishing for trades.

WNBA: Now Hiring Grandmas
Since the scuffle between the Detroit Shock and the L.A. Sparks led to the eventual suspension of a total of eleven players, and a depletion of the Shock’s roster, the Detroit Shock signed 50 year old Nancy Lieberman to play on a 7 day contract. Lieberman is a Hall of Fame female basketball player, and currently and analyst for ESPN, but the talent in female basketball just couldn’t be spread this thin, could it? In her first game, she looked like grandma not playing well and not being an influence in the game. Maybe this was a publicity stunt to get attention away from the fight, or maybe 50 is the new 30? The WNBA has been pretty much forgotten about until this season, and the fight has gained more attention than the 10 Year Anniversary of their inauguration. So kids, if you like to watch female basketball players throw ’bows then the WNBA is apparently not the league for you.

Say Hello To The New Stadium, Again
After the stadium deal was killed by the Rays before it had a chance to get voted on, a group of fans have organized and want to propose the current stadium, or other ones, with help from citizens of the Bay area. So now the stadium deal is going to come again, so get ready to have your say, just don’t put a big sign up in St. Pete opposing the deal, or the Rays will block your sign with their vehicles!

ArenaBowl XXII
The ArenaBowl XXII is this Sunday, July 27th, in New Orleans, La., and will be between the San Jose Sabercats and the Philidelphia Soul. Both teams have very good offenses and this is sure to be a good game. The Sabrecats are last year's champion and are defending their title against the Jon Bon Jovi owned Soul who have spent this season with a quarterback controversy between quarterbacks Tony Graziani and Matt D'Orazio. Graziani is the veteran qb (he played for the Atlanta Falcons)and has been in the AFL for a few years, but Matt D'Orazio took over when Graziani got hurt, and the team has gelled better with D'Orazio as the starter (even when Graziani was ready). D'Orazio will start for Soul, and will have an enourmous challenge in taking on the SabreCats.

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