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PCR #436 (Vol. 9, No. 31) This edition is for the week of July 28--August 3, 2008.

"Mamma Mia"  by Mike Smith
Happy Birthday To Retrorama!  by ED Tucker
VHS Grindhouse: How to Make a Monster (1958)  by Andy Lalino
Strike: The Case For Unions by Corey Castellano
FANGRRL Returns With Two Top Ten Lists & A Plea For A Piece of ED's Birthday Cake by Lisa Ciurro
Favre Saga Continues .... Philly Wins Championship .... Catfighting In Carolina: Update .... Griffey Traded To Chw, Bay Escapes Tampa Bay .... Belichick Loves Cameras .... Team Usa Showing Off In China .... Indianapolis Colts Vs. Washington Redskins .... by Chris Munger
It Is To Rock .... .... ....  by Matt Drinnenberg
Cheesus Christ .... Shark! .... Another Bond First .... Dunbar, Not .... You Never Give Me Your Money .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1956 Should Have Gone To...  by Mike Smith
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Sports Talk

Favre Saga Continues
So Brett doesn’t want to be a Buccaneer. He doesn’t want to be a jet. He wants to be a Viking. Funny how the Packers filed “tampering” charges against the Vikings because they were talking to Favre while he was retired, the Vikings said they had no intention of bringing Favre in, and were happy with their starting quarterback, Tavarus Jackson. Now after the Packers said they weren’t going to let him go to a divisional opponent, trading Favre to the Vikes may be their only choice. Favre refused to be traded to Tampa, NY Jets, and Washington, and if they just release him, he’ll just sign with Minnesota anyway, so they’re going to want to get something for him. With all this mayhem, and distraction to all parties involved, I wondered where Aaron Rodgers stood through all of this, I mean I know that he has the best job in the world, he gets paid millions to stand around with a clipboard in his hand, now that he’s the starter, even if Brett did have to play for the Pack, (I think he’ll stay retired for 20 mill before that happens) Aaron would just go back to doing what he does best. This distraction should be mind-numbing for him, but only time will tell how good this kid is. I could just see a movie script for this whole debacle.

Philly Wins Championship
Last Sunday the Philadelphia Soul defeated the reigning champion San Jose SabreCats in the Arena Bowl giving Philly a World Championship, (in indoor football). Both teams played hard in a tight game, a great football game. This was the last game of the year for the Arena League, as the NFL kicks into gear soon.

Catfighting In Carolina: Update
At a Carolina Panthers practice, standout wide receiver Steve Smith got into a fist fight with cornerback Ken Lucas, leaving Lucas with a black eye, and having to be carted off the practice field while Smith was tossed out of practice for the day. Both players were not wearing helmets at the time, which usually is the case when two football players begin to spar, along with all the padding. Lucas and Smith have reportedly been trash talking for a few years but it hasn’t gotten this far. Now if this had happened on the street and not an NFL sanctioned event Smith would be hauled off to the slammer for battery, but I guess the that doesn’t matter within the walls of the NFL.
Well on some levels:
*****Breaking News*********
WR Steve Smith suspended for two games for the punch, making the swing costing Smith a total of $205,000. Chump change by his standards, but it's something. It's a start to show that the fight will not be tolerated, but as long as there are men in football, and humans for that matter, there will always be fighting in football. The sport is a very emotional game.

Griffey Traded To CHW, Bay Escapes Tampa Bay
This past week, there has been a clusterf**k of trades in the MLB. Manny Ramirez was traded from Boston to L.A., setting the Dodgers up for a strong playoff run, Griffey was traded from Cincinnati to the White Sox, pitting the them in the playoff mix. And finally Jason Bay, who was rumored to be traded to the Rays, was traded to the Red Sox, giving that organization another “yes-man”. All in all I think that all the teams got want they wanted and could help each of them. The Rays got a couple of players, but they didn’t make a big splash.

Belichick Loves Cameras
After all the Spygate allegations and nothing ever coming of it, a disgruntled writer who is on his way out the door started a rumor on his website stating that New England Patriot’s Head Coach Bill Belichick was in a sex tape with a married woman, and the tape was brought up when the un-named woman’s husband sued the woman for being “unfaithful”. This could be just a jerk trying to start a media storm, or the next big story in sports and entertainment news, but I just wanted to give you readers a heads-up.

Team USA Showing Off in China
The Team USA Basketball team is still in exhibition but they are pounding other teams, most recently Turkey 114-82. LeBron James had 20 points 6 reebs, and 5 steals in just 23 minutes playing time. Let’s hope they win the gold!

Indianapolis Colts vs. Washington Redskins
No Peyton in this game, Sorgi started for the Colts, and Jason Campbell started for the Skins. This was the first preseason game of the year, The Hall Of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio in a stadium called Fawcett Stadium, next to the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. We also got a look at Jim Zorn's team (Redskins) since Joe Gibbs stepped down, also got a look at the NCAA All-Time Touchdown King Colt Brennan who is a rookiein the NFL this year, and had a strong showing in his preseason debut.

Thank you for reading Sports Talk, check back next week for more!

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