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PCR #438 (Vol. 9, No. 33) This edition is for the week of August 11--17, 2008.

The Tampa Film Review for August  by Nolan Canova and Chris Woods
"Tropic Thunder"  by Mike Smith
Let's Stroll Historic Roser Park! The Fabulous Architecture of the Tampa Bay Region, Part 9 by William Moriaty
Kiddie Matinee Memories – Part 2  by ED Tucker
VHS Grindhouse: "She-Gods of Shark Reef" (1958)  by Andy Lalino
Who Does What? by Corey Castellano
The Man Behind the Curtain at the Tampa Theatre by Paul Guzzo
Michael Phelps On Your Wheaties .... John Lynch Joins Patriots .... Rays Getting Stung .... Tampa Little League .... Tj Whosayourmama .... .... .... by Chris Munger
This Week's Pcr .... Viva Las Vegas .... Sign #3 That The Apocalypse Is Upon Us .... I Spy .... Enjoy Your Time .... Passing On .... Wow! .... .... And The Oscar For 1980 Should Have Gone To...  by Mike Smith
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Sports Talk

Michael Phelps On Your Wheaties
7 Gold Medals, 6 World Records. And he’s not done. In the Beijing 08 Olympics USA swimmer Michael Phelps has dominated the Olympics and Olympic media coverage with demolishing the competition and shattering records. Most Olympians win just one gold medal and that’s their crown achievement, just ask Kurt Angle, he’ll be sure to let you know. But Michael Phelps is truly a champion, and to say his accomplishments this year will be talked about for a long time is simply an understatement. The guy is a freak, and will become the greatest Olympian ever if he wins his eighth medal. And he’s still young.

John Lynch Joins Patriots
Since leaving the Denver Broncos, future Hall of Famer John Lynch will join the New England Patriots’ age-less defense, signed to a one year contract with the team that’ll pay him 1.5mill for the one year, and would send him to free agency again when the ‘08 Season ends. One thing to predict about this, let’s say the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl that’s played in Tampa this year. John Lynch’s story will be all over the news, considering he’s a Buccaneers’ legend. I think Jim Rome said it best when he said that David Tyree would have never made that clutch catch in the Super Bowl vs. the Patriots that sent the Giants down for the winning touchdown. Lynch has lost a half a step, but Tyree would have had a trademark facemask in his ribcage during that catch.

Rays Getting Stung
Injuries continue to pile up on the Tampa Bay Rays. Carl Crawford is pretty much done for the season, and Evan Longoria will be out for at least a few weeks. Right now is a bad time for the AL East leading Rays to tallying up injuries. Limping into the playoffs could bring this historical season to an abrupt end. This could also lead to the eventual signing of Barry Bonds to the Rays, after his negotiations with the Yankees fell through. They’re looking good though, after their recent rout of the Rangers where they defeated Texas 7-0, and putting up a 3 game lead over the reigning champion Red Sox.

Tampa Little League
The Tampa Little League Baseball team recently defeated Rapid City, South Dakota, 10-0 in the Little League World Series. The game was called in the 4th Inning because the score was so lopsided. Tampa has defeated some very strong teams this season and look to be the favorite to win it all now.

TJ Whosayourmama
Fantasy Football is gearing up and I have teams on both espn.com and yahoo sports. If anyone in crazedfanboy world has an open league and needs people, and hasn’t drafted yet please let me know. I want to join another one. This brings me to another topic I wished to touch base on. I am amazed at how big fantasy football has gotten over the years, sometimes it's bigger than the real game. Your team could suck this year, but you’ll be happy when that quarterback that threw 5 touchdowns against your favorite team is the starter for your fantasy team. Fantasy Football has come from various and small leagues on the internet to a multi-million dollar industry and only looks to get bigger.

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