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PCR #440 (Vol. 9, No. 35) This edition is for the week of August 25--31, 2008.

"Vicki Cristina Barcelona" †by Mike Smith
Dr. Paul Bearer: The Early Years †by ED Tucker
DVD Grindhouse: Don Dohler's "Galaxy Invader" (1985) †by Andy Lalino
Falcons Name Matt Ryan Starter .... Mlb Officials: Need Glasses? .... Team Usa .... Giants Down In Flames .... Joe Madden Likes Burritos .... .... .... by Chris Munger
Politico Revisited .... .... .... †by Matt Drinnenberg
My Dad .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For Should Have Gone To... †by Mike Smith
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Sports Talk

Falcons Name Matt Ryan Starter
WTF? Throwing their ďfranchiseĒ into the wolves, and doing the same thing that the Cleveland Browns did to Tim Couch, the Falcons have named their rookie quarterback, Boston Collegeís own Matt Ryan their starting quarterback. When the Browns decided to name Couch the starter with an expansion team (Browns), the offensive line was non-existent and as a result Tim Couch spent much of his career on his back, looking into the clouds, and messing with his confidence in himself as an NFL quarterback, along with the migrane headaches from multiple concussions. Whereís Tim Couch now? The once all-star all University of Kentucky? Heís at the same place as Matt Ryan will be in 3 years if theyíre going put him out there with absolutely no offensive line for protection.

MLB Officials: Need Glasses?
MLB zebras have done nothing but screw up easy calls against the Rays. I donít know if theyíre doing that to other teams or not, because I simply donít get that of coverage on DirectTV, but from what Iím seeing the MLB needs to hire better refs. These guys couldnít make the right calls if their lives depended on it, and certain teams have to suffer from it. Apparently thatís why they need instant replay. BJ Uptonís lolly-gag throw to 2nd was an epitome of Uptonís season but he is a very talented baseball player who needs a swift kick in the ass. Either way, Iím getting tired of half-paid, part-time referees who know half the rules officiating professional sports games, and it just simply needs to stop, itís a complete embarrassment to the leagues who hire these people that they pay six-figures to enforce the rules and just cannot for the life of them get the calls right. Most leagues fine employees for criticizing officials, and that is not right considering that they pay millions to the coaches because they know the game, and thousands to the officials to enforce the rules they see fit at the time.

Team USA
USA beat Spain to win the gold medal in basketball, Spain brought their best but it wasnít enough against USA. But that was just basketball. The U.S. won a total of 110 medals to second bestsí Chinaís 100. China desired to win the 29th Olympiad as it was hosted in its native country but as always, Team USA took it. Surprised?

Giants Down In Flames
Assuming that I could be jumping the gun on this football season, The Giants have a really, really Giant problem. Michael Strahan is in Greece on his first retirement and vacation, and the Giants best D-Lineman, Osi Umenyiora, just suffered a season-ending injury in the pre-season (when games donít count, and multi-million dollar athletes shouldnít be on the field). There are no prolific defensive line players on the free-agency list anymore, and since the Giants based their defense around Umenyiora, they are going to have to give Michael Strahan 8Mill for 1 year, and a smile if they want any kind of a pass rusher.

Joe Madden Likes Burritos
In my part-time job, I meet a lot of people. One person I thought I would never meet is the manager of baseballís best team, the Raysí Joe Madden. When I saw him, I wasnít sure if it was him, so I asked him if he was Joe Madden, recognizing the signature '50ís style eyeglasses. He said he was, and I instantly asked him for an autograph, in which he was so kind to give it to me, (considering that all people who ask for stuff from pro-sports celebrities usually want to put such things on eBay, and I put them on my Tampa Sports Wall and keep them forever) where I have autographed Tampa sports memorabilia. Anyways, the best manager in baseball just came off of a controversial loss to the White Sox and he wanted a good, well deserved burrito. Of course he got said burrito and went home to chill out.

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