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PCR #441 (Vol. 9, No. 36) This edition is for the week of September 1--7, 2008.

"Movies Of My Father" †by Mike Smith
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DVD Review: ďPhantasm: OblIVionĒ †by ED Tucker
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Dickey Being Dickey .... Chad Ocho Cinco .... College Uni's .... Daunte Culpepper Retires .... Week 1 Picks .... .... .... by Chris Munger
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Sports Talk

Dickey Being Dickey
Dick Vitale is a hall-of-famer. Dick Vitale is a memorable basketball coach, and analyist/announcer for ESPNís basketball wing. Dick Vitale is a rabid Tampa Bay Rays fan. In fact, heís publicly criticized Tampa Bay baseball fans for not building the attendance up for one of Major League Baseballís best teams of the year. For the life of him he doesnít understand why people who make less money than him and canít afford the gas to get to south St. Petersburg, plus parking (starting at $10, plus $5 nachos or $5 hot-dogs or $7 24OZ can of Bud-Light) canĎt fill up the Trop. Not everyone in the Bay Area live in that side of the state, and with Tampaís traffic most fans would endure a bit of a drive. Plus, itís easy for a world-renowned basketball analyst to get around, but people in the Great State of Florida are going through hard economic times right now, and as much as we would appreciate another great sports team in the area, and love to support it, itís hard to get there. So Dicky, please donít criticize Tampa baseball fans for not attending when you have no idea what we are going through, we are one of the leading states in the nation in foreclosures. We know you donít have that problem, but if the Rays were to move to Channelside Dr, it would be easier for double the people to attend.

Chad Ocho Cinco
The Football Artist Formally Known As Chad Johnson, is now Chad Ocho Cinco. Chad had his name legally changed in the State of Florida, and now the Cincinnati Bengals must recognize the name change, and print ďOcho CincoĒ in the nameplate on the former JohnsonĎs jersey. For those not proficient in Spanish numbers, Ocho Cinco is Spanish for the number 85, which is the number the Johnson wears on his jersey.

College Uni's
The University of South Florida Bulls football team has new uniforms this year, and the team is one of many. If youíve read previous editions of Sports Talk, you know that Iím a football uniform connoisseur. I absolutely love USFís new uniforms and happy that a number of other NCAA teams have changed theirs, showing a commitment to what their team looks like. The NFL has lagged behind in making new uniforms, and the only thing that was selling NFL jerseys so far this year was the new Jets/Favre jerseys.

Daunte Culpepper Retires
KC, MIA, HOU, CAR, GB, SF, MIN, OAK, DET, and ATL all have quarterback questions and Pittsburgh and Green Bay both offered Daunte Culpepper a contract but they were not good enough, so what does Daunte do? The only thing he can do, quit, and complain about how life is treating him unfairly. After nine years Culpepper will retire and retire with sour grapes toward the NFL. He says no one would offer him a job that he was willing to take so heís done. With all the QB problems in the league, I will bet on him signing with a team this year, no matter what he says.

Week 1 Picks
Each week during the football season Iíll put my picks up for the week, and by what score. I will throw out there who I think will win, and why. Here it goes:

The Giants/Redskins game was played when this was written, and the Giants won.

TB 17 NO 10
I donít see the Bucs scoring a lot of points against the Saints, nor the Saints scoring a lot on the Bucs. Count on this to be low scoring game as Jeff Garcia has rust to shake off, and the Saints have had a grueling practice week for their first game, due to Hurricane Gustav, resulting in their move to Indianapolis for practice.

MIN 28 GB 17
Aaron Rodgers will be fired up and ready to prove heís ready, and will have a good game. With recent additions to the Vikings, I see Minnesota winning this game, and the NFC Norris Division Title at the end of the season. Watch out for Minnesota this year. If Tavarus Jackson can develop into a better QB, theyíll be a force to be reckoned with.

Det 20 ATL 6
Naming 1st rounder Matt Ryan the QB will lead to a lot of problems and a lot of of problems and a lot of growing pains for the team considering every notable veteran has dipped out ATL like Deangelo Hall and Alge Crumpler. Detroit is a team the promised us 10 wins last year, but didnít fulfill on their guarantee. This year, Detroit is in a weak division with Brett Favre leaving the Pack, and the Lions should make the a wildcard appearance this year.

NYJ 13 MIA 10
Expect this game to be low scoring. Both QBís for each team (Favre traded to the Jets) and MIA QB Chad Pennington (released from the Jets when Favre was aquired, then signed with the Dolphins), are both new to their respective teams, and have a very different lingo to comprehend as new systems are concerned.

NE 42 KC 13
The Patriots will come out fired up, and the Chiefs will not be prepared. Kansas City has a young no-named QB in Brodie Croyle, and he will experience a rough time against a very hungry 18-1 in 2007 team.

DAL 20 CLE 17
Mr Romo is good but heís not that good. As a matter of fact, Browns QB Derek Anderson is a statistically better QB. Plus Anderson didnít give two playoff games up, (Romo) gave up a fumble during a playoff game winning field goal in 2006. Then in the 07 playoffs, threw and interception in the end zone that sent the Giants on to beat GB, then New England in the Super Bowl. But, Tony has a billion-dollar payroll at his disposal, as the Cleveland Browns organization is cheap and doesnít spend money on high-profile players.

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday this week, I've noticed that alot people on here have birthdays around this time of year. And thanks for reading the 22nd Edition of Sports Talk, check back next week for more!

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