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PCR #453 (Vol. 9, No. 48) This edition is for the week of November 24--30, 2008.

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Winter Movie Preview by Mike Smith
DVD Review: “The Starlost: The Complete Series”  by ED Tucker
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Sports Talk

Sports Talk Returns
Yes, I’m back. I missed a lot of sports to cover these past weeks and I apologize to all readers and writers and to Nolan for such a long absence.

Rays Lost The Series
I couldn’t believe that the Rays lost, but the Rays are young and will be there again soon. Maybe all it takes is being in the dugout and witness the other team celebrating their World Series win and you’ll want it even more. There could be a tough road to get there again given the division that Tampa Bay plays in, and we all know getting back is never guaranteed. But like I said before, they will have plenty more shots at it.

Melrose Evicted From Place
Barry Melrose was fired from the Tampa Bay Lightning coaches’ position by the team, ending a quick stint that ended in an embarrassing record. There was talk that Melrose didn’t know how deal with today’s players and apparently there was a sense of friction between Melrose and the players, so it was probably best. The funny thing is that Melrose built a second career on ESPN by criticizing players and coaches who have under-achieved. The Lightning haven’t done much better since the firing either.

NFC South: Best In League?
With the Buccaneers as the current #2 seed behind the Giants in the playoff race, the Panthers, Falcons, and Saints are not totally out of playoff contention yet, as other divisions already have eliminated teams. The NFC South is currently the best as far a records go as well, and all four teams could only get better for years to come.

What’s Wrong With The Pack?
With their loss to New Orleans, the Packers are 5-6 so far this season behind their “man” Aaron Rodgers and are in danger of missing the playoffs this year when they made it to the NFC Championship Game behind Favre last year. Favre’s Jets are leading their division so far, a position they wouldn’t be in without him. I can’t say that Green Bay’s woes are completely Rodgers’ fault given their lackluster defense and inconsistent running game, plus turnovers. Either way, the Pack just locked Rodgers up into a long contract deal so they are just going to have to build around him which we thought they did already.

TNA Taking Off
Jeff Jarrett’s wrestling promotion, Total Nonstop Action has come along way in the six years since it’s inception. It has come from a little film studio inside the Universal Studios amusement park in Orlando with a hole in the wall for a wrestler entrance to a traveling, TV rating getting, video game making promotion. Grabbing Kurt Angle, Booker T, Kevin Nash, Sting, Scott Steiner and Mick Foley, and continuously coming up with innovative wrestling matches has brought this company up to where it is and it is has exploded. If you ever catch an episode of TNA iMPACT that is on SpikeTV, Thursday night and Saturday morning you will notice that it has a sort of WCW feel with a futuristic ECW twist to it, which is the alternative to the fans that have found the WWE stale and repetitive.

Thanksgiving Football
Apparently, the Seahawks, Lions, and Cardinals forgot the had a football game on turkey day, all 3 teams getting creamed by their opponents. Seattle’s nightmare season was over before this game versus the Cowboys, but I expected a better game. The Lions' winless season continues after they were blown away by Tennessee, I thought the Titans would have a fight on their hands considering the Lions play this Thanksgiving game every year in their stadium, but that obviously wasn’t the case. The Cardinals were picked to beat the Eagles by most football personalities, but Arizona cannot for the life of them win a game on the east coast.

NFL Picks Next Week!!!

Thanks for reading Sports Talk, check back next week for more!

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