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PCR #454 (Vol. 9, No. 49) This edition is for the week of December 1--7, 2008.

"Cadillac Records" †by Mike Smith
Time Warp Toy Box '08: Part 1 †by ED Tucker
The Juice Isnít Loose Anymore .... Will Monte Volunteer? .... Plaxico Shoots Himself .... Nfl Picks .... .... .... .... by Chris Munger
Forrest J Ackerman Is Gone .... Nfl Legal Blues .... Nibiru .... Fantasy Football Heaven †by Matt Drinnenberg
Forry .... Louis .... Hall Of Fame Time .... Awards Time .... The Juice Ain't Loose .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For Should Have Gone To... †by Mike Smith
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Sports Talk

The Juice Isnít Loose Anymore
Sentenced somewhere between 9 to 33 years, O.J. Simpson will spend the golden years of his life in prison. With a lottery held for 15 people to be allowed into the courtroom, the Goldman family fought tooth and nail to get into the room during the sentencing along with other people and itĎs the top news story everywhere. I just canít understand why he didnít just stay at home for the rest of his life? You would think that by getting away with murder he would go stay on an island somewhere. So, now he will serve 9 years at least, then heíll be able to go up for parole, after that he could stay in up to 33. He will most likely die in prison.

Will Monte Volunteer?
Apparently Lane Kiffin canít get a job without his daddy tagging along, and was told by the University of Tennessee football program that they wouldnít hire him without his father, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defensive Coordinator Monte Kiffin. Well, Lane Kiffin got the job, but Monte Kiffinís future is up in the air and we wonít know until the end of the Buccaneersí season. Lane will have two other family members on the Volunteer coaching staff as well.

Plaxico Shoots Himself
Plaxico Burress, known for catching the winning touchdown pass to beat the undefeated Patriots in Januaryís Super Bowl, went to a nightclub and shot himself, went to a hospital and was treated under the name ďHarris SmithĒ. As a consequence to the incident, Burress now faces a 3 Ĺ year sentence, a 4 game suspension from the team, and probably more suspensions from the league. Now everyone is crucifying Burress, NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg wants prosecution to the fullest extent of the law, all the sports pundits are saying things like he wonít be a Giant anymore, he should go to jail for a long time etcÖ What no one reports about is how one of the Giants other Wide Receivers was robbed at gunpoint in front of his home. Also, yes Burress had a concealed weapon without a license in New York State, but he holds a license in Florida, and if you take a whip wherever you are going to, do you hold it out and tell everyone you have it? No, you tuck it away of course. He just screwed up, heís young, dumb and rich and will get past all this and mature just like Randy Moss did. He just better thank God he didn't shoot anyone else. Donít think for a minute that heís leaving the Giants anytime soon either, remember Lawrence Taylor?

College Football Pick
Florida Gators 21 Alabama 28

Bucs 17 Panthers 24
This game has a huge effect on how the NFC side of the playoffs will shape up but the Bucs have a way of losing these types of games, Iíll pick the Panthers, and Iíll bet that this wonít be the last time these two meet this year.

Falcons 28 Saints 41
Falcons (8-4) will play a falling New Orleans team (6-6) that will see their playoff hopes slip away if they lose this one, but they are tough at home. My pick Saints.

Skins 10 Ravens 13
The Redskins canít score and will be playing a great Baltimore defense in the Beltway Bowl, I pick Baltimore.

Lions 7 Vikings 20
The Lions keep finding ways to get their asses kicked and Adrian Peterson will run all over their defense. If there is any team that will be the first to lose all of their games in one season since Tampa Bayís 0-26 run, itís Detroit. Go Vikes

Browns 14 Titans 28
The Cleveland Browns are in disarray and through all of their mess they will have to go into Tennessee that has a team that smells blood. Titans

Texans 10 Packers 42
Cowboys 17 Steelers 21
Eagles 20 Giants 28

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