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PCR #455 (Vol. 9, No. 50) This edition is for the week of December 8--14, 2008.

"The Day the Earth Stood Still" †by Mike Smith
Time Warp Toy Box '08: Part 2 †by ED Tucker
They Were Who We Thought They Were? .... Give That Man A Raise! .... Graham Harrell .... Arena Football: Dead Or Alive? .... Barry Melrose At It Again .... Nfl Picks .... .... by Chris Munger
Oscars .... Greedy Bastard .... Dead .... Next Year's Series .... .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For Should Have Gone To... †by Mike Smith
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Sports Talk

They Were Who We Thought They Were?
The last time a NFL game was played in Arizona was in 1947. This year, the Arizona Cardinals won their below-average division this past Sunday, and that means they are guaranteed to host a playoff game. In the NFC West Division, the Cardinals passed the Seahawks (last years division champion), the St. Louis Rams, who were awful for another season, and the San Francisco 49ers, who couldnít get it together this year. Any mediocre team couldíve won this division but Arizona rises and donít expect them to go far in the playoffs

Give That Man A Raise!
Antonio Bryant, Wide Receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has been the highlight of the year for the team, and showed his skills on Monday Night Football against the Carolina Panthers. In a losing effort, Bryant caught 9 total passes, two long passes, and a one-handed touchdown pass. When Garcia finally decided to throw it deep and wasnít running for his life he kept finding Bryant open downfield. Bryantís one-handed touchdown also made number #1 on ESPNís top plays.

Graham Harrell
4,747 Pass Yards 41TDís 7INTís and 6 rush td, no respect, and no Heisman invitation. Harrell, who plays for the Texas Tech Red Raiders saw his coach, Mike Leach, stick up for him and said it best when he was asked about Harrellís no invitation he said it just represents the politics involved in the selection, and they shouldnít even have the trophy presentation if they werenít going to give it to the best player. I agree, Harrell has had a great season this year, he threw the last second touchdown pass that defeated Texas, and ended their National Title hopes. Heís had one of the best seasons for a college QB and wasnít even invited for consideration of the Heisman something is terribly wrong with college football, and they need to get it fixed.

Arena Football: Dead Or Alive?
Tuesday afternoon, the Arena Football League closed itís doors for the 2009 season, according to ESPN. Wednesday, the AFL Board of Directors said they are on for the next season and never thought about shutting down. The AFL is the latest league thatís feeling the pinch with the NFL, MLB and various other leagues that are cutting jobs, but the AFL will be the only ones about to totally fold. I really donít know whatís wrong the AFL, but I know the Tampa Bay Storm and Orlando Predators have been flagship franchises for the league and have never had ticket sales problems, even in bad years. If youíve never experienced an AFL game in your life you need to. Thatís why I hope they continue their football concept and totally fan-friendly approach to the game. All of this speculation has to have Storm coach Tim Marcum really ticked considering he is one of the fathers of the game when it started over 20 years ago.

Barry Melrose At It Again
He didnít waist any time on the Lightning, recently criticizing the Lightningís young star: 18 year old Steve Stamkos in saying that he doesnít belong in the NHL. He couldnít help himself to point the finger regarding his firing, now itís time to blame everyone else and kick them when their down because theyíre the worst team in the league and whatnot. One thing us here in Tampa know is that Melrose was a loafing coach who couldnít connect with his players and now itís blast time.

NFL Picks
Bucs 30 Falcons 20
The Bucs got stomped last Monday night, and face a league-leading running game in this one in Falcons RB Michael Turner, I think the Bucs will bounce back this week, my pick: Tampa.

Broncos 13 Panthers 28
Running all over the Bucs Defense is no easy task and the Broncos' defense is bad look for Carolina to this one.

Lions 7 Colts 30
What do u think? Colts.

Vikings 23 Cardinals 13
The Vikings must win this game if they want to still be in the division race, but they'll have to do it behind Tavarus Jackson intead of their starting QB Gus Frerotte. Adrian Peterson should have a good game, Go Vikes.

Titans 30 Houston 14
I really dont see Houston playing upset with the Titans, my Tennesee.

49ers 14 Dolphins 21
Last week the 9ers beat the Jets (Miami's division opponent) but I dont think they'll be so lucky this week. Miami.

Steelers 20 Ravens 10
Oooh, this should be a good one, a nice defensive struggle. After manhandling Dallas the Steelers look unstopable heading into the stretch. Pittsburgh.

Cowboys 27 Giants 31
Unless New York is planning on not playing their starters, the Cowboys are in trouble. The Giants just lost to the Eagles and are looking to make a statement against the Cowboys. NY.

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