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Toys in the Attic Part 2  by Chris Woods
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Growing Up Fanboy

Toys in the Attic Part 2

Last month I talked about some of my old toys that I had as a kid. Most of them are up in my attic in New York. In the first part of Toys in the Attic, I wrote about different super-hero toys and action figures. In part 2, it will be a mixed bag of toys and other items I had when I was a child. Hope you enjoy.

Below we have a variety of different toys. Most here are robots and one Indian. First we have a toy that I teased in the first part, the Shogun Warrior, Dragun, which is the jumbo-sized 24” figure from Mattel. I had this toy forever, still in pretty good shape. Dragun came with some type of ninja stars. Next is a hard plastic Indian doll, which I believe is Tonto, but not sure if it is. It just might be some Indian doll I had. Had it since the 70’s and I didn’t take care of it as much as my other toys, the hands on the doll are broken off, but the rest of it is fine. Tobor is robot spelled backwards. This was a remote control robot from the late 70’s. It was a very cool toy to have, especially during the time of Star Wars and having your own robot was awesome. Next, the blue and yellow robots are just some cheap-o rubber toys I got out of some bin in a toyshop. Maybe they’re not so cheap-o since these rubber guys lasted 30 years.

Shogun Warrior Dragun, Indian doll, Tobor, and some rubber robots

Now on to the monsters! Here’s a collection of different monster toys. First is probably one of my favorite things as a kid, Tomy’s Mighty Men & Monster Maker was a set of different monsters and super hero types where you can mix up the head, torso, and legs and make your own creature. All you had to do was put the three pieces together, put a piece a paper over it and with the colored pencils that came with it you would color on the paper and then you would have your very own creation. It was cool mixing up the different people and creatures. Then we have some bendy figures I had of a vampire, scarecrow, and mummy. I think I got these one Halloween when stores all over had tons of horror and Halloween type toys. Now we have Remco’s Universal’s Monster’s at Home glow in the dark hand puppet of The Mummy. The puppet came with a mini plastic tomb. I believe I got this around Halloween time as well.

Mighty Men & Monster Maker, bendy Monster figures, Mummy puppet

Below here are some toys I had early in my childhood. First we have Hasbro’s Marching Mickey. When you squeeze his hands the legs start to march. I had this doll since I was real little and still is in pretty good shape after all these years. This one I actually keep in my old room. Another one on display in my room is an old puppet of Howdy Doody. This one was made in the 70’s. Next I have a few Sesame Street characters, Ernie and Bert. These plush dolls came with a small plush car that I still have somewhere. I also have a Bert puppet that I had for awhile. The face has a few marks on it and some of the hair came out. Next is Hasbro’s Weeble Wobble Haunted House. This was another one of my favorites. It came with a lot of cool stuff, including a glow in the dark weeble ghost.

Marching Mickey, Howdy Doody, Ernie and Bert, Weeble Haunted House

Here are a few Tonka trucks I had. I had a ton of those. The ones I have below are an army jeep and a pick-up truck. I also have a Hess toy truck that included mini oil barrels. Next is a mini frontier town that came with some plastic cowboy figures that I got in a pack. Here’s what’s left of my Astro Blast rocket launcher. No rockets left but I still have the launcher. The rockets were nerf like for what I remember. Now on to Kenner’s Girder & Panel Action Building Set. I must of worked on this for hours building different skyscrapers. I use to use the buildings for a Star Wars space station or a G. I. Joe base. Still have most of all the pieces and the box too.

Tonka and Hess trucks, Frontier Town, Astro Blast, Girder & Panel Action Building Set

Here are a few games that I had when I was a kid. First off below is a board game version of Pac-Man from Milton Bradley. It was a pretty good game. You would set the balls on the board and have a little Pac-Man that would eat them up. Konner’s Headache I got at some garage sale. It’s a good’ol classic board game and so is Pic-up Stix, well not exactly a board game, but a classic.

Games: Pac-man, Headache, Pic-up Stix

Here’s another favorite from my childhood, books. I had a ton of them. One is this Batman book was a A to Z of different Batman characters and terms. The Little Golden Book was very popular and I had many of them. Here’s one of them below of Land of The Lost. Next is a Casper and Wendy book. I had a variety of books based on super-heroes, TV shows and cartoon characters.

Books: Batman, Land of the Lost, Casper and Wendy

Now on to Colorforms. I had a collection of different colorforms through out the years. Below you can see Colorforms of The Hulk, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon and on display below, I have The Hulk and Superman. Other ones I had were Spider-man, Batman, Pac-man, Smurfs, etc. One that I have is a haunted house and it was a large colorform layout and it had some cool secret compartments in it and all the famous monsters and creatures.

Colorforms: Hulk, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Superman

Here are two items that were toys of my Uncle. Below, is a mini figure of Sean Connery as James Bond. This is going back to the 60’s. Also is a fire truck that my Uncle got when he was 3 or 4 sometime way back in the 50’s. I believe these are the only items from my Uncle’s childhood that are left, they maybe more somewhere. I do have his collection of Spider-man, Hulk, and Fantastic Four comics, but that’s for another article.

My Uncle's James Bond figure and fire truck

Well, there you have it, a two-part article on different toys from my collection. These articles brought back a lot of memories, I hope they brought back some for you as well. See you at the toyshop.

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