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PCR #461 (Vol. 10, No. 4) This edition is for the week of January 19--25, 2009.
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"The 81st Academy Award Nominations"  by Mike Smith
Edgar Allan Poe in Film  by Terence Nuzum
Holy Senior Sidekicks Batman! An Afternoon with Johnny Duncan  by ED Tucker
Barenaked Ladies: Snacktime  by Bobby Tyler
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Cue Beethoven's ‘ode To Joy’ .... Back On Track, Both Me And Kurt .... New Top Ten Challenge ....  by Matt Drinnenberg
Oscar Notes .... Good Awards .... Bad Awards .... Pres 1, Pope 0 .... .... .... .... .... My Favorite Films, Part 2...  by Mike Smith
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I never thought this day would come.We are here now, at the end of one of the most disgraceful displays of greed and self service in our nation's history; holding to a hope in someone who like his predecessor is just a man. A hope yet to be realized in one President Obama.A hope as vast as the stars in the sky thanks to policies and corporate privileges written and signed into law that have crippled this nation in a way not seen since the 1930’s. By a man who has lied time and again about the War in Iraq, being one of creation's greatest history revisionists!

As Bush leaves office he has the dubious honor of a 7.2% unemployment rate, the WORST unemployment rate in the last 16 years, which lays at the feet of his father, G.H.W.B.George W. Bush; the one man who could have made me vote Democrat for the first time in the history of my life. In any capacity of government. Twice!!!

But this is not a day to bemoan the actions of a bad time in passing. Rather, I will rejoice in the hopeful promise of a new beginning. As with any new President, as with any one thing, the future is unknown. What is known is that times are very bad, and will probably get worse before they get any better.

Fortunately, on this day, we head in a new direction. Given the realities created by the former administration and the continued downward spiral a new direction can only be a good thing.

And this keeps popping into my mind: Jimmy Carter must be very happy. He’s no longer the worst President in the history of the United States.

Very happy to point out that my picks last week of Arizona and Pittsburgh advancing to the Super Bowl were correct ones! Takes the sting out of the previous week's plunder into idiocy, guessing wrong on all games.Love to see a nice guy like Kurt Warner, a real true life walking talking and acting Christian, get back to the big game after so much struggle in his career. A career that seemed over. Being dumped by St.Louis after setting the league on fire, being released by the Giants after Eli Manning got drafted for the job, and saddled as a clip board holder in Arizona with USC's Matt Lienart being tabbed 'Starter' for day one.Thru it all, Warner has been the epitome of professionalism and class. Never a bad word. Never a selfish demand. Gracious and courteous all the way. Supportive of 'the other guy' who took his place. Now here he is, after taking the reigns, leading the Arizona Cardinals to the Super Bowl, nine years after winning it all and being MVP for the Rams. Doing so engineering what can only be described as a Hall of Fame performance on a critical touchdown drive after being stymied for most of the 2nd half.

Gotta love a good guy doing good.

Now, the big question: who’s going to win the Super Bowl? I’ll tell you next week.

I double checked the archives and don’t see this in there, unless I’m just missing it. But how about a Top Ten Album Covers of All Time challenge!

This was sparked today as I was saving album covers to put face plates on my music thumbnails.

God Bless America


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