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PCR #466 (Vol. 10, No. 9) This edition is for the week of February 23--March 1, 2009.
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I guess life just won't let you get away from the inevitable.

One of the screens great vampires, Robert Quarry, has passed away.

Born in 1925, Quarry was a mainstay in now classic fright films of the early 70's. His turn as blood sucking vampire is seem by many to be even more menacing than that of Christopher Lee's portrayal. Filled with hate and bloodlust, his Count Yorga would smite you like a wayward bug on the kitchen counter.

From Yorga to Dr.Phibes Rises Again to DeathMaster to MadHouse. This dude rode the Horror train with the best of them. Due to contractual obligations at the time, Quarry was denied the opportunity to star opposite long time friend Darren McGavin in the hit TV Movie "The Night Stalker". This was appeased with The Return of Count Yorga; another blood sucking fiesta of vampire love.

This dude simply rocked.

He passed on February 20th and will be missed by a legion of friends and fans. Possibly the byline to this should be Prince Sirki goes home.

Hope he and Forry hook up real soon.

Robert Quarry died February 20th, 2009

As with previous years, the Rondo Hattan awards are being flooded with votes. Many thanks to those of you who have contributed to the impending honoree's.

Get in on the fun, and make your fanboy statement at http://www.rondoaward.com

Same old, same old.

That's the feeling I have being topped out, once again, by the unbeatable Mr.Smith during the Academy Awards Sunday night.

Got real close to taking this one. Actually had the lead twice! First time that's happened ever!!!

Getting real close buddy. Watch your back next year.

Take Care and God Bless

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