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PCR #492 (Vol. 10, No. 35). This edition is for the week of August 24--30, 2009.

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Movie Review
"The Time Traveler's Wife"

Movie review by:
Michael A. Smith

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New Line Cinema     
Starring: Eric Bana, Rachel McAdams and Arliss Howard
Directed by: Robert Schwenke
Rated: PG 13
Running Time: 1 hour 47 mins

What if you could move back and forth in time? Books and films have addressed this subject many times, most popularly in the “Back to the Future” series. This rather unique problem presents itself in “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” though it seems more like a pest than a problem.

Henry (Bana) has a problem. For a reason he can’t understand, though he thinks anxiety contributes to it, Henry has a tendency to disappear and find himself in another time. I should mention that when Henry pops off he ends up at his destination naked, as for some reason his clothes can’t travel with him. Actually Henry has two problems. The whole “naked” thing and the fact that he has no idea where and when he’s traveling to. Makes you wonder how he keeps a job.

A good premise with a fine cast, “The Time Traveler’s Wife” is a film with one glaring plot hole: why does Henry time travel? We really aren’t told the reason he has this “power.” Occasionally he drops in on 8 year old Claire (Brooklyn Proulx), enough times actually that she leaves some of her father’s old clothes in the woods for him when he visits. Other times he just finds himself in a zoo, a ghetto or in the back of a closed business. But why??? He’s not going back to stop JFK’s assassination or help the Orioles win the 1969 World Series. It’s almost like whoever pitched the film said, “It’s a movie with Eric Bana and he’s naked a lot.” Sold!

Again, as I said earlier, the cast does a good job with somewhat flimsy material. McAdams is strong as the grown up Claire, while little seen Arliss Howard excels as Henry’s father. Michelle Nolden and Ron Livingston also contribute solid work. What’s disappointing is that the screenplay was written by Bruce Joel Rubin, who won an Oscar for writing “Ghost.” With that pedigree I expected a little more information. I will say that after the film I was told by a friend that the book made more sense and explained some things not addressed in the film. So perhaps a trip to the library this time is better than one to the cinema. The thing that troubled me the most is that often Henry’s “trips” last for weeks at a time. How DOES he keep a job?

Good cast plus weak script equals so-so movie. On a scale of zero to four I give “The Time Traveler’s Wife”


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