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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2009!
   Assistant Editor / Co-Moderator:  Terence Nuzum.
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our tenth calendar year!
Number 464  (Vol. 10, No. 7). This edition is for the week of February 9--15, 2009.

"Friday the 13th"
2008 Was A Year to Forget, But--December was a Month to Remember! Part 3
The Yellow Submarine Chronicles Part Seven: Many Years from Now
Top 20 Albums of 2008 part 1: #20-11
The Encyclopedia of Horror Movies
A-$$-hole .... This Time Itís 4 Real .... Jagodzinski Likes Mccown .... .... .... .... .... -
Michael Phelps .... Christian Bleeping Bale .... Movie Notes .... Where's Your Messiah Now? .... Owning History .... Oscar Thoughts .... .... .... My Favorite Films, Part 2... i

Happy Friday the 13th

I have no real good reason for wishing everyone a happy Friday the 13th except that it feels like the right thing to do, haha. A full moon would've made it much better and creepier, but, hey, you can't have it all. (The full moon for this month passed a few days ago. Fridays on the 13th with a full moon are rather rare affairs, it seems.)

Hopefully, eveyone can stay out of trouble today. For those of us who deal with the public as part of our jobs (like I do), full moons usually signify an increase in street-crazies. I don't seem to link Friday the 13th the same way, but they don't happen often enough for me to gage. Anything traditionally regarded as unlucky can't be helping though, haha.

Looks like I won't make it to the movies in time to see the remake of Friday the 13 on Friday the 13th (dammit), but I wasn't planning to anyway before I read Mike's review.

Anyway, I did have some good luck today -- but if I talk about it, I'll jinx myself. Hey, who's superstitious?

This Week

This has been another screwy week for Ye Olde Editor, so things are running a bit behind again, sorry to say.

I had another root canal job done Monday. I hadn't planned on setting that appointment for another month or so or whenever I got some income tax money back, but the tooth in question had other plans. After getting home from work Monday morning, the sore spot I'd been tolerating for weeks suddenly -- and I mean suddenly -- became throbbing, then stabbing, then excrutiating all in a few hours. An emergency call to the endodontist had me in his chair early that afternoon. Thank god he could see me -- normally these things happen to me on holidays, on weekends, or at two in the morning when no one is available. I'd never had a root canal in my entire life and now I've had two in thirty days!

I'm glad to see Terence finally post his Top 20 albums of 2008. His Audio Philes recap is a feature I look forward to every year. This week counts down 20 -- 11, next week will complete the Top 10.

Chris Woods has indicated that his original plans for his Growing Up Fanboy column is likely to extend beyond the one-year limit he originally planned for it, and that's great news for us! This week's column about the Encylopedia of Horror Movies was the first one in the door this week.

This Week's Movie Review on the Friday the 13th remake resulted in a surprising three-star rating from columnist Mike Smith. This was not originally a film I planned to see. Terence suggested that although the original was insanely popular, technically it wasn't all that well-made, so a remake would address those rough edges. Well, maybe the original wasn't an Oscar-winner, but it impressed the sh*t out of me! That said, Mike's comments made me re-think my plans on avoiding the remake.

‹ber-columnists Ed Tucker (Retrorama) and Will Moriaty (La Floridiana) will appear here Thursday. Starting next week, Retrorama graduates to the Content Management System I've spent nearly two years developing, with La Floridiana soon to follow. These were the last two columns still being hand-formatted by yours truly, so unfortunately, saw frequent delays in posting, mostly due to their image-intensive nature and my unpredictable work schedule. Now, that's about to change so these punctual writers' always impressive output can post Wednesday (or Tuesday night), not have to wait on me, and help bring our publishing schedule back under control!

Well, I'm off to pick up my pain medication for dozens of various ailments, so I'll bid you adieu for the moment. See you Thursday.

Readers' Comments

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MAD MATT [16-02-2009 21:06] 
Nolan [16-02-2009 16:14] 
Tim! Good to hear from you. And thanks for the kudos, haha.
Tim Fasano [16-02-2009 10:42]  
I have not been on fanboy in over a year...I love your new "blog" like format...Good job.
Steve [15-02-2009 18:55] 
Pardon me,

I meant to say, "SAW all those gems."
Steve Beasley [15-02-2009 18:53] 

How do you remember exactly which cinema you say all these gems?

I know some, but certainly not to the level you do. I assume you worked at the Austin, too? Is that the Austin Cinema on Westshore Blvd in Tampa?
Nolan [15-02-2009 15:47] 
Mrs. Wynkoop....your birthday's been added to the roster.
Michael [14-02-2009 21:08] 
Steve, that's pretty bizarre. Congrats on your fame...I wonder if you have a plaque somewhere in the office. Robinson Beasleys, huh? I'm sure they didn't make much of themselves. :-)
Mrs Wynkoop [14-02-2009 19:27]  
Joel's is August 24, 1960 and our wedding anniversary is August 20, 2005...I will be expecting a present,,,,LOL.
Beaz [14-02-2009 02:19] 
Okay, I'm ready for my audition...
Beaz [14-02-2009 02:02] 
Hey Mike,

I checked it out and I do see a "Steve Beasley - Alligator Wrestler". I never knew of another Steve Beasley at Plant. It's either another Steve out there or someone who knows me has a sense of humor...which I suspect.

The only other Beasleys in South Tampa that I'm aware of attended Robinson High School and owned a hardware store on South MacDill Avenue, south of Gandy Blvd.
Michael [13-02-2009 22:06] 
Steve, on Facebook several of us Plant alum sent around a list of things we did Senior Year. One of the questions was if anyone famous had gone to our high school. I listed the few that I knew (Wade Boggs, Mike Williams, Stephen Stills, Gallagher (and Gallagher II), plus friends from school that have made a name for themselves in their chosen profession (Scott Gilbert, John Hooper, etc). On a lark I checked the school's web site and they listed four famous alumni - Boggs, Williams, Gallagher (but not his brother) and Steve Beasely, a famous alligator wrestler. Pretty cool.
Me (The Saga) [13-02-2009 06:02] 

Nolan [13-02-2009 05:36] 
Cataloging system?? Haha, I wish. I usually just go " it's probably in one of those boxes over there. Or, um...maybe it's over there...."

I remember those books Steve, those were cool. And I'm sure they are safe -- wherever they are.
Me (Part Two) [13-02-2009 02:35] 
Chris, Nolan has a similar book. It's huge! I bought it from either Woolco or Zayre's back in the 70s, I forget which now. I gave it to Nolan for his collection waaay back before the dawn of time. It's got the old British Hammer Films (Pinewood Studios?) and the old American classics. It's a classic read for sure. God knows where it is now, but I know it's safe, it'll certainly be in the lower strata someplace. He's also got a red hardcover book with the first Superman and Flash original comics, etc, which I gave him oh so long ago as well. Wicked stuff! I knew with my lifestyle (drifter) back then...I'd just lose some of my own collection, so I gave it to Nole who hangs into stuff with an iron grip. What I believe Nole needs (and may have by now), is a cataloging system so he knows EXACTLY where a particular collectible is.
Me [13-02-2009 02:24] 
Yes, I did go to Plant.

Alligator wrestler? Well, My grandfather was the legendary alligator wrestler in my family and he gave me two as pets when U was a kid in the early 60s, because he killed the adult for grub. That was back when my family lived in the Okefenokee Swamp on the GA-FL border. The old family homestead is still there. I believe it's referred to as the Old Henderson Camp in literature. It was spitting distance from Chief Osceola's camp.

What makes you ask, Mike?
Nolan [12-02-2009 23:24] 
I didn't forget your birthday, Cathy, I never knew it! What's Joel's?
Mrs Wynkoop [12-02-2009 18:42]  
Just wanted to mention you forgot my birthday. February 8, 1971. 38 years.....LOL
Michael [12-02-2009 16:38] 
ED, I forgot he was in that. I wish I was going with you guys.

Steve Beasley: Did you go to Plant? And are you an alligator wrestler?
ED [12-02-2009 06:55] 
Chris - if you have never read the Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film then I implore you to pick up a copy today. The first printing is worth it for the exploitation press material alone and Weldon's reviews are very entertaining.

Michael - Dirk also survived being turned into a snake in SSSSSSS. I have a great poster from that film for him to sign!
Michael [11-02-2009 17:12] 
Wow, Mickey AND Amy Dolenz. Dirk Benedict was on Dennis Miller today and apparently he survived a bad run of cancer. Have fun.
Chris Woods [11-02-2009 15:14] 
ED - The Encyclopedia of Horror is an awesome book. That's cool you also got it at a Waldens. To this day I still read it and look at it as my ultimate guide. I always wanted to check out The Psychotronic Enyclopedia of Film.

Paul - Yeah, GFF looks to be good. With the Redner and Charlie Wall doc playing and The Last One, it will be good. Last One has to win best young filmmaker award. If it doesn't I'll riot. LOL!
Paul Guzzo [11-02-2009 13:02] 
Well, Redner Doc is showing at Gasparilla! As it The Last One ... my Charlie Wall Film... Giselle's Closet by Ben Rosa ... and a host of other good local films. Plus the international films they brought in are amazing, as are the big named star films. Very fired up.
Nolan [11-02-2009 12:42] 
Lonnie, thanks for the notice. But since I'm on rabbit ears and converter box, virtually ALL channels "go dark" on me without notice sometime. This morning Retro TV went dark, but so did some others. Right now (almost 4:00pm Tampa time) all channels are ON! Sometimes, it seems to only be the time of day that makes a difference.
ED [11-02-2009 11:50] 
Lonnie - yes, I plan to be there on Saturday, February 28. I am looking forward to finally meeting a Monkee!
Lonnie Dohlen [11-02-2009 11:41]  
Ed,you planning on going to Megacon on Feb 28?I will.Nolan,today the Retro Television Network went dark on the screen today.
Nolan [11-02-2009 11:00] 
It is?! Well, that sucks. Not that I'm expected at either one of them anyhow, but some fans will be conflicted.
ED [11-02-2009 10:40] 
Why did they schedule the GFF the same weekend as Megacon? Doesn't anyone ever check these things?
Nolan [11-02-2009 10:05] 
Sorry, "Ghosts" -- that's privileged informaton, haha. My comic con days are indefinitely suspended anyway due to the economic downturn, so you won't have to worry about it much this year.

To all: Apologies for initially having the wrong link to This Week's Movie Review -- it's since been fixed.

Paul: Tried to call Eric Odum several times about the GFF, never got an answer. Guess I'm out, haha. Oh well, I still wish them the best of luck.
Ghost of Silly Arguments Past [11-02-2009 08:23] 
Stop talking about what you purchased at a book store ... I still wanna know what everyone bought at the comic cons!!!!
ED [11-02-2009 05:43] 
Chris - I bought the Encyclopedia of Horror around the same time you did (maybe a little earlier) and from a Walden Bookstore in the mall. I had a friend from Tampa who worked for the chain at the time and he got it for me at his employee discount. Among horror fans of the day, this was reffered to as "The Hardy Book". Until The Psychotronic Enyclopedia of Film and the Creature Features Movie Guide came along, this was the best available source on the subject. Great memories.
Paul Guzzo [10-02-2009 21:11] 
Gasparilla FIlm Festival schedule is awesome this year. Really is guys!
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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