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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2009!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our tenth calendar year!
Number 468  (Vol. 10, No. 11). This edition is for the week of March 9--15, 2009.

Toys in the Attic Part 1
Ufl Sets Up .... Rip Test .... Itís Still A Championship Ring! .... Were Not Going To Disney World! .... .... .... .... f
Boston .... Movie Notes .... .... .... .... .... .... .... My Favorite Films, Part 2... o

Some Updates
and Happy Friday the 13th...again!

Happy Friday the 13th
Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston Break Off Engagement
Quick Update
Retro TV Update
The World of Nolan Update
Readers Comments


Didn't I just say this about a month ago?


By now you all have heard about this very unsurprising turn of events as Republican soccer mom Sarah Palin's campaign rhetoric regarding her pregnant daughter's shotgun wedding plans just blew up in her face.

The now 18-year-old Bristol Palin and baby daddy 19-year-old Levi Johnston have announced that "some time ago" they decided to break off their engagement and, well, break up altogether.

Memories are still fresh of Sarah Palin on the campaign trail having to face the press as a "family values" mom and deal with her unwed daughter's then-current situation, assuring the masses that the young man intended to marry Bristol after, you know, having knocked her up and everything. Though Palin intended this to reassure conservative voters that right-wing religious values were going to be rigidly adhered to, the speech had "shotgun wedding" written all over it. Few could believe these two teenagers would actually follow through with it, pretty much chuckling that these were basically two kids who made some foolish mistakes like kids do. Problem is, bad timing what with Sarah on the road to the White House and all.

Commentary from the family as of this writing has been sparse, no word from Levi at all, but Bristol says she is "devastated" (contrary to the press reports that this was all decided "some time ago"). I can well imagine, as the prospect of raising her now two-month old daughter with no daddy will impact the religious-family-values / sanctity-of-marriage platform if Sarah Palin runs for anything in 2012.

She'll have to go all grass-roots then with a, "Hey, I'm a regular Joe like you guys with similar family problems," type thing and reassure her religious constituency that anything goes as long as we're not liberal evolutionists or anything.

A Message Board thread has already been started on this topic. Join the conversation.


Since Chris Woods has already sent in his newest "Growing Up Fanboy" column, I decided to go ahead and put up Readers Comments a wee bit early so y'all could hurl some commentary his way. It's a humdinger dealing with his toy collection! QUICK UPDATE UPDATE: Just before I hit the sack Tuesday afternoon, I found ED Tucker's "Retrorama" on MegaCon 2009 posted! Off to a rousing early start this week, folks!


This is probably not a big deal to most of you, but to rabbit-ear TV mavens in the Tampa Bay area on digital-converter boxes, it might be.

Channel 8 "Digital 2" or Channel 8-2 on your remote is where we Tampans found the "Retro Television" station since January. Most of it has been a pleasant surprise, despite only about half the programming hours being devoted to Classic TV, the balance is regular local origination programs and infomercials. Additionally, finding detailed program guides online has been frustratingly elusive, at least for me. I have made a note, however, that depending on the day of the week, I can usually come home from work at sunrise and watch McHale's Navy, Bachelor Father, The Virginian (Sundays-only I think), and Leave it to Beaver.

I discovered while surfing last night (off from work) that between about 1:00am to 3:00am were Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Night Gallery!! I should've made a note exactly what time it was, but I was groggy and didn't think about it. Sorry.

The Hitchcock episode, for which I've forgotten the title, dealt with a leacherous plumber who was into blackmailing the neighborhood ladies. It was amazingly good and holds up really well today despite the dated production values (everything filmed for television at that time was really bright owing to early TV sets' shallow contrast ratios). Hitchcock's bumper spots still tickle the funny bone.

The Night Gallery was a two-for-one. The first 20-minute spot, "The Funeral" starred Joe Flynn and Werner Klemperer as a funeral director and his client, respectively, the latter, a vampire making strange requests for his final burial. The second spot, under 10 minutes, "Nature of the Enemy" starred Joe Campanella as a director at NASA trying to find out what happened to a space crew after they crash-landed on the moon. Hint: Rats!

"The Funeral," written by the always-dependable Richard Matheson, was played mostly for laughs in the delightful creature-feature way, and "Nature of the Enemy," written by Rod Serling, had a wonderfully campy comic-book ending. Seeing Rod Serling introduce the show was additional fanboy bliss.


I got terribly ill this morning and it involved hurling chunks, so my voice is shot at the moment. I'm only telling you this because that will delay the new The World of Nolan video by at least a day, maybe two.

Readers' Comments

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Michael [14-03-2009 21:30] 
This week it's a double feature as I look at "Saturday Night Fever" and "The Goodbye Girl." Enjoy both!
Chris Woods [14-03-2009 19:38] 
Hey Mike, glad you like the article. It brought back a lot of memories. I'll be working on part 2 very soon. And the thing with Hitchc0ck, it took me two tries then I figured it out that it was censoring that word. Oh well.
Michael [13-03-2009 23:50] 
Oh, Chris, I've also had the problem with Hitchc0ck in the past. I think Nolan said it's some kind of program that keeps profanity out. Fairly common. I once used to post on a movie site that kept denying any post that mentioned Hilary Swank, due to the slang connotation of the word "wank." Hmmmmmmmm, wonder if the word "wank" will show up here.
Michael [13-03-2009 23:47] 
ED, Chris: Great stuff this week.

ED, how cool to meet Mickey Dolenz and what a pleasant surprise that he was so courteous to the fans reference his tardiness. Dirk Benedict looks great. Glad you got your poster signed. I would kill for someone to throw a decent Con in Kansas City. Occasional comic book shows but really not a lot there for the non "funny book" reader as my dad used to call them.

Chris, nice assortment of toys young man. When my son was little I would get him action figures for birthday and holiday gifts (TMNT, Ghostbusters, etc) and would be surprised to find them in his closet months later unplayed with. He thought since I never opened my figures that he shouldn't play with his. Ah, kids.
Nolan [12-03-2009 23:42]  
Nicholas, hello! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet about our Nolan Radio interview, but I wanted to get another video completed before I tackled another N.R. episode and ran into some complications this week (as always). But you're next, for sure.

I have neither a MySpace (I used to) nor a Facebook account and refuse to due to their slack security concerns, the list of which is too long to go into here. The spyware and malware deposited on my system by MySpace was a real turn-off.

The only "networking" I do is right here on CrazedFanboy.com where you can always find me. My primary email address remains Crazedfanboy1@aol.com .
Nicholas King [12-03-2009 23:14]  
Nolan, do you still have a myspace or facebook page? If so, send me a link to it so we can keep in touch.
Chris Woods [12-03-2009 20:47] 
ED- Just to let you know Troma just put out the DVD, they didn't produce it. When I saw it they didn't have a distributor. I guess Troma decided to pick it up. It was travel festivals for years. And the doc is the same when I saw it the first time. They didn't change anything. It's a very good film and is worth getting. Talks a lot about Dohler's career in movies and his magazines. You find a lot about him and the filmmakers do him justice.
ED [12-03-2009 17:46] 
Chris - I am torn on that documentary becasue it was produced by Troma. They were very disrespectful to Don Dohler when he was alive and now this seems too much like a cash in. I will probably eventually get a copy used just so I not putting any money in their pockets.
Chris Woods [12-03-2009 15:25] 
ED - Thanks, glad you liked the review of Alien Factor. I got Fiend as well, it's a double feature with Alien Factor. I seen both of them before and other Dohler films, just rewatched them recently. Fiend is actually my favorite Dohler fim and will probably have a review on that soon. I also just got the documentary on Dohler, Blood, Boobs, and Beast. It just came out on DVD. I first saw it at Screamfest 2007.
ED [12-03-2009 10:27] 
Lonnie - that is the Florida Extravaganza Collectibles Show in Orlando at the convention center. I mentioned it to you at Megacon.
Lonnie Dohlen [12-03-2009 09:46]  
ED,what is FX on April11?
ED [12-03-2009 07:31] 
Chris - great review on Alien Factor. That was a staple on Creature Feature for many years and even made the cover of Famous Monsters. I was fortunate enough to interview Don Dohler before his death and I got a 16mm print of AF from George Stover that I haul out and watch about once a year. Watch Fiend next.
Chris Woods [11-03-2009 20:30] 
It worked!
Chris Woods [11-03-2009 20:30] 
That's weird, my last comment finally posted after I took out a word. I guess I can't write Hitchc0ck. I was originally going to put, Night Gallery is right after Hitchc0ck. Let's see if it will post it if I replace the "o" with a zero. LOL!
Chris Woods [11-03-2009 20:27] 
Hey Nolan, hope you're feeling better. I watch a few shows on Retro TV. I sometimes catch the A-Team and The Hulk. Night Gallery is on at 2am I think, on weeknights.
Chris Woods [10-03-2009 18:42] 
Thank you Lisa, ED, and Nolan. Glad you enjoyed the article.

ED - Great piece on Megacon, it was a very good read and great pics. As for my toys back home in NY, most are up in the attic but I do have some displayed in my old room, mostly Star Wars toys. Most of the toys I had when I was a kid are still in good condition. The Sesame Street house still has most of its pieces. The painted Marx Marvel figures I think I got in a pack at KB Toys or Woolworth's. I just have those 3 big ones and 5 painted ones. I'll have more cool toy stuff next month in part 2.
Angry Old Man [10-03-2009 12:50] 
Ba hum bug Chris ... the only toys I had as a kid were tin cans, and my parents only let me play with them for a minute before they turned them in for a nickel.
Nolan [10-03-2009 12:12] 
Chris and ED -- terrific pieces, both of you!
ED [10-03-2009 10:46] 
Oh and Chris, I want to see you at FX this year the weekend of April 11. That's an order! :)
ED [10-03-2009 10:35] 
Chris - Excellent piece. I commend you for keeping so many of your childhood toys but I chastise you for storing them in your family's attic instead of displaying them in your home where they rightfully belong! Sadly most of the stuff I had as a kid ran awfoul of gasoline or some other hazzard. I would have loved to have had that Sesame Street house but a few firecrackers would have introduced it to urban renewal! It is my understanding that the painted Marx figures were a Marvel comic mail away deal and are very valuable. Apparently the paint didn't hold up. The Transformers gun was struck from a mold for a Japanese Man from UNCLE gun and very early ones still had the UNCLE logo on the pistols slide. Thanks for sharing your stuff!
Super Duper Fangrrl Lisa [10-03-2009 10:35] 
First! Oh, snap!

Nolan -- Hope you feel better. I'm home sick today myself. (Not hurling chunks, though...ewww...;)

Chris W. -- Nice article! Hope you give your mom something good every year for Mother's Day, since she bought you all that cool stuff growing up and now lets you store it all in her attic!
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
End of Comments    

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