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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2009!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our tenth calendar year!
Number 471  (Vol. 10, No. 14). This edition is for the week of March 30--April 5, 2009.


Lonnie Dohlen, April 15, 40 yrs.
Andrea Dean Von Scoyoc, April 17, 40 yrs.

"Fast And Furious"
US 19: The Highway That Time Forgot
Movie Notes .... Room Service Included .... Passing On .... Boston .... .... .... .... .... My Favorite Films, Part 2... o
Last week, as you recall, I drew attention to this homepage's 300,000th hit. What I failed to do in addition to that is also draw attention to this website's nine-year anniversary, which was March 19th!! This is the first time, I think, I ever forgot to mark the occasion, YIKES. So, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to us!

April Fool's Day
Every year I think about pulling some gag on here, but I suck at gags and am usually too afraid they will somehow backfire. Plus, I seem to be attracted to shock-type or morbid headlines, and I'd feel terrible if someone actually believed them. But one I keep nursing not like those deals with my premature retirement and who'd be taking over effective immediately. Since y'all know who that would likely be, it wouldn't be any surprise, so that's not any good either. So, once again, I'm bailing on the whole idea. Maybe next year.

About the New Three Stooges Movie
It was announced in the press last week (and in PCR via Mike's Rant) that a new movie is in the works starring a new Three Stooges, starring Benecio Del Toro (Moe), Sean Penn (Larry), and Jim Carrey (Curly). Much has been made about how none of these actors bear the slightest resemblance to the original Stooges (with the possible exception of Del Toro).

While I shudder to think about updating the Stooges this way as much as the next fanboy, I think the point was missed that the this is not intended to be a bio-pic. As I understand it, this is a new Three Stooges movie with different actors, therefore it is a....(gulp)....re-imagining. So what they look like appears to be only a passing concern.

That said, the whole texture of this excursion will be wholly different: the original Stooges, Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and Jerome "Curly" Howard, were all short in height, all Jewish in background, and all from New York with the attendant accents. Most of their material came from Depression-era set-ups, usually the boys trying to find work, then fouling up anything they tried. The physical slap-stick comedy, so identified with the Stooges, would be glaringly out-of-place in today's market, to say nothing of being politically-incorrect on a massive scale (and outright litigious if kids try it at home). I hope the producers know what they're doing before they pay top-scale actors to try and re-create anything like the chemistry of ingenious, if low-budget, vaudevilleans.

Next they'll be trying to update Laurel and Hardy with Steve Carrel and Bob Hoskins. Uh-oh, maybe I shouldn't have said anything.

About the New Wolverine Movie
I received word that there is an internet download floating around already of the new X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie in its entirety, specifically a work-print. I don't think it's an April Fool's joke, but who knows. Anyway, word has it that it's dreadful and does not live up to the promising advance trailers. I hope this is somebody's idea of a joke, because if Wolverine tanks, that would pretty much kill the X-Men franchise.

Wolverine and the new Star Trek movie open within a week of each other in May. The fan buzz for Trek has been disappointly weak, but I'm going anyway. Same with Wolverine.

At the risk of getting my head bit off by those of you opposed to my discussing politics here on the homepage, I am compelled nonetheless to comment that we find ourselves in another extremely divisive time in American history, particulary regarding the measures being used to get us through this generation's Great Depression. I sincerely invite all readers to share their thoughts on this debacle via the Message Board, wherever you find the topic raging. And try and behave yourselves, I'm just looking for feedback on the Stimulus packages, the General Motors shake-up, and the like. Thanks.

Readers' Comments

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Just Plain Ole Lisa [04-04-2009 23:56] 
Laure -- While I'm sure the guys would like a catfight (rowr!), I must respectfully offer my surrender and humbly beg for mercy. Please don't have me excommunicated (my other friends wouldn't know a Cardassian if Gul Dukat bit them in the face!). Hey, we're still on for mani/pedis, shoe shopping and talking about boys, right?
ED [04-04-2009 20:25] 
Thanks Steve, I too mourn the loss of our roadside history. It makes me very thankfully these little pockets like US 19 still exist to remind us of what once was.
Steve Beasley [04-04-2009 14:24] 
A great one ED! You hit the ball out'a the park on this one!

I remember a few of those icons. It's a shame most of'em have been destroyed over the years. That gave Florida character. I realize Florida still has character, but today it's better summed up by Tim Dorsey's novels. They're funny as hell, but it's sad that so many crazies have laid claim to my home state.
Steve Beasley [04-04-2009 14:11]  
Mike, you wrote:
Sacha Baren Cohen turned in his first cut of "Bruno" to the MPAA and was rewarded with an "NC 17" rating. Since he is under contract with Universal to deliver an "R" rating, it's back to the editing bay for the former "Borat."

I' curious: What, exactly, does it take to go from NC17 to R? A certain number of "F" words or one quick full frontal scene by his co-star, whomever she might be?

And isn't that being a bit picky? If you've got a great movie, just show the damned thing! I think the ratings process may be getting out of hand. Damned unions or political correctness or big business or...!

However, just by being who he is, I'm surprised it doesn't have to be toned down, rather than up. I did like his previous movies, tho I wouldn't call them blockbusters....more of a mockumentary.
Michael [03-04-2009 23:04] 
Nolan, to quote Ed McMahon, you are correct sir! It was 2000 when we began debating the worth of M. Night Shayamalan! You know how old age effects things!

Will, what can you tell me about dead beat contractors? :-)
Chris Woods [03-04-2009 18:18] 
Thanks Will. I also have a short clip of The Part in the movie as well and some audio in the background from it.
ED [03-04-2009 18:06] 
Thank you sir, your praise means a lot to me coming from the master. I even told Nolan prior to posting that my column this week was La Floridian territory by way of my own sense of tackiness. Wasn't the turpentine mill some type of tourist trap that had local blacks dressed up and passed off as Zulus or something? Is that the same place that still has leftover stone dinosaurs on the property today? I know I have run across a few things on that doing research in the past. Alan Ormsby's film Death Dream was shot in Brooksville back in the early 70's.
William Moriaty [03-04-2009 17:34] 
Great flick on Radioactive Chris.

I loved the "Lost Faith" cameo...
William Moriaty [03-04-2009 17:22] 
Hey Paul:

Of course the Cuban Club is haunted. 3/4ths of Ybor is haunted!

P.S. Michael: Ask me about deadbeat contractors!
William Moriaty [03-04-2009 17:17] 
"La Floridiana" has met its match! Brother ED, your story on US 19 is priceless! God Bless ya!


P.S. I'll be exceptional impressed if you know the history of the roadside attraction known as the Lewis Turpentine Mill in Brooksville
Chris Woods [03-04-2009 14:59] 
Thanks Lisa, I'm glad you liked the film.
Laure [03-04-2009 13:39] 
Back away from the fanboy, Lisa. CFB is mine, if Nolan goes! But you can help me redecorate, ok? Pink princess crowns, unicorns and Hello Kitties will be everywhere--I mean, ahem. Of course we'll keep it just as Nolan hoped! *innocent look*

Of course, Nolan's not going anywhere. We love you, Nolan!
Friday-Loving Lisa [03-04-2009 11:20] 
Lonnie -- Happy birthday!

Chris W. -- I loved SPAVENTARE!!
PO\'d Paul Guzzo [03-04-2009 06:37] 
Sorry for the lack of Film NEw Update AGAIN ... still battling computer issues. Driving me insane. PROMISE it will be fixed by next week and everything will be normal again.
Nolan [02-04-2009 22:16] 
Paul, we are hoping to see you soon -- we're planning on resuming Nina O's Bar & Grill gatherings. I'll be in touch.
Nolan [02-04-2009 22:12] 
Lonnie: birthday and age noted, my friend. Previously, I would've guessed you were a little over 40, just due to some numbers used in some of your email addresses I presumed were a birth year (a popular technique). Glad I asked first!
Nolan [02-04-2009 22:06] 
Michael: Actually the PCR started in March of 2000 (as indicated under the PCR homepage banner). I picked the 19th as the most likely date about a month after it started by reverse-engineering file uploads at the time. Before that, it was just you and me messing around with a simple newsletter-type interface, basically for me to learn how to do it. Because a year ending in "0" always screws up the count, I say we're in our "tenth calendar year" because 2000--2009 is ten years. But March '00 to March '09 is nine years. My AOL Hometown page started in Feb '00, but that went dark when Hometown did last October.

I didn't even have an email address until December of 1999, nor an internet-capable computer until early 2000.
The Missing Paul Guzzo [02-04-2009 20:35] 
The only person I ever see is good ol' Dick Greco ... and that's rare - I spend the rest of my life locked in a room writing his story. Yes, it's driving me insane.
Michael [02-04-2009 18:41] 
Since we actually started in 1999, isn't this our 10th year of publishing? that's why we're planning the party.
Michael [02-04-2009 18:40] 
Hello everyone. Due to the fact that the moron contractor working at my house has been a total of 7 hours late the past two days, my office will not be ready for furniture, computers, etc until sometime on Saturday. that being said, the Rant will not be up until sometime Saturday evening. I apologize for the delay. We now return you to the arts....
Lonnie Dohlen [02-04-2009 13:06]  
Nolan,I'll be 30,No,I mean 40.
Nolan [02-04-2009 12:00] 
Oh WOW. Lisa, I'm honored! Thanks for sharing that, I'm gratified to know I'm still remembered so kindly after being out of sight for three months. I'm a little surprised they're wondering about Paul, I thought he was still traveling in their circles.
Still An April Fool Lisa [02-04-2009 11:01] 
Nolan and Paul -- I popped by the Sunscreen Film Festival's announcement party last night for about 45 minutes. In that brief period of time, I was asked "How's Nolan?", "What's Nolan up to?", "What's Paul doing now that the TFR is ended?", "Is there going to be a new TFR?", blah blah blah, etc., etc. etc. If I had a dollar for every question about you two that I answered last night, I could buy a small country. Or at least a steak dinner.

Oh, and they all said to tell you hello.
Nolan [02-04-2009 08:24] 
Lisa, the i's must be dotted with little happy faces! Then it's all yours!
The April Fool Lisa [01-04-2009 21:23] 
It's ok, Nolan. You can go ahead and announce that I'll be taking over the site when you retire. I think that changing the name to crazedfangrrl.com, using only various shades of pink, and switching to that font that dots the i's with hearts and flowers are must-needed changes that will be welcomed by all.
Paul Guzzo [01-04-2009 19:13] 
TAPS places a flashlight ont he floor of the Cuban Club and the ghost was turning it on and off. Freaky stuff.

In the Trelles Clinicn in Ybor, something moved their camera and whispered the name Juan, which they then learned was the name of the last person to die in the clinic - a little boy named Juan.

Good show ... though they cut my interview out! Damn them!!!!
Nolan [01-04-2009 19:02] 
We are! I don't have cable!
Paul Guzzo [01-04-2009 18:29] 
Cuban Club is haunted!!! Anyone else watching this?!?!?!?! I thougtht this website was into ghosts!!!!
Chris Woods [01-04-2009 16:18] 
Nolan - Even though this is a week or two late, but Happy 9th Anniversary to Crazedfanboy.com!

Now, on to the Three Stooges movie, I think it's a mistake to make that and to cast two dramatic actors as the stooges is a mistake as well. If it's a serious bio-pic, maybe, but if they're just doing a re-imagining, no way. I hope it doesn't get made.
Chris Woods [01-04-2009 16:07] 
ED - Great article on US 19. That's a long stretch of road. The haunted house looked very cool. Also all the other attractions on the road looked very interesting like the dinosaur building and Weeki Wachee. Bay News 9 always does tons of stories on that park.
Pau Guzzo [01-04-2009 16:03] 
Ghost Hunters in Ybor City tonight at 9 p.m. on SciFi!
Steve Beasley [01-04-2009 14:14]  
Now there's an idea! You'll probably need to charge a minimum of $10 a head, if not more...but the true fans would be there!
Paul Guzzo [01-04-2009 10:21] 
I've decided to re-start TFR and hire a professional event planner!!!! ..... .... ... .... ...

April Fools!
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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