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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2009!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our tenth calendar year!
Number 472  (Vol. 10, No. 15). This edition is for the week of April 6--12, 2009.

"Observe and Report"
Fishy Tales: Weeki Wachee
Toys in the Attic Part 2
Im Back! .... Retire Adenhart's # 34 .... A Leftwich Sandwich .... Go Rays! .... .... .... .... m
Ray Ferry And Phil Kim Settle!!! Fm Lives! .... .... .... a
The Shark Is Finally Working! .... What? I'm 500 .... Passing On .... For Sale .... .... .... .... .... My Favorite Films, Part 2... h



This morning's wee-hours Outer Limits episode was The Zanti Misfits. YEAH! Ants in my pants and Bruce Dern! Thanks again to THiS TV (32-2 digital in Tampa).

In a previous post I related that Mr. ED comes on after The Outer Limits. This morning, I discovered The Patty Duke Show comes on after Mr. ED! Hells Bells, between Channels 32-2 and 8-2 (the latter previously discussed in PCR), I'm getting about as decent a retro TV line-up as one can have without cable.

Regular readers will recall I've been slowly building a list of what's available on these two stations over the past few weeks. In addition to all the TV series I've mentioned up to now, perfection would only come with the addition of The Adventures of Superman, Batman, and all '60s Irwin Allen shows. Plus, I don't think I've stumbled on The Twilight Zone yet, but I'm still looking.

Did I say "perfection"? OK, I'll have to adjust that. Perfection would come with a local-origination horror-hosted Creature Feature showing schlocky old movies. Then we'd be perfect!


Well, things are working out nicely with my born-again video aspirations, but there's obviously more fine-tuning to do. I tried this morning to upload the latest World of Nolan video (the same one on this page) to YouTube only to be rejected over length. WOOPS. Guess they aren't kidding about that 10-minute limit, are they? (I interpreted that as more of a "suggestion".) So, returning to editing-my-tooshie off mode as I've been the past few weeks, I had to cut the video into two parts (ouch!) to make it fit. I believe I was successful, but I may not get time to upload Parts 1 & 2 until over the weekend sometime.


  The World of Nolan, Ep 2.
"Comics-to-Movies Adaptations: Watchmen"
A new World of Nolan video! This 14-minute episode features Terence Nuzum and Chris Woods as we talk about the comics-to-movie adaptation of Watchmen, the Warner Brothers movie that came out last month adapting the '80s DC comic.
  For some reason this video glitched on loading in my browser the first time (progressive download resisted starting). If this happens to you, simply reloading the page seemed to take care of it for me.
Since Chris Munger has his Sports Talk already sent in and I put up a new World of Nolan video (the one I've been talking about for two weeks), I went ahead and enabled Readers' Comments a wee bit early.

Funnily, this time it doesn't have anything to do with the Retro TV channel I've been talking about lately, called "Eight Prime" (8-2 digital) in Tampa.

I discovered quite by accident The Outer Limits ('60s version!) playing at 4:00am on Channel 32-2, or as they call it here, "THiS TV". The episode I caught was "The Invisible Enemy" starring Adam West and Ted Knight. Genre fans will remember this one as dealing with astronauts encountering a deadly "sand shark" on Mars!

Following The Outer Limits was Mr. ED. Despite the nostalgia, I wasn't quite in the mood for a talking horse, of course, of course, so bailed. But it was the one about Wilbur taking offense at his neighbor's implying Ed was inferior to his newly-purchased race horse. Hijinks ensued.

Readers' Comments

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Lonnie Dohlen [11-04-2009 10:01]  
Nolan,on RTN (Retro Television Network) They have OFFBEAT CINEMA @ 11PM Saturday Night,but I guess you work that night.
Chris Woods [11-04-2009 09:02] 
Hey ED, great article on Weeki Wachee. I love classic fun parks and I'm glad there still some around. Back in NY there's still a lot of the classic fun parks still around. Some have been updated but they also kept their classic look in some places.
Chris Woods [11-04-2009 05:53] 
Thanks Steve, glad you liked it. Dragun was a part of the Shogun Warriors in the 70's. Since I was a big Star Wars fan I had tons of robot toys.
Steve Beasley [10-04-2009 14:38] 
Nice article and pics Chris! I remember all except the Dragun robot. It may have come out after I was too old. I always dug robot toys as a kid though. Hell, I still dig'em! I checked out a book from the local library last year on the hostory of robot toys. Great pictures but no real info on the robots, other than the name and the manufacturer's name. It was written by a Japanese dude.
Steve Beasley [10-04-2009 14:33] 
Great Weeki Wachee piece ED!

I've been countless times since the 60s and love it, It's sad to hear that it almost succumbed to the same fate as other Florida attractions. If I had the deep pockets of a Donald Trump....
ED [09-04-2009 06:03] 
Chris - that must have looked pretty funny since the Lone Ranger figures from Gabriel were 9-10 inches tall and the Marx figures were 12. They must have looked like Jack Nicholson and Will Sampson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest!

Steve - Matt Mason was great. I have re-wired many a figure though because everyone who had one probably broke at least one of those cheap wires.
Chris Woods [09-04-2009 02:29] 
ED - Glad you liked part 2. When I was a kid I use to think that doll was Tonto or used him as him, because I had a Lone Ranger doll and Silver his horse. I still have the ninja star launcher somewhere for Dragun.
Killer Beaz [08-04-2009 14:56] 
Now THIS is cool!

http://www.wired.com/reviews/product/vroo p_liveboard

ED, I knew that indian doll...AHEM, "action figure" looked familiar, and I was considering explaining it, but old age got the best of me and I just couldn't get the name, "Geronimo" to come to mind. My little brother David had one of those somewhere around the late 60s or early 70s. He also had the General Custer doll and my other little brother, Adam had a Jane West doll. Of course in the mid-60s, i had the Major Matt Mason and wore that completely out until the wire in his legs and arms were broken! Obviously I didn't have the collector mentality in those days.
matthew [08-04-2009 13:18] 
Chris, Cutler was traded from the Bronco's to the Chicago Bears on April 2nd.
ED [08-04-2009 11:45] 
Chris - the Indian figure is Geronamo from the Marx Johnny West series. The Dragun robot came with a wrist mounted ninja star launcher on one arm and the other hand threw battle axes.
ED [08-04-2009 07:03] 
Chris - yet another great nostalgia nugget that has me even more primed for FX next weekend. Sorry but I thought TOBOR was a piece of crap. It was only "remote controlled" in the academic sense - it used one of those same cheap sonic devices that barely worked on the Star Wars land speeder either. The arms were spring loaded and not actually controlled. What was cool about it was the commercial where they made it look like it could do ten times what it was really capable of. I bought one of these with my allowance and it was one of the first toys I returned the next day because it sucked so bad. Those rubber robots are bootlegs cut from the molds of Ideal Zeroids. I still have a couple of the large Shogun Warriors including two of the Godzillas.
Paul Guzzo [08-04-2009 05:54] 
When I finish the book a decade from now, I promise it will have humor.
Steve \"Freezing his ass off\" Beasley [08-04-2009 04:03] 
The Watchmen video was fine as far as I can tell. It played without incident and I learned more about the Watchmen. I too, was more familiar with The Dark Knight" in the 80s. :The Watchmen: comic somehow passed me by. That may have been before I worked at Your Book Nook News Stand. Nolan worked there for about 40 years and had already left (for the most part) by the time I worked for the Shyster Jones and the cheap owner who's name I can't recall just now. Actually, Nolan worked there during YBNN's heydays. Not sure why I mentioned that, but it was a fun gig that pretty well kept one up to date on Pop Culture.

Sorry for digressing, y'all!
Steve Beasley [08-04-2009 03:45] 
HAHA! That was even funnier the way you said it Paul! I was slightly puzzled by your first comment, then laughed out loud at the second one.

Thanks for the laughs! perhaps you can add some humor to the Greco bio now! ;)
Terence [07-04-2009 18:25] 
First episode looks good considering Nolan dragged me out of a ditch after a hard week of non stop drinking and threw an oversize shirt onto Chris Woods and then asked us questions about a movie we never even saw. Man good lying and smelling salts can do wonders. seriously though it's obviously a rough draft and Im sure after some more episodes all the kinks will be worked out. the green screen effect came out looking pretty cool regardless of any other missteps I think.
Paul Guzzo [07-04-2009 17:25] 
DAMIT! I meant POD casts ... ruined my own joke!
Paul Guzzo [07-04-2009 16:37] 
You guys have faces more suitable for webcasts! ZINNNNNNNNG! Just kidding. Enjoyed it.
Chris Woods [07-04-2009 16:23] 
First! I liked the World of Nolan episode. It came out pretty good. The closing moments of the interview our my favorite.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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