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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2009!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our tenth calendar year!
Number 473  (Vol. 10, No. 16). This edition is for the week of April 13--19, 2009.

"State of Play"
Cheech & Chong: Still Smoking After All These Years
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This Week
Record producer Phil Spector convicted of murder
Porno legend Marilyn Chambers found dead at 56
Readers Comments

Specifically, second-degree murder, the verdict following the second trial for the 2003 death of actress Lana Clarkson, after the first trial in 2007 ended in a 10-2 deadlock (favoring conviction). The 69-year-old record producer is looking at 18 years to life.

Re-reading the details of the night in question makes me wonder how the first jury deadlocked, even though it was favoring a conviction. He met the 40-year-old frustrated actress while she was working as a hostess at the House of Blues venue in Los Angeles. On the night in question they conversed about her stalled career (no substantial roles since she starred in such '80s fare as "The Barbarian Queen" and "Fast Times at Ridgement High") and later in the night decided to go home with Spector. After several hours of drinking, she was shot in the mouth and killed in a chair in the foyer of Spector's mansion as she was preparing to leave.

The prosecution said Spector, notorious for threatening women with handguns after drinking, tried to stop the actress from leaving his house. Putting the gun to her face, there was, presumably, a struggle, and the gun went off and she was killed.

The defense said Clarkson, despondent over her stalled career, decided to commit suicide on the spot, using Spector's own gun (!).

Spector's Brazilian chauffeur, Adriano De Souza, said his boss appeared to be intoxicated and that Ms Clarkson was initially reluctant to go home with the music producer. Appearing at the door only moments later, he said Spector said, "I think I killed somebody," a particularly damning bit of evidence the defense rejected, saying a slight language barrier confused the driver as to what was actually said.

The prosecution lined up five women from Spector's past who all said the bit with the gun was typical of his behavior after drinking. The defense said his past has no bearing on this case and will use that as grounds for appeal.

To me, the likliest scenario is the very attractive, statuesque blonde didn't want to put out for Spector, he felt enraged at the rejection, and started the BS with the gun. I don't think anybody believes he meant to kill the woman, but his negligent and reckless behavior resulted in her death, ergo the second-degree conviction. In retrospect, it's amazing an accident like this didn't happen sooner.

It is the first murder conviction for a major celebrity in memory. The O.J. Simpson trial resulted in an aquittal as did the Robert Blake case. In both those cases compelling evidence was overlooked or ignored by a sympathetic jury (IMHO). Spector's original trial ended in deadlock.

A message board thread has been started on this topic.

Porno legend Marilyn Chambers was found dead at the age of 56 earlier this week at her Los Angeles County home by her 17-year-old daughter. As of this writing (April 15, 2009) no cause of death was given.

I first became familiar with her when "Insatiable" came out in the '70s, thinking it was really a classy porno movie, a fairly big-budget film with top-drawer production values. Most other fans know her from "Behind the Green Door". She also starred in David Cronenberg's "Rabid".

Assistant PCR editor Terence Nuzum discovered that while she was becoming famous for "Behind the Green Door" she was also the model adorning the cover of Ivory Snow laundry detergent.

At the time, I figured her to be the deserving heir to the throne of Linda Lovelace ("Deep Throat"). Those were the days.

A message board thread has been started on this topic.

Readers' Comments

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Joel D. Wynkoop [20-04-2009 20:22]  
Lonnie, I have a copy of HOT STUFF with Jerry Reed and Dom Delouise, it's a copy from HBO way back in the day but if you need a copy let me know and I'll transfer to DVD.

your friend

Joel D. Wynkoop
Lonnie Dohlen [17-04-2009 08:41]  
Michael,yes you are correct on those 2 movies I've been looking for years.
Michael [16-04-2009 20:41] 
I will be sharing an up close and personal Marilyn Chambers story in the Rant this week. Very sad. I thought the Ivory Snow gig was well known. "Behind the Green Door" opened right after Chambers graced the front of the package holding a baby. The ad slogan "99 44/100% Pure" was kicked around late night television for months.

Lonnie, are the films you are looking for "Stingray" with Chris Mitchum and "Hot Stuff" with Jerry Reed and Suzanne Pleshette? I love "Hot Stuff" and I'm almost positive I've got a copy somewhere that I taped off cable years ago. "Stingray" was like the opposite of "Corvette Summer," though both did lousy business.
ED [16-04-2009 19:40] 
Lonnie - i will see what I can do. Wasn't the Stingray film a TV movie? I know it wasn't the Gerry Anderson show but I thought there was a 70's show by that title and it might be the pilot.
ED [16-04-2009 19:38] 
Ter - When Chris says the climax of the movie where you finally get to see the monster is so dark it's hard to see, it makes me think it's a crappy transfer. It's not dark on the pre-recorded VHS I have so I thought I would offer to save him some money and improve his quality.
Chris Woods [16-04-2009 14:52] 
The bootleg of Blood Beach I got is pretty good. Just the scene with the monster is kind of dark, that's all, but over all the DVDs I got at the con look and sound great and most them are from copies of the VHS.
Lonnie Dohlen [16-04-2009 14:44]  
Ed,I am looking for 2 movies,STINGRAY (1978) & HOT STUFF (1979).I know they haven't been on DVD yet,so I'm just asking.
Terence [16-04-2009 14:06] 
Ed-Actually most of the bootlegs we buy at the tampa comic con are great transfers. they are usually from a VHS. what makes you think his copy of Blood Beach is a crappy bootleg? in fact thats mainly the reason Chris goes to the con besides to hang out. I know thats mainly the reason I go and mainly the reason Im going Saturday. I know all I have to do is ask Petrey for a copy of anything and he'd gladly do me the favor but part of the fun is coming back with a dvd. thats just how it goes.
ED [16-04-2009 12:40] 
Chris - Blood Beach is a classic. I had that movie poster in my room in college and my room mate (who loved the beach) hated it! The creature actually looks like a venus fly trap kind of deal which I thought was cool. I own an original VHS pre-record of this. If you are ever looking for any films like this, please let me know before you waste your time with crappy bootlegs.
Ex-Britton Bitch Bad Back Petrey [16-04-2009 01:55] 
Nothing so glamorous Steve. I've been in 8 car accidents ranging from 1993 to 2003. All it took for me to hurt it this time was slip while I was on 'vacation'. I caught myself but it still twisted something in the lower spine region. Back on Hydro and back to the Chiro!

The girl that 'suffered' this Nolan went on Oprah (I have the segment and the newscasts from my friends arrest) and made a few bucks and believe it or not was partying it up just a week later in Plant City. This is the other side of Oprah you don't usually see. The grieving victim who seems traumatized for life but in reality they are just fine.
Da Beaz [16-04-2009 00:40] 
"Bad back" Petrey?

What'd ya do...strain your back while mountain Climbing, surfing or bungee jumping?

I've got a bad back too, from doing stupid things in my 20s. I used to drive a liquor truck and when I'd deliver 2-3 cases, I'd always put'em on my shoulder rather than use a hand truck. I was young and dumb and figured if you used a hand truck for less than 3 cases or less, you were a wimp. At least the wimps have good strong backs today.
Nolan [15-04-2009 19:56] 
John, that's a horrifying story! I never knew about this. I hope the girl was able to recover from that experience.
Ex-Britton Bitch Bad Back Petrey [15-04-2009 18:40] 
Marilyn Chambers was a goddess of mine and my friends video eye candy collection. In 1990 a friend of mine let his daughter's friend live with them. He became obsessed with her because she reminded him of Chambers. She would tease him and walk around the house topless and this ate him up. Then he asked me to help him build what he said would be a bomb shelter. I helped him, we even put the lines in that delivered air, set up beds, etc. Well his plan all along was to knock her over the head, drag her out to a tent, rape her and then keep her in the 'bomb shelter'. He accomplished the rape, threw her in the shelter and 6 hrs. later let her go because his conscience wouldn't allow him to go through with it. So I was never implicated BUT I lost a damn good video collection and a friend who served 8 years out of the 20 he received for kidnapping and rape. R.I.P Marilyn, your death comes at an almost 20 yr. anniversary of a wild event in my life.
Steve (again) [15-04-2009 17:17] 
Great piece on Cheech & Chong, ED!

There was a time I had all of their albums, and could damned near quote them verbatim....and then I had to get a job (being an adult) and have been ruined ever since!

Tommy Chong: "Don't look at his neck, man!"
Steve "Locked Out" Beasley [15-04-2009 16:54] 
I would comment on the MB regarding the sexy Ms. Chambers and the neurotic psychopath Phil Spector, but NZ's internet firewall (or something like that) has locked me out again. It usually only lasts a few days, so hopefully it'll be accessible in the not-to-distant future.

Essentially, I believe Phil was looking for another hit before he departed this earthly plane of existence, only it was a hit of "the mob kind" that did him in...likely for the same reason's mention on CFB's front page. Kinda sad, really...
Steve Beasley [15-04-2009 16:47] 
It would be impossible to have lived through the 70s (at least as a teen or adult) and not have been aware of Marilyn Chambers. There were so many adult films available. I lived in both Tampa and Miami in the 70s and porno film-making became huge in that era and were being made everywhere! (Not that I have any personal knowledge, condone such sinful behavior or anything else that didn't meet the strict approval of the Righteous Reverend Jerry Falwell.) May he rest in peace...(insert technicolor yawn)

I remember the Ivory Snow detergent Terrence is referring to and have found a link:
http://www.snopes.com/risque/porn/chambers. asp
Nolan [15-04-2009 14:15] 
Happy Birthday, Lonnie Dohlen!
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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