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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our tenth calendar year!
Number 478  (Vol. 10, No. 21). This edition is for the week of May 18--24, 2009.

"Terminator Salvation"
Standing in the Lonely Light of the Silver Moon
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The Outer Limits: "Soldier"
Ye Olde Editor Back On Track
Happy Birthday, Terence
Readers Comments


In recent weeks I became aware of the fact that one of my favorite TV stations, "THiS TV" Channel 32-2 Digital, was no longer playing The Outer Limits at 4:00am, substituting instead the classic western Bat Masterson. I'm as big a fan of the rougish adventurer as anyone, but I missed my Outer Limits fix (that I could only catch on my nights off anyway).

Imagine my great glee when early Tuesday morning, a casual channel surf of the program guide revealed an episode of The Outer Limits was going to play at 4:00am! (Apparently, TV32 likes to experiment with the program line-up constantly. Many shows I reported seeing to you a few issues ago on that and my other fave station, RetroTV 8-2, are no longer on or have been moved.) I made an appointment with my tiny rabbit-ear set for 4:00am.

Tuesday's episode? 1964's "Soldier," written by Harlan Ellison, and starring Michael Ansara, Lloyd Nolan, and Tim O'Connor! Quite the coincidence on the week of the release of Terminator Salvation. Why? As every good fanboy knows, it was this episode and pieces of another Ellison-scripted show, Demon With The Glass Hand that spurred Harlan to threaten director James Cameron with a copyright infringement lawsuit over the original Terminator. Until Tuesday morning, I hadn't seen "Soldier" in probably 10--20 years, since Limits was syndicated on early cable television, likely the USA Network. I remembered a great deal of it, but needed another view to see if Ellison was warranted in his accusations. Where I can see where some fans would side with Ellison over this, I personally think there is not enough in common between "Soldier" and Terminator to have ensured his victory (eventually the parties settled with an acknowledgment to Harlan Ellison in the Terminator credits).

The distant future on a dark, war-ravaged earth. Two soldiers in heavy battle gear square off for combat amid firing laser canons and energy weapons in a remote area. Suddenly, a conflagration of energy beams strike the two combatants simultaneously, sending them both into a time-warp. One (played by Allen Jaffe) is caught in the flux and cannot escape. The other (played by Micheal Ansara) goes back in time to 1964 earth.

Confused at his new location but still in combat mode, the soldier takes aim and fires at an idle passerby. The disturbance attracts the police who struggle to contain the situation and arrest their perpetrator. It is quickly apparent to the authorities they have captured something very unusual.

A philologist (language interpreter) named Tom Kagan (played by the great Lloyd Nolan) is summoned by a gov't power, presumably the FBI or FBI-like agency. He is met by G-man Paul Tanner (Tim O'Connor) at the holding facility. Tanner marvels that a philologist is the first one on the scene, but explains the reason: The wildman they've captured can only utter the following rapid-fire seeming nonsense over and over:

"Namz Quarlo CloBREGnny...PRITE...ahren, syen, tyen, D-YO!!.....Namz Quarlo CloBREGnny...PRITE...ahren, syen, tyen, D-YO!!......Namz Quarlo CloBREGnny...PRITE...ahren, syen, tyen, D-YO!!

Kagan spends days trying to decipher a recording of the gibberish. Making a breakthrough, he then brings his conclusion to agent Tanner in what is arguably this episode's most riveting moment: the language is English and their captive is a soldier. His name is Quarlo Clobregnny. Private. RN-CN-TN-D0. His name, rank, and serial number!

Slowly gaining the trust of the captive, Kagan discovers the man is from the future, 1,800 years from now. His speech is an accelerated form of gutter-English and military parlance laced with slang of the day. There is a war going on where there is only us and The Enemy. Quarlo was born in a hatchery and raised to kill the enemy. That's all his is. That's all he knows. He trusts no one. But he doesn't believe Kagan is The Enemy. Kagan takes the calming soldier to his home in an effort to build more trust and learn more, but time is running out as the agency is demanding permanent custody. Eventually, the other combatant is freed from the time-warp and also arrives in 1964. Seeking out Quarlo, he burns down a wall to the Kagan home to gain access. The two soldiers engage in battle and an energy field appears to, presumably, take them back "home".

Despite James Cameron's quasi-admission that he couldn't rule out being influenced, in retrospect, there are very few pivotal things in common with Terminator. The most basic is the future being US vs THEM. The soldier/killing machine from the future, who is followed by another bent on taking him out. The similarities end there. Several centuries in the future, not decades. Quarlo is not a cyborg. His drive to kill is the result of government conditioning, but he is very much human. The trip back in time was an accident, not a mission. The soldier going after him was the victim of the same accident. No Sarah Connor. No John Connor. No Kyle Reese (well, maybe the second soldier, but that's a stretch). And no CyberDyne Systems or world of robots. Quarlo could be reasoned with, The Terminator could not.

I love this episode of The Outer Limits and I love Terminator. But they are two distinctly different stories of war and time travel. "Soldier" is worth re-visiting if you can catch it on the tube (I envy all who have the The Outer Limits boxed set....me, I'm po'). Excellent script and excellent performances, classic photography, and tons of Ellison-esque nuances, especially regarding Quarlo's speech syntax that are a howl.


After a temporary computer setback early last week, followed by an exhausting weekend where Yours Truly didn't even turn the computer on for two days (and slept 13 hours on Sunday!), I feel much better and am back on track.

The Shocker Toy review will go up this week along with some more of my usual ravings.

Thanks to all for the inquiries and support, as always.


Today as I post this (May 19th) PCR's assistant editor and number two man at the organization, Terence Nuzum, turns the BIG 3-0! A pretty big day (although he will deny that will typical aloofness).

My thirtieth birthday in 1985 was marked by quite a shindig at Tampa's Lowrey Park with a cook-out, beer (which we weren't supposed to have I learned later), the original Coke (which had been replaced with the notorious "New Coke" merely three months earlier), and, of course live music in the form of BLADE, my stalwart heavy-metal band from the '80s. Super turn-out and I had a great time.

Terence's family arranged a small get-together at a restaurant in Brandon last Saturday for his (he hates big-deal shindigs where he's in the spotlight), but it's always special and a treat to see them all together which is rare enough. I'm always honored to be part of it.

Many Happy Returns, Young Man. For your benefit, I left up the last three posts on PCR 477's Readers Comments to be the first three posts up this week so you could see what some well-wishers had to say before #477 goes into the Archives.

Readers' Comments

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Steve I hate Wintertime Beasley [26-05-2009 04:11] 
I've been "banned" from the Message Board for a few weeks now. Longer than ever before. I know I'm not actually banned, but that's what it's been saying. I just keep hoping that it'll allow me in soon.
The one [26-05-2009 03:41] 
LOL... At times, Puff can be witty and cool.
J.MILLER [25-05-2009 22:20] 
Theres more pop culture talk taking place on the FoxNews website...

This is getting pathetic
Wanting his money back Paul Guzzo [25-05-2009 16:14] 
Unbanned Puff Chrissy [25-05-2009 12:31] 
I assumed there was a glitch at either your or my side. Still, for a brief moment, I was free, Nolan. FREE!
Laure [25-05-2009 11:45] 
Nolan, I doubt it's a coincidence; I bet the programmers picked it just *because* of the release of T4.
Nolan [25-05-2009 06:14] 
Puff -- I double-checked and your IP has changed recently. I made an adjustment to the board and you should be able to log in now.

There are a LOT of spammers in your area of the world. It makes it very tricky to keep you and Derrek in the safe zone, but the extra trouble is worth it for you nutty guys.
Nolan [25-05-2009 05:48] 
Puff --- you are NOT banned from the forum! I haven't added any more addresses to the banned list in a while, so I'm guessing this is some shifting of servers proxies on your end. Please keep trying. If it continues after another couple days, email me and I'll try and see what the problem is.
Brandon [25-05-2009 05:22] 
I wish Mike's story about the Dodge dealership was an isolated case, but it is not. Several owners have been shutdown with little to no explanation. There government is controlling this situation with the unions so they are not being forced to give any details.

America has been changing for decades and shifts by the government into the private business is moving things faster than ever.
Steve \"Freezing his ass off\" Beasley [24-05-2009 20:48]  
Great column, Brandon! Kinda scary, though!

Equally great and scary is Mike's piece on the Dodge Dealership.

Kudos to both of you. Has America really changed that much (for the worse) since I left in March '02?
Banned Puff Chrissy [24-05-2009 05:27] 
I've been banned from the forum. My work here is done.
Terence [23-05-2009 11:10] 
as all Dr.Who fans know the Terminator came from Day of the Daleks. its virutally the same story.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Day_of_th e_Daleks
Petrey [23-05-2009 00:46] 
YES!! I just ordered "FREEBIE and the BEAN" from the Warner Archive offerings so I'll keep everyone posted on what the quality and packaging is like. Rumors are that they burn the movie for you. As long as it retains a decent picture and it DOES say widescreen edition (SCOPE) I don't mind.
Michael [22-05-2009 21:34] 
That's great news Lisa! Glad to see you're better and that you'll soon be back on these pages. ED, a friend of mine in Baltimore owns a drive in and he knows how to promote it. Here's a link (hopefully it will show up as a link, if not cut and paste) so take a look:


In my Tampa days I worked for the company that owned the Floriland Mall Theatre and several drive ins and used to fill in at the Tower Drive In off Florida Avenue. Just something about a night out under the stars...
Terence [22-05-2009 17:41] 
Thats great news lisa and thanks for the bday wish. and thanks to anyone else i have been too lazy to respond to. im 30 and old now. i can only use so much energy before im off to bed at 8:00 like all the other geezers.
Chris Woods [22-05-2009 15:51] 
Nolan - Enjoyed The Outer Limits piece. I remember that episode. I first saw bits and pieces of it in the early 80's. Then I saw the full episode when TNT would have a marathon on Outer Limits during the summer of '91. They also had another one in the winter of '92 from what I remember.
Chris Woods [22-05-2009 14:43] 
Congrats, Lisa! That's awesome news. Look forward to reading FANGRRL next week!
Laure [22-05-2009 12:37] 
And congrats on being cancer-free, Lisa! :) I'm glad to hear you're doing better.
Laure [22-05-2009 12:36] 
Happy birthday, Terence! :)
Petrey [22-05-2009 12:17] 
Glad to hear that Lisa! That's great news.
Currently Cancer-Free Lisa [22-05-2009 08:03] 
This has nothing to do with anything on the homepage -- and it violates all of the rules against self-promotion -- but I just wanted to announce that I received good news yesterday. There are currently no signs of cancer in this here ole body, and I don't have to have a second round of radioactive iodine treatment at this time. Yay me!!

Nolan -- Starting next week, FANGRRL is going back to being a weekly column. I'm back, goddammit! (Although I make no promises regarding the *quality* of those weekly columns.)

p.s. Happy belated b-day Terence.
Nolan [22-05-2009 05:17] 
Lonnie, thanks. But I'm afraid the frustration continues as the section on MyRetroTV.com for the Tampa and Key West areas are grayed out (cities listed but not linked to any program guide).

For right now it's still hunt-and-peck. Hopefully, that will change soon.
Nolan [22-05-2009 00:59] 
As Quarlo would say: "I peep. You not drumdum. Grasp. Get DVD set -- good ThinkSpeak."

And I would concur.
ED [21-05-2009 18:02] 
Nolan - your description of the old Outer Limits series made me nostalgic for staying up over the summer as a kid and catching them late at night on WTOG. More than once I fell asleep half way through an episode and had to wait for what seemed like forever to see the end months or years later (no VCRs back then). You may want to check Amzon. I just purchased the entire series on DVD (7 discs) for $30 used including shipping. The first season was only $10 for 4 DVDs which seems like a steal to me for a series of this calibur. I can't wait to see these again.
Lonnie Dohlen [21-05-2009 16:14]  
Nolan,if you want more Info,go to:myretrotv.com
Lonnie Dohlen [21-05-2009 14:47]  
Nolan,8 Prime programming overnight has been replaced with INFORMECIALS(Paid Programming).
ED [21-05-2009 03:57] 
Glad you liked the piece Petrey. Apparently Mr. Spears also owns the Joylan Drive-In near Brooksville which is a single screen. I have not visited it yet but I plan to at some point. If I had plenty of money, I would buy the Ocala Drive-In, which has been up for sale for over a year and do the exact same thing they did with the Silver Moon.
Petrey [20-05-2009 20:43] 
Ed- loved the Silvermoon piece. That's one Drive-In owner who still has some showmanship left in him. He ran GREASE with all the 50's cars a while back. It was cool. I've wondered what Digital projectors are going to look like outside. The Xenon lamphouses have to be a bit brighter for outdoor exhibition. I remember the Mustang Drive-In across the bridge in Pinellas. Horrible picture due to low light output. The 28th street Drive-In on the other hand was not only bright but had a screen wider than any I've ever seen. I saw "CORALINE" in digital as well as 35mm and the 35mm wins hands down for brightness. That case of relics looks like pure vintage Britton booth equip., ha! When I was a kid in the 70's, the film sound in your car was new so I thought WOW I could tune in the frequency at 8:50PM and record on to cassette EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE. Wrong! The frequency dies due to low power about right after you exit the gates. Oh well I tried. Enjoyed it Ed.
Cornell Woolrich [20-05-2009 17:42] 
Happy birthday o' Dark Lord.
mysterious stranger [20-05-2009 14:36] 
Yo! Happy b-day Tez.
Steve Beasley [20-05-2009 03:56] 
Happy Birthday Terence!
Michael [19-05-2009 21:44] 
Happy Birthday, T. It's all down hill from here! Many more my friend.
Curious [19-05-2009 20:57] 
But what did you guys BUY Terence for his birthday?!?!
William Moriaty [19-05-2009 15:02] 
Happy Birthday to one of the finest writers and thinkers that I know. May God Bless you with many more birthdays Terence. With much love and admiration. Will
Terence [19-05-2009 14:54] 
Nolan, Chris, John, Ed, Puffy: thanks. yep im the big 30. not too long and ill be ready for shady pines nursing home.
J.MILLER [19-05-2009 14:53] 
Happy B-day Terence
Birthday Wishing Puff Chrissy [19-05-2009 12:46] 
Happy Birthday, Terence!
Nolan [19-05-2009 07:00] 
Happy 30th Birthday to Terence! Many Happy Returns, my boy.
Chris Woods [19-05-2009 06:53] 
Happy Birthday Terence!
ED [19-05-2009 05:38] 
Happy birthday Terence, welcome to the dark side! You are one of us now. :)
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