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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2009!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our tenth calendar year!
Number 482  (Vol. 10, No. 25). This edition is for the week of June 15--21, 2009.

"Year One"
Indie Film Review:
"The Graduates"
Ted Bohus: The Deadly Interview - Part 1
Book Review: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova
Not Anymore He Ain't .... No Offense, Sammy .... Bucky Too? .... Say It Ain't So-sa .... I Love It When A Plan Comes Together .... Dont' Need Nothin' But A Band Aid .... Look Honey! .... A Little Help From My Friend .... My Favorite Films, Part 2... o

Bumps in the Road

Well, it seems to happen so frequently. It's nobody's fault, it's just, well, you know, sh*t happens. After several weeks of above-average writer turn-out, the columnists' nav-bar may look a little smaller this week.

Due to a personal setback he suffered over this past weekend, the momentum-building Brandon Jones is forced to sit out the week to deal with the issues at hand. We wish Brandon the best of luck in this and look forward to next week's return of both Splash Page (which just returned last week after years of dormancy), State of the Nation (his new political column) and Message Board postings. Brandon already had a full plate with all these contributions, so it doesn't take much to upset the applecart.

Brandon assures me everything's under control, he just needs some time, and he will likely elaborate on the situation when he returns.

Sadly, the same might not apply to Matt Drinnenberg of Matt's Rail. Missing in these pages for two months now, I asked Mike Smith to check on Matt to see what's up. Besides an overload of work hassles (who among us doesn't suffer that), evidently, the balance of Matt's time is spent building (or from my vantage point of view, re-building) his solo musical career in the North-East area of the country. Although it wasn't made clear whether Matt had abandoned The Rail for good, it seemed apparent he's out for the forseeable future. In the nearly 10 years of PCR's existence, the two longest-running columns are Mike's Rant and Matt's Rail. Mike Smith continues to be the only writer who has never missed an issue (god bless him), but the discontinuation of The Rail is a rather disquieting benchmark.

Of couse, we wish Matt the best of luck at his musical endeavor, but we will miss his humor and insight back at the compound.

This week Mike Smith is expanding his movie review column to include -- ready for this? -- independent films! Starting with two local filmmakers (local to Mike in Missouri, that is), Mike is treading ground only a scarce few of us have ever dared to tread. This marks a return, of sorts, since the closing of the Tampa Film Review. Who knows.....maybe Terence and I will start finding some new indie DVDs in the PO Box, and the cycle will begin anew.

The writers we have onboard are the best of the best, and I'm sure there will be plenty to keep you entertained and informed until the dust settles on the current situation.

Meanwhile, Ye Olde Editor is continuing to work behind the scenes on web development and some new sections, so stay tuned.

Readers' Comments

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Chris Woods [22-06-2009 10:06] 
Happy Birthday Simon!
Emerson [21-06-2009 19:14] 
I lived in Tampa for 2 years starting in 1978 and have fond memories of Dr. Paul Bearer. He did a great bit called the Ms. Invisible Girl Contest where flesh was blue-screened out and all you could see were the bikinis dancing around. What a classic.
Michael [20-06-2009 19:08] 
ED, well said, my friend. OK, next week's Rant will include my Top 20 television theme songs (10 with and 10 without lyrics). I urge PCR readers to submit their own.
Lonnie Dohlen [20-06-2009 12:30]  
ED,I just watched THE DEADLY SPAWN on DVD(Eggplants with Teeth)& I enjoyed your interview with Ted Bohus.
Chris Woods [19-06-2009 15:19] 
ED - Enjoyed your interview on Ted Bohus. Some cool info their on how The Deadly Spawn came to be.

Lisa - Good book review on The Historian. Never read it though. Sounds like an interesting idea, too bad the book wasn't better.
Chris Woods [19-06-2009 14:54] 
Terence - Thanks, glad you liked the review of Videodrome. It's always been a favorite and has a great gritty underground feel to it.
Terence [19-06-2009 09:20] 
Great review of Videodrome Chris. I was hoping/waiting someone would review it. if any film deserves to be under schlockarama it videodrome. the film itsself is the ultimate love letter to underground films and pirate cable stations.
ED [19-06-2009 03:48] 
Mike, I think you HAVE to come up with two lists for TV themes. A theme with no lyrics is a theme tune to me, not a song. That was part of the Popeater list's problems. That and the fact that they put no thought into it and were trying to cater to people who have only watched network television for the past two decades. Can't do a little cause he can't do enough!
Michael [18-06-2009 23:58] 
ED, I hadn't seen that list. I'm always torn between theme songs. I like some with lyrics (In fact, for some reason, a couple of us were singing H.R. Puffinstuff at work today) and others that have none. Wonder if I could come up with two lists?

Weldon Schmedly [18-06-2009 17:37] 
Very well written. I am convinced that you are brilliant. Please write more. I am very entertained by what you have to share with us.
Dear Lisa, [18-06-2009 15:14] 
You were more generous than I was with THE HISTORIAN. I'm not a huge fan of epistulary novels, and this novel really captures a lot of the problems with the format. The characters write things in letters most people wouldn't (like: "He's coming. I can hear him. I must stop writing now. He'll be here any second.") and the fact that everyone involved in the story are good writers. And the novel's climax was so sudden and laughable, I couldn't believe I had read the entire book to get there.

I must stop writing now. There is someone at the door. Who could it be? I will answer the door now.

Puff Chrissy
ED [18-06-2009 04:44] 
Mike - are you going to do the top 10 TV theme songs this week? The list Popeater came up with for that sucks almost as bad as the one for movies kids shouldn't see.
Michael [17-06-2009 18:50] 
What a competitive bunch!

Brandon, hope everything is ok. Cars can always be replaced but good writers can't. Get better and get back soon!
Brandon [17-06-2009 17:22] 
I want to thank everyone for their kinds words, thoughts and prayers. Everyone involved in the accident is okay, but our vehicle has been "totalled." We'll be nursing our bumps and bruises for now, but I'll return next week.
Terry Knolweles [17-06-2009 12:45] 
SECOND! Take that!
Terence [17-06-2009 09:04] 
first! boo-ya
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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